SWARAGINI…..(chapter 3 cont.)

Thank u all for ur warm wishes but very few ppl are liking it so if u wish i can change the track……
The is the continuation of third chapter
SCENE1at the company
Swara is checking the papers and sanskaar is stealing glances at her.
Both laksh and ragini have come to the same mall for shopping with their respective friends..Laksh challenges his friends that he is so charming that he can kiss any girl .his friend point towards a beautiful girl wearing a red midi dress (she is ragini).laksh is hypnotised seeing her beauty and goes towards her
‘hey,beautiful lady!!!’.
Ragini is about to react when laksh holds her by her waist and tries to kiss her. Ragini pushes him and slaps him hard
‘how dare u slap me.Dont u know who i am’
‘i don’t want to know and by the way how dare u touch me .And the next time u try to misbehav with a girl just remember my slap’with this she angrily went out from the mall
‘you will have to regret for this’laksh murmured
Scene 3
Swara had checked the paper.swara goes to sanskaar cabin to keep the paper suddenlylight goes off.swara is very scared .suddenly a hanh touches her shoulder.she screams in fear
“swara,its me….sanskaar.Dont get scared I am with u’
Swara hugs him tightly and clase her yes.sanskaar smiles.light comes
“swara light has came.”.swara opens her eyes and repositions herself
‘sorry sir,i am afraid of ldark’
‘its ok swara’.with that swara leaves his cabin
Lakshya &swara meet…..swasan mments

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