Swaragini….Choose the story and couple (SwaSan/RagLak/RagSan/SwaLak)

Merry Christmas to everyone reading , God Bless you…

Hello friend , Myself Piyali , SO as New Year is coming so I am thinking to write an OS , I have got three different ideas in my mind for the same but I am not sure as to which one to write and to write on whom (I can write only one) so I am here with this question , Ok , I’ll give a short description of each story and then you all can tell me through your comments as to which story and on which character of Swaragini do you want them on , the one which gets maximum support would be selected so here goes the description.

1 The Unlucky Petals :
She looked at another Unlucky Petal of a beautiful flower that she broke laying in front of her, “ I am a reason for everyone’s sadness.” She thought sadly as a drop if tears escaped her eyelids.
He looked towards the bar of the jail he is confined within , “ I can see anything but hatred in your eyes , No…I can’t” He said as he cried.
A Man held a photo in his hand , “ I love you and I promise you , My every smile is yours and your every tear mine….” He smiled.
Ok, so this OS has one main girl and two main boys , well every character is strong but there is one couple so suggest me the lead couple if you want this OS and the other couple will be decided on its own.
2 The Jewelled Rainbow:
She is a Drama Queen , He is the King.
They both tied in a relationship by Destiny or say their Parents.
What happens when they marry , World War 3 or Love Ki tayaari?
Born Again once they are dead , Ek aur bar Shuru Hui Pyaar Ki kahani….
Yeh Story Hai Simple yaa Hai thodi Tede , Janane Ke Liye Ppadhni Padhege.
Ok , I am not good at Poems but the story has two journeys , one as a King-Queen and other present so you need to select one couple for past and one or present if you select this story.
And yup friends you can select it only for example SwaSan –RagLak or RagSan-SwaLak not as RagSan-SwaSan.
I hope am clear.
3 The Left Vow..:
The whole crowd at the function was looking at her but she was looking towards him, deep into his eyes while his eyes were looking towards to one he was talking to.
Unknown to anyone , a drop of years escaped her eye as she kept staring at him. She moved her face towards other side.
She is cold , angry , devious ; he is cute , innocent , lovable…what happens when their destiny interacts or should I say is revealed to be already interacted?
So this is the third story , quite simple , for for only 1 couple if you want this story.
So here are the three suggestions , you all can select 1 story and then only 1 kind of couples on it and I’ll start writing OS from tomorrow evening , means 26th evening so I’ll select the story and couple that has maximum support till then.
Merry Christmas again….
May Santa Claus give you a lot of gifts…..
Love you all………………………………………………………
Be happiest……………………………………………………………………


  1. Piyali



    Whole Votes count…..well just to clarify , I have taken votes combined of IF and TU….I’ll check it , if any story has two couples chances than I’ll post the same story on two different couples…

    The Unlucky Petals (RagLak) 11
    The Unlucky Petals( SwaSan) 6
    The Unlucky Petals (SwaLak) 1

    The Unlucky Petals(RagSan) 2

    The Jewelled Rainbow (RagLak-SwaSan) 4

    The Jewelled Rainbow(SwaLak-RagSan) 3

    The Left Vow( SwaSan) 40

    The Left Vow( RagLak) 16

    The Left Vow( RagSan) 17

    The Left Vow(SwaLak) 1

    The Jewelled Rainbow(SwaSan-RagLak) 6

  2. Piyali



    So I have taken a combined votes of 107 and out of which The Left Vow SwaSan has the biggest support of 40 (In percentage:37.74) So I’ll write that story……..thanks for voting to everyone…….Love you all…….be happy…….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.