Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 7


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Previous episode:

Deved come inside.
Sooraj:Ram, they are my son dev and ved.
Dev and Ved takes blessings from elders.
In AP room,
AP(in mind):why I am feeling different?
Ap comes to dining hall.
Dev sees Ap and takes blessings from her.
Ap: thirkayush bhava, Beta.
Suji:Ragini, do you already know them?
Ragini: haan maa, they are my new friends.
Ragini introduces swasan, yuvi to deved.
Deved: hi..
Suji: yuvi, Sanskar you share your rooms with Dev and ved and swara , twinkle will stay with you.
Swasanraj: haan maa../buaji..
Soon, all finished their dinner.
Sooraj takes Deved to terrace.
Sooraj: I will leave in two days, dev. you should take care of your studies and you don’t disturb Ramprasad.
Dev: papa, don’t worry. We will take care of this.
Sandiya and twinkle comes there.
Sandiya: secret meeting haan..
Ved: nothing like that maa.
Dev: what about your new case maa?
Sandiya: I will say about this, after some time dev.
Dev: kk maa..

They chitchats and then go to sleep.
Deved ented sanraj room.
Sanraj(sanskar ,yuviraj) studies sincerely. They are in grade 11.
Yuvi: sanky,I not clear with this topic.
Sanskar: I also yuvi. But we have exam in this tomorrow. now what can we do?
Dev: can I help you?
Sanraj nods.
Dev explains them clearly while ved thinks about Uttara.
Sanskar: thanks…
Dev: you can call us bhai.
Sanraj nods.

In Swara’s room,
Swara stares Twinkle. Twinkle feels swara’s gaze.
Twinkle: do you want ask something from me?
Swara: I feel that I had seen you before, di. can I call you di?
Twinkle: definitely swara.you can call me as di.
Everyone go to sleep.
The next day morning,
Sanskar: dev bhai, get up.
Yuvi: ved bhai, get up. We are getting late.
Deved: maa.. let us sleep.
Sanraj: what can we do, now?
Swara and twinkle enters the room.
Twinkle understands the situation.
Twinkle: swara, sanskar,yuvi, can you take a bucket full of water with ice?
Sanraj gives a shocked look and Twinkle smirks.
Yuvi gulped to see twinkle and offer her a bucket full of water.
Twinkle pours the water on Deved.
Deved(shouts): Maa.. and wakes up with jerk.
Deved understands the situation”twinkle”
Twinkle makes faces to them and runs.
Deved starts to chase her.

Swasanraj laughs and the house filled with their laugh.
Ragini come out of her room and sees Deved and smiles.
Suji have moist eyes.
Suji: ram, after a long time, I heard laugh sound in our house.
Ram side hugs her and wipes her tears.
Twinkle enters into Annapurna’s room and hides behind her.
Deved enters Ap’s room in fully drenched state.
Twinkle: aunty, save me from this devils.
Ap: beta, leave her.
Dev(unknowingly): maa.. you don’t know about her. See what she did to us ?
Ap shocked to hear from Maa. From Dev.
Dev realized what he says.
Dev: sorry I don’t know why I called you as..
Ap composes herself.
Ap: it’s ok beta. You also like a son to me(caresses his hair)
Ved and Twinkle shocked to see a photo. Little Laksh and Little Ragini smiles in this photo.
Twinkle:bhaiya.. bhabhi..
Ved: he is?(points Laksh)
Ap: he is my elder son Laksh. but now..
Ap remembers Laksh and cries.
Dev: Maa… he always with you..
Dev hugs Ap and consoles her.
Ved and Twinkle sees each other and leave the room.
Ved: twinkle.. we should talk to Maa and Papa about this.
Twinkle nods and after some time, Deved, Ragini go to college. Swasanraj go to school. Twinkle stayed in house.
Deved, Ragini sits in the class. At that time, Uttara enters the class.
Ragini sees her and smiles and uttara reciprocates it.
Dev thinks about Ap’s sad face and Ved thinks about Dev’s past life.
Dev(in mind):why I called ap aunty as Maa?
Ved(in mind): what can I do, now? Now, we are living with bhaiya’s relatives.
Uttara: what happened to them?
Ragini: today, their behan poured water to them while sleeping.
Uttara: what? And how did you know?
Ragini explains all.
Uttara laughs.
Deved disturbed by Uttara’s laugh.
Ved stares Uttara” now, what happened? Why are you laughing?”
Uttara: I just imagined when you are drenched by your sister. and laughs again.
At that time, Prof. enters the class room.
The four concentrates on class.

At the mean time,
Sandiya go to investigation and Sooraj go to his sweet stall.
Twinkle went to Anna purna’s room again.
Twinkle: Aunty, can I come in?
Ap: haan beta.. it’s also your house. No need to ask permission.
Twinkle: thanks aunty..
Annapurna observes Twinkle’s hesitation.
Annapurna: beta.. can you want anything from me?
Twinkle takes a deep breath and points little ragini in photo.
Twinkle: is she?
Ap: she is Ragini, Ram ji ka beti.
Twinkle(in mind): so Ragini di is Ragini bhabhi. She is safe . thanks shivji.. I have to talk to Maa..
Twinkle: Thanks aunty.
Ap:(touches her chin): feel free beta.. you also like swara to me.
Twinkle smiles and go to her room.
Twinkle(in mind): I have to find that Swara is my behan or not.

At evening,
Sooraj and sandiya enters the house.
Twinkle: papa.. Mama.. I want speak to you.can we go nearby park or Temple?
Sooraj sees Sandiya and sandiya nods.
In Temple,
Twinkle:maa. Papa..Annapurna aunty is Dev bhai’s real mom and Ragini di is her wife.
Sandiya: I know it before Twinkle. That’s the reason, we came here. After [email protected] went to coma, I searched Ragini and I know that Ragini with Ram Prasad and they misunderstand that Laksh was dead.
Twinkle: why can’t we say the truth?
Sooraj: we can’t give stress to dev, Twinkle and if the truth is revealed, then Dev should have stress to know about his past. It’s will affect his health and your past also revealed. It’s not good for Swara’s life.
Twinkle: swara..
Sandiya: after you eloped, your father make Swara married to Sanskar and Swara is now living as Ramprasad’s daughter.
Twinkle bents down” what”
Sooraj hugs her.
Twinkle: why he did this? I hate him.
Sandiya: Twinkle, I don’t want to lose you both. I know that I am selfish. But, I can’t lose you . you are my world.
Twinkle holds Sandiya’s hands” Maa.. we always remain as your children. IT’S MY PROMISE MAA”
In college,
Ragidevuttved sits in college garden. Adarsh and Pari sees them and come to near them.
Adarsh: hi guys..
Raguttdeved: hi bhaiya.. hi di..
Pari: guys there is an intercollege cultural in our college. It starts from next week. I expect that you will participate in this.
Ragini: we will think about this , di.
Adarsh: how was your class?
Uttara: boring Bhaiya..
Ved stares her shockingly.
Ved: what? I think that you are taking notes.
Uttara: if you listen or not, you should act like listening.(winks at Ragini)
Dev: you really a master piece, Uttara.
Uttara stands and bents.
Uttara: thanks ..thanks..
Everyone smiles.
Adarsh: kk. Guys see you tomorrow.

At evening,Ragini and deved go to house.
Deved enters the house.
Twinkle signs Ved to follow her.
Both went to Terrace and Twinkle explains to Ved.
Ved: Really, Anna purna aunty is great. we should unite Ragini and Dev.
Twinkle: at the same time, the truth should not come out.
Twinkle and ved come to hall.
Everyone is gathered into hall.
Dev: yuvi , Sanky can we play something?
Sanraj nods.
Dev: first we split the teams. Ram uncle is a caption of one team and suji aunty is caption of another team.
Team A: Suji,Sandiya, Annapurna, Swara,Twinkle, Ragini
Team B: Ramprasad, Sooraj, Sanskar, Yuvi, Dev, ved.
They planned to play kabadi.
First, Sooraj goes to another side and chants Kabadi…kabadi.
Sandiya winks at Sooraj and Sooraj become frozen. Team A make him out.
Dev: PAPA.. It’s not fair.
Sooraj: it’s not my mistake, dev..your maa…
Sandiya: Haan..

Game continues like that.
Finally ,Ragini and Dev are left.
Dev comes to Ragini’s side by chating Kabadi.
Dev tries to touch her but Ragini escaped at the nick of time.
Finally, Dev touches Ragini’s hand. And Dev returns to his side and jumps in air.
Ragini(whispers): Laksh… and become numb.
Dev: we won papa.
All the gents makes Faces to women.
Everyone hears a sound THUT.
Ragini lays on the floor unconsciously.
Dev ran near to her and taps her chin” Rago.. Rago..”
Everyone is worried for her .
Dev takes her in his hand and goes to her room.
Ramprasad calls Doctor.
Dev holds Ragini’s hand.” Rago.. see me. open your eyes”
Doctor is arrived in few minutes and checks her.
Everyone waits outside with worried face.
Doctor:she is in shock. She will be alright.
Suji: shock?..
Everyone enters Ragini’s room. Dev sees her with moist eyes and goes to his room.
Ved follows dev.
Ved touches Dev’s shoulder”bhai”
Ved is shocked to see dev tears.
Ved: bhai..
Dev hugs ved”is she will be alright naa?”
Ved feels Dev’s shivering.
Ved: she will be alright bhai. what happened to you?
Dev: I don’t know ved. I know her for only past two days. But I felt that she is very close to my heart. I can’t bear if anything happen to her.
Ved: do you love her?
Dev: I don’t know but I want to see her happy. I can’t see her in such a state.
After few minutes, Dev composes himself and went to Ragini’s room.
Ragini is lying in her bed.
Dev holds Ragini’s hands. Ragini don’t oppose him.
Dev: you scared me so much.
Ragini(shows weak smile): I will be alright,dev. go and sleep. Otherwise, twinkle will again wake up you with ice water.
Dev smiles and kisses her forehead and leaves.
Ap sees their conversation and dev’s kiss.
Ragini is frozen.

Ragini’s POV:
What happening to me? why didn’t I oppose him? no .. no.. I am widower of Laksh. he is died to make my dreams real. I should always Ragini Laksh Rajavamshi. No.. I should not betray my Laksh. I can’t give his position to anyone. But, Dev , his touch, his care always remembers Laksh. that’s why I didn’t oppose him. ohh! Shivji what can I do now? I have seen care and love in dev eyes which I seen in Laksh eyes. I can’t love him.
Ragini sleeps with tears.
The next day,
Sandiya , Sooraj goes to Pushkar.
Twiraj, Swasan go to School.
Deved, Ragini go to college.
Prof. is taking the class about human anatomy.
Ragini is thinking about Dev and not concentrate on class. Dev is thinking about Ragini. Ved is thinking about Dev.
Prof observes that the three not observing the class.
Prof: miss. Ragini can you say about the topic?
Ragini(stand up): sorry sir. I didn’t listen .
Ragini feels so weak . she stands with the support of her hands in bench.
Prof. observes this.
Prof.: listen carefully. Next time, I will sent you out.
Dev and ved also coming out from their thinking and listen the class.
At break,
Adarsh comes to meet Raginideveduttara.
Uttara: what happened ragini? Are you not well?
Ragini nods.
Dev goes to canteen ,buys juice , return to class and gives to Ragini.
Dev: Ragini.. take it..
Ragini hesitates.
Ved: Ragini, are you our friend or not?
Ragini: I am always your friend.
Uttara: take it.
Ragini drinks the juice.
Adarsh sees this and wipes his tear.
Uttara see Adarsh .
Uttara: bhai..
Adarsh: I came here to tell about competition. From tomorrow, there is screening rounds for a week. So, we should practice from today.
All nods.

At evening,
Ragini feels better. Ragini and her gang go to practice.
Adarsh sees them and shows a smile in his face.
Uttara: bhaiya.. we come.but I have to go before 6.
Adarsh: kk. Guys let start the practice.
It’s a pair dance. Uttved, Ragdev and Adarsh pari dances. Adarsh makes Uttved as main leads.
Ragini and dev also gives their name in Singing also.
Uttara leaves at 6. Others leave at 7.
Days starts to roll,
Dev try to come closer to Ragini. Ragini try to avoid him but she can’t. Ved starts to fall on Uttara.
They selected for finals in both singing and Dance.
After a month, in Rainy evening
it’s finals for Singing. Ragini and dev both got same marks.
Anchor: it’s a tiebreak round. In this chits, there is a song name. the contestant should sing the song .
Dev takes a chit. It’s “meri ashiqui tum se hi”
Ragini takes a chit. it’s “bare naina”
Dev sings first. Dev think about Ragini and starts to sing. He sing very well.
Then Ragini starts to sing.
Na bole mo se mohan kyun
Hai roothe roothe moham kyun
Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaaun..
Ragini automatically thinks about laksh and continues singing. She expresses all her feelings about Laksh in that song.
Ragini finishes the song. Everyone stands up and claps for her.
Ragini ran outside and Dev follows her.
Anchor: I think Ms.Ragini is so emotional.kk. let see the result.
A judge goes to stage and announces the result.” Ms. Ragini Maheshwari won the first prize and Mr.Dev Rathi won the second prize”
Aadarsh shocked to hear Ragini’s surname.
Anchor: both are not present here. I welcome ved and Uttara to receive prize instead of their friend.

Outside in road,
It’s raining
Ragini kneels down in ground.
Ragini: Laksh.. why did you left me alone? I can’t live without you, Laksh. your memories kills me from inside. please come back to me. if you can’t,I will come to you.
Ragini runs like a mad and dev follows her by shouting her name.
A car can hit Ragini and but Dev saves her at nick of time.
Dev holds Ragini’s shoulder”Rago.. Rago..”
Ragini: leave me..I want go to mera Laksh. leave me..
Dev: I am sorry Rago..
Dev slaps Ragini to make her realize the present.
Ragini falls on Dev unconsciously.
Dev takes Ragini in her hand and return to car parking and take her to house.
Dev enters the house with Ragini in his hands.
Suji and Annapurna worried to see Ragini.
Suji: dev what happened to her?
Dev: Aunty, she needs some rest. Thatsall
Dev takes Ragini to her room and Suji changes her clothes.
In hall,
Dev: aunty, is Laksh very closer to Ragini?is they best friends?
Ap takes a deep breath.
Ap: Laksh is Ragini’s husband.
Dev: what?
Dev is frozen.
At that time, Swasanraj and twinkle enters the house.

Precap: Sandiya asks Ram Prasad Ragini hand for dev. will Ragini accept or refuse?

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