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“Swaragini” is currently revolving around the lead character, Swara (Helly Shah), who has fallen off a cliff. Also, Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) turned a saviour for Swara and is seen nursing her back to health. On the other hand, the Maheshwari family has been in utter shock with the loss of their beloved Swara. Sanskaar, who tried to save her, was seen slipping into depression.According toIndia Forums reports, both Sahil and Swara will be seen bonding over music in the upcoming episodes. Sahil, a rockstar by profession with a huge fan following, will play aninstrument for Swara, who will be quite impressed with the former’s talent.

While the viewers are wondering if Swara will ever reunite with the family, the report said that the protagonist will soon find her way to her mother Sharmistha’s (Parineeta Borthakur) house and the entire family will rejoice seeing her alive. However, the sad part is that although Swara will be back to the family, she will not reunite with Sanskaar. Instead, the protagonist will call him a murderer.Although, it’s not clear as to how Swara will reach her mother’s house and why will she accuse Sanskaar as a murderer, it looks like the makers have a lot in store for its viewers in the upcoming episodes. It was reported that Sahil’s love for Swara will gradually turn into an obsession and will make him turn a villain in Swara and Sanskaar’s life.

Meanwhile, in the recent episodes of”Swaragini,” the viewers witnessed Rajat fleeing the Maheshwari house with Swara held hostage at gunpoint after his evil deeds were out in the open. As Sanskaar chased Rajat while trying to rescue Swara from the conman’s trap, he shot Rajat who fell off a cliff. However, Rajat ensured that Swara also dies by falling off the hilltop as well,…

so guys I just wanted to ask whether u all r liking d current track of swaragini …
hit ur comments in d comment section. ..
yes or no..:-)

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  1. I didnt like this track at all. Why have they named this serial as Swaragini…..it should be named as Swasan as everytime they r showing only Swara sanskar Swara Sanskar. God knows what is wrong with the serial makers. Raglak fans r also there and they should also be given equal scenes as they give for Swasan. When Laksh realised his mistake and said sorry to Ragini…..there marriage was shown in just one day and Swasan scenes are always dragged long. All the time Sanskar is shown doing special things for Swara like before the marriage he proposed her by doing stuff like helicopter ride flower shower and all then why do they not show Laksh doing something special for Ragini.

    1. Yes I am agree with you comment

    2. I agree to u..they r not giving imp to ragini and laksh nor any raglak scenes…I didn’t like it…fully swasan hai.. I m not watching sr when this track started… Don’t know y I didn’t like it now a days….

    3. Agree with you diya

    4. I agree with you diya. Already stopped watching this serial?

    5. I totally agree with you. Don’t know why the writers hate raglak so much.

  2. No they made marriage A joke by separating swasan so I already quitted swaragini

    1. Marriage was always a joke for every serial( sm of them r exceptions ). Each time the leads will fall in love, marry & then misunderstandings leading to seperation. Again they will lose their 4 eo when the misunderstanding is over…..The Same Thing Again .No doubt, these serials have proved that “History Repeats Itself”.

    2. true yaar .:-)

  3. No away now swaragini is really boring nd as i knw sahil will fall in love with swara nd more drama will be their in btwn swasan nd sahil… swara is suffering from partial memory loss nd all she do nt rmbr anytng abt her marrg nd her in laws… so boring serial whts wth d makrs God nly knws

  4. No body will like this track bcoz there is no value for relations plz, unite swasan swara should expose pari san should hold pari neck

  5. The show is becoming bakwaas day by day
    I m only reading ffs and written update

  6. tisha(raglak fan)

    agree with u diya all special scene are reserved for swasan there is no special story for raglak but raglak fan still have hope that they show raglak track n I’m not interested in this track

  7. yeahhh…i am liking the story so much as it is revolving around only on SWASAN….!!! want more swasan intense scene before whn ragini was vamp she used to get importance so much and lot of her drama including raglak … we was just fedup of watching most raglak scene that time so now if cvs are focusing on swasan every1 r saying that raglak don’t get importance … i think raglak is the first pair in the show and they were mainly focused that time so if cvs are focusing on swasan whats other problem as if raglak fans don’t get to see raglak scenes

    sorry if i hurt anyone but all these things were revolving around my mind

    1. i agree…

  8. loving dis track so much….want to see swara falling for sanskar all over again. And d track as of now is gng quiet….so better dan maasi n kavya’s drama

  9. thanks all for commenting in my analysis

    1. and sorry I couldn’t reply to all your comments

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