Swaragini A cute love story- Chapter 4

Guys I am so sorry for the late update. Yesterday I am having so much work so I am unable to continue my ff. Thanks guys for your support hope you all liked my ff.

Swaragini and sanlak both come to the office very tiredly. Swara asks laksh to prepare the objectives of the project. She asks Sanskaar to come with her to the shopping mall. Sanskaar feels excited and moves to his cabin and dances.Ragini notices this and thinks in her mind that Sanskaar is in love with Swara. She then decides to enquire about Sanskaar and calls Om( mutual friend of swaragini and sanlak). She calls Om and asks him about Sanlak. He tells that Sanlak are rich kids and toppers of the university and later adds that girls used to impress him in many ways but he never falled in their trap but laksh always used to be with girls he is a lover boy of the class. Ragini thanks om. Then she thinks in her mind that Sanskaar is a nice guy and he is sincerely in love with swara. On the other side Swara tries to torture Sanskaar and made him to carry many carry bags. She almost covered all the shops in the city. Sanskaar smiles and carried her carry bags. Swara gets irritated seeing him smiling and thinks in her mind in this way ” huh what type of person is he I made him to carry many bags but why his face expression is not changing” .they both go Swaraginis mansion and she give him a cup of tea in which she added salt instead of sugar. And asked him how is the tea. He did not speak anything and inside his feeling is like it will be like sweet even if you give poison.

After drinking the salted tea they both go the the office and do their works. Meanwhile laksh comes to Raginis cabin and gives her the objectives. She checks it and said its good. She then goes to laksh and about to say something but she slips on laksh and both fall on the sofa. They share an eye look for a while.It is disturbed by the office boy. They both get up and Ragini asks the boy why did he came. The boys says that Swara madam came to the office and asked you to come to her cabin.The boy goes and she asks Laksh to come to the nearby restaurant tomorrow at 8:30. Laksh agrees. Ragini goes to the Swaras cabin .Swara asks her about office work. She says that all works are going well. Ragini asks her about her day . Swara says that it is the most beautiful day in my life I don’t know why I felt very Happy. Ragini notices that Swara is also in love with him. They both go to the home.Swara continuously talks about Sanskaar. Ragini gets irritated and asks her to sleep calmly.
In Sanlak’s room Laksh talks about Swara badly. Sanskaar scolds Laksh and asks him not to say anything abt Swara. Laksh gets confused and sleeps.

Episode ends

Precap: raglak meets at restaurant. Ragini is teased by some gang and tries to touch her. Laksh beats the goons hardly.

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