Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 5


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Let I start the episode.
Sandiya is shocked and worried by knowing Laksh risked his life to save Ved and find culprit and sit in floor .
Sooraj comes inside to take ingredients and worried to see Sandiya’s tears.
Sooraj: sandiya, what happened?why are you crying?
Sandiya: Laksh is kidnapped.
Sooraj: Sandiya, what are you saying?
Sandiya explains all. Ved and Sooraj is shocked.
They hear some sound.

They see Twinkle falls in ground.
Ved, Sandiya, Sooraj: twinkle..
Sooraj takes twinkle in his hand and take her to room.
Babu and Babasa is worried.
Sooraj: Sandiya, I will take care of her. First, you go and save Laksh.
Sandiya nods and leave the house by calling her collegues.
In some undefined place,
Laksh wakes up. He observes that he is bounded by roped and he is gagged by a cloth.
He vision is blurred and he winks his eyes. He see a person and shocked. He try to move his hands.
The person: sonu, he is wakeup. Take care of him . he is our trump card.
Sonu nodes.
Person leaves.
At the same time, Sandiya is discussing with her colleagues.
Sandiya: are you find the location?
C1: mam, I tracked the location. It’s between Pushkar and Ajmer.
Sandiya: get ready and keep your guns in loaded condition.
Sandiya and her colleagues arrives the location and knocks the goons.
Sonu hears some sound and sees Police in place.
Sonu: how they arrived here?
Laksh smirks.
Sonu comes near to Laksh and frees his leg and take Laksh with him.
Laksh kicks his stomach and kicks his leg and ran to top floor.
Sonu follows him and go to top floor.
Laksh hides and Sonu comes to top floor.
Sonu: come outside. Otherwise you will regret for it.
Sandiya hears sound in top floor and go there.
Sonu sees Sandiya and points gun towards her. Laksh sees that. Sandiya stands near cliff.
Sonu shoots Sandiya but Laksh comes inbetween and fall from top floor because of gunshot.
Sandiya hears Another Gunshot . A police officer shoots sonu in fore head.
Sandiya run to ground floor and sees Laksh lays on the pool of blood in ground.
Sandiya:Laksh..(kneels down)

C1: Mam, he is alive.
Sandiya takes Laksh and rushes towards Hospital.
At that time, Rathi’s house,
Twinkle:Bhai(yells) and wake up.
Babu: nothing happen to him, beta. Sandiya went to rescue him. she save him definitely.
Babu is so worried but act as strong.
Babu hugs and rubs her shoulder. Twinkle: Bhai..(cries)
Ved is in dilemma and think about Laksh.

Ved(in mind): bhai.. why did you risked your life to save me?
At hospital,
Doctor: He have a blood clot. We should operate now. I need his parents signature.
Sandiya extends his hand to sign.” I am his guardian”
Doctor nods.
Sandiya’s colleague Zahir informs Sooraj.
Rathi’s and Twinkle arrives the hospital.
Sooraj touches Sandiya. Sandiya hugs Sooraj.
Sandiya: what I did to him? we just help him. but he saved my life by risking his life. Why he risked his life to save me?
Sandiya burstout in cry. Zahir explains what happened.
Babu sits in shock.
Doctor comes out.
Doctor: Operation is successful. But he slipped into coma.
Twinkle (whispers): Bhai..
After some hours,

The Doctor who treated Laksh goes to Abandoned place.
Doctor: ohh My friend, I make him go to Coma. If even he comeout coma, he can’t get his memory..
Suddenly he hear a gun shot.
Doctor shocked and sees his bleeding Shoulder.
Doctor: Friend…
Person:I am sorry friend. Only you and sonu know about my illegal activities . I don’t let any witness of my crime to live. So, bye..
Days started to roll out.
Laksh is shifted to Rathi’s house. Sandiya changed Twinkle’s surname as Rathi. Babu also approved.
Twinkle and ved, Swaragsan, Yuvi starts to go school. Ved and Twinkle shares their experience with Laksh. Sanskar is matured beyond his age.
Twinkle: Bhai , do you know? I am the first rank in our class and I got centum in maths. Teaches gifted this pen to me.
Twinkle shows her pen.
Laksh not responded.
Twinkle sees him with pain in her eyes” one day, you will talk to me”.
At that time, in Mumbai,
Yuvi accepts Swara as his behan. Ramprasad gives his name as her surname.
Sanskar enters the house with happiness.”maa.. I got first rank”
Sanskar(in mind): if bhai sees this, he will be so happy.
By remembering Laksh, his eyes become moist.
Ap: what beta?
Sanskar: Nothing maa..
Ap hugs Sanskar and sees his report.
Sujata: Yuvi, where is your report?

Yuvi gives his report” what ? you failed in two subjects. See Sanskar , he is first rank. Atleast can you nat able to pass the subject?”
Yuvi sees Sanskar with jealous and anger in his eyes. Ragini witnesses it and worried.
Ragini(in mind): please nothing wrong happen in between them.
The next day,
In afternoon,
In the middle of class,
Yuvi stands up.
Teacher: what you want yuvi?
Yuvi: mam, my pen is missing. It’s so costly.
Teacher: do you search in your bag?
Yuvi: yes mam.
Sanskar give Yuvi a confused look.
Teacher starts to check the bags.
Yuvi takes the pen from Sanskar bag and sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar(stammers): no mam, I didn’t steal it. it’s my pen.
Teacher: you steal Yuvi’s pen and lying that this is your pen. Go out of the class.
Sanskar leaves the class with moist eyes.
Yuvi feels guilt by seeing Sanskar’s moist eyes.
Principal calls Rp to come school.
In principal room,
Principal: sir, your son steal that boys pen.
Rp: Sanskar can’t do this. There is some misunderstanding.
Sanskar nods his head down.
Princi: no sir. He steal Yuvaraj’s pen.
RP: Mam, you forget one thing. I am yuvaraj’s father and Sanskar’s guardian. I always buy the things same for sanskar and yuvi. I sure that it’s sanskar’s pen.
Princi thinks and then nods”kk. You can go”
Outside the school,

RP: I can’t expect this from you,Sanskar.
Yuvi smirks by hearing this. But he can’t feel happy by seeing Sanskar suffering.
Sanskar: Mamaji, trust me. I never did this. I can’t know.
RP:Don’t lie to me, Sanskar.
Ragini: Papa, trust him. I think there is something.
RP:Don’t support him.
Sanskar, Ragini, Swara and Yuvi get into the car and Rp arrives his house.
All enters the house.
Sanskar hugs AP with tears in his eyes.
Ap: Sanskar, what happen?
RP: He steal Yuvi’s pen. I saved him from principal.
Ap breaks the hug” do you did that?”
Suddenly, Sanskar feels burnt sensation in his cheeks.
Sanskar: Maa..
Ap: till now, I am proud of your growth. But.. you make me ashamed.
Sanskar(moist eyes): maa.. I didn’t steal his pen.
Ap starts to beat him” again you lying”
Sujatha holds Sanskar” Bhabhi, stop it. he is child and once listen what he says”
Sanskar cries and ran to his room.
Ap sits and cries” when I did mistake?”
At night, everyone present in dining hall except Sanskar.
RP: where is Sanskar?
Ragini: I will take him.
Ragini goes to Sanskar’s room.
After few minutes,
Everyone hears Ragini’s yell” Sasu maaa, maa…”
Everyone rushed to Sanskar’s room.
Sanskar lays on bed and shivering.
Ap: what happened Rago?
Ragini: Sanskar have high fever.
Ap touches Sanskar’s forehead and worried.
Sanskar blabbers” maa.. I didn’t steal yuvi’s pen”
Ap(cries): I trust you beta.
Yuvi feels guilt by seeing Sanskar’s condition.
Rp calls Doctor and Doctor checks him.
Doctor injects some medicine.
Outside sanskar’s room,
Doctor: what happened today?
RP explains it.

Doctor: you should trust him. I think that he shouldn’t steal that pen. And you are the reason for his current condition. I don’t know why you trust your own son.
Ap cries” it’s my mistake. I should trust him”
Yuvi’ s guilt increases.
The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up. Yuvi enters his room and thinks that sanskar is sleeping.
Yuvi: I am sorry sanskar. I didn’t expect that my mistake this much affect you. I feel so jealous whenever my maa compares me with you. you are good at studies. But what’s my mistake? Why they comparing me with you? after your arrival, my maa and papa always scold me by comparing with you. so,I did it intentionally to lower you from other’s view. But I am sorry sanskar. You are my friend. I will tell all the truth to everyone. If you can, please forgive me.
Yuvi goes from there.
After few minutes, Sanskar goes down.
Yuvi: Papa, I want to speak with you.
Rp: what beta?
Yuvi: sanskar didn’t steal my pen. I did it intentionally.
Everyone is shocked.
Rp raises his hand to slap Yuvi. But someone hold his hand. Rp shocked to see the person.
Rp: Sanskar. Please forgive us. I should trust you. all because of him.
Sanskar: no mamaji. He forced to do this because of you and buaji.
Sujatha: us?
Sanskar: Haan bua ji.. you always compares him with me. if I am good at studies, then he good at sports. . But you made him jealous with me. you forced him to hate me by your comparison. Even I hate the comparison. You are also responsible for his condition.
Yuvi(in mind): why he support me after all my doings?
Yuvi sees him with moist eyes. Sanskar side hugs him” Yuvi, we get late to school. Go and ready for school”
Yuvi nods and go to his room with guilt.

Ap: please forgive me, Sanskar.
Sanskar smiles to Ap and go to his room to get ready.
In school,
Yuvi goes to Teacher’s cabin to tell the truth.
Ragini tells this to Sanskar.
Ragsan rushes to Teacher’s cabin.
Teacher: haan.. Yuvaraj. What do you want?
Yuvi: Actually mam, that..
Sanskar(interrupts): mam.. he find his pen in his bag. He didn’t search properly.
Yuvi sees Sanskar with surprised look.
Ragini: yes mam.
Teacher feels guilt.
Teacher: sorry sanskar. I scolded you unnecessarily.
Sanskar shows a weak smile.
Ragini drags yuvi outside.
Yuvi: sanskar, why you stopped me?
Sanskar: I don’t want my friend feel embarrassed .
Yuvi hugs Sanskar tightly” I am sorry sanskar. “
Sanskar: it’s okay Yuvi.
Ragini eyes become moist because of happiness.
The trio hugs. A voice comes there” how dare you all left me”
Ragini sees Swara who holds her waist by her hand. All smiles by seeing her like this.
Sanskar extends his hand and Swara smiles.
They have a group hug and go to their respective class room.
In Pushkar night,
Twinkle stares sky and tears flowing from her eyes,
Sandiya sits near Twinkle.
Sandiya: what happened , twinkle?
Twinkle wipes her tears.” Nothing mam.. I remembered my maa..”
Sandiya side hugs her” twinkle, you can also call me Maa.. if you want”
Twinkle shocked and sees Sandiya.
Sooraj: you can also call me Papa..
Babu &Babusa: you can also call us Dada and Dadi..
Twinkle is hell shocked
Babu comes near to twinkle” twinkle , we know one thing without you and Laksh , our family never fulfilled”
Twinkle : we came here as a orphan. But you gave us shelter and education. Now ..
Babu: beta.. don’t need to tears. Come and take lunch.
Twinkle nods with happiness.
Suddenly, they hear a sound in Laksh’s room.
They rushed there.
Laksh is sit in bed and holds his head.
All are happy by seeing Laksh is recovered from coma.
Laksh: who am I ? where I am?
Everyone is shocked.
Laksh sees Twinkle(whispers): twinkle..
Laksh falls unconsciously.
Ved: bhai..
Ved holds Laksh and make him sleep in bed.

Sooraj calls doctor.
Doctor comes and examines Laksh.
Doctor: take him to hospital. I need to do some scans about his brain.
After few hours,
Doctor examines Laksh’s scans.
Sooraj and Sandiya sits in Doctor’s cabin.
Doctor: Soory mr and mrs.Rathi. he can’t remember his past. Don’t stress him.
Sandiya goes to Laksh’s room.
Laksh is sit in bed and sees Sandiya. He smiles unknowingly.
Laksh: who are you?
Sandiya: I am your maa and your name is dev..
Laksh: Dev..(he spells his name)
Sooraj comes inside.
Sandiya: he is your papa..
Laksh smiles towards Sooraj and sooraj caresses his hair.
Rathi’s and Twinkle decides to hide his past.
6 years leap,
Now, Ragini and Laksh in same class due to Laksh’s coma.
Rathi’s family feels sad. They children both dev and ved will goes to Mumbai to join in medical college.
Sandiya and sooraj doesn’t like their travel to Mumbai.
Dev: Maa.. we are going to Mumbai, not abroad. If you sad means, how can we go?
Ved: Haan maa..Bhai .. told right. Please smile.
Sandiya and Sooraj smiles.”kk. get ready”
Dev and ved sit in Respective seats and then shocked to see opposite persons.
Dev&Ved: maaa.. papa..Twinkle..
They smiles.
Sandiya: I transferred to Mumbai for underground operation.
Sooraj: I start a new stall in Mumbai.
Twinkle: I already got a seat in Mumbai’s best school.
Dev and Ved smiles.
At that time, in Mumbai.
A girl sees her image in Mirror and holding a photo.
Girl: Laksh.. I make a first step to fulfill your dream, Laksh. I got a seat in Mumbai medical college. Soon, I will fulfill your dream.
Someone calls her” Rago..”
Ragini: Haan sasumaa..
Precap: Raglak meet.

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