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Let I start the episode.
In Farm House,
Ragini stares the decoration in her room.
Ragini wears a red saree and beautifies herself.
Ragini(in mind): Dev will like this. But why he didn’t come till now?
Ragini stares the moon and feels restless.
Ragini: Dev, come soon.
In Mumbai,
Ram and Sandiya discuss about the documents which sent from DevPrasad’s email id.
Sandiya feels restless but she ignore it.
Ram’s phone rings.
Ram: hello.. what?
A single tear escaped from his eyes.
Sandiya is worried by Ram’s expressions.
Sandiya: what happened Ram?
Ram: a powerful bomb blasted in bhaiya’s house.
Sandiya: we should go there.
Ram and Sandiya goes to jothpur unaware of Dev and Uttara’s condition.
In Jothpur,
The police surrounded the Maheshwari’s house and takes incharge. Ambulance comes there to take injured people.
A police sees Dev and Uttara.
Police 1: sir, they are alive.
Officer: sent them to hospital and check them for identity.
Police sent them to hospital and wallet is fallen from Dev’s packet.
That police sees that and opens it and shocked to see his photo with Sandiya.
Police 1: sir, I think they are Sandiya mam relatives.
Officer: what?..
Officer takes the wallet and sees it.

At the same time , In Aadi’s hospital,
Aadi , ved and Parineeta is busy in making the situation normal from accident.
A police comes there and inform Aadi about bomb blast.
Ved and Parineeta holds him by his shoulder.
Aadi broke down and ran like mad to his house.
Ved holds him and hugs him tighter.
Aadi burst out in cry.
At that time, the ward boys crosses them with structure.
Someone sticks in Ved’s hand and ved turns to remove.Its saree pallu.
Ved sees the person in strecture”Uthi…”
Ved stands as numb.
Aadi is hell shocked to see Uttara in such a state.
The another strecture crosses them.
Aadi remembers that he sent dev to his house to inform his dad about accident and tears flowing from his eyes.
Ved sees Dev and Uttara in critical state. Dev’s hands are burnt and Uttara face is full of scratches and her head is bleeding.
Ved: no ..it can’t be happen.it can’t..

Ved steps backward and falls down in floor.
The wardboys takes them to ICU .Aadi holds him.
Suddenly Ved legs and hands are starts to shaken. Ved have a fits-panic attack.
In Aadi’s farm house,
The door opens.
Ragini eagerly waits to see Dev’s reaction.
Twinkle enters the room and sees the decoration.
Ragini “Twinkle..”
Twinkle(holds her hand in her waist): not bad bhabhi..
Ragini: will Dev be impressed?
Twinkle: he loves you, a lot bhabhi. He will be in cloud nine.
Ragini imagines Dev’s reaction and blushed.
Twinkle:”what imagination ahh?”
Now, Ragini’s face is crimson red.
At that time, Pari enters the room and sees the decoration.
Ragini:di.. aap
Pari stares the glowing face of Ragini and hides her tears.
Pari: Ragini, Twinkle can you come with me?
Twinkle: .. is anything important di?
Pari nods.
Soon, Ragini and others enters the hospital.
Ragini feels something ominous.
Ragini: is everything okay naa?
At that time, a doctor comes there.
Doctor: is they family members are come?
Pari nods and takes papers from Doctor.
PARI:Ragini, Sign it.
Ragini: di..
Pari: Ragini, we need to do operation for Dev and Uttara. Please sign it.
Ragini become numb and signs with subconscious mind.
Twinkle and Yuvi holds her.
Aadi is in Ved’s room.
Doctor: now, he is safe. But don’t give stress and any shocking news to him.
Aadi nods with tears.
Aadi is internally brokedown by his papa’s dead,Uttara and Dev’s critical condition.
Ragini sits there as numb. She didn’t utter a single word and sit as a statue.
Pari consoles Swara where Sanskar and Yuvi sits with Ragini and holds her hands.
After few hours,
Doctor comes Outside from Dev’s operation Theatre .
Doctor: Operation is Successful.but we can’t say anything for 24 Hours.
Aadi and Twinkle wait outside from Uttara’s Operation Theatre.
Doctor comes outside.
Aadi:shyamla aunty how is she?
Dr.Shyamla : Operation is successful. But her condition is worse. If she can’t wake up anything for 48 hours, we will declare as Brain dead.
Aadi(shouts): Aunty..
Shyamla: trust god, Aadi. I want to talk with you.
Aadi goes with Shyamla.
In Shyamla’s cabin,
Shyamla: Aadi I need your blood samples.
Aadi gives a confused look.
Shyamla: I am your family doctor for past 20 years. When I operate That girl, I saw the same mark in her body which Kanak had and the blood group also same for both. You know naa O negative is rare and still, we couldn’t find Kanak’s body.
Aadi is in different dilemma. He give his blood samples.
An Empty white Space,
There is no sounds pure silence.
Dev and Uttara walks in this.
Uttara: you should obey my words, Dev.
Dev: you should tell about Bomb.
Uttara gives a stern look to him.
Dev: ok..

Uttara sees some persons and Ran to near them.
Dev: Uttara .. stop..
Dev starts to run but someone holds his hand.
Dev turns and sees a little girl with Gungaat.
Dev feels
Dev kneels down and removes her gungaat.”Ragini..”(whispers)
Little.Ragini: where are you going,Laksh?
Dev: LAKSH..!My name is not Laksh. I am Dev Rathi.
Little Ragini Smiles and Taps his head.” Remember about me.. your Rago..”
Dev thinks”I Remember.I am Laksh. Laksh Dev RajyaVamshi. We are going to Pushkar. Ragini.. why are you left me in Train? Where did you go?”
Little Ragini just pushes him. and vanished in light.
On Other side,
Uttara goes to near a couple.
Uttara: Maa.. papa..
Devprasad and Uttara’s mom hugs her and caresses her hair.
Uttara: maa.. papa…I took revenge from the peoples who killed you.
DevPrasad:I know beta.
Uttara: maa..papa.. I am coming with you. please take me. I am not want to live as a murderer. I killed many peoples in my revenge.
Devprasad: forget it as a night mare.
Uttara: take me with you, maa.
Uttara’s maa: but he needs you beta. You are his life.
Uttara feels some one holds her hand.
In Real World,
In Hospital,
Ved comes to Uttara’s ward in ICU.
Ved holds her hand and stares her scares face and her injuries and caresses her hand.
Ved: Uttara.. Don’t leave me alone. If you want to go, take me with you.
Ved cries.

In Dev’s ward,
Ragini holds Dev’s hand.
Ragini(cries):Dev..please come to me..i can’t live without you. I love you… Dev. I accept that I love you.
Please don’t leave me. I can’t leave without you. You are my life Dev.
Yuvi holds Ragini by her sboulder.
Yuvi: jeju.. should come to you, Di.
Sandiya and Ram enters the Jothpur.
The Officer who investigates DevPrasad’s bomb blast case comes to see Sandiya.
Officer Salutes Sandiya.
Sandiya: any evidence? What is the progress in this case?
Officer gives Dev’s wallet to sandiya.
Sandiya opens it.(whispers):Dev…
Sandiya: how did you get it?
Officer: sorry mam.. he is badly injured in Bomb Blast. A Lady is also found with him.
Ram(misunderstands and whispers): Ragini…
They rushed to hospital.
Sandiya goes to Dev’s ward and sees him.(whispers): dev..
At that time, Dev body starts to make up and down. Ragini is scared and faints.
Doctors treats him.
Sandiya sits in floor.
Twinkle : maa.. and touches her.
Sandiya falls down as a lifeless body.
Sandiya is also admitted into hospital.
Aadi creamates the bodies part which police recovered in house .
Aadi enters the hospital and Ram informs Sooraj about Dev, Uttara and Sandiya’s condition. The Rathi’s comes to Jothpur.
Dev’s condition is stabilized .
Sanskar is with him.
Sanskar holds his hands” bhaiya..please return.. for bhabhi.. for ved bhaiya.. for all .. especially for me.. whenever I see you, your presence remembers me about my Laksh bhai. he is also so caring to me like your care towards Ved bhai.. I feel my Laksh bhai in you.. please return to us..(cries)
Dev opens his eyes.
Sanskar sees it” bhaiya…”
Sanskar calls Doctor.
Doctor checks Dev and announces he is alright.
On other side, Uttara opens her eyes.
Ved: Uthi…
Ved holds her hands.
Uttara(weakly): I will not let you easily.. I want to live more years with you.. ved…
Ved smiles.
Doctor checks her and give some injection. Uttara sleeps again.
Aadi enters Uttara’s ward and sees Uttara’s sleeping.
Doctor Shyamli sees Aadi.
Dr.Shyamli:Aadi.. results are arrived.. she is Kanak.
Ved gave a confusing Look.
Aadi hugs ved in happiness.
Ved broke the hug.
Ved: bhai.. who is kanak?
Aadi explains about Kanak and everything.
Aadi: she is really my Behan, Ved. I get her after so many years.
Twinkle and Parineeta stands Outside Sandiya’s ward.
Doctor come outside.
Doctor: she is fine now. She have a mild heart attack. (Guys I am really annoyed to repeat the same dialogue. Sorry)

In Dev’s ward,
Ved enters the ward. Whenever he comes, some one with Dev. now he got some privacy.
Dev: ved..
Ved : bhaiya…
Dev: I am alright Ved..what about Uttara?
Ved: she is now ok.. bhaiya..
Silence occupies the space.
Ved: don’t scare me like this, Bhaiya.. when I saw you and Uthi is such a condition, I felt.. that I am dying..
Dev: ved.. I never leave you.
Three Days Passed,
Sandiya is fine now. Dev is worried for Sandiya’s condition. The Family members are happy by seeing everything return to normal. Aadi waits for correct time to Expose the truth about Uttara’s real identity to Uttara.Dev and others except Ved is unaware about it.
Ram speed up the case with the help of documents which sent by DevPrasad. Aadi and Ram vows to take revenge for DevPrasad’s death. They suspects child trafficking network for Dev prasad’s death.
Dev thinks about why Uttara killed DevPrasad Maheshwari and Uttara is worried about Dev because he knows the truth. They didn’t see each other. Dev decided to speak with Uttara before revealing Truth.
Ragini take care of Dev but she didn’t confessed her love. She,Suji,Annapurna and Kalavathi, bhabho take care of Dev and Sandiya, Uttara.
Ragini takes Dev to walk outside the hospital.
Ragini takes his hands and supports him.
Dev sees her.” Why nowadays you are very silent”
Ragini: you made me hell scared, Dev.
Dev slips but Ragini made him stand.
They both have eyelock.Ragini broke the eyelock(in mind)”you made me fall by your eyes,Dev”
Dev is happy by seeing Love for him in Ragini’s eyes. Dev whistles the song.
Ragini: Dev.. signs to some place.
There Staffs and peoples mourning for DevPrasad’s photo.
Dev stares the photo(in mind): I had seen him before.but when?
A voice rolled in his mind” he is our trump card, sonu”
Dev holds his head and screams.
Dev faints.
The doctors ran towards him and take him to ICU.

After an hour,
Doctor: now , he is ok.
Dev is wake up and thinks” Dev Prasad Maheshwari is the one who is the leader of child trafficking and organ trading network.ohh! that’s why Uttara killed him. he deserves it”
At that time, AnnaPurna comes inside.
Ap: Dev beta..
Dev/Laksh(whispers): maa…
Dev remembers everything and remain silent by thinking about Sandiya’s condition.
Annapurna caresses Dev’s hairs and a single tear escaped from Laksh’s eyes.
Ap: is it paining?
Laksh : no maa..
After few minutes,
Ragini enters the ward with food.
Laksh sees her and remembers how she stucked between real life and Laksh’s memories.
Ragini takes the food and arrange it in a plate and feeds him.
Laksh have the food without uttering a word.
After few minutes, ragini and Ap left.
Laksh stands in middle. Some one holds his hands.
A voice comes there.” Laksh Bhaiya…”
Little Sanskar stands there with so much of Love for Laksh.
Laksh starts to walk near him.
Another voice comes there”Dev bhaiya..”
Laksh stops and turns. Laksh sees Ved with moist eyes.
Annapurna:Laksh beta.. come to your maa..
While Laksh again walk,
Sandiya: Dev….
Laksh wakes up with a jerk.
Laksh(in mind): Sanskar and Purna maa accepted my death. But Ved and Maa can’t live without me. I can’t take risk in their lifes. Sorry maa and Sorry Sanskar.

After 6 days,
Laksh and Uttara is discharged. They are perfectly alright.
They make decorates the farmhouse for Laksh and Uttara, Sandiya’s arrival.
Bhabho takes aarti for RagLak, Uttved and Sandiya and Sooraj.
Ragini takes Laksh to their room.
Laksh is surprised by Decorations. The room is dark and only Candle lights give light to that room.
Ragini sees Laksh’s eyes. Without breaking eyelock”Dev, when I saw in critical state, I felt that my soul is separated from me. I felt that I can’t live without you. I felt that you are mixed with my soul. If it’s named as Love. I LOVE YOU DEV. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU. I want to have your children in my vomb. I want to spent each and every minute of life with you.”
Laksh hugs her” I love you rago.. I love you”
Tears flowing from their eyes.
Laksh broke the hug and kisses her in forehead.
Laksh makes her lies in Bed and he holds her hands,(in mind): I am sorry rago. But you never know that I am your Laksh.
Ragini: what are u thinking dev?
Laksh nods neagtively and hold her in his embrace.
At night,
Everyone slept in respective rooms except Sandiya, Aadi, uttara, Laksh, ved and Ram.
Uttara messaged them to come to terrace.
Uttara stands in Terrace with ved.
Uttara: ved, now I need you as my support.
Ved: I always will be with you, uttara.
Ram, Aadi,Laksh and Sandiya arrives.
Dev worried that she will expose her truth.
Laksh: why did you calling us? We can speak it in morning. You also need some rest. You discharged today from Hospital.

Aadi: Dev is correct, Kanak..
Aadi bites her tongue. He prepared surprise for exposing the truth.
Uttara: don’t need to worry, Bhai. I already know it.
Aadi gives stern look to Ved.
Ram and Sandiya , Laksh is surprised.
Ram: is Uttara your Behan?
Aadi nods and explains how he got to know.
Aadi: when did you know?
Uttara: before a month, when I rolled down in Stairs., I got my memory back.
Laksh feels proud about Uttara that she killed her own father for saving country.
Ved: but why did you inform us?
Uttara: because I want to take revenge for my Parent’s murder.
Aadi: what? Actually Maa died in accident.
Uttara(cold tone): no..it’s not accident. It’s preplanned murder.
Everyone is shocked.
Flashback Starts..
Little [email protected] with her parents are travelling in car.
Suddenly the car stops.
Uttara’s mother: what happened Prasad ji?
Dev Prasad: don’t know. I will check the engine.
After few minutes,
Dev Prasad: tank is leaking. How can be?
A voice comes there” I will tell”
A man Look alike Devprasad comes there.
Uttara and her mom dragged outside by some goons and the head of goon is shauhan.
Dev Prasad: kanak.. Uttara..(Uttara is her mom name)
Dev Prasad hits shauhan and make his gun fell down and Uttara , Kanak and DevPrasad ran from there.
Suddenly, a gun shot hears.
Uttara falls down.
Kanak: Mamma…
Uttara: Prasad ji.. keep her safe..
Dev Prasad runs but Shauhan goons stops him and shoots him.
Dev Prasad falls in road.
Kanak: papa…
Kanak cries .
Shauhan takes Kanak in his hand and throws from hill cliff.
Flashback Ends…
Everyone is shocked.
Ved holds her.

Uttara: after that , I admitted in orphanage. Here a man named me as Uttara, my mother’s name. but because of Accident, I lost memory. After that I rolled down in stairs, I got my memory back. I saw shauhan in road. I followed him for some days and I got to know his real face. I killed him and other goons. From him,I got to know that the duplicate DevPrasad is my papa’s cousin brother and he is the leader of organ trading gang and dada transferred all his properties to their grandchildren name. so, he decided to kill Ragini, swara ,Yuvi and Aadi bhai. I made a fake abduction and I bribed man to attack bhai. as I expected, you sent us to Jothpur. When I am going to my house, I fixed bug in his room.
From that I got to know, he will going to kill us by bomb blast in farm house. I make fire accident in hospital and killed the doctors who involved in organ trading. After that I went to Dev Prasad house. At that time, there is no police because the goon arrived with bomb at that time. I killed the goon and then I killed the murderer. I collected the details in his computer, his password is his finger print and sent it to maa. I set the timer in bomb. When I came down, I saw Dev ji and I tried to save him. atlast I saved him by pushing him outside the house. But I mistaken about the power of bomb.
Everyone is numb.
Uttara sees everyone eyes.
Uttara: maa.. you can arrest me…and Ved you can marry another good girl.
Sandiya goes towards her and hugs her.” If you want to cry, cry now”
Uttara burst out in cry by remembering her parents last minute.
Aadi and ved, Laksh, Ram hugs her.
Aadi: Uttara.. forget it as a night mare. You didn’t do anything wrong.
Sandiya:Ram.. close the case as organ Trade network attack and file case against everyone who related to this case.
Ram nods.
Sandiya: Uttara.. sometimes I will do encounter terrorist. You also killed the terrorists who killed so many kids for the sake of money.

Precap:Raglak romance and DurgaPrasad’s entry.Laksh’s true identity revealed.Sword fight. A sword comes near Laksh’s neck.Annapurna(shouts):Laksh…

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