Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 8

Thank you for your comments friends and thanks for silent readers. Dear friend Aka, I used intimate as a verb in the meaning of inform. If you feel discomfort with that word, I am sorry. But think before questioning about someone character. I am sorry if I am hurt you. but the word cheapo really hurts me a lot.

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Episode 7

Annapurna told Dev that Laksh was a husband of Ragini. At that time,Twinkle with Swasanraj enters the house.
Swara: maa, we won the drawing competition.
Ap composes soon and then pulls swara’s cheeks”are mera bacha.. you won the competition. Show your painting”
Swara: me and twinkle di both share the first prize.
Swara shows the painting. In first painting shows that a girl who is pregnant sees another girl who is her same age goes to school. The first girl sees her with pain.
The second painting shows as a small girl’s marriage is happening. Her books burnt in that fire in havan.
Annapurna sees the painting with a pain.” Beta , why did you draw this?”
Swara: I don’t know maa. When I start to draw, It will shown in mind”
Ap: kk beta..
Yuvi: bade maa, where is di?
Ap: she is not well.
By hearing this, all the kids run to Ragini’s room.
Sujatha sees the kids.
Sujatha: ushhhh… signs Ragini is sleeping.
Yuvi(slowly): what happened to di?
Sujatha: she needs some rest. Go and do your homework.
Yuvi and other nods and went to their rooms.
In hall,
Dev: maa, what are you saying?
Ap: come with me..
Dev follows Ap and Ap goes to nearby temple.

In Temple,
Dev:Maa.. please explain me.
Ap sees Dev’seyes and starts to tell Ragini’s past except Swasan marriage.
Ap: after Ragini heard Mera Laksh ka dead news,she started to live to fulfill his dreams about her. Now, tell me. still do you want to marry her?
Dev without hesitation “ I want to marry her”
Ap: but you need to struggle for getting Laksh’s place in her heart.
Dev:I didn’t want Laksh’s place and no one can acquire his place in Ragini’s heart. I create my place in Ragini’s heart.
Ap smiles and blesses him.
Soon, they returned to house. Dev enters his room and ved gives a stern look to him.
Ved: Bhaiya, it’s not fair.you left me in the college itself.
Dev caught in his own thought and didn’t respond to ved. It makes Ved more anger.
Dev come to reality” why are shouting Ved? I am not deaf.”
Ved: I also doubted that bhai..you left me alone in college and you didn’t respond my words.
Dev gives a painful look to ved. Ved left his anger.
Ved: what happened bhai?
Dev tells about Ragini.
Dev: I don’t know that how will I get a place in Ragini’s heart?
Ved: bhaiya don’t worry.
Dev lays on bed and thinks about Ragini and ved looks him worriedly.
At that time, Sanskar and Yuvi come there.
Sanskar: bhaiya.. Ragini di and Swara won their competition. So , Mamaji decided to have dinner from outside. We should leave after fifteen minutes.
Sanskar sees Dev “ what happened to Dev bhaiya?”
Ved: he is not well.
Sanskar feels sad” ok. I will say to Mamaji to postpone the dinner after some days”
Dev: no need for postpone Sanky. I will come.
Yuvi: but you didn’t feel well naa..
Dev: no.. Yuvi . I will be perfectly alright.

After some minutes,
All the kids get ready and get into the car.
Dev and Ragini come downstairs. Ragini suddenly slipped in Stairs. Due to fear, she closed her eyes. But Laksh hold Ragini on her waist and make her stand.
Ragini(fells embarrassed ): th..an..ks.. Dev..
Dev: no need of thanks Ragini. I will be always with you to protect.
Ragini gives a stunned look to Dev and dev leaves the place with smile.
Dev(in mind): I will always with you Ragini whenever you need me.
Ap sees this(in mind): I will unite you both as soon as possible.
All get into the car and then go to hotel.
In hotel,
Dev thinks about Ragini and Ragini thinks about dev’s strange behavior.
Ram Prasad Maheshwari: waiter..
Here a waitress comes.
Waitress:your order please sir..
Ragini and deved feels the voice as a known one.
They raised their head and shocked to see Uttara as a waitress.
Ragdeved(whispers): uttara..
Uttara also sees them and act as formal.
Ved is hell shocked.
Ramprasad gives order to her.
Uttara leaves with the order.
After some time, A Waiter comes there and serves the dishes.
Ragdeved forget about their thinking and thinks about Uttara.
Ramprasad observes Ragdeved’s absence of mind.
Ram Prasad: guys, what happened?
Ragini: nothing papa..
Ved signs Ragini to speak with Uttara.

At that time, Kavya, class mate of Ragdeved comes there. Kavya always hate Uttara and jealous over her.
Kavya: waiter..
Uttara goes to take order.
Kavita smirks to see Uttara and gives order .
After few minutes, Uttara serves the order and kavya intentionally make the plate fall.
Kavya slaps Uttara” don’t you know how to serve?”
Uttara knows that not her mistake but also” I am sorry mam”
Ved boils in anger by seeing this.
Dev holds Ved hands.
Kavya: Manager..
Uttara: sorry mam.. please mam..(pleases)
Ragdev observes Kavya’s intention.
Ragini goes near Kavya and slaps her hardly.
Ragini: don’t dare to mistreat her, Kavya.
Manager comes there.
Manager: you are fired, Ms.Uttara. sorry madam..
Uttara: sir, please…
Ragini drags Uttara outside the hotel.
Deved follows her.
Kavya:you need to pay for this , Ragini.
Uttara: Ragini.. leave me.. I need this job.

Ragini gives a stern look to Uttara.
Ragini:what the hell you need that job, Uttara? Why you don’t reply to Kavya? Why did you remain silent?
Uttara: it’s my fate, ragini. I can’t explain you. it’s the only earning for me, now.
Ved takes Uttar’s hand from ragini” Ragini, I will take her to her house. You can go now. We will speak tomorrow .”
Uttara: no ved.. I will tell you guys now. Guys listen me Carefully. I am an orphan. I don’t know who are my parents. One good heart sponsors my education. But I need money to buy other things like clothes. That’s why I need this job.
Ragdeved stand as numb.
Kavya eavesdrops this and smirks” I will take revenge ragini by your best friend”
Uttara shows a fake smile” I know guys. After knowing my real identity, you don’t be friend with me. it’s ok guys. I already expect this.”
Uttara turns but Ved holds her hand and pulls her to close him and hugs her tightly. Ragini and dev also hugs her.
Uttara starts to cry” Rago.. dev .. ved…”
Ragdeved: we always your friend forever. We don’t care about your identity. We care about you”
They break the hug.
Ragini: where are you live, now?
Uttara: slum..
Ved: are you living there alone?
Ragini: please stay with us, Uttara..
Uttara(weakly smiles): thanks rago. But I want to live in my own earnings.. kk. Guys . I am getting late. See you tomorrow.
Soon, everyone return to their house.
Dev calls Sandiya and informs about his decision and ask her to talk with Ram Prasad. Sandiya also agrees that.
The next day morning,
Sandiya and Sooraj arrives Ramprasad’s house.
Ragini and deved ready to college and sit in dining table to have breakfast. Annapurna takes utensil and comes to dining hall. Suddenly she felt pain in her heart.
Annapurna holds her left side and fall down. Everyone sees that and worried about Ap.
Ragini: sasu maa…
Dev takes her in his hand and ved takes the car outside.
Dev puts Ap in car and continuously taps her face and chanting” Maa..Maaa..”
Soon, they reached hospital. Doctor admits her in ICU.
On other side, Uttara enters the college.
Kavya and their gang surrounds Uttara with Smirk in their face.
Uttara(annoyed): leave my way. I want to go .
Kavya: we don’t leave you easily, Uttara. You should pay for your friend deeds.Guys..
The boys pours water which is dyed by black on Uttara.
The water makes her curves visible to others. The boys sees her lustfully.
One friend of uttara run to inform
Uttara jerked by this and try to cover her.
Kavya snatches the white coat and books from Uttara.
Uttara : please return this..
Kavya throws a waitress dress to Uttara.
Kavya starts to spit poison.
Kavya: are you want to become a doctor? (laughs devilishly) you are just eligible to become a waitress. Haann I forget naa.. you are a orphan. You didn’t know who your parents are. I think that you are illegitimate child.

Suddenly, kavya feels her cheeks are burning.
Uttara : how dare you to speak about my mother?
Kavya:(smirks)you shameless girl. You don’t know who your mother..
Uttara understands what Kavya wants to say and become frozen.
Before completing the sentence, someone hardly Slapped Kavya and she fell on ground.
Pari: how dare you to insult her?
Adarsh: everyone listen carefully. Uttara is not a orphan. I am Adarsh Maheshwari, the elder brother of Uttara is here. If anyone try to harm her, I will make their life as hell.
Kavya and her friends gulped to see Adarsh and pari and leave the place . Pari holds Uttara by her shoulders and signs to Adarsh. Adarsh takes his car and pari makes Uttara sit in car. They leaves the college.
In Hospital, Ragini and all others worried about Ap and stands before ICU. Doctor comes outside.
Suji and Ram: how is my bhabhi?
Doctor: she gained conscious. But she needs a bypass operation as soon as possible. Her heart have 86% block. Don’t give stress to her.
Ragini and Sanskar storms into Ap’s ward”Sasu maa../ Maa..”
Ap: nothing to worry Rago..
Soon, Rathi’s and Maheshwari enters the ward.
Suji holds Ap’s hand” Bhabhi..”
Ap sees Sandiya” Sandiyaji.. can you accept my Rago as your bahu?”
Sandiya nods.

Ap: I don’t know how many days I have?
Sanskar: Maa..
Ap: now, I want to see Ragini’s marriage.
Ragini: Sasu maa..
Ragini(in mind): Sasu maa.. don’t do this to me.. please I can’t waste Dev’s life. I can’t accept him in mera Laksh’s place.
Ragini is stucked inbetween Laksh’s memories and Ap’s health.
Ap sees Ramprasad and Ram Prasad goes outside.
After an hour, with doctor Premission, Ram Prasad takes Ap to nearby temple. Here, Ragini and dev in traditional attire.
As soon as Ap entered the temple, the panditji chants the mantras.
Soon, Dev put Mangalsutra in Ragini’s neck and fills her mang with Sindoor( a single tear escaped from Ragini’s eyes) and then take pherass.
Ragini(in mind): I am sorry Dev, I can’t give Laksh’s place to you.
Dev(in mind): I know Ragini what you think. I will create a place for myself in your heart.
Panditji announces Ragdev as a pair.
As soon as marriage got over, Ap is taken into hospital. Doctor fixes next day for Ap’s operation.
Ved goes to college for getting permission for leave . he hears some conversation.
Man 1: that girl didn’t deserve this. She always make others smile.
Man 2: we should thank Adarsh. If he is not there, that girl Uttara’s condition will be worst.
Ved get tensed.
Ved go to near them,” friend, can you explain what happened to Uttara?”
The men explained him what happened to Uttara.
Ved eyes become red because of anger and he goes to Principal room. After few minutes, principal calls Kavya.
Kavya: may I come in sir
Princi: yes, come in.
Kavya: sir..
Princi: I decide to dismiss you from college for what you did with uttara. Because of your father, I give you transfer. Get lost.
Kavya comes outside (in mind): uttara I will make your life hell.

Precap:Ragini and Dev went to pushkar for post marriage rituals.

Friends hope you like it. please leave your suggestions. Thanks for reading my story.

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