swaragini – I am coming to you (os)


Guys, Balaji back with an Raglak Os. I didn’t give any pair scenes in my ff. so I write this os.

Let I start the it.
Ragini enters into MM and sees Dp sits in hall..
Ragini: Dad.. we won the contract..
Dp: I know it beta. Who can stop you from success?
Uttara: Bhabhi.. take coffee first after that you can talk.
Sanskar enters with a smile in his face.
Sanskar: hey chipkali.. where is my coffee?
Uttara: I don’t give coffee to Kumbkarn’s.
Sanskar: what?..Kumbkarn..
Sanskar starts to chase Uttara.
Ragini(smiles): Harray meri dost please leave her. Uttara is your behan.
Uttara hides behind Ragini and Sanskar try to catch her.
Ragini: Leave her Sanskar.
Sanskar: Rago.. she calls me Kumbkarn.
Ragini: you called her as chipkali.
Uttara shows tongue to Sanskar.

Sanskar: you escaped from me because of Ragini.
Ragini: Dad I am feel tired. I am going to my room.
Dp: Haan Beta..
Ragini: sanskar mom comes at night. Receive her at right time.
Sanskar: I will take care of it. Rago.
Ragini nods and goes to their room.RAGLAK room.
Ragini takes a bath and wears a red saree and sit before Dressing table. She starts to wear her jewels.
Ragini: Laksh, today we won contract. We will become no.1 in our industry within six months. Sanskar gave an excellent presentation. Even I cant’t expect this. And Uttara is going to marry my brother Aadi. Today I am very happy. I fulfilled part of your dream Laksh. but soon, I fulfil all your dreams.
Ragini sees Laksh with moist eyes. Laksh smiles in the photo and garlands decorates his photo.

Flashback Starts
It was the engagement day of Raglak.
Laksh put the ring in Ragini’s finger and pinch it without observing other’s attention.
Ragini blushes and Put ring in Laksh finger. Ragini raises her head and sees Laksh.
Laksh smiles and Ragini lost her in Laksh smile and both have an intense eyelock.
Swara taps Laksh shoulder.
Raglak breaks the eyelock and understands the surrounding.
Swara: jeju .. I know my sister is so beautiful. But we are also present here.
Laksh smiles.
Ragini: shone.. I think maa calls you.
Swara gives a look to Ragini.
Sanskar understands” I will take care of her, Bhai”
Sanskar drags Swara and Swara leaves the place with smile.
Swara: leave my hand . I can walk myself.
Sanskar drags her into topfloor.
Sanskar(knells): Swara, will you marry me?
Swara is shocked.

Sanskar: swara, I love you when I saw you first time. I love your innocence, your childishness, your care , your love andyour scare towards darkness. I love you all belongs to you, swara.
Swara sees his eyes and it shows his trustfulness and seriousness.
Swara: I love you too.(unknowingly)
Sanskar hugs swara and swara reciprocates it.
Raglak sits in chair.
Ragini wants to speak with Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh what is your dream?
Laksh: my dream is to rise my firm as no.1 in India. Then, I want to give peaceful and Luxurious life to my parents and Family. I wish to fulfill all my responsibilities. Leave it. what is your dream?
Ragini holds laksh hands” to support you in achieving your dream”
Laksh sees Ragini’s eyes” I am so lucky to have a wife like you. “
Laksh receives a call.” Kk. I am coming”
Laksh: Ragini I am sorry . I want to go. There is a small problem in company.
Ragini: it’s okay, Laksh.
Laksh leaves half heartedly.
After an hour, Ragini receives a message that Laksh is dead in car accident. His car fell down from cliff.
Ragini didn’t shed a single tears.

It’s the second day, after Laksh death.
Laksh photo in the middle and decorated by a garland. Everyone praises him.
Swaragini, Aadi and their parents also there.
Lady 1(points Ragini): she is cursed one. For just an engagement, she took away our laksh. if marriage is happened, then she would destroy the whole family.
Lady 2: yes. You are correct. Even after Laksh’s death, she didn’t cry. What a girl she is?
Lady 3:Shameless girl. Till she is sitting here.
Ap lost her patience.
Ap: you are come here for my son’s funeral. Not bad mouth about my Ragini. Take it in your mind. If my son is dead means, it’s his fate. It ‘s the mistake of that truck driver. Don’t dare to bad mouth about my rago. We are unlucky . she can’t become as my DIL. But she is my daughter now.
All the ladies shut their mouth.
Ragini holds Ap hands” Mom.. can I stay Laksh room?”
Ap(in mind): if she stay in Laksh’s room, she will feel better.
Ap nods.

Ragini goes to Laksh room.
Swaragini parents Leave the MM.
The next day,
Ragini comes outside and everyone takes their breakfast.
Everyone shocked to see Ragini in white dress . she looks like a young widow.
Swara and Aadi feels something different in Ragini.
Aadi: di.. its time to leave.
Ragini: Mom.. can I stay here?
Swara: Di, you can’t stay here.
Ragini: Mom.. I want to stay here as Laksh widow wife.
Everyone stands up.
Ap: Rago.. I can understand your pain.
Uttara: Bhabhi .. you have your life. Don’t spoil it.
Dp: please forget about my son. Move on your life.
Ragini steps backward” no no.. only Laksh and his dream is my life(shouts and faints)
Aadi and Swara: Di..
Everyone call her .
Aadi takes her to Laksh’s room.
Doctor comes here and Checks her.

Ap: Doctor how about she?
Doctor: she is very weak mentally and physically. She can’t bear any shock. If she have stress, it will definitely results in panic attack.
Everyone shocked.
Ap: already I lost my son. Now, my Rago life is also going to be wasted. What can I do?(cries)
Dp, Uttara, Sanskar tries to console her.
Swara and Aadi feels helpless.
Swara: Aunty, take care of sister.
Swara and Aadi leaves MM after Ragini wake up.
Flashback ends.

Ragini opens the wardrobe and takes one of Laksh shirt wears it and sleeps by hugging Laksh’s photo.
Days starts to roll,
It’s Aadi- Uttara’s marriage, it is very simple. Only Uttara’s and Aadi’s parents and very close relatives present there.
Ragini sits near Uttara and make her wear jewels.
Uttara: Bhabhi.. I want a promise from you
Ragini(smiles): what?
Uttara: you never leave MM.
Uttara places Ragini’s hand on her head.
Ragini: until my death, I should never leave MM.
Marriage rituals got over. It’s Uttara’s Bidaai.
But Uttara’s is not present here.
Ragini searches Uttara and find her in her room.
Ragini: uttara.. it’s your bidaai. I know leaving us is very difficult to you. but I swear Aadi will definitely care and love you. you never miss us.
At that time, Aadi is also come there.
Uttara: until you move on your life, we will never start our life and I will never leave this house.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: don’t play, Uttara. Aadi is waiting for you.
Aadi: she didn’t play di. she says our decision that’s all.
Ragini: don’t mess up your life with me. I am widow of Laksh.
Uttara: your marriage didn’t happen. You are not a widow.
Ragini: kk. Then it’s my decision. I came here to fulfill Laksh’s dream. I fulfilled all my Laksh’s dream. I will leave this house now.
Uttara(smiles): you promised on me that you will never leave this house.
Ragini(smirks): what an contradiction uttara? You said me that I should move on my life . at the same time, you never let me to go out of the house.

A voice of swara comes there.
Swara: she told that you should marry her bhai and also your friend Sanskar.
Ragini didn’t expect this.
Ragini runs to Laksh’s room.
Swara hides her tears.
Aadi: swara, you think that will di accept sanskar?
Swara: I should make her accept. We can give some time.
In Raglak room
Ragini: Laksh , why are they try to separating us? I can’t marry any other.(cries)
Ragini(determinate voice): I fulfilled all your dream. Now I am coming to you laksh.
Ragini takes sleeping pills and ate it.
At the same time,
A person enters the MM.
Ap , DP and Ragini’s parents are tensed to know Ragini’s decision.
A voice comes there” Maa…”
Everyone is shocked.

Laksh stands in entrance with the smile in his face and extends his hand.
Dp and Ap, uttara and Sanskar run to near him and hugs him.
Ap: we think that you are dead. Where you go?
Laksh: Maa.. I escaped last minute. But I hurt in head. Few days before, I recovered from Coma. She is Dr.Lavanya. She helped me to recover. We are very grateful to her.
Lavanya: Bhai..it’s not like that.
Laksh sees Ragini’s parents.
Laksh: Maa.. Ragini is also there? I want to see her.
Dp: she is in your room.
Laksh goes to his room and sees Ragini is lying over bed.
Laksh goes near Ragini “ Rago..”
Ragini is in tablet’s effect and misunderstands that she is dead.
Ragini: finally…I… rea…ched… you… Laksh..(stammers)
Laksh feels something different and sees empty sleeping tablet bottle.
Laksh shakes Ragini” why you did this, Rago? Why?”
Laksh takes Ragini in his hand and goes to hall.
All are worried by seeing Ragini’s condition.
Ap: Laksh.. what happened to Rago?
Laksh:Maa.. she ate Sleeping pills.
Aadi takes car and Laksh puts Ragini in car and they rushes to hospital.
All others follows them in another car.
Swara and Uttara cries badly and put blame on them.
Ap tries to console them but she also so worried.
Laksh admits Ragini in emergency ward.

After an hour,Doctor comes out of ward.
Doctor: she is safe now.
Laksh sits in nearby chair.
Laksh: Maa. Why she do this?
Ap explains all.
Laksh goes near uttara and sanskar.
Uttara and Sanskar nods their head down due to guilt.
Sanskar(in mind): Bhai definitely misunderstand me.
Laksh hugs them.
Laksh: Sanskar.. Uttara.. both take a correct decision. now I am alive. but if I am not alive…
Sanskar holds Laksh mouth and Laksh removes his hand” Ragini should move on her life. You struggled for her life. Even Sanskar, you sacrificed your love for family”
Sanskar: bhai.. how do you know?
Laksh: I am your bhai..Laksh. I know everything about you.
Sanskar hugs Laksh more tighter” Don’t leave me bhai. I missed you so much”

After few minutes,
Ragini wake up and Laksh enters the ward.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh: haan Ragini.. I am alive.
Ragini: Laksh.. and touches his cheeks.
Laksh: why did you love me this much, Rago?
Ragini:I can’t know Laksh. you are my life.
Laksh holds her hand” don’t dare to do it again Rago.”
Ragini wipes Laksh’s tears.
Uttara and Swara enters ward.
Uttara: Bhabhi you are so selfish. Do you remember me one time before taking that decision?
Swara: the guilt definitely kill us.we should even commit suicide because of can’t bear the guilt. Why you did this di?
Both kneels down and cries.
Ragini tries to console them .

After some days,
There is a marriage.
Ragini and Laksh sits in Mandap.
Laksh fills Ragini’s mang and make her wear Mangalsutra.
A single tear escaped from Ragini’s eyes due to happiness.
Raglak takes saptapathi and all the marriage rituals get over.
Then Sanskar and Swara married.
After some hours,
Ragini sits in her bed.
Laksh comes there and takes her gungatt.
Ragini stares her Laksh’s smile in Real, again.

Guys, hope you like it. Positive and negative comments are also welcome.

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