SwaraginI (colourful love life) episode 2


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So here is the story ,
I am getting ready for my collage with excitement and much more nervous ….I am a bit shy type I don’t get involved with everyone early as my sis ……
I don’t have friends ….but only one …
Utters she is my very close friend ……from UKG
We studied together and are gonna go to same collage …she knows all my secrets and as same type …our families are good friends …..nope they r best friends….
OK OK I need to be confident now …..I am going down ….to have breakfast ….
@dining hall
Sumi : good morning swara….
Shekhar : good morning swara

Swara : good morning ma .and papa…
Swara is wearing red sleeveless top with black short skirt below knee and made her hair French braid with spectacles …she is looking gorgeous
She starts arranging the plates and spoons …..
Sumi : where is ragini
Swara : Di is still sleeping ma..
Shekhar : still she didn’t leave this habit
Sumi : offo……this girl when she will learn to wake up early ??
Swara nods ..
Sumi : u go wake ur sis ..
Swara : ma no …. (swaragini have separate rooms )(and Swara is scared of ragini)
Sumi : beta she is ur sis she won’t bite u …..

Swara : ma plz …
Sumi : OK ….she calls a servant and informs them to go …
Swara gives a small smile …
@ragini room ..
A girl is shown sleeping covered with blanket ..
The room looks like boys not girls ..the bookcase is not arranged properly ..wall is blue and red colour …..
With her photos frames ……with a beanbag on the left side and wardrobe on right side …..with a vanity attached
And a couch at centre ……
Maid : ragini mam ….Sumi mam told to wake u up….
Ragini : no way I wanna sleep wake me after 10-15mins ….
Maid : but ..
Ragini : I said go ..

The maid leaves …
Ragini wakes up …
She freshens up and comes down …
She is wearing red half trouser with blue top sleeveless …..and opened her hair …
She came wearing headset around her neck ..and tab in hand …
Sumi : here she came ..
Ragini : good morning mom ….dad …
Shekhar : good morning …

Sumi : come have breakfast …
Swara sits next to Sumi …and ragini sits next to Shekhar ….
Ragini : mom what’s this …..aloo paratha and butter …
Sumi : everyday u eat want to eat this bread and all …at least on Monday eat this …our traditional
Food ..
Ragini : mom ..if I eat this I will become moti like Swara ….and ugly ..
Shekhar (angry) : ragini (guys Swara is very cute just like in serial ..ragini is teasing her and Swara is not fat ..simply bubbly OK )
Swara eats fast and leaves …
Swara : bye mom ..bye dad ..
Sumi and Shekhar : bye Swara …
Shekhar : ragini u also go now ..
Ragini : OK bye dad …bye mom …

Ragini goes her gang fab 5 …
Her gang includes sanskar, laksh, kavya ,kavitha and ragini
Ragini : hey guys …
Sanky : hey hotty ….
Ragini : hey handsome ..
Sanky is a flirt type …..a cool type ….jolly type
Lucky : hi babe ….. (laksh and ragini are in a relationship ..which their parents are unaware)
Ragini hugs ..laksh …
Kavya : today freshers are coming …..
Kavitha : so we need to show them who fab 5 are ….

Ragini : correct …
Swara and sara enter
Swara feels the nature …..the birds sound …..
Sanky feels something …… (he didn’t see swara but also …)

Precap : will ragini tease swara ? …..

How was it guys ….hope u all like it ….

Credit to: Dolly

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    i hope u want mind giving my idea to u

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