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Let I start the episode.
At night, Uttara is discharged and Ram decided to take her into his house.
On the way, a car hits Dev’s car from back.
Dev and ved comes out from car and shouts to another men in Car.
The men comes outside and fights with Dev. To control the situation, Ram gets out from the car.
Uttara sees the man.
Man: SP saap aap.. sorry sir..
Ram: move your car and you did the mistake.
Man: please Sir…
Ram: leave now..
In car,
Dev: uncle, do you Know that men?
Ram: he was a local goon named Shauhan. He changed his mind and does business.
Ved didn’t give attention to their talk. He caresses Uttara’s hair and Uttara places her head in Ved’s lap.
everyone takes care of Uttara. Aadi and Ved glued to her. Ragini, Dev, Adarsh and Ved is sharing the same room and takes care of Uttara. Sandiya , Sooraj, Bhabho and Bhabhasa comes there to meet Uttara.
One week Later,
In a abandoned place
Shauhan and his goons drinks and enjoys.
Shauhan: what about the kids?
Goon 1:I make them faint, we can transfer them to tomorrow.
Shauhan: we can have the huge profit..(smiles devilishly) it’s time to celebrate..
A veiled Lady comes there and dances.
The goons are enjoying her dance.
Suddenly the goons are fainted.
Shauhan also feels dizzy.
Lady laughs mischeviously.
Shauhan holds the Lady’s hands tightly and takes his gun.

The Lady’s glass bangles are broken. Lady kicks him forcely and takes his gun.
Shauhan: who …are… you?
Lady(smiles): Kanika… Kanika Devprasad Maheshwari..
Shauhan shocked” I am the one who throw her from Hill”
Kanika: but because of your unluckiness, I survived and now I am going to take revenge for my parent’s dead.
Kanak asks some questions and he answers after that,
Kanika shot shauhan in his forehead and shots other goons in their forehead and leaves the place.
In Ram Pradsad’s house,
Ram receives a call.
Ram: Hello..
Caller: SP sap please go to XXX address and there some children needs your help.
Ram: who are you?
Caller puts the phone down.
Sandiya sees the Ram confused face. Ram explains about the call.
Sandiya and Ram goes to that place and sees the goon were dead .
Ram: Shauhan..!
Sandiya: do you know him?
Ram: he was local goon. I thought that he was changed but ..
Sandiya(orders Inspector): sent this bodies to forensic lab. I want the reports as soon as possible.
Sandiya ,Ram and Other officers searches the place and finds some children who are tied by ropes and duct tapes.
Two officers sees each other and try to call someone.
Sandiya sees them.” Do your work properly. We don’t know this place is safe or not..”
Soon, Sandiya and others leave and Sandiya and Ram goes to their office.
Sandiya: I didn’t expect that this child missing case can be this much complicated.
Ram: we should be very careful, Sandiya.

After few minutes, Ram receives a call.
Ram (shocked): what?
Sandiya: what happened?
Ram: in our force, the two senior officers are murdered.
Sandiya(Shocked): what? How can be it happen?
Sandiya holds her head.
A constable knocks the door.
Sandiya: come in.
Constable: mam.. this letter..for you.
Sandiya takes the letter and reads it and bangs the table.
Sandiya eyes are red bolt.
Ram: what happened?
Sandiya gives the letter.
Ram read it.
RA officer Sandiya and SP Ram Prasad,
Take this letter in serious manner. Just stay away from this case else you should lose someone who precious to you. I just show some warning. This time, I left but the other time, I shouldn’t.
Sandiya: call home..
Ram is shocked and at the same time worried about his family.
On other side,
In Ram’s house,
Ved: Bhabhi, do you see Uttara somewhere? From morning, I didn’t see her.
Ragini: no.. Ved.. I think that she is with you.
Ved: no..Bhabhi.. she is not with me. I thought that she is with you.
Ved holds his head” where can she go?”
Ragini: I will call her number.
Ragini: it’s switched off..
Ved ,Dev and everyone are hell worried.
At that time, Aadharsh comes home with plasters in his head. Parineeta helps him.
Ragini: bhaiya.. what happened?
Pari: a motor cycle man hit him.
Dev: what?
Dev feels something different.
The landline phone rings in house.
Dev takes it.
Dev: hello….
Ram: Dev.. it’s me Ram.
Dev: haan Uncle..
Ram: is everything okay naa?
Dev: no uncle.. Uttara is missing .her phone is switched off and Aadi bhai met with small accident. We are going to Search Uttara.
Ram: what? No . no.. Make everyone assemble in home as soon as possible.
Dev: is everything okay naa Uncle?
Ram: please Dev don’t ask me question.
Sandiya: what happened Ram?
Ram: Uttara is missing.
Sandiya(shocked): you should lose some one precious to you.(this sentence rolled in her mind)
Sandiya: Sent Uttara photo to every station and keep it as urgent. This news shouldn’t leak to media.
Constable..! who give this letter to you?
Constable(Scared): a little boy mam..
Sandiya: Ram.. trace Uttara’s phone.

In house, everyone is worried about Uttara. Ved and Aadi decided to search her.
Dev gives sleeping pills to them by mixing it into water because he didn’t want to take risk of other lives.
Dev left home after giving Instructions to Ragini to search Uttara.
After few hours,
They reached an abandoned place by tracking Uttara’s phone.
Sandiya sees Uttara who lying unconscious in floor.
Ram sees a letter.
I left her phone to track her and I just hit Aadharsh. Next time, I never give any chance to survive them. So stay out from this case.
Sandiya takes Uttara to hospital . Doctor says someone injected her sleeping drug.Uttara wakes up.
Sandiya(Caresses her hair): Uttara..
Uttara sees the hospital surrounding.
Uttara: maa.. why I am here? Actually I am going to temple by walk. Suddenly, I felt pain..
Uttara holds her head..
Sandiya: Don’t take stress beta..
Sandiya and Ram takes uttara with them and goes to Ram’s house.
In House,
Ragini and Twinkle sees Uttara and hugs her.
Ragini: Uttara, why didn’t you left without informing us? We are hell scared.
Twinkle:bhabhi, don’t scare us.
Sandiya:let her take rest.
Ragini: I inform Dev. He is searching Uttara in outside.
Ram and Sandiya is shocked.
Sandiya: what? Is Dev not present in home?
Ragini: no Sasu. Maa.. Actually, he makes Ved and Aadi sleep and he left to search Uttara. He instructed me to not let anyone to go outside.
Sandiya sits in floor with thud. Bhabho and Sooraj holds her.
Ram: Suji.. Take Swara to your room.
Swara : but papa.. still jeju is not coming home. I don’t go my room until jeju arrives.
Ram(shouts): I said to go your room.
Swara is scared.”PAPA…” and ran from there.
Twinkle signs Yuvi to follow her.
Ragini:papa..what happened?
Ram says about case.

Ragini is hell shocked and tears flowing from her eyes.
Ram goes out to search Dev and at that time, Dev comes inside.
Ram: dev..
Ragini sees Dev and ran towards him and hugs him and cries.
Dev hugs Ragini.
Dev: Rago, what happened? Why are you crying?
Ragini breaks hug.
Ragini signs dev to Sandiya.
Dev: maa.. and touches her shoulder.
Sandiya sees Dev with moist eyes and hugs him.
Dev: maa.. why are you crying? I know how to protect myself. I just go to search Uttara where she goes frequently.
Sandiya didn’t satisfied and tears are not stopped.
Everyone gives privacy to them. Ragini stands in a corner.
Sandiya: I can’t take risk in your life, Dev. you are my life. I can’t lose you.
Dev takes her to her room and places her head in his lap and make her sleep.
Sandiya observes Dev’s safety and sleeps by holding his hand.
Ragini’s POV:
I don’t know what happened to me. when I got to know that Dev’s life in Danger, I felt that my soul is separated from me. I don’t know that I accepted this relationship or not. But I can’t lose Dev in my life. I clear with this.
Later Dev frees his hand and goes to his room.
In Ved room,
Ved wake up with Scream”Uthi..”
Uttara holds his shoulder “Ved.. I am with you.. nothing happen to me..”
Ved takes a deep breath and hugs Uttara more tighter.” Don’t leave me. I can’t live without you”
Uttara hugs him” promise me. if anything happen to me, you should move on your life”
Ved jerked her and holds her hands tightly.” What are you speaking Uthi?”
Uttara:ved.. it’s paining..
Ved releases her hand and shocked to see bandage in her hand.
Ved: uthi.. this..
Uttara explains about her abduction.
Ved hugs her more tighter.
Uttara starts to sleep but Ved didn’t sleep whole night.

In Swara room,
Sanskar, yuvi, twinkle and Parineeta , suji, Annapurna and Kalavathi tries to console swara.
But she continues her crying by ignoring them.
Ram comes into room and kneels down before Swara.
Swara turns her face and sobbing.
Ram holds his ears” can you forgive your papa? I am sorry Swara”
Swara sees Ram and takes his hand from his ears but didn’t utter a single word.
Ram hugs his little anjel and she reciprocates it.” don’t scold me , papa. What I did wrong?’
Ram: no.. no.. Little anjel. You never do wrong thing. Please forgave me.
Swara: (thinks)/ ok. I forgave you because its.. its.. first time, you scolded me.
Ram tightly hugs her. Swara starts to sleep in same position.
Ram make her sleep in bed.
Ram hears sound from Aadi’s room.
Parineeta and others rushed to there.
Aadi tries to stand but the accident and pill make him weak.
Parineeta holds him.
Aadi: Doll, I want to search Uttara. Leave me.
Pari: Aadi, she is safe and she is with Ved.
Aadi feels relaxed.
Parineeta make him sleep and she slept in Swara room with Swara and Twinkle.
The next day morning,
Uttara wakes up first and goes to Aadi’s room.
Uttara sees Aadi who is sleeping.
Uttara caresses his bandage and whispers , ”Sorry Bhai..” a single tear escapes from her eyes.
Aadi wakes up by Uttara’s tears and sees Uttara.
Uttara:how are you Bhai?
Aadi: thanks shivji.. you are safe..
Uttara: is it paining?
Aadi:leave it. if I got that person, I will smash him.
Ved wakes up and shocked to see Uttara’s absence and he searches in house and feel relaxed when he sees Uttara in Aadi’s room.

Ved enters the room.
Ved: how are you feeling now bhai?
Aadi: I am not a patient ved and I am your saala.Because Uttara is my sister.
Uttara holds Aadi’s hands.
Ved and Uttara smiles.
At that time, Ram enters the room.
Ram: ved, Aadi, Uttara, pack your stuffs. You all are going to jothpur and stay in Aadi’s farm house.
Aadi: but dad..
Ram:it’s about your safety. I can’t take risk.
Soon, Ragini and all youngsters, kids are boarded into Train.
They shifted into various trains to avoid tracking .
At next day evening, they landed in Jothpur.
At night, they arrived the farm house.
Everyone feels so tired by travelling.
Aadi shows everyone’s room.
The next day morning,
Swara, yuvi, Sanskar and Twinkle felt bored because they are restricted to go outside.
Aadi takes them to DevPrasad Maheshwari’s house by hiding their real identities because devprasad hates ram prasad.
Ragini and everyone takes blessings from Devprasad.
Aadi shows his house to everyone.
Uttara stands before a photo.” A lady with 5 year girl”
Uttara(in mind): maa.. your Kanak is here to take revenge for you.
Ved: guys, where is Uttara?
Uttara: I am here…
After Lunch, they return to Farm house.
Dev , ved goes with Aadi to his hospital which was run by DevPrasad.
Ragini and other kids are moved to their respective rooms.
Ragini(in mind): I should confess my feelings towards Dev, today. I don’t know I love him or not. But I can’t live without him. if it’ s name is Love, then I am loving Dev.
Ragini shows a smile in her face by thinking about Dev
Ragini enters her room and decorates with flowers in Garden and lights Candle.
Ragini: I am waiting for you, Dev.
Here, Ved stayed in Hospital and dev is returning to Farm house.
Dev receives a call and Caller Id shows as Aadi.
Dev: Bhai..
Aadi: dev.. there is a fire accident in hospital. Can you inform to papa? He didn’t receive my call.
Dev: kk.. Bhai…

Dev turns his car to Devprasad Maheshwari’s house.
Dev enters the house, he feels very different. He observes the silence , awkwardness and absence of police force. It’s minister house.
Dev touches the front door . it’s in open.
He shocked to see Devprasad’s lifeless body in floor.
Dev rushed towards him.
A voice comes” what are you doing here, Dev?”
A very cold voice.
At the same time,
In Mumbai,
Sandiya phone rings a tone to notify about a message.
Sandiya opens the message.” See your mail”
Sandiya opens her mail and sees a message from Devprasad’s official emailId.
She downloads the files and opens it.
It’s shows full details about Child kidnapping and organ trading network.
Sandiya is shocked by seeing the Email.
In jothpur,
Dev turns and shocked ”Uttara…”
Uttara: dev, we have no time. Come with me..
Uttara holds his hand and drags towards outside house.
Dev comes out from shock.
Dev jerks her hands” who are you? you are not my friend. She is very kind hearted. But you..”
Uttara: I will explain you dev. we don’t have time.
They are standing near front door.
Uttara sees her watch and pushes Dev outside with her.
The Maheshwari house is exploded with huge sound.
Uttara and Dev lies in pool of blood.

Precap: Based on your suggestions.

Guys, have you any guess about why Uttara killed DevPrasad, her own father?
Sorry Lovely, I can’t give RagLak scenes today. But I will give in next episode. And sorry sakthi for showing Uttara’s negative but I need to proceed my story forward.
Please give your suggestions.Based on your suggestions, i can proceed my story.

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