Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 6


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Vedev surprised to see Sandiya, Sooraj and Twinkle in train.
Ved winks at dev and dev nods.
Ved: we already know it that you will accompany us.
Sandiya: Haan.. Sooraj ji listen him.
Dev:yes maa.. Saachi (holds his neck)
Sandiya and sooraj holds Vedev ears.
Vedev: Maa.. Papa..
Suddenly they hear a laugh.
Everyone sees the direction. A girl stands there. Vedev feels embarrassed.
The girl sits near twinkle and suppresses her laugh by seeing Vedev.
Girl places her bags and go to near door. Train starts to move.
Ved: Maa.. please leave my ear.
Sandiya takes her hand back.
Dev sits near Sandiya and side hugs her” thanks Maa.. really I need you for my first day in college”
Sandiya caresses his hair” I know it”
Dev: how did you know?
Sandiya: I am your Maa.. dev.

After few hours,
The girl comes to her seat and smiles to sandiya.
Here, Sandiya serves food to all.
Sandiya: come beta.. take this food.
Girl: thanks aunty.. but I don’t need now.
Twinkle: di, don’t be afraid. We didn’t mix anything in it.(teasing tone)
Girl(tensed and hurriedly): no.. I didn’t mean this.
Ved: then take this.
Ved offers a plate. Girl takes it.
Girl eat and then” Aunty.. it’s really superb”
Twinkle: if you want to thank, then thank mera Bhaiya’s. they cooked this.
Girl is surprised and sees vedev”Really?”
Twinkle nods.
Sooraj: beta.. what is your name?

Girl: uttara uncle..
Sandiya: your name is also nice like you.
Train is stopped in midway due to heavy rain.
Uttara: Twinkle can you come with me?
Twinkle nods: whe..re..?
Before finishing Uttara drags twinkle with her and starts to dance in Rain.
Cham.. cham.. cham..
Uttara starts to sing and they dances in Rain.
Vedev sees it with a smile. Sandiya worries about Twinkle’s health.
Ved drags Sandiya and dev drags Sooraj. The whole rathi’s family starts to dance in Rain.
All other passengers see them with a smile and someone joined with them.
After few minutes, Rain is stopped and train starts to move on.
Everyone entered in the train.
Sooraj takes a towel and make dry his sons hair with the towel. On the other side, Sandiya takes towel and make dry Uttara and twinkle’s hair.
Uttara holds Sandiya ‘s hand and make her sit and using the towel, Uttara makes sandiya’s hair dry.
Sandiya: thanks.. beta..
Uttara: no need of thanks aunty.
Sandiya smiles to Uttara.

Sandiya: do you have any relatives in Mumbai?
Uttara: no aunty.. Actually I got medical seat in Mumbai medical college.
Vedev is surprised” what?”
Uttara gives them a confused look.
Twinkle: Actually.. mera Bhaiya’s also got seat in same college.
Uttara smiles to them.
Ved extends his hands” friend?”
Uttara: friends and shakes his hands and then Dev hands.
Soon, Uttdeved became friends and train reached Mumbai by two hours late.
Dev: Maa.. we are directly going to college..
Deved and Uttara directly goes to college.
Here, Ragini also goes to college.
First day-RAGGING
Utt deved enters the college.
Uttara sees senior’s ragging juniors.
Dev leaves the place and goes to washroom.
Uttved tries to escape from them and collides with a girl.
Uttved: sorry..

Girl: it’s ok.. I am Ragini..
Uttara: I am uttara.. he is ved my friend.
Ragini shakes her hand with Uttved.
Seniors sees Ragini and Uttved.
Seniors: Hello come here..
Uttara:guys they call us. Let see what happening?
UttvedRag go to near Seniors.
Senior boy1: hello.. can you don’t give respect to your seniors?
Uttara blinks her eyes” sorry seniors.. we didn’t see you”
Senior boy 2: kk. Ok..(smirks) come and propose me..
Uttara: senior sir..
Senior girl 1:do what he says.
Ragini feels very anger.
Uttara takes a string from her bag and hides in her hand and take a yellow rose from garden.
Uttara goes to near that Senior boy 2. Senior boy 2 stands with a smirk in his face.
Uttara : I I ..
Seniors: soon ..

Uttara ties that thread in senior boy 2 hand” I love you BHAI sap” and extends yellow rose to him.
Senior 2 is frozen and all the seniors are shocked.
Rag and ved suppress their laugh.
A voice is coming behind” what’s happening there?”
Seniors is shocked to see Professor here.
Ragini feels Laksh presence.”Laksh(whispers) and turns.
Ragini(in mind): Laksh left me. accept it.
Senior: Sir.. we are helping our juniors(stammers)
Prof: I know what the hell are you doing? Leave the place now.
Seniors leave the place” wait a minute, I didn’t see that Prof before”
Prof: guys, leave the place now.
Ved: kk. Dev bhai..
That Prof removes his fake beard and moustache.
Uttara opens her mouth due to surprise.
Dev : Uttara close your mouth. Otherwise, mosquito will go inside.
The four get inside the class and sits in same bench Ragini, Uttra, ved and dev.
After few minute, the another gang of senior gets inside the class.
A Boy sits in a chair.
Boy(senior) 1: guys, I am your senior. So , all stand up and wish me.
Everyone in the class stand up except Uttara.

Senior boy2: are you deaf?
Uttara acts as see surrounding and then stand up.
Senior boy 2: I asked you are deaf?
Uttara winks at Ragdeved
Uttara signs him as she deaf and dumb.
Senior 2: sorry …
At that time , Princi enters the class.
Princi: what are you doing there?
Senior boys: sir..(stammers)
Uttara: sir, they are explaining about the college.
Senior boys shocked to hear Uttara’s words.
Princi: good job. Kk. You can leave.
Senior boys chatting himself” that girl fooled us and made us to say sorry”
Senior 2: leave her yaar. If she didn’t helped, we should definitely get into trouble
In class,

Principal calls someone inside the class..
A boy who Uttara proposed and a girl enters the class.
Princi: he is Adarsh and she is Parineeta. They are leader and vice leader of student council. They will explain you about collge and in evening there is a fresher’s party. Hope you enjoy the party.
Princi signs Adarsh to take over and leave the class.
Adarsh: kk guys.. I am Adarsh Maheshwari and she is Parineeta Rajavamshi. Now, we are going to take you to the party hall. There , you should perform some activities. We don’t force you. just an enjoyment . Thatsall. Whenever you need our help, don’t hestitate. Then , Lets go.
Ragini is jerked to hear Parineeta’s surname as Rajavamshi.
Ragini:(in mind) she is Rajavamshi. But ohh! May be she can be relative of Mamaji. But Mamaji is only son of their parents. Leave it.
Ragini takes a deep breath.
In other side,
Sandiya and sooraj , twinkle enters the house.

A man comes and hugs both Sandiya , sooraj.
Man: finally you both know where my house is.
Sooraj: ohh! Mr.Maheshwari don’t act smart. Atleast we came here. But you didn’t come to our house for past six years.
Man:Sandiya.. See sooraj. He is taunting me. help me mera friend.
Sandiya taps man’s head.
Sandiya: Ram, Atleast sooraj is taunting you. actually we planned to ..
Sandiya signs at Sooraj and Ramprasad understand and he starts to run.
Sandiya and Sooraj chase him to beat. Ram Prasad hides behind Sujatha.
RamPrasad Maheshwari: Suji.. help me.
Kalavathi and Annapurna witness it with smile in their face.
Sandiya and Sooraj stops by seeing Ap and Kalavathi.
RamPrasad: Sandiya.. they are my Annapurna bhabhi and Kalavathi bhabhi.
Ap&Kalavathi: pranam..
Sandiya and Sooraj: Pranam..
Twinkle takes blessings from all the elders.

Sandiya: Ram , she is my daughter Twinkle.
Rp stares Sandiya shockingly.
Sooraj: Actually, we need admission in a school for her.
Ram: I already spoke to school admins. Today Afternoon, she will face the interview.
Sandiya : kk.
Ram: Suji.. Take Twinkle to Swara’s room.
Twinkle remembers her chotibehan while hearing Swara’s name.
Twinkle follows Sujatha.
In Ramprasad’s room,
Rp: sandiya.. Twinkle..
Sandiya: she is my daughter.
Rp: but..
Sandiya: I adopted her and I don’t want to speak about this.
Rp nods.
Soon, they started to speak about the case.

RP: In Mumbai also, some children are missing from slum. The case is similar to Pushkar. But you encountered the culprit na..
Sandiya: no Ram.. sonu is just an arrow. Someone was behind him. Now, the culprit started his business in Mumbai. We should be very careful. If they knows we are investigating this case, they will definitely attack our family.
Rp:they are very intelligent. But why can we try to arrest their goons?
Sandiya: They give drugs to their goons and if anyone caught to police, they should commit suicide by eating chicken.
Rp: I can’t understand.
Sandiya: the leader drugged the goons. If the goons ate chicken, the drug in their body will convert into poison.
Rp remembers the death of Autodriver.
Sandiya: now, we are playing with death. We should be very careful.
Rp nods and they come to Hall.
After few minutes, Sandiya, Sooraj and Twinkle go to school for admission.
In college,
Auditorium ,
Adarsh: friends, now you can showcase your talents singing, dancing etc..
Everyone participated except dev and Ragini.
Parineeta: kk. Guys.. now it’s time for couples. You can chose your pair within two minutes.
Ved: Uttara.. can you be my pair?
Uttara nods.
Dev goes to Ragini.

Dev: I know I am a stranger to you. but can you be my pair?
Ragini looks dev and nods unknowingly.
Dev(happily): I am Dev . friends?(extends his hand)
Ragini: friends(shakes his hand)
Ragini (in mind): how can I accept that as pair?
Adarsh:kk. Guys.. let start it. we will play a song . you should dance for the music.
Parineeta: but.. the gender is exchanged. Girl will act as boy and boy will act as a girl.
Adarsh takes the chit.”Ragini and Dev”
Ragini and Dev get into the dance floor and ANG LAGA DERE plays.
Dev starts to dance like a girl and keeps a distance between him and Ragini.
Ragini also starts to dance like a boy she twirls dev thrice and holds him by his waist at final and have intense eyelock.
Everyone claps. Dev and Ragini breaks the eyelock.
Adarsh: perfect.. both of you.
Ragini(in mind): no .. what happening to me? I can’t do this. I should maintain the distance from him.
Others also dance. Ved and Uttara dance for haule haule.

Atlast , everyone go to dinner.
In Dinner,
Uttara: bhai ya.. can you give that water bottle to me?
Adarsh: definitely Behan ji. How can I resist if meri sweet behanji ask me?(opens and then gives the bottle)
Uttara smiles”thanks bhaiya.. can you have any problem if I call you bhai?”
Adarsh: no behanji.. I will be happy if you call me bhai.
Uttara: My name is Uttara , bhai.
Deved and Ragini comes there.
Uttara: Bhai.. they are my friends. Dev, ved and Ragini.
Adarsh: Hello.. Adarsh stares dev confusingly and then smiles.
Dev: what happened bhai? is anything wrong?
Adarsh: you are the professor who scared us morning naa..
Dev(smiles Sheepishly): you also trusted my acting naa.. what about my acting? Is it ok naa?
Adarsh(sees both dev and Uttara): you guys both mischevious.
Dev : so be friends.
Adarsh holds Dev hands: friends
Uttara, Ragini, ved put their hands on Adarsh hands.
Parineeta also put her hands” can I also join?”
Dev: absolutely di..
Dev takes some address: bhaiya.. can you know this address?”
Adarsh: I will help you.
In Rp’s house,
Rathi’s enter the house.

Sujatha: Sooraj bhaiya.. come and eat your dinner.
Sandiya: we will come in a minute.
Ragini is also enters the house.
Suji: Ragini what’s about today’s college?
Ragini:(smiles): superb maa.
Ragini goes to Ap’s room.
Ragini: Sasu maa..
AP extends her hands and Ragini hugs her and then places her head in Ap’s lap.
Ap caresses her hair.” What about today’s college ragu?”
Ragini : I got a bhaiya, di, and four friends. After a long time, I felt mera Laksh is with me.
Ap stops and Ragini holds Ap’s hand.
Ragini: I should fulfill all his dreams about me,Sasu maa. I just need your support.
Ap: I always with you.
Ragini: where is bademaa?
Ap: she again went to pilgrimage.kk. Yuvi, swasan wait for you.
Ragini comes to dining hall and sits in circular.
Ragini feeds yuvi, yuvi feeds Sanskar, Sanskar feeds swara and swara feeds Ragini.
A voice come here” can I join with you?”
Suji: haan Twinkle..Rago, she is twinkle,Papa’s friend daughter. She is also stay with us.
Ragini nods.

Twinkle: I am twinkle.
Yuvi: your name is different.
Twinkle: thanks..
Soon, all finished their dinner.
Someone rings door bell.
Ragini: maa.. I will see.
Ragini opens the door and surprised” dev ved”
Sandiya sees them” dev.. ved come inside”
to be continued

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