Swaragini, Dabh, Tei- it’s my promise maa 11


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Let I start the episode.
Ram Prasad: champ..
Aadi: dad..
Ram hugs Aadi tightly. Tears flowing from both of their eyes. Everyone is surprised.
Flashback Starts
Ram and Suji stands in hall with Mala in their neck.
A old man stares them angrily.
Old man: how dare you Ram? How can you marry a girl ? you know that I fixed your alliance.
Ram: papa.. but I love her.
DevPrasad(Ram’s bhai): papa.. forgive him.
Old man: no.. he didn’t had any place in house. Leave now.
Ram and Suji leaves but a 4 year child hugs Ram” dad.. don’t leave me”
Ram takes him” champ.. I am sorry” and kisses him in forehead.
Aadi’s maa takes him.
Ram and Suji leaves the house.
Flashback ends.

Swara: Papa, why this uncle calls you Dad?
Ram broke the hug and stares Aadi lovingly.
Ram: he is your brother, Swara. Actually I am his chacha.
Swara: ohh! I have this much tall brother.
Aadi wipes his tears and smiles.
Ram: Aadi, what about bhai and bhabhi? Still they are not forgiving me.
Aadi: no dad it’s not like that. Dada forgave you after 8 year. papa and maa decided to take you and chachi. But they met accident and maa..(cries)
Aadi composes herself.
Aadi: maa dead with my sister Kanak. Papa escaped but afterthat he never talks to anyone. He immersed himself in hospital and politics. You know naa now he is minister in Rajasthan, dadu died after some years.
Ram Prasad broke down and he never expected this.
Aadi touches his shoulder and ram burst out in cry”papa…”
Suji and Ragini consoles him while Pari helps Aadi to compose himself.
After some time, everyone is settled down.
Ram feeds Aadi after some many years. Aadi eats happily.

On other side, Annapurna feeds Dev and ved, ragini, uttara , kalavathi feeds Parineeta &Swara and Suji feeds Sanskar and Yuvi.
Tears flowing from Pari’s eyes unknowingly.
Kalavathi: beta.. is it spicy?
Pari: no aunty.. first time, someone feeds me.
Everyone finished their dinner and talking and playing in hall. Pari is easily mingled with Sanskar.
It’s the full moon day.
Aadi and Ram, suji stands in terrace.
Aadi: dad can I ask you something?
Ram: Haan..Aadi.
Aadi: can I stay here for six months? After so long, I get you. I want to spent time with you.
Ram: no need of permission, Aadi.
Aadi: I will shift my things Tomorrow.
Soon, Aadi and Parineeta leaves.
In car,
Aadi: pari, I got my dad after so many years. First, I get Uttara as my sister. so many good things happens this year.
Pari: haan.. Aadi. I didn’t know why I felt motherly love in Kalavathi aunty. When She feeds me, I felt somewhere I am relaxed.
Aadi: tomorrow, I will shift to dad’s house.
Pari: ok.. aadi.
Soon they reached Pari’s flat and then Aadi goes to his house.
On other side,
Ragdev and uttved reaches their flat.

In hall,
Ragini: I never expect that Aadi bhai can be really my bhai.
Uttara: haan.. rago. I saw happiness in his eyes.he hot which he longed for so many years.
Dev and ved comes with milk in his hands.
Dev: take it.
Ved: it’s time to sleep. We can speak tomorrow.
They go to their respective rooms.
Ragini sleeps in one side and Dev sleeps in another side.
The next morning,
Ragini wakes up first and stares Dev.
Ragini: Dev.. why are you love me this much? Even I didn’t love you.you care for me and my family.
Ragini get ready and makes coffee for all.
Uttara comes outside and sees ragini.
Uttara: good morning Rago..
Ragini: good morning Uttara.. take coffee and give it to ved.
Ragini takes one cup and goes to Their room.
Ragini places coffee in table.
Ragini: dev.. dev..wake up.
Dev: maa.. let me sleep.
Ragini taps her head” what can I do?”
Ragini takes a feather and tickles it in Dev’s nose.
Dev wakes up with sneeze. He coughs repeatedly and sees Ragini.
Dev: Ragini..
Ragini: I try to wake up you..but..
Ragini starts to run but the room is small.
Dev blocks the door and catches Ragini by her hand and pulls her towards himself.
Ragini closes her eyes.
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Dev sits in hall with coffee.

Ragini’s Pov:
What I am feeling? I am loving Laksh. but how I felt comfortable in Dev’s embrace. What I expect from him? No it’s not good.
Uttaraa and Ved goes for jogging.
Ragini and dev goes to college.
Dev didn’t disturb Ragini. Soon , the four finished their exams. Aadi settled in Ram’s house and Ram’s brother refused to see Ram. Ragini starts to take care of Dev.
At the last day of exams, the four completed their exams and it’s rainy.
Uttara becomes more happy by seeing Rain.
Uttara drags Ragini and starts to dance in Rain.
Dev and ved and some children joins them.
Uttara sees ice cream vendor.
Uttara: ved give me hundred rupees.
Ved: why?
Uttara gives a look and ved gives the money.
Uttara buys icecream for all and they eats icecream and chitchats and go to their house.
In house,
Uttara starts to sneeze.
Ved boils the water and put a tablet in this.
Ved drags Uttara and make her to breath the vapour.
Ved: what ‘s the need to drench in the rain? Now see, your health is spoiled.
Uttara makes her hand around ved’s neck like mala” you are with me, naa. You will take care of me”

On other side,
Ragini changes her clothes and sleeps in bed.
Dev sleeps in another side.
In middle night
Dev wakes up by hearing the Ragini’s moaning.
Dev switches on the light.
Dev touches Ragini’s forehead. It’s burning in fever.
Dev takes medicine and boils the water.
Dev makes Ragini to take medicine and puts wet cloth in Ragini’s forehead.
He holds Ragini’s hand and sleeps in sitting position, unknowingly .
The next day morning,
Ragini wakes up and sees Dev’s face who is sleeping.
Ragini stares him(in mind): what I did to you, dev? why did you care for me this much?
Ragini sees lines in dev’s forehead and she unknowingly kisses him in his hand.
Ragini(in mind); I need some time, Dev.
Dev wakes up.
Dev:Ragini, how are you feeling now?
Ragini: I am feeling better, dev.
Dev helps her to sit and gives horlicks to her.
Ragini: I don’t like this.
Dev: ragini.. you can’t take coffee or Tea.
Ragini makes faces.
Dev: drink it.
Dev makes her drink.
Soon, they leave to Ram’s house.

In Ram’s house,
The four comes to see Annapurana.
In Annapurna room,
Dev: purna maa..
Dev, ved, ragini, Uttara takes bleesings from Annapurna.
Annapurna: (Carresses Ragini’s hair)
Ragini places her head in Annapurna’s lap.
Others give privacy to them.
Annapurna: Ragini..
Ragini: Sasu maa..i decided to move on in my life. Did laksh accept my decision?
Annapurna:he definitely happy with your decision.
On another side,
Ved and Uttara starts their cat fight and Uttara run in stairs.
Ved: Uthi Careful..
Uttara makes faces to ved but slips in stairs.
Uttara starts to roll down in stairs.
Uttara head starts bleeding.
Aadi: uttara..
Ved takes Uttara in his hand and Dev takes his car and Aadi do the first aid.
Uttara admittes in hospital.
Everyone worried about Uttara and waits for her outside.
After few minutes,
Doctor: now, she is ok. you can take her to home at evening.
Ved goes inside and holds her hand.
Ved:don’t scare me again. One minute, I felt that my soul is going away from me.
Uttara(weakly): I will not let you easily, ved.
Ved smiles and kisses her in forehead.

Precap: Uttara’s negative side and bombblast in Maheshwari’s house.
Still i am having 6 to 7 episodes. negative and positive comments are welcome.

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