Swaragini A cute love story- Chapter 3


Swaragini reach their home and Ragini dresses swara’s bleeding hand. They both sleep in their respective bedrooms and remember the insult.
Its morning and Shekhar calls Swara and asks them to come to Delhi for 20 days as he is going to London for a meeting. He asks them to come for the evening flight.
Swara says this to Ragini and they both pack up for the Delhi. Their mother comes to the airport and bids them.
Swaragini went to their father’s office and came to know that sanlak’s company came for the deal. Swara feels happy and gives smile and tells to Ragini about it. Ragini gets scared and says Swara that she will go back to the Kolkata. Swara says not to fear and says that their tails are in our hands.We can play with them however we want and let’s show them them the spelling of the word hell.Ragini agrees to swara hestitatingly.
Next day sanlak comes to the Mumbai to the gadodia company and they both feels Happy as they got a big project. Their happiness turns to shocking expression when they see Swaragini Sisters.Sanskaar stares Swara without blinking his eyes and watches her hand. But Laksh taunts that they might come for a small clerk posts and tells them that I know this company Director I will recommond you both for the posts. So DoNt worry. Sanskaar asks laksh to stop taunting. And they both sit in waiting room. Later a pune comes and asks them to come to the directors room. They both go to the room. And they are shocked to see that Swaragini are the directors of the gadodia office. Swara asks them to sit and have some water. She tells that why are your faces changed?? Are you shocked?? No problem just forgot the past. I DoNt care for the past and I always thinks about the future. They both feels happy and swara says but you must follow our rules to do the project. Sanlak asks her what are the rules.
Ragini says that you both must come to the office at sharp 5:00am.You must not take leave in this 20 days You must leave the office at sharp 8:00pm. You guys must do what ever we asked to do. If you did not follow these rules your project will be rejected and asks whether they are ready for the deal.
Sanlak agrees to the deal and says that they will come to office from tomorrow. Sanlak goes to their room and discusses about Swaragini’s stupid rules.Swaragini feels happy and started dancing in their house.
Other side Sanskaar thinks about swara smiles and sleeps.
Its morning Sanlak comes to the office at 5:00 and he does not see anyone in the office. They ask the watchman when will the office opens then he says that the office will be opened at 10:00 am.They both are shocked and someone gives them a letter. In that letter there are the names of the few goods and it is written that they must bring to swaragini mansion by sharp 9. Sanlak gets irritated and goes to shop to buy the items but all the shops are closed. They searched all the shops. It is 7:30 and one shop is opened. They both goes to that shop and buys all the goods. To their surprise their car gets punctured si they hired a taxi and goes to Swaragini mansion at the sharp 9:00 . Ragini takes the goods and asks them to leave to the office by walk and asks them not to cheat.

Sanlak are tired. They are in the office and Sanskaar continuously stares at Swara. Ragini notices this and smiles happily and thinks that Sanskaar is in love with Swara.

Credit to: Tweety pankaj

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  1. Tweety pankaj

    Guys starting there is an error please delete “they remember”. I tried to write a bigger part. Guys say me how is the story? In two episodes cute love stories begin. I don’t want to drag the fan fiction.

  2. Awesome story tweety! Sanlak situation makes me laugh! Keep it up! Acha Hua un dono k sath! Different but lovely….

  3. its soooo niceeeee…. swaragini taunting swalak..

  4. Ha ha ha acha hua ea treatment was super sisters

  5. Tweety pankaj

    Thanks yaar.

  6. I liked this fan fiction among all the fan fictions posted in this site.Keep up your good work Tweety

  7. Awesome better than the serial!!!

  8. Su… Su.. …superb…..

  9. it’s superb…..

  10. Plz make swalak nice story

    1. I will make swalal ff after I completed this one

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