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The morning,
Dev wakes up first and opens his eyes.
Dev sees Ragini hugging him by mistaking as teddy in sleep.
Dev smiles” ohh !Rago.. one day you love me..”
Dev removes Ragini’s hand and comes out from his room.
At that time, in Ved room,
Uttara wakes up first.
Uttara sees Ved who sleeps with smile in his face.
Uttara: I always keep your smile, Ved.
Uttara try to release her hand but Ved holds tightly.
Ved: Uthi..(Uttara nick name) I love you. don’t leave me.
A single tear escaped from Uttara’s face” no one loved me this much, Ved. ”
Uttara somehow released her hand and take bath.

In dev room,
Dev comes out from bathroom with towel in his waist.
Ragini opens his eyes and sees Dev. Dev didn’t noticed Ragini. Ragini shocked to see him in such state and closed her eyes.
Dev wears skyblue colour kurtha and leaves the room with smile by noticing Ragini.
Ragini(in mind):ohh! I late first day itself.
Ragini takes bath and wears skyblue colour saree and rushes to down.
Uttara also comes there late because of Ved.
RagUtt: sorry Sasu maa.. bhabho..
Bhabho:it’s ok beta..
Bhabho is happy by seeing RagUtt wet hair.
Sandiya: today is your first day in our house and also rasoi.
Sandiya and Bhabho takes Ragutt to kitchen.
Ragutt do the aarti for stove.
Bhabho: take your own time. Sandiya come with me.
Ragini and Uttara sees eachother.
Uttara: Rago, do you know to cook?
Ragini nods negatively.” I don’t know. You?
Uttara nods negatively.
Ragini: now, what can we do?
A voice comes there”we will say that”
RagUtt turns and surprised to see Dev and ved.
Ragini: you guys both what are doing here?
Dev: Suji aunty called me and told that you didn’t know how to cook.
Ved: I observe that you(Uttara) don’t know to cook when you cut the veggie’s in Ragini’s house.
RagUtt: so..

Dev&ved:we will cook .
Uttara: do you know to cook?
Deved: we are son of cooking title winner. It’s in our blood.
Ragini feels guilt.
Ragini: it’s cheating.
Dev: everything is fair in love and war.
Ragini: what?
Dev: we don’t have time.
Dev and ved makes Ragutt sit in floor.
They starts to cook.
Within a hour, they finished cooking except sweet.
Dev holds Ragini’s hands and stir the curry and Ved holds Uttara hands kneads the flour and then threads..
Ragini is fully concentrated on cooking and she didn’t observe Dev’s closeness.
At that time, Bhabho comes to kitchen. Bhabho hides her smile.
Bhabho: Dev, ved what are you doing here?
Dev and ved sees each other.
Deved: dadi maa..
Bhabho: chup.. leave now.
Dev and ved leaves the kitchen.
Bhabho smells the food” it’s smells good. You carry on.”
Uttara: now we can do sweet.
Ragini: I made kheer. I know to cook that.
Ragini made the kheer but it’s little bit more sweet.
Uttara mixes coconut water to nullify it but it gives some different taste.
Somewhat, They both finished this.
After few minutes,
Everyone gathered in dining table.
Ragini and Uttara serves them.
Bhabho first takes kheer.” It’s so good and different”
Everyone started to eat.
Bhabho eat the other dishes(in mind): the taste is same as dev and ved cooking.
Bhabho finds the truth and smiles.
Bhabhasa: santosh… the kachodi taste is similar to dev’s kachodi and curry taste like that also ved’s cook.
Dev and ved coughs.

Sooraj taps Dev’s head where Sandiya taps ved’s head.
Ragini: actually Dev ji and devarji cooked this…
Ragini and Uttara sees ground.
Bhabho: except kheer. Who made this?
Ragini:actually we both made this. And explans how they made the kheer.
Bhabho is very happy by their united work.
Bhabho(in mind): haa mera bahu’s they are so sweet.they never let my family to broke down.
Everyone finished their eating.
Bhabho and others gives prizes to everyone.
Dev prizes her a earring and ved prizes Uttara a ring.
Dev, ved, Ragutt pack their packages and come down.
They takes blessings from elders.
Bhabho gives a key to RagUtt.
Dev: daadi.. what this?
Sandiya: it’s key for a new flat .
Dev and ved is surprised.
Ved: but.. what’s the need?
Bhabho: Ved.. now Ramprasad ji is Father-in –law of Dev. it’s not sounds good if Dev stays there. But twinkle will stay here because you both are newly married..
Ragini felt sad.
Sandiya cups Ragini’s face” I know Ragini. You are worried for Annapurna ji. You can stay with them whenever you need.
Ragini: thanks sasu maa..
Sandiya: sasu maa.. nahi.. mom..
They leave Pushkar and arrives Mumbai at night.
It’s 3BHK Flat.
Dev and Ragini takes one room and Ved and Uttara takes another room.
In RagDev room,
Ragini: I want to talk with you, dev.
Dev: Rago.. I am tired. We can speak later.
Ragini: no dev.. I want to speak now. Dev please marry any other girl.
Dev takes a deep breath.
Dev: why?

Ragini: you married me in an compulsion and I don’t love you. I am a widow.
Dev: no Ragini. You are not a widow. Still I am alive. I am not dea..
Ragini closes his mouth.
Ragini: I can’t give laksh’s place to you, Dev. he is mixed in my soul. I can’t waste your life.
Dev: you are not wasting my life , Ragini and I can’t marry any other girl. I accept that Laksh is your soul mate. I want a new place for me in your heart.
Ragini: why can’t you understand Dev?
Dev: Rago.. now we are husband and wife. I should fulfill all my responsibities. I care for you and love you. but I never force you.
Ragini: dev…
Ragini takes pillow and goes to sleep in couch.
Dev lies in bed” I trust me. if you don’t trust yourself, you can sleep in couch”
Ragini lies another side of Bed and turns to stare wall.
Dev shows a smile in his face.
The next day,
Raguttdeved goes to Ramprasad’s house.
Kalavathi is also present there.
The couples take blessings from elders.
Yuvi and swara hugs Ragini.
Twinkle hugs both her bhai’s.
Twinkle: I am so happy for you Uttara bhabhi.
Uttara hugs her.
Ragini: do you know twinkle, before?
Uttara explains their meeting in train.
Sanskar sees Ragini and moves to his room without uttering a word.
Ragini goes to near Sanskar.
In Sanskar- yuvi room,
Ragini: Sanskar.. why are you avoiding me? are you not happy with my marriage?
Sanskar:bhabhi I am really happy with your marriage with Dev bhai. but I am your past. You should move on by forgetting us. You should forget about Laksh bhai. I may remind about Laksh bhai.
Ragini: Sanskar..
At that time,
Dev holds Ragini’s shoulder and wipes her tears.
Dev: what are you speaking Sanky? You are her present and our future is also with you. do you know how much she loves you and purna maa?
Sanskar: bhai.. why are not understanding me?
Dev: Sanky.. you are my choti.. how can we move on our life without you? don’t speak like this again. I think that you accepted me as your bhai. but I mistaken.
Sanskar holds Dev’s hands.
Sanskar: it’s not like that bhai. I worried about your life. I may.. remind about laksh bhai. and I can’t see real happiness in Bhabhi’s eyes.
RagDev is shocked by Sanskar’s statement.
Ragini: it’s not like that Sanskar. I am happy with Dev.
Sanskar: I am grown up with you,Bhabhi . I know about you better than you.so don’t lie.
Ragini remains silent.
Sanskar:bhabhi.. it’s only not about your life. It also about Dev bhai’s life. Even Laksh bhai also wish to move on in your life.
Sanskar leaves to hall.

Ragini sits in floor.” Why everyone force me to move on? I can’t forget Laksh.”
Dev holds her and Ragini hugs him cries.
Dev feels the hot tears but remain silent.
Ragini composes herself” sorry dev”
Dev: It’s ok, Ragini. You can go. I will come after changing my shirt.
Dev takes one shirt from the cupboard which he left and wear it.
Dev comes down.
Ram Prasad: evening I arranged a dinner in house. You can invite your close friends.
Ragini and Dev , Ved and Uttara goes to see Annapurna.
Annapurna is happy by seeing them as pair.
Ved introduces Uttara and Annapurna blesses her.
After few minutes,
They go to college.
Uttara sees Aadarsh and go to see him.
Uttara: bhai…
Aadarsh refused her .
Uttara holds Aadharsh hands” bhaiya.. please forgive me. even I can’t understand what happening there at that day. After that I messaged you. but please don’t anger on me. you are the one who makes me feel that I am not an orphan.”
Aadarsh hugs her” ohh!but I am so worried about you. because your marriage is sudden one. I ..”
Uttara: I am happy about that, bhaiya. I got very good family.
Aadi: so, you forget about me.
Uttara: bhaiya..(pouts)
Ved, dev and Ragini comes there.
Aadi hugs ved ” congrats..”
Ved: thanks bhaiya..
Pari surprised by seeing sindoor in Ragini’s forehead.
Pari: Ragini.. are you also married?
Dev: actually, we are married before the day of Ved’s marriage.
Aadi: what?(surprised)
Dev sees ground and little bit blushes.
Aadi and ved smiles by his blushing.
Aadi hugs Dev” congrats..Dev..”
Dev: bhaiya.. we have a dinner in our house, can you both come?
Aadi: definitely..Dev..
Dev and Aadi go to respective classes.
In Raguttdeved class, everyone greets them.
In evening,
Aadi and Pari go with Raguttvedev.
Ragini: yuvi, sanskar he is aadi and she is pari. My friends.
Yuvi & Sanskar: hello ..
Aadi sits in hall.
Swara comes there” hi.. I am Swara Ramprasad Maheshwari, uncle.”
Aadi” uncle?”
Aadi sees himself.
Swara: haan..
Swara giggles.
Aadi smiles” I am Aadharsh Devprasad maheshwari.”
Ram Prasad hears this. Ram Prasad goes towards Aadi and touches his shoulder”champ”
Aadi stands and turns”Dad…”

Precap: revealation of Aadi’s past and Durgaprasad’s reentry.
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