SWARAGINI…..(Chapter 2)


SWARAGINI….(chapter 2)This is the second chapter of ff swaragini.pls comment and tell me whether u liked it or not

Befor i continue i want to introduce u all to dadi
Dadi is very dominating ,in her house every decision is taken by her and she hates sharmistha and her daughters
Both the girls are getting ready.Swara in a pink suit and ragini in a plain black midi frock.Both are looking simply goergous.just then they hear the sharmistha voice,’shona….laddoo come down’. They come down and find dp sitting.Both the girls takes blessing from him and finally the silence is broken by sharmistha and she says, ’ shona…..dp uncle have brought his son’s marriage proposal for u”.Both ragini and swara look on shockingly.dp said,’beta i am not going to force u and i would also like to tell u that laksh is very careless but i am sure that you have the ability to make him realise his responsibility.so what’s ur decision”.Swara was about to say something just when a voice echoed from backside”we accept the proposal’….it was dadi..dp becomes very happy makes everyone eat the sweet and leave.swara runs to her room,ragini follows her.
“swara are u alright???”
“ragini,i don’t want to leave my family.”
“swara tell me seriously whether u want to get married or not”
“ragini,,i don’t want to get married.i want to follow my dreams”
“Don’t worry swara ,i promise that will not let this marriage happen.he will run before the wedding.”
“No buts”ragini said wiping her tears.They both hug each other.Swaragini title track plays

Swara gets a job …..some swasan moments

Credit to: ridhi

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