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Let I start the episode.
RagLak, Uttved arrives Ram’s house next day morning.
Laksh and Ragini takes blessings from elders.
Sanskar,Aadi and Yuvi arrives at that time.
After break fast,
Ram: Aadi, already you crossed 29. We decided about your marriage. This is the girl’s photo.
Aadi and pari jerks.
Aadi: but dad..
Ram gives the girls photo.

Aadi didn’t open it.
Aadi takes deep breath.
Aadi:dad, I am loving Pari for the past 11 years. I can’t marry any other girl.
Ram and Suji smiles where others giggles.
Laksh: bhaiya.. first see the photo.
Aadi takes the photo.it’s pari.
Ram nods and aadi hugs him because of happiness.
Kalavathi: pari.. are you told your parents about this?
Pari: Kala maa.. I have only my papa. My mother dead in accident . after that, he took care of me. I didn’t have courage to speak with papa..
Annapurna: we will speak with him.
Pari hugs Annapurna and Kalavathi.
Pari: I will arrange the tickets.
At evening, Parineeta with Ap,Aadi, kalavathi and suji, Raglak, Swasan, Twiraj travels to the Pari’s village.

In Train,
Everyone settled in their place. Pari booked the whole compartment.
Sanskar, yuvi, teases Aadi and Aadi little bit blushes while Twinkle, swara teases Pari and .At night, all arrives Pari’s village.
Pari: somu kaka .. somu kaka..
Somu kaka comes there.
Somu Kaka: Pari beta..
Pari: kaka.. is everything ready?
KAKA: Haan beta .. I arranged every rooms and lunch is ready in table.
Pari nods .” ok.. Somu kaka.. you may go”
Everyone eats and settled in their respective rooms.

The next day morning,
Annapurna, Kalavathi and Suji goes to temple along with pari.
Annapurna: I will buy flower. You can go.
Kalavathi: ok.. purna..
Kalavathi , suji and Pari goes into temple.
Annapurna buys flower and steps into temple.
A soft breeze flows there.

Suddenly Annapurna hits into someone.
Suji and Kalavathi sees it but they can’t see the man face.
Annapurna: sorry saap
Person: purna…
Annapurna sees the man face(whispers): Durga Prasad ji…
Suji: bhabhi .. are you fine?

Suji and Kalavathi comes near Annapurna.
Durgaprasad turns “ suji..Kala…”
Suji holds Kala’s hands in fear but she composed herself.
Dp notices it with pain in his eyes. At the same time, his face shows happiness.
Pari(happily): papa.. do you know them?
Durgaprasad takes deep breath.
DP: Kala vathi is your maa, Pari and Purna is my second wife, suji is your bua.
Kalavathi is numb” is pari my daughter?”
DP nods .
Kala: but.. you killed my daughter.

Dp: no.. no.. kala..how can I kill my own daughter? Actually I want to save her . so I acted like that. Kala starts to talk something but everyone hears a THUD sound.
Pari is lying unconscious in floor because of shock.
DP is worried and takes her in his hands.
Annapurna: first take her to home where we live. My son is doctor.
Dp nods.
After few minutes,
Dp,Ap,Kala,Suji enters house with fainted pari.
Everyone is worried for pari and RagLak, Sanskar didn’t notice DP.
Aadi feels his shaken hands.
Ragini checks Pari and gives some tablets.

Ragini: maa.. di is shocked.. that’s all.nothing to worry.
Ragini turns and sees DP and holds Sanskar hands Tighter.
Laksh and Sanskar sees Ragini’s scared face and sees the direction where Ragini sees.
SanLak(whispers): Papa…
Sanskar sees Dp with rage in his eyes.
Sanskar drags DP outside the house.
Annapurna: Sanskar.. stop there.. stop..

DP is standing outside the house.
Sanskar: why you returned to our life to make our life again hell.?
Everyone hears a slap sound.
Sanskar:Maa… you slapped me for this characterless man..
Again a slap.
Ap: Sanskar.. I warn you… he is your papa . I never tolerate any insult against my husband.
Sanskar: husband… which type of husband maa? He slapped you many times and he didn’t gave any respect to you. he is the one who tried to kill his own sister. for him, nothing is worthier than his pride.

AP: haan.. I accept it. he slapped me but he respected my feelings. He was the one who always supported me whenever I needs him. haan.. what you say? He never tried to kill suji. He is the one who indirectly informs Ram ji about Suji and make fake murder for the sake of Samaj. Because Samaj never allowed widow marriage at that time. If a widow loves any other person, they will kill that widow by throwing stones.
Suji sees Dp with moist eyes.

Sanskar: then why you left him?
Ap: because I don’t want my son to suffer like his dad and I wanted you and swara’s good life. So I decided to left him.
Ap sits in ground and cries.
Ragini and Laksh holds her.
Ap(cries): I left my life for only because of your good life.
Sanskar sees Dp with guilt.
Sanskar kneels down” papa…”
Dp hugs him.
Sanskar: papa.. please forgive me.. I insulted you.. I am not a good son.. I never understood you..
Dp: you did correct Sanskar. Even I will react like this when I am in your position.
Laksh witness it with happiness. His family is joining together.
Suji: bhaiya…
Dp hugs suji and kisses in her forehead.
Ragini takes all to inside the house.
Suji: bhaiya..
Dp: suji..
Suji: bhaiya.. I want to know everything… from pari…
DP takes a deep breath.

Dp: Suji, as you know I first married Kalavathi . Kala gave a birth to Baby girl. Papa ji decided to kill my daughter. So I acted as killing my daughter. But actualy I gave her to my friend for her safety. After that, Shekar abducted Shomi, our sister and married. Papa ji forced me to marry Annapurna and threatened to kill Kala. I don’t have any other way. I married Anna purna. After that, You gave birth to Ragini and your sasural sent you to our house. I really felt happy at that time. Because you got out from the hell. But you loved ASP and Samaj got to know about that. So I indirectly informed to asp about your murder attempt. With the help of Annapurna, I saved your life.

Suji: I am sorry to ask this. why did you made Ragini and Laksh marriage?
Dp: Shekar decided to take ragini back to his house. I know that they will mistreat her. So I made her as my bahu. Whenever I saw her, I remembered you. so I decided to made her far from me. I always taunt her.
Ragini:Mama ji..
Dp holds her hands.
Dp: maaf karo beta..(Forgive me Beta)
Dp: One day, Shomi meet me in temple and pleased me to take her elder daughter as bahu because Shekar decided about Twinkle’s marriage.
Twinkle closed her eyes with pain by remembering her struggles.
Laksh holds her hand for support.
Dp: I made her wife for Sanskar but I lost them in river. After that , I sold all my properties in village and settled down in this village. I got back pari from my friend . after that She is my life.
Pari hears all this and hugs DP.
Dp: sorry pari.. because of me.. you separated from your maa.. forgive me..
Pari wipes Dp’s tears.
Pari: no.. papa.. you are the best papa.. ever.
Kalavathi, Pari hugs Dp.
Annapurna and Sanskar leaves with pain in their heart.
Kala holds purna’s hands and Pari holds Sanskar hands.
Annapurna turns.
Kala: without you, our family never fulfilled, purna.
Pari pulls Sanskar.
The five hugs together.

Suji, ragini joins with them.
After few minutes,
Everyone composed themselves.
Dp made all the youngsters go outside to roam in village with Somu kaka.
Suji informed Ram about all this.
Dp: is that girl Twinkle our bahu,Purna?
AP: no..Dp ji.. actually I did a wrong thing. I made Laksh, Ragini,and Twinkle elope from marriage.he went to see one police officer. But… Laksh and Twinkle dead in accident(cold tone). Ram saved Ragini and raised as his daughter.and Sanskar married Swara. She is unaware of it. if fate permits, they can live as couple.
DP nods with pain of losing his son.
At evening,
In hall,

Suji: Bhaiya.. can I ask something?
Dp: haan Suji..
Suji: I ask Pari hands for my son Aadi.. he is renowened doctor.
Dp sees Pari and Pari is nervous.
Dp: pari.. are you ok to marry Aadi?
Pari blushes.
Dp: ok.. Suji… Ask Ram ji to come here. We will do the marriage in this month itself.
Aadi(in mind): ohh! God I want to wait for one month.
But he openly said.
Laksh: Bhaiya… I heard that.

Sanskar: me also..
Pari blushes and ran from the place.
The next day morning,
Swara and Twinkle go to temple.
Twinkle takes rounds where Swara sits in Mandap.
A lady faints there.
Swara rushes to near her and sprinkles water.
Lady wakes up.
Swara: aunty.. are you come alone?
Lady: no beta.. my husband waits outside.we came here for give thithi to our daughter.
Swara: ok.. aunty.. I will help you.

Lady: thanks beta.. what’s your name beta?
Swara: swara.. aunty..
Lady: my beti name is also swara.
Lady gets teary eyes.
Swara(in mind): why I feel that I connected to this aunty?
Swara: aunty.. what’s your name?
Swara: Sharmishta…
Swara helps her to sit in pooja. She shocked to see a photo.
A 6 year aged swara is smiles in photo and Garland decorates her photo.
Swara: aunty.. she is..
Shanmishra: mera beti.. Swara..
A voice rolled down in swara’s mind” maaa.. this dress is so weight.. I can’t wear it.
Beta.. if you wear it.. I will give you Basanti.. ok.. maa..”
Swara ran like a mad to house and Twinkle sees Swara and chases her.
In house,
DP takes practice in Sword fight.
Laksh and others come there.
Aadi: uncle, do you know sword fight?

Sanskar: my papa is very good warrior.
Pari: no one can defeat my papa..
Sanskar(whispers): only one..
Pari: what sanskar?
Sanskar: nothing di..
Laksh and Ragini comes there.
Sanskar: ok.. I will try this..
Sanskar takes Sword and practice with DP.
Laksh remembers his moments with DP.
DP: Can you join with us Dev?
Laksh nods automatically.
Laksh takes Sword and swings it in air.
Ragini (in mind): he holds Sword the same way Laksh holds. How is it possible?
Dp and laksh starts into practice. Soon it is converted into fight.
Dp forcely swings his sword and Laksh defends himself.
Pari and Sanskar encourages Dp and Aadi encourages Laksh.

Ap and Suji comes there by hearing noise.
Dp swings his sword and it comes near Laksh’s neck.
Ap(screams): Laksh.. and faints.
Dp and Laksh loses their Sword and Laksh runs to AP.
Laksh:(taps Ap’s face): maa.. maa.. See you.. your laksh ka kuch nagi hoga…
Ap opens her eyes and hugs Laksh.” LAKSH…”
Ragini and Sanskar stand there as numb.
Sanskar: maa.. why are you calling Dev bhai as Laksh? and he also…
Laksh stands up” the truth is I am Laksh, Sanskar. Your bhaiya Lakshya Dev Rajyavamshi.”
Ragini comes in front of Laksh and holds his shirt collar.” Why you played with my emotions,Laksh? do you know I lived 6 years with only your memories. I studied MBBS to just fulfill your dreams. I breath your dreams . it drives me to live in this world. When you married me as Dev, how much struggled to accept you as Dev? I love you. but you played with my emotions. I never forgive you for that. I hate you Dev. I hate you..”
Ragini runs inside and cries.
Laksh: Ragini.. please listen me..
Sanskar comes in front of Laksh.” Bhaiya.. why you did this to me? you don’t know how much I longed for you. the Day when my own mother refused to trust me, I craved for your single hug. You are living with us past 8 years but you didn’t reveal your identity. What is my mistake bhaiya? Why you left me?

Laksh hugs Sanskar and Sanskar composes himself.
Sanskar: till now, you ignored us. From today, I will ignore you.
Laksh sits in ground.
Dp holds Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh hugs him and cries”papa.. now what can I do?”
Pari and Aadi witnesses Laksh’s suffering. But they can’t do anything.
Sanskar walks towards home and someone holds his hands.
Sanskar: bhaiya.. leave my hand. You don’t have any rights to hold my hand.
A voice comes there.” Am I your wife Sanskar?”
Sanskar: swara..
Swara(cold tone): I asked you that am I your wife, Sanskar? Am I a balika Vadhu?

Precap: Laksh’s obsessed love for Ragini and Swara hatred towards her parents .

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