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Let I start the episode.
Swara: am I your wife, Sanskar?
Aadi, Pari and Yuvi shocked by her question.
Yuvi: Swara what are you speaking?
Sanskar: yes swara … I am your husband.
Yuvi, Aadi and Pari are shocked.
Swara: are you also thinking I am a burden to your life?
Sanskar comes near to Swara and takes her face in his hand.” You are my anjel, Swara. you never be a burden to me.”
Sanskar hugs Swara and Swara reciprocates it .

Twinkle witness it with happiness.
Twinkle sees Laksh kneels in ground and rushes to him.
Twinkle: bhaiya..
Laksh: Twinkle.. Ragini hates me..
Twinkle: Bhai.. what are you saying?
Ap: I exposed his true identity, Twinkle.
Twinkle is shocked.

Twinkle: but how can you know it?
Ap: I find out Laksh in the first month itself and Sandiya told everything including his memory loss. I scared for him and I remained silent.but how can he know about him?
Everyone hears the sound in Ragini’s room.
Ragini breaks the things in the room in anger and frustration. Ragini become completely mad.
Ragini: how can you do this to me, Dev? you don’t know how much I struggled to come from Laksh’s memories? but today you are saying that you are Laksh. are you expecting to me accept it? why you betrayed me? why did you hided me? are you not trusted me?
Laksh knocks the door.
Laksh:Rago.. please once listen me.. please rago..
Laksh breaks the door and get inside.

Ragini throws a vase to him but he pushed it.
Laksh: Rago.. please listen me..
Ragini starts to throw things to Laksh.
Ragini: don’t show your face to me.. I hate you Dev…
Laksh holds her shoulder and shakes her.” Ragini.. Listen me..”
Ragini bursts in cry” why did I listen you? you played with my feelings Dev..”
A voice comes there” what ‘s happening here? Why are you crying Anjel?
Ragini ran to the person and hugs him” papa.. please take me with you… I can’t stay here for a minute.”
Ram: Ragini.. please listen him once…
Ragini: no .. papa..i didn’t have strength to hear anything. I felt like someone stabbing myheart papa.. if I stay here for a minute, I will die..
Ram leaves with Ragini to Mumbai.
After one months,
Laksh tried to meet Ragini but she refused to meet Laksh and her sasural including Uttara. Aadi, Ap and others tried to convince her but she is very stubborn she didn’t speak a single word. She felt Laksh betrayed her and played with her feelings. Laksh is remained as Dev Rathi, officially.

Ragini goes to temple alone and feels Dizzy.
Ragini falls down and nick of time, one person holds her.
Ragini: Dev and faints…
After some hour,
Ragini hears something. It’s Laksh voice…
Laksh: baby.. are you hearing your papa voice… do you know how much I love your mumma? Even I lost my memory, I felt my heart is working for her when I met again first time itself. I love her and I married her. I stand beside her whenever she needs me. do you know your mumma don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry your papa is super cook. I will cook for you.
Ragini(in mind): what he is Speaking? Memory Loss… Baby.. . Ragini observes her dates are postponed.
Ragini(in mind): am I carrying a baby? Am I pregnant? I am carrying my Laksh’s baby in my vomb.
Ragini places her hand in her belly.” I am a mother” a single tear escaped from her eyes.
Laksh stops his talk by seeing Ragini’s movement.
Ragini opens her eyes.
Ragini(in mind): where am I ? it’s laksh’s flat.
Ragini remembers her sweet moments in this Flat and Laksh’s love and caring.
Ragini: I want to go my house.
Laksh: you are in your house and we move today evening to pushkar.
Ragini(shouts): I wont come anywhere.
Laksh: don’t shout Rago.. it’s not good for baby. You are pregnant.
Ragini wanted to hug Laksh but she buried her feelings herself. She is still have anger for hiding the truth.
Laksh gives some papers to her.
Laksh: read it Rago. You are also a doctor naa.
Ragini reads the report and shocked.
Ragini checks Laksh’s eyes and nails with shivering hands.
Laksh:I never tell Lie, Rago.
Ragini slaps him hardly and shouts.
Ragini: are you mad? Why are you taking Slow poison?
Laksh: you made me mad Rago.I can’t live without you, Rago. If you not come with me, I will take final dose and the result, you know.. my dea..
Ragini closes his mouth and removes her hand, next minute.
Ragini understands that his love turned into dangerous obsession.
Ragini: are you threatening me?
Laksh (weak smile): no Rago.. I just telling what will happen if you don’t come with me.
Ragini: why did you let me live in peace?
Laksh: I promise you ragini I never disturb you. but I need your presence with me.
Ragini phone rings. Phone shows Ram.
Ragini attends the call.
Ragini: papa..
Ram: anjel , where are you?
Ragini observes the worriedness in Ram’s voice.
Ragini: I am in Dev’s flat with dev.
Ram feels happy” finally , you forgive him. I am very happy beta.”
Ragini:papa.. book tickets for pushkar. I want to go evening itself.
Laksh smiles by hearing this.
At night, they arrives Pushkar.

Bhabho and Sandiya, AP take Aarti to Laksh and Ragini.
Annapurna and Swasan stayed near Rathi’s by buying new house.
They are very happy and misunderstood that Ragini accepted the truth.
Ragini bents to take blessings but Laksh hold her.
Laksh: how can you careless Ragini? You can’t bent.
All are worried.
Sandiya: is she suffer from any pain?
Laksh: no maa.. who… you are becoming to dadi.. I am becoming to father…
AP caresses Ragini’s hair and Sandiya takes Ragini face in her hands.
Sandiya: is it true?
Ragini nods and little bit blushes.
Sandiya hugs her” you give us very big price”
Everyone becomes very happy.
Ved: I am becoming to chacha…
Sanskar: I am also becoming to chacha…
Ved and Sanskar hugs each other and both in Unison” it’s time yo celebrate”
Uttara smiles.
Twinkle and Swara in Ram’s house.
Bhabho gives sweet to all and feeds Ragini with sweets.
Bhabho:Ragini beta.. you go to your room and take rest. Uttara take milk to her room.
Ragini enters the room and remembers her suhagraat.
Ragini(smiles&in mind): we are the first one who studied books in their suhagraat.
Ragini remembers Dev’s care.
Ragini(in mind):but at that time, I didn’t see any lie in his eyes. No he is a liar.
Uttara enters the room with milk.
Uttara places the milk glass in table and moves outside.
Ragini holds her hands”Uttara..”
Uttara: ohh! Are you also remembering me?
Ragini bows her head down.” Sorry Uttara..”
Uttara: if you and Dev had a fight means, what’s our mistake? Why you didn’t speak to me?
Ragini holds her ears” can you forgive your friend?”
Uttara is melted by Ragini’s posture. On other side, Laksh is mesmerized by seeing Ragini.
Uttara takes Ragini’s hands” don’t dare to do this again”
Ragini hugs Uttara .”Never “
Uttara leaves the room.
Ragini sleeps in bed.
Laksh comes inside and starts to speak with his child.
Laksh: baby.. do you know your mother is very stubborn.Still, I don’t know how many days she will stay here. But I will never let her to go out from life. Ok. today I am going to say a story how I meet your mother.
Laksh starts to tell his story.. and sleeps in sitting position in chair.
Ragini wakes up in middle and sees Laksh is sleeping in chair in sitting position.
Ragini feels bad and make him sleep in Bed and sleeps in otherside.
The next day morning,

Ragini wakes up first and smiles first to see her in Laksh’s embrace.
Ragini:gd morning Dev..
Laksh in sleep: gd mrng Rago and hugs her.
Ragini remembers her anger and jerks his hand and go to washroom.
Laksh smiles(in mind): I will definitely get back you Rago at any cost.
Ragini comes from washroom and dries her wet hair.
Laksh is mesmerized by seeing her and go to near her.
Ragini sees him in mirror, first smiles and then shows anger.
Laksh refused her anger and go to near her and fills her mang with sindoor.
Laksh: you are looking beautiful.
Ragini didn’t utter a single word and goes from there.
Laksh confused by her behavior(in mind): why she didn’t utter a single word?
Ragini prepares coffee to everyone.
Uttara comes and sees her.

Uttara(shouts):maa.. Dadi maa…
Sandiya and Bhabho comes there.
Sandiya:Ragini what are you doing in Kitchen?
Ragini:maa.. I am just preparing coffee for everyone.
Bhabho: you shouldnot do any work.
Uttara offers a chair.
Bhabho makes Ragini sit in the chair.
Ragini:dadi maa..

Bhabho: don’t speak… just eat this carrot first.
After some time, Laksh get ready and comes to hall.
Laksh: maa.. Break fast..
Ved: bhai.. maa already told to make Breakfast ourself. They are busy in feeding Bhabhi.
Laksh: what?
Laksh rushes to kitchen.

Here, Bhabho stands with glass full of milk. Uttara makes ghee parathas and Sandhiya soaks almond in water.
Laksh: maa.. it’s not fair. You forget about your son while feeding your bahu rani.
Sandhiya: ohh! Dramebazz.. eat this apple and leave the kitchen. We are busy to prepare Ragini’s menu.
Ragini coughs”menu..”
Uttara:haan.. you are pregnant naa… so we are specially make your menu soup, salad, ..
Ragini:stop.. stop..
Uttara:the menu is not completed Rago..(innocently)
Laksh leaves the kitchen by smiling.

At evening, Laksh returns the home.
Sandiya: Dev.. are you come early? Wait I want to see It’s raining or not.
Laksh:maa. I shifted my work as morning shift. I have to spent time with my sweet anjel and my little anjel..
Laksh winks at Ragini. Ragini boils in irritation and leaves the place silently.
Laksh(in mind): first I need to do something for her silence.
At night,
In RagLak room,
Ragini gives some tablets to Laksh.

Laksh: what this?
Ragini: antidote for slow poison.
Laksh: I didn’t promise you that I will take antidote.
Ragini: what are you mean?
Laksh: if you want me take this medicine, then you don’t ignore me.
Ragini: wait I will inform to all your Slowpoison drama.
Laksh: you can say. But I will finish my slow poison dose.
Ragini: ok.. I promise you that I don’t ignore you.
Laksh: it’s too late My wifey… now I want additional promise…
Ragini:additional promise..
Laksh:haan.. you never told about my slowpoison about maa or anyone…
Ragini: kk.. I promise… but you promise me that you will never forget to take antidote.
Laksh: that’s my sweety.. I promise.
Ragini(in mind): sweety.. wifey. My foot.. even I cant live without you. but I can’t forgive you for playing with my feelings..
Laksh gives her a glass full of milk with saffron.
Laksh: now drink it.
Ragini drinks the milk and Laksh wipes milk mark.
Ragini: I can do it myself.
Laksh smiles and go to sleep in couch.
Ragini: if you don’t trust yourself, you can sleep in couch.
Ragini repeats the same sentence which Laksh uses.
Laksh lays another side of bed and waits to Ragini sleep.
Ragini sleeps and Laksh starts to talk with his baby..
The next day morning,
Ram , swara and twinkle, yuvi arrives Sandiya house.
Ragini comes to hall.
Ram:anjel you didn’t tell me. I am so happy.
Ram gives so many dolls to her.
Suji hugs her and yuvi wishes Raglak.

Yuvi and Twikle takes Laksh to isolated place in house.
Twinkle: how can bhabhi accept to come with you? and what did you do? I swear that bhabhi didn’t know the truth.

Laksh(surprised tone): how can you know that? Ohh! You are correct. I didn’t tell the truth. She can’t bear any emotional shock , now and I want to maintain her mental condition stable.
Yuvi: jeju.. please tell me. in which way you convinced my di. till I cant accept this truth.
Laksh: when you married, you can know, automatically.
Yuvi: but your sister is duffer. She never accept my feelings.please help me.
Laksh(in mind): twinkle also loves Yuvi. I can see it in her eyes. But why she didn’t accept. I want to do something.
On other side,
Suji : I am happy that you know that Dev is didn’t played with your feelings.
Ragini gives a confused look.
Ragini:maa.. what are you saying?

Suji: Dev didn’t tell you…
Suji tells everything.
Suji: Rago.. he loves you very much but at the same time, his world based on sandiya. He didn’t want to loose you both. Sandiya hided the truth for Laksh’s health. He did the same thing. When he got his memory back, sandiya had heart attack. Sandiya can’t loose Dev. her world is based on Dev,Ved and Twinkle. Please try to understand him.if he told the truth, you would definitely expose it. because you loves bhabhi and cares Sanskar.

Suji caresses her hair.
Ragini:(in mind): even In memory loss, he realizes his love for me. ohh! That day he said memory loss. I am blinded in my anger. I am failed as a wife. I can’t understand him.
Ragini sees Laksh who is chasing Ved and Sanskar and smiling Annapurna and Sandiya by their child acts.
Ragini stands and walks towards Laksh.
Ragini touches Laksh’s shoulder.
Laksh:rago and turns.
Ragini sees him with moist eyes.
Ragini faints in Laksh’s hands.
Laksh: Rago.. Rago..
Everyone is worried.
Laksh takes Ragini in bridal style and put her in bed.
Laksh sprinkles water in Ragini’s face and Ragini opens her eyes.
Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini holds Laksh’s hands.
Ragini: why didn’t you tell me the truth?
Laksh(tensed): which truth about you speaking?
Ragini: about your coma and memory loss.
Ragini closes her eyes and sleeps.
Twinkle stays with Ragini.
Laksh comes outside.
Sandiya: is she okay?
Laksh: she is okay maa… maa.. if you say anything to Ragini about my memory loss?
Suji: I said about that. Is there any problem Dev?
Laksh holds his head and sits weakly.
Flashback starts…
One month before ..Ragini fainted in home..

Ram takes her to hospital and informs Laksh.
Doctor checks her and takes some scans.

After some hour,
Doctor: Mr.Dev , can you come to my cabin?
Laksh: yes doctor..
Doctor: Mr. Dev, I have a good news at the same time, I have a bad news also.
Laksh: dr..
Doctor: the good news , your wife is pregnant. It’s her first month.
Laksh felt that he is the most happiest man in the world.

Doctor: but still the child is not stable. There is lot of chance of miscarriage until her sixth month. And the miscarriage may lead her to death .she is so weak
Laksh: doctor…
Doctor: she can’t bear any shock. She can’t be so happy at the same time so sad. Her emotional condition should be stable. I hope you can understand it. now we can’t tell her about her pregnancy.
Laksh: I will take care of her and don’t inform her about this complication.
Outside Doctor’s cabin,
Ram: Dev, is everything ok?
Laksh(fake smile): uncle she is fine. She is weak, that’s all.
Flash back ends…
Suji starts to cry.
Laksh: sasu maa.. don’t cry. It’s good that she is fainted.it will make her emoion stable. Else , she will be over emotional. Uttara: but how will she accept to come with you?

Laksh: I scared that she would know the truth about me. so , I decided to take her with me .one day, she went to temple and I made her faint. I carried her to flat. I know she remember her good moments in flat. At the same time, it will increase her anger. I increased her anger ..and then I said about her pregnancy. I made her to come pushkar.
Sandiya: now we should be very careful to takecare for her.
Everyone moves out while Uttara and Ved stays there because Twinkle signals them not to go.
Twinkle: bhaiya.. what’s this?
Twinkle shows his slow poison report.
Ved takes the report and read this.
Ved: how can you made this fake report? And bhabhi also neurologist.. how can’t she find your truth?

Laksh takes a deep breath while Uttara reading the file.
Uttara: Dev bhai, show your hands..(cold tone)
Everyone is surprised by Uttara’s tone because she never speak like this.
Laksh: there is no need, Uttara. I am took slow poison from last month.
Twinkle, Uttara and Ved is shocked.

Ved: are you mad, Bhai? What is the need for this?
Laksh:it’s needed. Until I will put me in danger, she can’t come with me. My absence definitely create a sadness in her heart. I scared that her emotional instability can affect her. So I decided to keep her with me. I have don’t any other way.
Laksh can’t able to stand and Ved holds him.
Ved: bhai..

Laksh: don’t worry.. I took in slow poison , less, it may harm my neutral system but It may not lead me to death. I want to live long with my Rago.
Yuvi eavesdrops this and shocked” Jeju… I will help you”

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