Hi Guys This is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla

Darjiling’s January cold had crept into her bones. Ragini Sharma shivered, rescued her hand-knit
cardian from the back of the uncomfortable black chair in the hospital’s waiting area and watched a nurse
pad down the hall to the busy nurse’s station. No sign of Laksh Maheshwari yet. She wrapped her arms around her
middle for comport and thought of her six-year-old son in his room. He was waiting for a visit from the rodeo rider
he’d specifically requested of the children’s wishing charity.

And the man was late. Her stomach had twisted into such a tight knot she could hardly breathe. Minutes had ticked
by, minutes which had felt like hours, and anxiety was about to gobble her up.

Remember, God is in charge. That thought comforted her enough that she could settle back into her chair and gather
up her knitting. The needles felt cool against her fingertips as she wrapped a strand of soft blue wool around the needle
and began a row. It gave her something to focus on other than the fact her son was facing surgery bright and
early in the morning.

He’s going to be all right. She had to believe that. Her town pastor had encouraged her to be positive. Shivansh was in
God’s hands. She had to trust that this surgery to cure his heart problem would go flawlessly and he would be well.

Ragini Sharma. Is that you?” A man’s amused baritone boomed across the waiting room, at odds with the somber,
hushed tones around her.

To Be Continued……


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