SWARAGINI-MY CRAZY GIRL raglak 2 shots (Part 2) Last Part-Valentine’s day special❤

# My crazy girl..(RAGLAK ts)last part
Valentine’s day special.❤❤❤

Laksh reached near home. He murmured..
“At last …at last I reached my destination. Ahhh….this was the place where I was supposed to come earlier but ended up meeting my soulmate and the most hilarious part was that, we met each other when only one week is left for my marriage.

Laksh maheshwari who was famous for his stony heart and attitude is now crying like a baby…-he wiped freshly formed tears and looked at the home where he and his best friend lived together in college days. they always met there to talk and spend time together.
He took a deep breath and entered into the house.

At home.

Not again…!!!-laksh took sanskar’s mobile from him and ended the call.

Wt the hell???..do u even know who’s call was that???-sanky screamed at Laksh.

Of course ,who else it will be…your sister Laddoo …you don’t have time to talk to my sister ,and here ur call duration is saying u were talking to her from an hour and still u r angry with me to cut her call …unbelievable… For God sake my sister is ur going to be wife man..give some time to her also.-Laksh replied

Sanskar- first of all she is my laado…not Laddoo OK?…and for ur kind information, my sister is ur would be wife…So let me talk to her.
He said equally irritated.

Laksh-yaar..wt is wrong with u??my sister is crying there at home saying he isn’t serious abt the relationship and all and here u , instead of consoling her ,u want to talk to ur sis???like really…

Sanskar- even u r not better than me..u also didn’t talk to my sister.and seeing ur behavior instead of being annoyed, she is going crazy saying even she won’t talk to u..it will be fun when she meet u on mandap directly…. And here I am getting mad maintaining all this…still u r complaining to me???
Now laksh got irritated.
Laksh- if we don’t want to meet before marriage, wt is wrong with u..and plz,we have met each other already in London at that exhibition OK…and talked much..so don’t behave like we never saw each other.

Sanky looked at him once before answering whatever..
Wt was that look for??? laksh thought for a second and just ignored it.

Laksh-now will u plz call my sis so that I could get her smile back.. Will u…??
He pleaded to him..sanky nodded ‘yes’ slowly..

Uff…mission completed. Laksh looked at sanky..then he asked him with a serious note

Laksh-even u wanted to talk to me right??buddy anything serious???

“No..just wanted to make u remember that..don’t let my laado’s smile leave her face..and trust me,even our friendship won’t be there if I see a single drop of tear in her eyes…and I will be brother to my sister first, before being ur sister’s husband.- Sanskar cleared his point of view.

Laksh didn’t made an eye contact. For him this marriage wasn’t less than a compromise for his sister and best buddy’s happiness. And he couldn’t help himself from saying a silent sorry from his heart to that innocent soul who would be probably expecting her married life to be a fairytale.

one week passed

Laksh’s point of view,

My sister was saying she felt this one week like one year and here I am scratching my head thinking how fast one week passed..!!
But there wasn’t a single second without her memories…instead of working for marriage preparation of my sister and mine,I was busy with my business, just to get rid of her thoughts but She always made a way to my mind with her red dupatta.I wonder,a mere meeting with her had such an effect on me,then what will be my situation if I met her again?? I am damn sure, I won’t be able to move on my life.. NEVER and EVER…!

I got ready in my cream and red sherwani. Today I am getting married to my friend’s sister.. She is his cousin sister by relationship.. But they consider each other as their own…his whole world is around her…no wonder my sister feeling so jealous of her…
My sister was too much excited.. Of course she must be..she is going to get married to her love… My best friend… The best day of their life..and worst one in my case…

In her too much excitement, she ditched me and went to shaadhi mandap with her friends. Now I have to move… I hope I won’t heart my future wife like I am hurting myself…!
Laksh reached mandap.. But he was in too much shock to see the scene.. There he was..his best buddy.. Standing in one leg…making puppy face to his sister.. And his sister was giggling on his situation.. He rushed to them.

Wt the hell is going on???-I asked them.

Sanky took a breath of relief as soon as he found me there..he was going to put his leg on the floor but my sister’s warning voice stopped him in middle.

“Dare u sanky… Dare u…if ur leg touch the ground na,I am going to call laado.”

Sanky took his leg up horrified. I felt pity on him.
But realization hit me hard .
WHAT??? My sister took my would be wife’s name so smoothly without other tagging name???like really??? My sister was hell jealous of her for sanky not giving time for their relationship taking her name..Now wt I missed that ,the whole story turned up side down..???

I looked at my sister for an answer ,who was busy in enjoying newly got interesting punishment for her to be lovely husband.
She smiled sheepishly and gave me the answer.

When I came here, I saw him talking to a girl so freely so I got angry and jealous and ended up scolding him.then only got to know she was ur would be wife laado.. Seeing my insecurity she asked me the matter and I said everything.. How he ignored me taking her name, how he always stood away from his responsibilities just for his sis..and how I was in depression…and all..then laado pulled sanky’s hair and gave this punishment. She also promised me that she will take always my side and will make sure he will be always with me…and if he ever disobey me,a phone call to her is enough that she will make his life a living hell…
Isn’t she soo cool Bhai?? I love ver so much.. In fact even more than I love sanky… I think She is my soul sister..

“IMPOSSIBLE”!!!-this is the perfect word which can describe a girl’s nature. don’t look at me..look at them,
my dear friend, who didn’t give time to his would be wife just for his sister, was getting punishment for that from her and my sister swara who hated her even before she meet that Laddoo was loving her for punishing her would be husband whose attention was once everything for her calling her” her soul sister ”

I looked at the people who came to attend our wedding and ended up watching the DRAMA.

“Bhai..u go and meet ur would be wife. She is looking like an angel… I am sure ur mouth is going to hang open seeing her.now go..we will join you later.. 10 minutes are left for ending the punishment Na…-swara slightly pushed me from there.

I wanted to scream… I met the universe most beautiful girl,my crazy girl ragz already …but nothing came from my mouth than saying an OK to my sister..I felt pity on myself.I went from there to see my would be wife… I could feel the pleading eyes of my friend behind me for help.. But I was myself helpless!!!


I was standing near mandap with unforgettable memories of her when I I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I turned behind. Here she is…my would be wife… Sanskar’s heart…his Laddoo..I mean his laado..” KAVYA”.
I smiled at her.as I said we already met each other at an exhibition in London. In fact sanky only wanted to make me meet his laado..he said she and his other cousin sister will be there and I met her personally going there.I could feel that day itself that she was much interested in me..but I wasn’t..u know Na,I never believed in love and destiny…but when I started to believe,it was too late… God made a soulmate for me too..but he forgot to write her name in my destiny I guess!.

Kavya hugged me then suddenly showed an angry face.now wt??? Wt I did that she is behaving like this.. But wt she said left me shocked for rest of the moment.

“Wt yaar lucky..??u ditched me?? Not fair…knowing I had a crush on u,still u agreed to marry my sister.. Too much.. She said putting her hand in her waist.

Wt the…wasn’t she the BRIDE???…then who the hell is??…
I got lost in my world and moveved from there forgetting KAVYA who was fuming due to my ignorance…
I don’t like surprises yaar..now how can I find my bride???…only one way is left..let me ply the KBC..oops sorry.. KBP, I mean” kon Banegi meri Pathni..”…am I going crazy?? Come on dude yes…but it wasn’t my fault.. It is the side effects of her in my life.. My crazy girl…

I displayed the question once again in my mind.
“Qn-who is the BRIDE?”
Now the options… According to my information, sanky had 4cousin sister fitting for the options correctly..

I put them as options ABCD respectively even without knowing the names…grt job..

I was hell confused to choose the right option from them..so I have to do this..yes I have to take my life lines…

First one…50:50.
So in these 4sisters one is married already and next one was KAVYA..Whom I thought to be my wife..and from her talk it was clear that she wasn’t the bride even if she dressed like one…
I deleted two options from that … much relief..but i didn’t get the logic behind the cousin sisters get ready like bride when it wasn’t their marriage… I cursed them..of course I had to…if they weren’t wearing such heavy costumes, I would have been found my bride till now Na…

Now how I am supposed to find my bride???

I took my second lifeline.
“Phone a friend”
My friend.. Means sanky.. If I ask him Na..he will marry my sis from jail after killing me..so big NO…then wt??..ya..may I ask some random person??. But wt will I do if I end up asking question to my bride itself or in front of her…no…so the plan cancelled..
I dropped my idea..so now the last but not the least lifeline…
“Audience support”!!

Only this can help me now…
I have to follow the people’s eyes now bcz they will be much interested in my bride than me for sure…so go lucky u can do it..go for it…
I cheered my self and started to search for my bride. And when I found her THE MOMENT GOT STOPPED!!!

Wt was she doing here???.no no….I can’t get marry to someone else in front of her..not even for my sister’s sake..I felt restless…then only my mind flashed the msg.

AM I GETTING MARRIED TO MY CRAZY GIRL??I looked at every one..they were busy in staring at her angelic face.

Means.. She is sanskar’s Laddoo.. I mean,my Laado…the realization made my heart beat fast.till before I met her..I felt like my heart didn’t exist anymore…but now my heart is beating like there is no tomorrow.. I put my hand on my heart and looked at her with happy tears.. The flashes again came to me.

Sanskar going crazy for his sister, her weird Nick name,my sister who titled them herself ” born to be enemies” started loving her in her first meet,and most important point.. Stupid punishment like pulling the hair…-I remind how she pulled my hair in that night for not turning right when i misunderstood actual meaning of HER RIGHT ”

How I didn’t notice all these…in this whole universe ,these are only possible with one person.. And the bottom of the line is…she is going to be MY wife….!!!

She was looking breathtaking in that red lehanga…I looked at her without blinking.

Our eyes got locked to each other when she turned to my side.she was surprised first.. Then happy… I felt like her eyes twinkled..her lips curved to a smile and I copied her showing my 32teeths.
She came running and hugged me.and I felt…felt like my life got a meaning again…my heart calmed down seeing her in my hands my teary eyes turned bright.

Behave like a bride laado…
-perfect timing.. Sanky broke our beautiful hug coming to us without an invitation…but it was confirmed now that she was my bride.. I smiled at sanky and my sister ,who came to us with my buddy.
My laado pouted looking at sanky and turned at me..

“Oh my idiotic one women committed man…how u ended up here in this “RAGINI GADODIYA’s marriage ha???u were supposed to get married in this week Na..u must be busy..?? Don’t tell me u ditched her…did u???”-ragini finished her question putting others in question mark..specially my sister…

So my ragz full name was RAGINI GADODIYA..
Oh god ,how I wished to hear her blabbering.. And now I am going to have this sweet torture for rest of my life.. Her smile and her endless stupid talks..I am going to get mad soon..but I am mad already for her ..we confirmed it that night itself right??

“U know wt…I wanted to confess a matter to u man..it is good u r here..wo actually..” Ragini continued. And I looked at her all confused.
Actually when we met ,I show u my rakhi collection Na?? In fact I had a rakhi with letter” L”..but I don’t know why I didn’t gave it u..may be..maybe you were my crush..u r handsome.. in first sight itself I liked u.. it must be that…right Bhai??? -she turned to Sanskar to confirm her feelings.
I was smiling like a fool..I won’t be able to digest so much sweetness in a day…wow..she had a crush on me…Yahoo… I somehow covered my facial expressions.
Here sanky nodded an yes to her unbelievingly. Of course wt u guys expect from a big brother??. His sister is informing her to be husband so boldly that he is her crush…!!!I really wonder how she become a GIRL???
She again continued.
“So now u know Na,I am getting married and till that day I never backed out from wt I decided. My mind wanted to tie that rakhi that day,but my heart didn’t listen to it and I hate it when happen. So I want to complete this task today itself so that I will be free from ur thoughts ..I have that rakhi with me..will come in a minute with it…”

Yes it was a BIG NO…!!! that too from all three of us.she looked at us all amused.but this Time sanky answered her ,shocking me and my sister to the core.

Laadoo..my dear…don’t break his heart… He is ur would be husband. Hear well …ya he is my friend lucky.. I mean to say “laksh maheshwari” who is head over heels in love with you lil one…right bro???

I looked at him all horrified.. How come this devil got to know this yaar…
Before I could ask he completed his part.

Do u remember lucky when I called u that night…I wanted to discuss something serious matter. Actually I was going to cancel ur marriage.. I felt like u weren’t interested in this marriage and doing this for ur sister.. And I can’t let my sister a part of a compromise.but destiny had another plan for u guys… U met my laado while coming to me…u can hide something from me bro but she can’t .when u were on the way to our home after dropping her,she called me..narrated whatever happened that night. I understood she started to feel for him hearing the rakhi part. he have fallen for her wasn’t much difficult part to guess..no one can resist themselves from falling for her. The way she said his expressions, it was clear… But the shocking part wasn’t that…the person who met her turned out to be u…her would be husband… I was in uttermost shock when she took ur name.I thought for some possibility to this laksh to be someone else.. But, u were on the same way of her,u being late.. Every single damn clues show ur face to me…
And I was damn sure it was u,after meeting u all frustrated with a DEVDAS face..I was going to tell u that whom u met in London wasn’t laado.. She was my other cousin sister, then I thought u deserve punishment.. U were going to marry my sister like a compromise, i know u weren’t aware of the truth…still …and most important, u always took my little one’s name wrong.. Wt was that..ha..Laddoo right?? so I intentionally stopped letting you know the truth and didn’t said her ur name other than the Nick name lucky… Now this is called tit for tat…

Really…?? He is my friend or enemy??? He put me through these much pain knowing the truth.. I looked at sanky..I am Not going to leave him…I marked “revenge” on my to do list.
Ragini who must be angry with brother for hiding such thing from her did something which I couldn’t think in my wildest dreams… She hugged her brother appreciating his so called great work.she said in her usual chirping voice,

‘Wow sanky.. how adventures love story yaar..I can’t believe it is mine..oh God I am getting married to my crush ..man how I ended up being his girl..’

Isn’t she crazy??.. Ya I know… a lot,this is why I called her my crazy girl.. I know that indeed our love story isn’t going to be simple.. But this much complicated… Never thought.

She was still hugging sanky. swara was astonished to hear my love story and here I am looking at my girl like love stuck puppy.
Sanky looked at me and whispered to me without anyone notice.
“My revenge isn’t completed yet.u left me there all alone when ur sister put me on fire..now it is my time to pay back..he smirked evilly.
I looked at him horrified.. Both brother-sister are mad…now what the hell is cooking in his head???.
Sanky turned to laado.

“But laado, I think u have to cancel the marriage..’

My eyes popped out..She looked at him all confused.
Ragini-why sanky??
Sanky- didn’t u hear me dear..he called u ‘Laddoo’..means motti,when u r so thin..do u think he deserve u after this???

I was sweating..sanky u r so dead today with my hands..sanky slowly took my sister from there leaving me alone on her red eyes..RAGINI took a deep breath and messaged someone.. Soon kavya joined us with a bag..she left us after hand overing a bag.

” #BAG…!!!
ya I do remember that bag…oh no..I am dead now, my mind went through all her equipments which she had in her bag that night..
I don’t know how my eyes r still in their socket…!
I was ready for any punishment.. But not for the one she was going to give.. But how can I think something less from her??she always pull my soul out of my body.
She took a “RAKHI with letter ‘L’.

I smiled at her weakly..I closed my eyes praying to my god ” Usain Bolt”..
taking his aashirwaad I ran from there with my left over life. And she was running behind me inviting giggles from whole guests.

Laksh Maheshwari.. The business tycoon was running from his would be wife that too in his marriage day…great…!!! Anyway I am not going to be her brothe..I can’t complete it..u guys can understand Na..not even for coming 7births.
I sat on the mandap looking for my bride to sit near me.sanky somehow convinced her.she huffed and sat near me with a fake angry face…ya..I can see her happiness in her twinkling eyes…
At last… She is mine now..”RAGINI LAKSH MAHESHWARI “…the name itself have a soothing effects on me.

Right now I am standing near my room..
today is our special night right??? I don’t know wt is going to happen ??I am nervous.. I know today anything can happen except romance… Don’t forget my wife is ragini not any ordinary girl that I will think something romantic.. Our love story itself is an epic one…then how can I expect something less than that in my first night.

Sanky and swara are standing between me and my room like a wall with pity eyes.sanky was giving me a look like he won’t be able to see me alright next morning.. And my sister, she is busy in murmuring Hanuman Chalisa.ahh…can’t they concentrate on their wedding night???

The hilarious part is I am feeling like’i am a soldier who is going for a war and whose family is hell worried for him..and the point to be noted is “i am getting these so called weird feelings on my wedding night..”HOW COOL!!!”
After good 10minuts checking me out they went from there giggling. I took a deep breath and opened my room.
My world got stopped.she was there covering her face with a veil,sitting at the center of bed which was decorated with rose petals. I took two steps to her.hearing me, she dragged her feet into her skirt curling her toe.my heart pumped blood like mad..I put my hand on my heart and whispered to it”calm…she is mine “.

I sat near her with thudding heart. I took her veil slowly.. I was awestruck to see her.she was blushing like red rose seeing my state.I watched her without blinking we looked at each other’s eyes.our heart beat become music for our eye lock.I could feel through her eyes I wasn’t mere crush of her..in fact i was more than that…

She slowly moved her hands to my chest and dragged me to her using collars. I was shocked..I thought the first move will be mine while she would be blushing…still I closed my eyes to feel her lips on mine. But RAGINI is RAGINI right???
The next second I was on the floor..blinking my eyes…recalling wt happened..

She came to me and started to beat me black and blue.
Ragini-look at me idiot.. From which angle?? From which angle I am looking like Laddoo to u ha???tell me right now..

I looked at her horrified.. She and her mood swings are worse than a pregnant lady. I gathered some courage…

” no dear..I called u laddoo bcz u r so sweet like that..in fact sweeter than that…”
She stood there satisfied with my answer.. I took a sigh of relief. She said with attitude..

“It was ur first mistake, that’s why I am leaving u alive. And don’t think too much that ur complement turned me cool..I am straight forward girl.. Complement won’t work on me.if u ever repeat any mistakes Na..I won’t think a second time..I will tie that rakh..

I didn’t let her complete.. I placed my lips on her soft and sweet lips and let that moment to cherish.I know how straight Forward she is…ya..she is straight like jalebi. surccasum to be noted guys. If i let her complete the sentence today Na..the day won’t be so far that she will end up tying that on me.
But she backed off soon from the kiss..breathing heavily.. Turning pink..she looked at me with her blushing face..
” LAKSH… ”
I didn’t let her complete my name too…her eyes were wide open bcz of my move..but she didn’t back off this time.she let me cherish till my heart calm down.
When we parted again, she looked me confused …I took a deep sigh and said my heart out.
Laksh-i kind of started to hate my Name..it was my mistake that I said u my name and u ended up making that rakh..I mean that thing for me..whenever I hear my name Na,it literally make my brain go through all the flash back where u were searching for that thing in ur bag letting me stand there all sweating…
She giggled and took my hands in her soft ones.she looked through my eyes washing out the insecurities I had..
Ragini-trust me…after today..u will start loving Ur name…trust me.

Saying this she initiated the kiss this Time placing her soft petals on mine.oh God how I carved for this moment.I poured all my love on her..and she reciprocated to my love mourning ‘my Name’ happily. I was loving it…
Oh God, I was loving my Name once again!!!
She placed her head on my chest enjoying my heart beats calling her name.
“I love u LAKSH”she whispered slowly before falling in deep sleep.
I placed my lips on her forehead with a smile..
Yes ,she was mine…
“MY CRAZY GIRL” for coming seven birth of mine…❤❤❤

::::::::::::::::::::::::::THE END::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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