Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 14


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First page for Uttara after that full of Ragini.
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Let I start the episode.

Sandiya convinces Uttara and try to reduce Uttara’s guilt.
Uttara broke the hug and walk backwards.
Uttara: maa… guilt is killing me from inside.
Uttara:Sorry Ved.. maa..
Uttara falls down from terrace.
Laksh runs to down and everyone wakes up in house.
Laksh takes Uttara and tries to reduce her blood loss.
Ram takes the car and rushes to Hospital.

In hospital,
Uttara is admitted in ICU.
After an hour, Doctor comes out.
Doctor: she is safe now. She will wake up in after few hours.
Ved hugs Laksh” why Bhai? how can be she selfish? Why didn’t she think about me?”
Aadi cries silently.
After few hours,
Uttara wake up.
Ved holds her hand.
Uttara: I am fine Ved. I just rolled down in stairs. I will be carefull .
Ved is shocked.
Uttara starts to sleep.

In doctor’s cabin.
Doctor: seems like she lost her memory after she rolled down in steps.
Ved: will she remember anything inbetweeen period?
Doctor: we can’t assure for this.
Ved :okay doctor..
Ved comes outside and informs everyone .
Sandiya: it’s also good. She can’t remember anything about murders.
Laksh and Ved nods.
Ragini,Sandiya and everyone takes care of Uttara.
After two days,
Uttara returns to farm house.
Babo takes aarti for Uttara’s and ved.
Aadi: it’s your present,Uttara.
Uttara removes the wrap and sees the photo.
Uttara is shocked by see her as little girl.
Uttara: it’s me..
Aadi: my behan Kanak.
Uttara is numb(whispers):I am not an illegimate child of anyone. I had a family.
Aadi hugs her.
Ragini and Laksh,everyone witness it with moist eyes.

At night,
Ragini comes to her room with milk.
Laksh takes it in her hand.
Laksh: ohh! Milk…
Laksh takes it and says”it stinks..Rago..”
Ragini sips it.
Ragini: it’s not stinking Dev.
Laksh (smiles): I know it.
Laksh drinks it in one sip.
Ragini smiles: you never change Dev.
Laksh: come Lets sleep. I am the one who sleeps alone with beautiful wife.
Ragini: you said that I should wait until my studies completed. Now you speaking like this.
Laksh: what can I do, Rago? Do you know how much I am controlling my self?
Ragini smiles” control yourself for 8 years”
Laksh(shocked): 8 years…are you weak in maths?
Ragini: haan… first we should complete MBBS then I want to do MS in cardiology.
Laksh: Rago.. it’s not fair.
Ragini: everything is fair in studies.
Laksh:Rago.. you are telling wrong. It’s Everything fair in love and war.
Ragini: ohh! Mera pagal pathi.. I changed it according to my wish.
Laksh: then I will change my words..
Ragini: wh..
Laksh kisses Ragini in lips. The passionate kiss .Ragini closed her eyes.
Ragini opened her eyes and sees Laksh in couch and give him a stern look.
Laksh: sorry Rago.. I want to keep my words and I can’t control me if we sleep in same bed.
Ragini hides her smile.” I will take revenge for this ,Dev. mark my words”
Laksh: no..no.. please have some mercy on your husband. Already I am suffering.
Ragini: no way..
Ragini covers her with blanket and smiles by remembering Laksh’s reaction.
Laksh smiles and slept in couch.

The next day,
Sun falls on Ragini’s face.
Ragini rubs her eyes and sees Laksh in floor.
Ragini(in mind): I will end it.
Ragini goes Kitchen and prepares coffee for everyone.
Uttara enters the kitchen.
Ragini:Uttara.. till you didn’t recovered fully.
Uttara:ohh! Mera Rago! Already mera bhai and meri pyarri pathi didn’t let me outside Room do you know how I struggled to get outside Room? I silently come out of the room without making noise.
A voice comes there”Uttara..”
Ragini smiles by hearing Ved’s voice.
Ragini: ohh! Pyarri Devarani.. my devarji is calling you.
Uttara smiles.

Ved comes inside Kitchen and takes Uttara in bridal style.
Ragini:ved.. carefull..till she is not recovered fully.
Ved: I will take care of her Bhabhi…
Ved stares Uttara lovingly and Uttara blushes and have a deep eyelock.
Ragini coughs intentionally.
Laksh sees this with smile.
Uttved goes to their room.
Laksh comes inside the kitchen and hugs her from backside.
Laksh(whispers in Ragini’s ears):Good morning Rago..
Ragini (feels nervous):Dev..leave me…
Ragini broke the hug and walks outside but Laksh holds her and pulls towards himside and Lock her in his embrace.
Laksh places his head in Ragini’s neck. They forget about the surrounding and both feels each other warmth.
Laksh: I love you Ragini…
Ragini: I love you dev..
Bhabho and Sandiya comes there and witnesses it.
Bhabho: dev…
Laksh and Ragini broke the hug.
Ragini cheeks turned into crimson red.
Sandiya: Dev what are you doing here?
Laksh scratches his head” woh! …maa.. dadi..”
Twinkle: maa.. I sent him to take water for me. how long to take a single glass water,Bhaiya?
Laksh: haan..maa..
Laksh takes water and gives it to twinkle and Leaves the kitchen.
Bhabho and Sandiya smiles” good bhaiya.. good behan..”
Ragini runs from the kitchen.
Laksh: thanks Twinkle..
Twinkle: for what? Saving from Maa..and Dadi..
Laksh: for everything..
Twinkle stares laksh with question.
Laksh side hugs her.

After some time,
Ragini enters the kitchen. She sees Kalavathi, Annapurna, Suji, Sandiya and Bhabho,Parineeta cooking along with chit-chatting.
Ragini: sorry maa.. sasumaa..maa.dadi.. I should come before.
Sandiya: its not your fault, Ragini. It’s my Dev’s fault.
Ragini blushes.
Annapurna smiles by seeing Ragini’s true smile.
At that time, Uttara comes there.
Sandiya: Uttara , what are you doing here? Go and take rest.
Uttara:(pouts) Maa save me from them.
Ved stands with soup and Aadi stands with fruits.
Aadi: aunty, fruits is healthier than soup. Tell this to ved.
Ved:maa.. tell to aadi bhai.. Soup is good for uthi. Uthi.. you come with me, I will feed you.
Uttara holds her head and sees Sandiya.
Everyone suppresses their smile by seeing Uttara’s condition and at the same time, they are happy by seeing Ved and Aadi’s affection towards her.
Sandiya takes Soup bowl and Suji takes fruit plate.
Sandiya: Atleast give her some time to relax and you both leave her to us. We will take care of her.
Uttara : thanks god.
Ved and aadi pouts and there is no change in sandiya’s decision.
They leave Uttara in kitchen.
The next minute, the ladies burst out in laugh.
Uttara: maa.. why are you laughing?
Sandiya: Ved and Aadi’s reaction….
Uttara:maa.. it’s not fair..(smiles) actually I enjoying it. I am longing for it from a long time.
Sandiya hugs her.

Finally Everyone present in dining table to have breakfast.
After finishing break fast,
Bhabho: ok.. we elders take some important decisions.
Laksh: what dadi?
Bhabho: Dev, Ved,Sanskar, yuvi and Aadi will stay in flat and Ragini, Uttara, Parineeta, Twinkle, Swara will stay in Ram ji house.
Ved is shocked while Laksh starts to cough.
Ragini and Uttara sees each other with shock.
Sandiya taps his head.
Laksh: for how many days?
Bhabho: 6 years…
Ved: dadi.. it’s not possible. How can I stay without Uttara?
Bhabho: till, they complete their studied, you should wait for them. It’s for your goodness.
Raglak and Uttved nods sadly.

After 6 years leap,
Now, Laksh and Uttara are cardiologist and Ragini and Ved are neurologist. Aadi is surgical oncologist . Parineeta is ENT Surgeon.
Laksh takes care for Sanskar and gives his rights back without exposing his real identity. Twinkle and Swara shares a good bond. The bond between Ragini and Uttara becomes stronger.
Now ,Sanskar and Yuvi in last year of MBBS and Twinkle is in Third year and Swara is in first year.
Sandiya is retired from her job. Sooraj and Sandiya spents their time together.
In Laksh flat,
Laksh and Ved enters the flat.
Sanskar and Yuvi stands with a cake.
Laksh: is this day is important one?
Sanskar: this day , we entered this flat, Bhaiya. And we will move to our house, tomorrow. Come and lets celebrate.
Ved: we are the ones who celebrating Bachelorhood after marriage.
Laksh puts his hand in Ved’s shoulder and whispers in ved’s ears.
Ved’s face turns into thousand bulb.
They celebrated their bachelor hood.
Ragini and Uttara chitchatting and walks in isolated street.

Suddenly, two hooded persons cover their mouth with their hand and take them in their cars.
Ragini beats kidnapper with her hands.
Kidnapper: Rago.. stop it..
Ragini: Dev…
Laksh removes his kerchief from his face.
Ragini: you made me hell scared…
Ragini again starts to beat Laksh.
Laksh: rago.. please .. I need to concentrate on road.
Ragini huffs and sits silently.
Laksh plays romantic songs in Mp3 player.
Ragini smiles but hides it.
Laksh takes Ragini to a flat.
Ragini opens the flat and surprised to see Decorations. The flat is decorated with rose petals.
Laksh close the door and Kneels down in front of Ragini.
Laksh: can you be my better half?
Ragini nodes with smile and moist eyes.
Laksh make her wear the ring and become close to her.
Clock shows 12 o clock.
Ragini closes her eyes and Laksh takes her in bridal style.
They consummated.

The next day morning,
Ragini wakes up in Laksh’s embrace and sees Laksh and blushes.
Ragini:I love you Dev.. I love you forever.

Precap: durgaprasad’s entry and Swara break down because of Sanskar’s marriage.


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