Hi all of u!!! i m rakshana maha’s bestiee i think someone know me because of maha and this is the first time i m writing something because maha insits me to write but i told her that i ll write for only one time. So here is our story this contains five episodes only n this on both the pairs swasan & raglak.


Chennai,morning 9 am

A girl sitting on the bed holding her baby bumb . She is 6 months pregnent . She was reading a magazine just than she feels something in her tummy…she gets happy n calls her husband

Girl : laksh……laksh come soon

A young man of mid 20s rushes out from the washroom

Lak : ragini what happen…are u alright

He goes towards ragini he was looking tensed but ragini was smiling like a mad.

Lak : ragini what happened why r u smiling now.

She signs him to sit beside her.she takes his hand n placed it on her baby bump.both r silent suddenly laksh feels it yes their baby kicks for the first time…happy tears starts to roll down from both of their cheeks.

Lak : ragini….ou….our baby kicked na………………..!!!!!!!!!

Ragini tearfully nods….laksh cups her face n kisses on her forehead.

Rag : laksh our baby kicked laksh………..!!!!! Being a mother i feel like now i m in heaven.

Lak : ragini when will our baby come to us…………

Suddenly again baby kicks…
Both smiles n laksh kisses on ragini’s baby bump

Lak : oh my baby are u waiting to come out…….!!!!! Dont worry beta just three months then u will be in my arms forever………………….

Ragini wipes her tears

Rak : acha laksh its late na u go n get ready for office

Lak : haan idho….

By saying this he again kissed on her bump and leaves to washroom.ragini smiles at his act n again starts to read the magazine .laksh comes out after sometime he goes to ragini and gives a peck in her forehead n leaves to office…..


Bangalore : same time

A beautiful couple sleeping peacefully in eo embaress..anyone can say that they r newly married…and this is their first day together their marriage happened yesterday only. As sun rays reaches inside the room the girl cuddles more on her husband’s bare chest

Girl : sanskar please go and close the window na…..this sun is disturbing my sleep…..!!!!

San : swara please u go na.

Swa : go……!!!!!

San : swara i m feeling sleepy u go……////

By saying this he turns to the another side . This is enough for swara.she getsup goes towards the window and opens all the curtains in the room.sanskar covers him with the comforter.swara give him a “what the hell ” look n goes to him . She starts to pull his comforter.

Swa : getup sanskar…how can u sleep while i m awake…arghh getup…

She pulled his blanket with full force but sanskar caught her drags her towards him by this she falls on him…he hugs her

San : then na chellam who disturbes u…..!!!!!

Swa : while pushing him ) no wake up sanskar…

San : swara if u dont let me sleep than u have to face the upcomings……..!!!!!

Swa : what will be the upcoming haan comeon getup…

San : ok if u r ready than i dont have any problem

By saying this sanskar came on top of swara now she was under him he looks into her eyes…

San : i said na u have to face the upcomings…

Swara said nothing she just closed her eyes for giving permission to her hubby.sanskar smiles at her n thought to tease her. He first kisses her nose tip then her cheeks…she was expecting him on her lips but he withdraws him from her lays beside her. Swara was like……aftersometime she understands that he was teasing her..she getsup and turns him and without giving any heed to him she captured his lips it was passionate one sanskar was enjoying his wife’s
Bold attire.they engrossed in their love making………..


Here i finished the first part actually i try to give importance to both the pairs and this is just like a intro for their life style and i want to clear that in this story both swasan n raglak dont know eachother this stry will say that how a people of diffrent kinds going to meet eo n dont know what destiny has planned for them……keep laughing god bless u all and a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL…..

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