Swaragini A cute love story- Chapter 2

Hii this is the second part of my story.

The host asked every boy to keep a mask on their face and asked all the girls to choose their partner for dance. Ragini chooses lakshya and swara has chosen sanskaar. Swaragini are shocked to learn that they have chosen Sanlak. Sanlak decided to teach the sisters a lesson. Swaragini went to their respective partners and kept moody faces. Swasan is at one corner of the stage and raglak at other corner. Laksh taunts Ragini that she will never forget this day in her complete life and will show her what actually an insult means.

Ragini gets very tensed. Sanskaar taunts swara ” I will show and take you to the hell now get ready for the hell”.swara does not care his words.

Saturday Saturday song plays and all the pairs starts dancing. Laksh keeps legs between ragini’s legs and she slips and falls down. All people started laughing and commented on Ragini. She cries and leaves the stage. Laksh feels happy seeing her and again taunts her as behenji. All the crowd started laughing loud.

Swara and Sanskaar dances sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing swaras dance and started glaring her. After that he realized about the insult and pushes her and she falls from the stage. Swara got hurt on her hand and her hand started bleeding. Sanskaar sees her hand bleeding and feels bad and thought to go near to her but his ego stops him.

Swara became very angry and calls him as ghatiya insan.
Later swara goes near ragini and sees her crying and consoles her. They both hug each other.
Episode ends..

Sanlak’s company gets a big deal from the gadodia company. Sanlak feels happy. They goes to Delhi for the meeting with gadodia company. Sanlak are shocked.

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  1. It was so cute I can’t w8 to see the reaction of sanlak in the precap

  2. Ha ha ha ab aayega asli fun sanlak

  3. plzz update soon n make long yaar its nice

  4. Very nice plz make swalak

  5. nice one.. bt its so short

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