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SWARAGINI…..(chapter 5)


Thnx for liking my ff.
Next day both ragini and swara goes to mall .Swara is wearing white suit while ragini is wearing white midi frock.Sanlak enters the same mall.Both are wearing casual tshirt and jeans.Swaragini and sanlak goes to the same mall .swasan sees each other
‘hi!!”sanskaar said
“i did’nt knew u were coming here otherwise i would have picked u”
‘thanks….anyway i came with my sister and u??”
“my brother”
Both ragini and laksh comes from opposite side and see each other
“you!!”ragini said in a scornful tone
“are u following me??”
“why would i follow u ,u idiot”
They both starts fighting.swasan sees them and run towards them i order to stop their fight
‘Both of u stop’sanskaar shouts
Sanskaar introduces himself as lakshya and lakshya as sanskaar-his brother and both swara and ragini introduces themselves.all of them sit .Sanskaar sees swara and thinks not to keep her in dark anymore.
Sanskaar finally holds her hand and say,’Swara ,i love u and i want to grow old with u’swara blushes’but i cannot lie to u anymore’.Swaragini looks at him suspectfully’i am not lakshya….i am sanskaar”.swaraginilooks on shockingly.
Laksh who was watching all this finally saya,’sorry swara,i did’nt wanted to hurt u…u are a nice girl but i did’nt wanted to get married to a girl whom i don’t love.sanskaar loves u alot pls forgive her’.swara sees sanskaar in disbelief and goes from there.Ragini looks on

Sanskaar tells dp…swasan moments


Credit to: ridhi

  1. Hope next epi will be good

  2. Good effort dear! But please make it long…..
    Continue please…

  3. Good.. plz continue

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