Swaragini (Charlie Ka Daddy Kaun?) One Shot



The story starts with two boys sleeping, one of them is 24 while the other one is 22. One of the boys has a magazine covering his face with his arms on his stomach while the other one is sleeping on his stomach and with his arms flat on the bed and one leg out and the other one covered with a blanket.

Suddenly they hear a cry, one of the boys who is 22 wakes up in shock and the Magazine falls off his face, his face is covered with flour and he is wearing a pink head band. “Offo! Now what does he want?” The boy huffed and walked towards the door, his eyes then caught the mirror, he looks at himself and screams. The other boy who is 24 wakes up shockingly and looks around while saying “What happened? Wh…” His eyes then catch the other boy and he screams too, “Bhoot! Bhoot! Bacaho!” He grabs the blanket and hides under it and starts saying things to himself.

The boy that was 22 came out of the shock and looked at the other boy and said “Bhai, chill it’s only me…itne bade Ho Chuke Ho aur abhi bhi bachon jaisi harkataen kar rahe Ho (you’re so big and you’re still acting like a kid)….I don’t know how this happened” he then touched his face.
They hear the cry again, the boy pulls the blanket down and also comes out of the shock and says “Ever since he came…he has ruined our day, night and peace!” He then falls back and looks up with both of his hands under his head and arm pointing out.
“Bhai, I’m going to get changed till then you go to him” the boy then rushes to the washroom before the boy that’s 24 says anything, and the boy that’s 24 looks on and says to himself “Sanskaar, you have to get up now, oh god help us” by saying this he stands up and lets out a sigh.

“Laksh ke bache…come out and I’ll sort you out!” Sanskaar shouts while Laksh shouts back “Sorry Bhai… If you were ready to go anytime then I would have a bath everyday!” Sanskaar has no choice but to go out so before leaving he says ” Haa, it’s good to have a bath, anyways you need it the most!” He then laughs a little and leaves.

(The boy that is 24 is Sanskaar and the boy that is 22 is Laksh)

After a while… :
Laksh comes out draped in a towel, his smiling face is shown, his smile then disappears when Sanskaar shouts “Laksh! Go out and buy some food and some stuff…you know what I mean!” Laksh then moans and says “I’m so young and this big responsibility has come upon us…especially me…oh god! What happened and why?” He then gets changed and starts putting cologne and deodorant on, he’s wearing a maroon shirt with black chinos and a black bomber jacket, he starts fixing his hair and then sits down and gets his shoes out, “Bhaaaaaaii!” He shouts angrily and upsettingly. Sanskaar rushes there and says “What happened Lucky?”
“Look Bhai, he ruined my shoes…my Nike air…max…Bhai!” Laksh makes a face and sits back,
Sanskaar walks up to him and says “Don’t wo….” He slips on the Babana peel and falls on the floor.
Sanskaar then angrily says “What the hell?!” Laksh says “Exactly!” Sanskaar manages to get up and glares at Laksh, “It was you! You were the one who was eating a Banana yesterday! It’s just a small stain, give it to me and I’ll wipe it” Sanskaar forwards his hand and Laksh gives him one shoe and puts the other one down. “What about the other one?” Sanskaar says while looking down at his other shoe.

Sanskaar wipes the small dot and gives it to Laksh, he smiles and says “Thanks Bhai…but do you actually think I’m going to wear them now?.” Laksh laughs, and says “now where are your maroon vans?”

Sanskaar sighs and walks toward the cupboard.
He gets a key out of his pocket.

Laksh is looking at Sanskaar weirdly. ” Bhai, who needs a key to get a pair of shoes out”
Sanskaar gives him a dirty look.

He proceeds to open the cupboard and gets out another key.

Laksh peers over Sanskaars shoulder to look at the cupboard.

Sanskaar uses the key to open a locker, in that locker is another box.
Sanskaar takes the box out and types in a pin.
The box opens and Laksh looks on.
“Bhai! Just for a pair of shoes you put it in a safe!”

“So? they’re the most precious and I have no choice but to hide it from you because you eat up all my shoes!” Sanskaar walks towards Laksh and unwillingly gives it to Laksh, Laksh takes the shoes out and starts to wear it and says “Thanks Bhai..you saved my respect…my image…my reputation and my name…thank bahi, if you weren’t there then….” Sanskaar cuts in between and says
“Yeah sure..stop buttering me up! Now go and get the items!” Laksh makes a face and then eventually nods. “I want them now or in a bit…not in an hour” Laksh replies with “Okay Bhai but….”

The door bell rings and Sanskaar goes and opens the door, a girl turns and say “Uh hello, is this…” She stops and looks at Sanskaar, she awkwardly looks at him, Sanskaar says “Yes? You was saying something….? The girl then turns around and says “Either you don’t wear trousers or you forgot to wear some today…?” Sanskaar then looks down and sees that he is only wearing grey boxers and hides behind the door, he gets embarrassed and says “Uh…..” Just then Laksh shouts “Bhai! This boy is getting on my nerves!” Sanskaar looks back while the girl turns around too, Laksh then huffs and comes out, he is walking towards the door while wiping custard of his face. Laksh looks up and says “What do you want? Donation? No we don’t have any money, sorry! Pata Nahi Kaise Kaise log aa jate hai Moh Utah ke! (I don’t know what type of people come here holding their head high?) they don’t have shame and….” Before Laksh could complete his sentence the girl slaps him. Sanskaar gets shocked and Laksh still has his face to the side, the girl then says “I don’t know what type of people you are! Giving fake ID and asking for roommates! Without knowing anything you shouldn’t accuse and you know what, it was my fault that I came up here! I was only here to ask if this is Saraswati and Lakshmis residential place but you…!” The girl storms off.

Sanskaar then confusingly says “Saraswati and Lakshmi? Lucky what going on?” Laksh then realises and says “Shit! Bhai, I…I put our names as Saraswati and Lakshmi so that girls can come and help us take care of that boy, because we know that it’s not in our hands and she came… Bhai I’ll catch you later!” By saying this Laksh rushes out. (Note that they live in flat.) Sanskaar close the door and walks to the room and says “Lucky bhi Na!”

Sanskaar enter the room and sees custard splat on the wall and a little boy who is 2 years old covered with custard and putting custard on the spoon and splatting it around, the custard flies and hits Sanskaars face, he closes his eyes and gets angry but folds his fist to control his anger. Sanskaar then says “Now I think Lucky made the right decision by naming us Saraswati and Lakshmi! At least we would have care taker for him!” Sanskaar walks out and goes in the kitchen.

Scene shifts to Laksh, he looks around and also says “How could she slap me? Once I get to her then…I spare leave her! Where is she?!” Laksh then walks outside the building and looks around, he sees a girl walking with another girl and thinks “Is that her? What is she isn’t? Let me just check” Laksh goes there and stops the girl, the girl says “Tum?! Now what do you want? Weren’t you happy by insulting me that you want to insult me more?” The other girl says “Swara, calm down, let him say what he wants to say first” Swara then says “Ragini…you don’t know these types of people, they put fake ID on the Internet to fool innocent girls like us….we are so….” Laksh then shouts “Chup!” Swara and Ragini look at him, he then says ” Are you done? Can I speak now?” Swara nods yes, Laksh “Even you slapped me..what was that? And you’re innocent? Anyways I want to say that we need you” Swara gets shocked and says “Chee! I though you were shareef (decent) but you’re worser than them….” Laksh looks at Ragini and says “Oh god..is she always like this?” Ragini nods yes and then says “Why do you need us? I mean…” Laksh then says “Come with me and then you would find out everything and we would tell you what happened…” Ragini looks at Swara and Swara nods no, “But we came all the way from Dehli to Kolkata for no reason and…..” Ragini looks at Laksh, Swara then says “Yaa I know but…but you trust people so easily, you can’t do that…he might not be that decent…” Ragini then smiles and says “If they have a valid reason then we would accept it, Haa?” Swara then thinks and nods and says “Done and if not then we will not Haa?” Ragini smiles and nods too.

They reach the flat, Ragini knocks on the door, Laksh says “Bhai must be in there and…” Ragini looks on and says “I thought that it was only you..” Laksh then smiles and says “Don’t forget Saraswati..” Swara then says “Are your names actually Saraswati and Lakshmi?” Laksh fake smiles and nods yes. Laksh then knocks on the door again and Sanskaar shouts “The doors open!” Ragini feels uncomfortable hearing his voice. Laksh pushes the door open and enters, Sanskaar is chopping some vegetable in the kitchen, without looking up he says “Lucky, have they…” Ragini enters and Sanskaar puts his eyes a little up by hearing the sound of her anklets, she then moves forward again and her other anklet makes sound, Sanskaar hears this and looks slowly up, he sees her purple Anarkali suit which was ankle length and he looked up at her lips, then her eyes that were looking down and avaoiding eye contact, the her hair that were open and flying back, then her earnings and then eventually her face, he gets mesmerised seeing her and smiles. A tune plays in the background, (the tune from Aashiqui 2 with no lyrics) Sanskaar not in his senses accidentally cuts his finger and says Aah, he then puts the knife down and sees blood dripping out of his finger, seeing blood on Sanskaars finger, Ragini quickly rushes there and takes his finger and starts blowing on it Sanskaar looks at her. Laksh then says “Bhai, careful!” Ragini realises and moves a little back.

Swara is still at the doorstep and is blabbering stuff to her self, she then closes her eyes and folds her hands and says “Oh god, help us, protect us and bless us” Swara then opens her eyes and unfolds her hands and enters. Laksh turns around and sees her, he then forces a smile and says “Are you going to stay there tonight? Come in and close the door!” Laksh then nods his head side to side and turns back, Swara gets imaginations and gets shocked. Laksh then says while having his back faced towards her “Should I come there or…?” Swara hurriedly closes the door after moving her and Raginis luggage.

They hear a cry which irritates Laksh, “Ignore that sound!” Laksh said while looking at Sanskaar but Sanskaar was too busy looking at Ragini, Swara then looks at Laksh and says “Why? Who is that anyways?” Laksh ignores her, Ragini turns around and let’s go of Sanskaars finger after wiping the blood and putting plaster on which was in the kitchen drawer.
Swara gets suspicious and says “I want to see now…I’m going” Swara walks towards the sound. Ragini then follows, Sanskaar and Laksh get worried and Sanskaar stands near Laksh and says “What will happen now?” Laksh then says “They wanted it..”
Swara opens the door and Ragini stands near her, the room is dark, Ragini holds on to Swaras arm, Swara leans in and puts the light on, Swara and Ragini then get shocked seeing a 2 yr old boy sitting on the chair. “Baba…black sheep!” The boy gets excited and claps, Ragini and Swara then turn around and look at Sanskaar and Laksh, Swara angrily says “You two are so mean! You locked a two year old baby in a dark room! Even their real parents wouldn’t do that but you two..? Disgusting!” Sanskaar then says “No it’s not like what you see..” Ragini cuts his words and says ” I think you were right Swara…they’re not that decent at all….I can’t believe they torture a innocent 2 year old…unbelievable!” Laksh laughs and says “Innocent? You would regret staying with him for a minuet so forget a second!”

Sanskaar the says “It’s not like that…we don’t even know him…we..ugh, he’s a nightmare!” Swara and Raginj look at each other, Swara gulps and says “So you kidnap babies and….” Laksh cuts in between and says “Offo! You take the wrong meaning over everything! At least listen to the story…anyways Bhai, have you washed him?” Sanskaar nods yes, he makes a face and says “I had to clean as well, now I know why you ran out!” Ragini says while looking at Sanskaar “Who is he and what is all this..?” Sanskaar then says “Take a seat and we would tell you” Swara and Ragini leave the door open and sit down, Laksh jumps on the sofa and lies back, Sanskaar sits next to Laksh and Swara and Ragini sit opposite to them.

Sanskaar starts telling and it goes into a flashback when it was a nice sunny evening, Sanskaar and Laksh reach their house after they had visited to the beach, Laksh opens door, they then enter and go to their room, after it turned night they come out to have dinner sent by the other neighbours. Before they could have their first bite peacefully a door bell rang three times which ruined their eating moment, Sanskaar and Laksh then argue about whose going to go open the door and Sanskaar finally had enough and gets up and goes to open the door. He looks out and sees no one but suddenly hears a baby and looks down, the baby walks in the house and looks around, Laksh also stands and gets shocked to see the baby, they started to ask the baby questions about his mom and dad but the baby looked innocent and Sanskaar melted, and said to let him stay till they find out about his family, they then see a note on the baby’s bag and read it, it says ‘Saale, Kutte, handle your baby! You’re fond of getting girls pregnant? Now take the responsibility!’ Laksh and Sanskaar get shocked and look at each other. End of Flashback.

Swara and Ragini look at each other and get shocked,
Laksh then annoyingly says “It’s been 2 days since he has irritated us and…ugh! I wish I could kick him out!” Swara asks “Are you two real brothers?” Sanskaar nods yes and says “Blood brothers” Swara then says “Who do you think is the babies father?” Sanskaar looks at Laksh and Laksh says “Quit looking at me! I already told you it’s not mine! Maybe but I’m not sure…” Swara nods her head to side to side, Ragini looks at Sanskaar, Swara then says “Who’s is it?” Laksh and Sanskaar then think, Sanskaar then remembers and widens his eyes, Laksh also remembers and says “No wonder that SALA went away…In fact ran way!” Ragini asks “Who?” Laksh and Sanskaar both say “Aryaman”
Laksh then says ” I have a suspicion that he’s Bhais son..” Sanskaar looks at Laksh, Swara asks “Did any of you ever have girlfriends?” Sanskaar nods no while Laksh thinks, Laksh then says “Yh but I lost count.” Swaras mouth opens, Sanskaar then says “You were worser than Aryaman” Swara asks “Who is Aryaman?” Laksh says “Our old room mate you disappeared and said he was going to a holidays..” Swara and Ragini nods, Swara says “Do you want us to help you take care of…what’s his name?” Laksh and Sanskaar look at each other, Laksh says “Yes, we would like you to help us take care of him and we don’t know what his name is” Ragini says “Charlie” Sanskaar and Laksh look at her, Ragini then says “We can call him Charlie until we know what his name would be….” Swara nods yes and Sanlak think and nod yes.

After a while Swaragini start taking to the baby, they share a separate room, Sanlak in 1 and Swaragini in the other. Charlie (the baby) stays in a separate room. Sanlak and Swaragini start being friends….they start caring for the baby and months later they become close to the baby, Sanskaar works and Laksh just goes out to do a little work….Laksh then starts liking the baby and Swara…..3 months later:

Charlie is playing with Ragini, Sanskaar comes back from work with Laksh, Swara comes back with bags full of toys and clothes for Charlie, Laksh feels attached with Charlie. “Charlie! Call me Papa…!” They look at Laksh in shock, Swara says “So he’s your son?” Sanskaar then says “Thank god you accepted….I still feel ur lying” Laksh then says “Duh! He’s not my son, I just want him to call me something! You all are just mad” Sanskaar looks at Ragini and says “Thank you, if it wasn’t for you then we wouldn’t have got so close to Charlie” Ragini nods okay and Swara coughs loud, Sanskaar then says “Yes you too, thank you Swara.” Swara says “Welcome” while Laksh says “What did she do? Like she done something big!” Swara glares and him, Swara then says “Tum ne kaun sa teer mara? (What did you strike?) you done nothing too!” Laksh glares at Swara. Sanskaar says “Stop you two, sometimes I feel like you two are the children not him” Laksh smiles and says “Dil toh Bachcha hai Ji” Sanskaar smiles at Ragini and she smiles and looks down, Sanskaar then holds Charlie.

Sanskaar and Laksh are playing with Charlie while Ragini is cooking, Swara wakes up and comes out and says “Ragini, I need to talk to you.” Ragini nods yes and they go in the room, Swara says “When would you tell them the truth?” Tears fall out of Raginis eyes and Ragini sits on the bed and says “I don’t know…he doesn’t remember…” Swara then sits next to her and turns her towards herself and says “Ragini…you need to tell them and that’s how they would remember! You need to tell him that Charlie is your child and his!” Sanlak are at the door and are shocked (Swara or Ragini didn’t shut the door). Ragini then tells her “There’s no point. Because of your Zid I came here but now…” Swara says “Then tell me what happened”

Ragini looks at Swara and starts telling her, it goes into a flashback of 2 years ago:
Ragini and Sanskaar met at a party, Sanskaar started to talk to her and started liking her, then they started spending time together, then the second day there was a party so Sanskaar invited Ragini, Sanskaar and Ragini then reached there and Sanskaar accidentally drank the drink that was spiked and lost his senses, he also started telling Ragini his feelings and Ragini smiles, then it started to rain so Ragsan spent a night together as it was heavy raining and the only hotel that was nearby had one room left, then they made love and when Ragini woke up he was gone. She searched everywhere but he left her and she felt betrayed and hurt. End of flashback.

“Then tell him that he’s the father of this baby! You can’t ignore that we came all the way here for this, we wanted him to realise that he made a mistake so that’s why we we brought Charlie here and at his doorstep, then you didn’t want to leave him alone so we waited for 2 days and I wrote that note okay I’m not going to lie but still he deserved it.” Sanlak are shocked and look at each other, Sanskaar then looks at Charlie who was playing on the tablet while sitting on the sofa and says “He’s my son?” Laksh and Sanskaar then walk up to Charlie, Sanskaar hugs him and tears fall out of his eyes, the he gets some flashes flashing and remembers that he was found near the lake and when he woke up his head felt heavy he thinks why didn’t he remember Ragini. He then thinks that that’s why Ragini rushed to him and she couldn’t see him in pain when he cut his finger. Laksh says “Bhai…he’s your child…that’s why…what? Was that in Dehli when you went for a trip?” Sanskaar nods yes and says “I made such a big mistake and I didn’t know…how? She must have went through a lot..”
Sanskaar then stands up and wipes his tears, he goes to the door and knocks, Ragini and Swara get shocked to see him there, Sanskaar says “I have heard everything, you don’t need to hide it!” Ragini stands up in shock. “Now what do you want?! Are you happy?” Swara said angrily.

“Ragini, I want to talk to you in private” Sanskaar said while looking at Swara, Swara looks at Ragini and Ragini nods, Swara goes out and Sanskaar shuts the door. He faces towards Ragini, he walks up to Ragini and says “How can I believe that he’s my son? What proof do you have?” Ragini gets shocked and looks at Sanskaar, Sanskaar in his head says that if she slaps me then she’s telling the truth, if she doesn’t and makes excuses then she isn’t telling the truth. Slap me!
“You don’t have to believe me!” Ragini says this and was about to leave when Sanskaar stops her and says “I don’t have to believe you? You’re right but….” Ragini had enough and slaps him, Sanskaar smiles. “Disgusting! You’re asking for proof? You don’t even remember me, that’s how true your love was and now when you got your responsibilities you’re backing out, you know what…I’m leaving, I don’t need to stay here with my child, I though you have rights to know but..” Ragini huffs and was about to leave when Sanskaar holds her elbow and pulls her towards him and says “I love you Ragini…..not from today but from the first day you came here…maybe at that time I was not in my senses but I love you…” Ragini stands there shocked and tears fall out of her eyes. He wipes her tears and hugs her. He then breaks the hug and kisses her forehead she closes her eyes,
(Moh Moh ke dhage…female version plays in the background..)
“But Sanskaar…” Before Ragini could complete her sentence Sanskaar says “Shhh” and puts his finger on her lips. Sanskaar then kisses her neck which makes Ragini shiver, she then pushes Sanskaar and Sanskaar moves back, she runs to the door and opens it and goes out while smiling and Sanskaar looks on shocked.

Swara comes and says “If you want my sister then you have to marry her!” Swara leaves and Sanskaar smiles.

Then after few days Ragsan get married, “They look so cute…when would it be us?” Laksh said while nudging Swara, Swara smiles and looks down and says “Soon..if you want to marry me.” Laksh smiles “How about today?” Swara says “Not today, maybe in a week…no actually 10 years later” Laksh says “10 years later? By that time I might not survive and..” Swara puts her hands on his mouth to cover it and says “Will you leave your Swara and go?” Laksh nods no and smiles and hugs her and he hugs her back, Sanskaar says “Rishta Pakka?” Laksh ignores him and smiles while Swara hides her face in Lakshs chest because she’s embarrassed and Ragini smiles.
Sanskaar holds Charlie and the photographer takes photos and the photos of Swalak, Ragsan and Charlie are shown and it ends on their smiling faces.

The end‼️

This is my first time writing an OS, I hope you like it….. Thank you.

Credit to: Halima

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