SWARAGINI…..(chapter 6)


This is the sixth chapter of my ff.thnx for your love and support
Sanskaar looks lovingly at laksh and then says”bhai….i love u’
Laksh looks on suspiciously and then asks,’kya kaam hai bhai?’
‘mujhe swara se milne jana hai’
‘itni raat ko…..have u gone mad,we will get into problem and by the way tomorrow we are going to gadodia house’
‘pls laksh…’
‘ok bhai but we don’t even know their room’
‘call ragini ….she will help us’
‘ragini ,no way I am not gonna call her’
Sanskaar gives an emotional look to laksh and he finally agrees
Swaragini is sleeping .suddenly ragini phone rings .she picks up the phone
“hello!!”she says in a sleepy tone
‘hey..i am laksh…bhai wants to meet swara’
‘yes ,he wants to clear all misunderstanding’
‘ok….come to the park near our home’
She disconnects the call and wakes up swara
‘Swara…wake up’
‘what happened ragini?’
‘swara,my locket is lost..pls helpme find it.I tink i have dropped it at the city park’
‘ragini,i am damn sleepy .we willfind it tomorrow’
Ragini pretends to cry.
Swara finally agrees
Swaragiini enters and find sanlak there
Swara:what are u guys doing here
Sanskaar:Swara pls listen to me once
Swara is about to go but ragini pleads to swara to listen him once for her sake.Swara agrees
Sanskaar gives a rose to her and apologises to her
‘swara i told everything to dp and he have agreed for our marriage .pls swara forgive me,i love u alot .i promise i will protect you from everthing’. With this he takes a ring from her pocket.Swara hugs him tightly and sanskaar makes her wear the ring.raglak clap.swasan gets shy

Marriage preparations begin

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