Swaragini! For You (Chapter 19)

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Finally after tossing restlessly from side to side Laksh woke up and tried opening his eyes. One of them refused to open,swollen from the huge gash just above his left eyebrow, which had been heavily tapped and bandaged. He touched the bandage with his hands and checked for blood with his other half open groggy eye. He sighed as he found none…. Only then did he venture to look around the hospital room. He was surrounded with medical equipment, a lot of iy connected to him,a small television in one corner of the room and an empty bed on his left side. His thoughts wandered to what had brought him there. It wasn’t the first time he was in hospital but it was the first time he was in one of those beds.
His thoughts were disturbed as the door opened. A girl entered with coffee in her hands. Laksh looked at her without blinking his eyes. Her long dark brown eyes was a mess. She had shampooed it in the morning and let it dry during the drive to hospital. Now,it was all over the place,but she managed to ruin her tresses into a bun.
“So are you feeling better now?”,Ragini asked.
“Yes! But why are we here now?”Laksh asked.
“Don’t you remember what happened last night?”Ragini said.
Laksh scratched his head and tried to remember.
“Aahh! It hurts”,he roared holding his head.
“ Laksh don’t stress yourself”,Ragini said. Last night you fought with some goons unnecessarily and landed over here.

Now Laksh got a clear Picture of last night’s incident .
“Unnecessarily? Eh! They were trying to misbehave with YOU” laksh said.
The stress on last word- YOU brought a huge smile on her face. No one spoke a word. Silence still prevailed. When you are in love,you dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and live like its heaven on earth. From her smile it was evident that Ragini too love Laksh.

Ragini was Waiting for Laksh to take the first step. Every girl wants her boyfriend to be different and unique when he proposes her. Ragini was no different.
Love is the feeling of cold in summers. Laksh was feeling this love but was afraid to express it. Ragini was waiting for the moment when her love would give her a passionate kiss and transport her into a different world all together.
One should not wait for valentines day to express one’s love.
“Yaar Swara its three months since you went Mexico. I am missing you a lot. Please come back soon” ,Ragini said.
“Ragu Sanskar’s work is not over yet. We will come after 1-2 weeks”,Swara said.
“Come soon na”,Ragini said in a sad tone.
“Wese what about my devar ji?”Swara asked.
“Why are asking me?”,Ragini said.
“I got to know that you both are spending a lot of time together”,Swara teased Ragini.
“It’s nothing like that. Who told you all these? Mom nah? She wants me to marry Laksh”,Ragini said.
“Jaise ki u don’t want?” Swara winked.
“No ways. He is pagal. U know yesterday he fought with some goons cuz they were trying to misbehave with me”,Ragini said.

“Wese Laksh ne propose kiya tujhe?” Swara asked.
“No”,Ragini replied sadly.
“Ooppss. This is why you were saying no. Don’tworry he will propose you soon. I know he loves you”,Swara said.
“Hm..”,Ragini blushed.
“I guess someone is blushing”,Swara again teased her.
“Shut up”,Ragini said.
“I have to prepare for your marriage soon”,Swara said.
“Swara!!!!!”Ragini said.

“coll.. I am joking. I ll call you later. Bye”,Swara said.
Ragini kept her phone down and was thinking about something when her phone beeped.
“A new message from Laksh” this was enough to make her smile as well as blush.
“Be ready at 5pm. We are going to have a great time.”
She smiled as she read the message. She looked at the clock. It was 2pm. She lied on the bed hugging a pillow and thinking about Laksh.
“Are you serious? You are proposing her tonight?” a shocked Swara asked.
“Yea”,Laksh replied.
“Pakka nah?” Swara again asked.
“Haan bhabi”,Laksh said.
“Shut up. Stop calling me bhabi”,Swara said.
“You are my bhabi…. Swara bhabi”,Laksh teased.
“Wese how are you going to propose her?”Swara asked.
“Secret!”Laksh said.
“Tell na please”,Swara pleaded.
“Ask Ragini tomorrow. She will explain you better”,Laksh said.
“Are you serious about Ragini?”Swara asked.
“Some say there is an exact moment when you fall in . I don’tknow what’s that moment. I didn’tknow if it was true before but now I am sure. I am damn serious about her”,Laksh said.
“All the best” swara said.
“Bye”,Laksh saisd.
Ragini looked at the clock. It was 4pm. She quickly got off her bed and opened her wardrobe. She came out of the washroom wearing an orange suit. She combed her hairs and left them open. She did minimal make up. She was ready in 30 mins. She dropped a message for Laksh that she was ready.
There Laksh was putting on his blazer when he got Ragini’s message. He smiled and sat in the car. Laksh reached her house in 15 mins and blew the horn. Ragini heard the sound and ran . she opened the front door and sat beside him.
“So where are we going? What’s the special plan? Ragini asked in excitement.
“Surprise”,Laksh accelerated the car.

“Can you please give away the suspense now?”Ragini again asked.
“We are going on a private yatch that I have booked for a couple of hours”,Laksh said.
Ragini was awestruck when she heard what was Laksh saying.
As they entered the yatch,Ragini was awestruck by the georgous rose petals. She just couldn’ttake her eyes off the scenic beauty and sunset which she had never seen except in movies.
There was a note lying on the table. Raginilooked questioningly at Laksh and he motioned her to read it.
“Your smile swallows my heart, it is a perfect punctuation for the only joy I’ve known to be truly contagious. You came in my life when I was least expecting it. I always knew that love would find me ,but never did I know it would come like this. Your touch healed this broken heart and you caught me off guard and took me by surprise. Everything seems so right,so perfect. You are a tremendous source of strength from where I seek restoration and renewal for my soul. You are my love. I want to make a home with you, have kids with you and love you no matter what our future holds.
Ragini was astonished beyond words. She held Laksh’s hands.
“Everytime you hold my hands you give me another reason to love you”,Laksh said.

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas yeh kehti ho
Pal pal dil ke paas…
No amount of words can be muttered to show her love for him. Tears of happiness filled her eyes.
Har shaam aankhon par
Tera aanchal lehraye
Har raat yaadon ki baaraat le aaye
He had finally expressed his love and felt on the top of the world. Ragini kept on looking at him with intensity. Without further delay she hugged him tightly.
Main saans leti hoon
Teri khushboo aati hai

Ek mehka mehka sa
Paigham laati hai
Mere dil ki dhadkan bhi
Tere geet gaati hai
Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehte ho
“I never thought that within a few days of friendship, we would be sitting here in the middle of the endless sea and saying this wonderful things to each other. When I found tou a new me was born. You are my everything”,Ragini said.
Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho

Pal pal dil.. pal pal dil..
“I love you Ragini” Laksh said.
“I love you too Laksh”,Ragini said.
They had together conquered the greatest challenge of life- life-finding true love.
We’re all alone
That mean all riled up
Gonna give you what you like to hold on
Yeah… hold on…

Fall all over me
You and me is destiny
When we are to be flying free
Yeah this ain’t no fantasy
Come over we can’t go on and on
On and on…
Laksh kissed Ragini’s forehead and she smiled.
“I just wish that your smile will never vanish from your face, even if it vanishes I will put it back on ur face”,Laksh said.
Kal tujhko dekha tha
Maine apne aangan mein
Jaise keh rahi thi tum
Mujhe baandh lo bandhan mein
“It feels so nice and secure to be with you. Always be with me”,Ragini said.
Yeh kaisa rishta hai
Yeh kaise sapne hain
Begaane hokar bhi
Kyun lagte apne hain
Main soch mein rehti hoon
Dar dar ke kehti hoon
Pal pal dil ke paas
Tum rehte ho

Laksh opened the door of the car for her. Ragini rested her head on his shoulders and he placed his left hand on her shoulders all the way back home.
Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehte ho
Pal pal dil…
Pal pal dil…

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