Swaragini A cute love story


Hii guys my name is Tweety pankaj and I am a big fan of Swaragini. But the current plot of Swaragini is making me little bore and I think you are also feeling the same,so I came with the fan fiction.

The plot revolves around two sisters Swara Gadodia and Ragini Gadodia. They both are unidentical twins and are studying in same college.There father is a billionaire who lives in Delhi. And there mother is a musician who stays in Mumbai and have a big music school. Both are studying in her mothers college. Sanskaar Maheshwari and Laksh Maheshwari are cousins completed there bachelor’s degree and are leading a company.
Swaragini and Sanlak have a common friend Om malhotra.
Its Om’s birthday and he invited Sanlak and Swaragini on his birthday.
Swara wore a black modern dress and Ragini wore red ghagra.Sanskaar is in black suit and lakshya is in red suit. They all enter to the party.Many people are there in the party. Abhi toh party song in bg. Swara dances and by mistake dashes sanskaar who is eating ice cream and sanskaar starts scolding swara and laksh joins sanskaar and starts scolding swara even. By seeing this situation Ragini stops laksh and sanskaar. Ragini got furious and punched laksh hard. Laksh comments Ragini as behenji and both laksh and sanskaar leave the place angrily. Later Ragini and swara talk about those brothers and swara says that its my small mistake and that man scolded me very seriously.We both should take revenge in them. In the same way Sanlak feels the same…

Precap: swasan and raglak dance( with moody faces).

Guys this my ff plz say how is it!!!

Credit to: Tweety pankaj

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  1. Awesome Tweety this one is smaller give a bigger one plz.. Eagerly waiting for the next part

  2. good start

  3. Good start but plz make it swalak plz

    1. Tweety pankaj

      Sorry sandy I love swasan but sure I will write a ff on swalak

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