Swaragini Chapter 3 swasan and raglak jodi (The Unknown Twist) – by namratha

hello!!..guys i want to clear that ..i love swasan and raglak.. dears…so iam totally into my story ..i have already mentioned it ….so dont think that iam writting this half heartedly honeys…iam totally into this story of swasan and raglak..and iam excited to write about them too..soo sit back and read it dears

recap’; karchick’s truth revealed as he has made ragini to do everything against swara and lak….lak sees ragini’s recorder and he shows it to swasan

at mm mansion

swara; if ragini wanted to move on in her life ..y shud she do all these..something is fishy !!

sans; swara..i think u r right..and it is been recorded after ur sangeet know…so something shud have happened to ragini in the tilak ceremony

lak ; wait bhai..i have an idea…we will go to the wedding planner’s landmark..becoz..there shud be a video on our tilak ceremony..and from that we can find about ragini’s different behaviour..towards all of these things and maybe there can be some clues about her missing case too

sans(in mind); lak..i was wrong..u r totally into ragini not for swara…laksh..i know that ur in pain now..but i promise u ..u will be healed soon lak..and i hope everything goes well

swara; what r u thinking sans?? come we will go to the wedding planner’s office

swara(in mind); i think sans is thinking what i am thinking…lak ‘s eyes say that he cares for ragu ..i hope evrything happens good to them..god enough of all these problems…pls make lak and ragini together

lak; what r u both thinking now??..come lets move

sharmista’s dummy (the lookalike of sharmista..who is now acting like real sharmista and who is also the informer of karthick) overhears thier conversation and calls karthick

duplicate sharmista; boss..they r heading towards the wedding planner’s office ..if they go there..they will definitely see u in that video of that tilak ceremony..

karthick; what???..what were u doing when they were going?? huh???

sharmista; (duplicate); sorry boss!! …..but boss i heard that they heard ragini’s recorded voice in a recorder about something by that only they r going to the wedding planner’s office boss

karthick(angrily smirks); so ragini ..this is ur work huh?? ..now u will see my real face ragini!!..ok i will deal swasanlak and u better hear other information about that maheshwari’s family

the screen shifts to the old mansion where ragini is been kidnapped

karchick(drags ragini’s hands in a harsh way); RAGINI!! How can ur stupid husband , ur idiotic sister and her husband can do this ?? ..so u have preplanned everything before me right ragini???

ragini(shouts in pain and get confused ); what r u talking about??..what did i do???

karchick; dont act like a innocent ragini..i know u have wantedly recorded everything in that recorder ..so that everyone will know the real truth about u isn’t it ??

ragini; (in mind); that means lak heard my recorder!! thank u god….with that recorder they will really come to know about this wicket karchick

karthick; so with ur face expression itself i come to know that u are the reason for all these know!!..wait..i will punish u by setting evrything ryt at the same tym

then karthick threatens ragini by beating her mom sharmista..and he blackmails her that he will even kill her mom for any case

ragini; please karthick leave my mom!! i will do whatever u say!! ..(she joins her hands and pleads him)

karthick; so then ..do what i say…hey leave her mom now(the goons leave her mom)

in the road

swasanlak are on thier way to the wedding planner’s office but suddenly someone stops the car

it was karthick dressed like a beggar ..who stopped the car

swara; y this man is on our way??

sans; i think he needs some money and offering

lak; bhai ..i will give him some money and i’ll return soon

lak gets out from the car to give him offerings..(he doesnt know who the beggar was) ..then suddenly lak saw ragini far away near the highway with a blood pool around her..and he calls swasan for help and they all run towards ragini

by the time they run towards ragini….karthick punctures thier car using a big nail pin…then he runs off

swasanlak were running towards ragini but suddenly swara feel down as someone has made a trap to make her fall..

swara;(shouts in pain); ahhhhh!!..i think someone has preplanned this trap

sans; r u okay swara..

swara; yes sans..i didnt got any hurt ..i just got a hit in my leg and now iam perfectly alright

lak; wait who wud have made this trap…

swara; ok leave this ..we shud save ragini first

but ragini was disappeared and there was no blood or clue where they saw ragini lying lifelessly

lak; where did she go now…i think someone is diverting us

swara; and the person who is diverting us is making us to believe that ragini has done all these

sans; yes swara…there is something really fishy is been hidden ,,,,we will get our answers only if we see the video of the tilak ceremony..

they all hurriedly go back to the car..but all of a sudden they were all shocked to see that the beggar has also disappeared and the car was also punctured on all the four sides of the wheel

lak ; i think the beggar has punctured our car..becoz there was no one except the beggar …

swara; ok leave tis matter now…now how will we go to the office of the wedding planner??

sans ; dont worry swara..i will book a taxi now

he books a taxi and they reach to the office of the wedding planner but before they cud reach there …karthick has already deleted everything from the office without everyone’s knowledge..and he secretly offed the cctv camera of that office of the wedding planner..and he went from there by hiding his face while that time swasanlak entered into the office

they asked the owner about the tilak ceremony footage of maheshwari family and the owner showed it to them but it was shown that it has been deleted

the owner tries to find out who has deleted it but the cctv footage was also been offed on that particular time

swara; this shud be the person who is trying to hide the truth behind everything

sans; ok we will ask the police if they have got any clues

lak; my head is going to burst!! what is happening around us?? everything is against us!!

sans; dont’ panic lak..we will soon find ragini

lak; what r u talking bhai ?? do u think i care for ragini??..of course she is my wife but that doesnt mean that i love her

sans(in mind); i know lak u r lieing becoz ur eyes say that u care 4 ragini..

sans; ok lak..leave…this topic..and we will return home..and on the way ..we will inform the police about today

the screen shifts to the highway close to the place of swasanlak..

karthick; now see this ragini …this is the real footage of the tilak’s ceremony and i didnt delete it from the office i just made a fake footage and i deleted it (he laughs evily)

ragini; enough !! i cant bear this pain karthick ..pls leave us!!….

karthick was too cunning to leave ragini or else his plans wud be ruined,,.ragini got angry and she took the footage from his hands and she ran very fast before he cud catch her

karthick took his gun..and he aimed her…..then RAGINI WAS SHOT IN HER SHOULDER BACK but she managed to run again by holding her wound…..karchick tried to shoot her again but there was a crowd of devotees of lord ganesh and they were bringing lord ganesh idol and there was soon a huge crowd..now karthick was not able to aim her…ragini said a small word of prayer to ganapathy and she starts to run

ragini runs for her life..and she finally sees swasanlak…but she needs to cross the road…becoz swasanlak were on the other side of the road ..they were not able to see ragini and also the vehicles were rapidly coming from either sides..

when once the road was little clear..ragini crosses the road with great difficulty and her hands were fully blooded becoz she was holding the wound very long ..and she was near to swasanlak but in an instance there was a lorry coming near towards ragini …and lak saw ragini is going to be hit by the lorry..so he pulled her before the lorry cud hit her

and he hugged ragini and said ..where have u gone??..and while hugging her his hands were filled with blood ..and he was shocked to see ragini’s state

swara; ragini ?? what happened to u ??

sans; lak lift her up ..we need to take her to the hospital

ragini(lying in lak’s lap); lak..iam sorry ..for everything ..i have destroyed everyone’s life..but i didnt do anything wantedly ..i was forced to do that…

she keeps the footage in lak’s palm and she faints

swara; ragu ? get up !! get up!(she starts to cry)

lak ‘s eyes were filled with tears without his knowledge

sans; swara dont worry..we will take her to the hospital..
they take ragini to the hospital and everyone rushes to the hospital (mm famly and galodia’s family)

the doc says that the bullet is been removed now ..so she will be soon in her senses now..thank god there was no major injury in the wound

dp; what happened to rags ?? hw did u find her??

swasanlak explains everything ..and lak plays the footage which ragini gave him

in the footage where karthick and ragini’s conversation is been videoed

it is seen that karthcik drags ragini to the corner the ceremony

ragini; who the hell r u??

karthick’; u love lak know??

ragini; whats ur problem??

karthick; i can make u and lak to be united

ragini; i dont want to be happy by ruining my sister’s happiness ..understood??

and ragini walks away from him but he held her hand and he showed a video to make her follow his plans…but the video he showed was not clearly seen in the footage and the footage ends soon

lak; sans and swara..this is like the person whom we saw as the beggar today know??

sans; yes lak..i m damn sure that he is the reason for all of these things

then they explain everything to their family and swara says that ragini can only explain ..who he is

then they all inform the police about all these….but before they cud show the footage of karthick ..to the police..karthick came to the hospital with the help of his informer (duplicate sharmista)..and he erased the videos in the footage

then the police..thought they r making fool of them

police; mr maheshwari …there is no footage in this..so dont waste our time..ur complaint has been fullfilled ..ragini laskh maheshwari has returned….now u have filed a compliant about ragini’s shoot out ..we will enquire this after mrs laskh maheshwari wakes up

and the police leave

karthick slowly enter into ragini’s ward room..and he tries to cut her oxygen mask..but lak enters into the room with a glass of water of ragini..so karthick hides inside the bed and he overhears what lak was saying

lak; iam sorry ragini!! i have hated u to the core..but still u loved me..and u even sacrificed ur love for my happiness and i know ragini someone has made u to do all these against our family but i will never leave that person to ruin our life ragu

lak place a gentle kiss in ragini’s forehead..and he says that he cares for her…and without his knowledge he says to her I LOVE U RAGINI!! and he kisses her hand

karthick overheard the conversation of lak

karthick(in his mind); ohhhhhhhhh!! so u love ragini..hmmmm i thought i wud punish u by making her as ur wife but my plan backfired me like this!!…its ok lak..now with this ragini…no noooo no THE LIFE OF UR HEART!!(ragini) iam going to make ur life more miserable by the girl u love the most(he smirks evily)

screen shifts to swasan

swara was constantly praying for ragini..then suddenly a small kid asked her for water

kid; didi ..i want water for my mom …becoz my dad is critical now..so after getting me water pls pray for him di!!

swara; ur father will be okay dear..and i will pray for ur father .and here’s the water u asked

swara happily send off that little girl with a smile..and sanskar was bringing tea for swara after giving tea to all the family members

and while giving her tea .he slips off becoz of swara’s shawl and the tea he had in his hand poured in his hands…it was very hot ..so his hands were red

sans; ahhhhh!!!…swara ur shawl has really made my hand red!!

swara; enough of this stupid joke sanskar…show me ur hands ..i will dress it with the bandage

she carefully dresses his wounds and they share a cute eyelock …(raabta from agent vinod is been played)…sanskar shouts ahhhh by breaking the eyelock

swara(with eyebrows raised in a concerned way); what happened sans..is it paining??

sans(joking); no it is not paining it is actually bathing with soap and shampoo !!

swara smirks irritably and pinches sanskar’s other hand

sans; ahhhh..swara ..i said it simply only!!

swara laughs at sanky’s innocent face …while seeing swara laugh ..sanky too laugh with her

the scene ends with their laughing faces

hope u guys like it ..i feel like iam dragging ..my story….but i assure u next time i will write it more interestingly ..
pls comment guys..and i am going on a vacation..so i will post my next update a little late like tomorrow evening or night

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