Hi Guys This is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla

She tucked her phone in her pocket and smiled briefly at the other occupant of the elevator car, a nervous looking accountant type holding a small bouquet of flowers, who did not smile back. She hit the floor button and leaned against the wall. How was Shivansh faring with Laksh? She warmed from the inside out picturing her little boy’s excitement. He was probably still clutching the plastic horse and the stuffed bull, basking in his hero’s presence.

Hi Ragini, Aliya, one of the nurse’s aides, smiled as she hurried by. I see Shivansh has a visitor . A handsome visitor.

One look and all women were charmed. Honestly Ragini shook her head. He’s Shivansh’s charity wish.

I was wondering if he was your’s Aliya waggled her brows.

Not a chance She rolled her eyes. She’d become far too sensible to wish even just a little.

Then i am going to wish for him. Christmas is already past, but i can start on my list for next year. With a wink, Aliya whisked around the corner and out of sight.

Wish? It had been a long time since she’d wished for anything for herself. Ragini skidded to a halt in the corridor, drawn by the sound of her child’s voice. All her wants and prayers had gone to her son. First during the rocky year before the divorce to protect him as much as she could from the marital unhappiness, then to helping him cope with the sepration from his father, Who had chosen to leave town. And then she tried to shield him from his worsening health.

All I want, Lord, she prayed as she stood mesmerized in the hall by the sight of her little boy’s wide grin, is for him to be healthy again. That’s all I want. Nothing more. All her lost dreams, the long string of workdays on her feet from dawn until dusk and the tatters of her heart were nothing by comparison.

He still held the plastic horse in one hand and hugged stuffed bull in the curve of his other arm. He was thin, He’d lost weight, his appetite had dwindled, but his baby blues sparkled and pleasure flushed his face. He hadn’t spotted her yet because his entire attention was fixed on the man telling a tale.

And then the bull gave one final kick. I ducked. Laksh crouched as if he were missing a bull’s hoof by a hair and blew out a dramatic sign of relief. A half inch closer and I would have been in big trouble.

But you weren’t You showed that bull.

I did , but I’m not sure who came out the winner. Me or him. He gave me a good fight. Don’t know how I managed to stay on as long as I did. Laksh’s baritone vibrated with laughter. Back in the barns I paid a visit to that bull.

You did What happened Did he try to kick you? Enthralled, Shivansh leaned closer, squeezing the stuffed bull in the crook of his arm harder. Is he a mean bull?

He’s powerful. He spotted me coming and he remembered me. Sounded like a tall tale to her, but he was entertaining Shivansh so she didn’t hold it against him. Laksh leaned closer to the boy, as if to make the story more intense. Dark hair dropped over his high forehead, and in profile the straight blade of his nose and the square cut of his jaw were impressive.

Not that she was noticing.

His eyes got big. His nostrils flared. Laksh raised one arm, imitating the animal. He pawed the ground, and I heard a low menacing growl.

Wow. Oh, wow Shivansh’s eyes became impossibly bigger. What did you do?

I pulled a handful of molasses treats out of my pocket like this. Laksh held out his hand palm up. Slayer turned his head to glare at me with one eye, then he snatched the pellets out of my hand and let me rub his poll.

Wow you tamed him!

He’s a good guy he’s just very good at his job, which forces me to bring my A game when the gate opens. Laksh was obviously good with kids. She didn’t want to like him, but she couldn’t find fault with him for that.

As if he had become suddenly aware of her, he glanced over his shoulder. A slow grin spread across his face, revealing those lady- killer dimples. You man-aged to stay away all of twenty minutes. We agreed on thirty. I want a full half hour.

One thing you have to learn about me Laksh why was she smilling too I don’t make it a habit to do what a man wants. Any man. Even you.

Duly noted He crossed his arms over his chest, as if appraising her. You have to go away. Shivansh and I have ten minutes left. All my secrets have not been revealed.

Yeah Mom We’re busy, Shivansh bounded on his knees, the rasp of his oxygen like a knife to her heart. She hated seeing him like this, but the happiness radiating from him was worth the step back she took.

Okay fine I’ll go away, As hard as it was to leave her son again, she would retreat to the waiting room and knit a few more rows.

Well now i guess we don’t want to drive you off. Laksh hooked the chair she’d been sitting in with his foot and tugged it out of the corner, Maybe you can stay if you vow not to divulge anything you hear. I make no promise.

To be Continued…….


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    I’m totally in love with your story ๐Ÿ˜ Ragini and Shivansh’s bonding is explained too well๐Ÿ˜ Portrayal of Ragini’s character is lovely ๐Ÿ˜

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