Swaragini! For You (Chapter 17)


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“This is probably the last time we all are watching a movie together”, Swara said with a sad smile.
“I guess we ALL are going back to KOLKATA, we can watch a movie together there too”. Laksh said.
“But there we can’t do the fun which we are doing here”, Ragini said.
“Don’t worry we will rock there too”, Sanskar said.
Finally everything was sorted out among these four friends. They are now the same BFFs which they were previously. Ragini and Laksh have no objection of Swasan being together. 1 year has passed and their course was now over. They were now going back to Kolkata.
“ I have made this cold coffee for you guys”, Laksh said coming out of the kitchen.
Everyone smiled and took one cup.
“Have you mixed something in the coffee?” Sanskar asked.
Swara and Ragini gave a serious look to Laksh.
“No”, Laksh answered.
“Then why am I feeling like the fan is rotating?” Sanskar asked.
“Because it is on”, Laksh shouted.
“But it was off few minutes back”, Sanskar said.
Laksh, Ragini and Swara burst out laughing. When life gets too serious, you need someone with whom you can always be stupid! Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar always acted stupidly. Swara thanked the almighty for sending such people in her life, people who can make her soul smile. They loved each other and had accepted each other in spite of their shortcomings. Swara looked at Sanskar and smiled.
“It’s time. It’s already 8:30”, Ragini shouts.
“Oh crap”, Sanskar said and stared at the watch mentally calculating time required to reach the airport.
“We are late. We should rush”, Laksh exclaimed.
“We have our flight in just one hour”, Swara said.
“Sanskar called the taxi and then they placed all their suitcases inside the taxi. Everyone was sad. They all were going to miss each other terribly.
They got on the flight and Sanskar sat beside Laksh but Laksh asked him to sit with Swara. Laksh closed his eyes, though the air hostesses were hot but they could not held his attention for long.
“Don’t worry too much”, Ragini said looking at him.
“I am not worrying”, Laksh said.
“You’re cute”, Ragini smiled.
“Where did that come from?”, Laksh asked.
“You look cute when you get nervous”, Ragini said.
They both looked at each other and smiled.
Pyar karna naa tha, pyaar karna pada
Tum pe marna naa tha, Tum pe marna pada
Dil dena naa tha, dil dena pada
Dil dena naa tha, dil dena pada
Aa ho…
Dard lena naa tha, dard lena pada
Unpe marna na tha, unpe marna pada
Pyar karna naa tha, pyaar karna pada

He really don’t care what anyone thinks or says about him, all he truly care is about her. His true aim in life is to see Swara everyday and to keep her happy.
“I love you”,Sanskar said.
“I know you do” Swara said running her fingers on his face.
“Do I look happy when I am sleep?” Swara asked.
“Yes you do”,Sanskar replied.
“Then I’m sure I’m dreaming about you”,Swara said and put her head on his shoulder.
These little things are what make his life worth living.
Phool khilne naa thhe, phool khilne lage
Humko milna naa tha, roz milne lage
Aankh ko ratj-age, acche lagne lage
Raat ke saaath hum raat jagne lage
Unpe marna na tha, unpe marna pada
“Dad! We are back”,Swaragini screamed as they entered the house.
“Awww… My dolls. I missed you very much”,Shekhar said hugging them.
“At last you both monkeys are back”,Sumi said.
“Mom”,Swaragini jumped to hug their mother.
“I missed you very much”, Ragini said.
“What about you madam?”Sumi asked looking at Swara.
“No I did not missed you”,Swara said.
“That’s why you are crying? Liar!”,Sumi hugged her daughters.
“Something went in my eyes”,Swara said.
“Now go and get fresh. I am going to make the lunch”,Sumi said.
“Mom,make some extra lunch”,Ragini said.
“Why?”Shekhar asked.
“My friends are coming”,Ragini said.
“Which friend?”Swara asked.
“You will get to know when they will come”,Ragini winked.
“Now go and change”,Shekhar said.
“Uff yeh Sanskar v nah… He is not answering my call”,Swara said in anger.
“Don’t worry you will see him soon”,Ragini smiled.
Swara felt something fishy.
“What are you upto?”Swara asked Ragini.
“Nothing”,Ragini replied.
“Pakka?”Swara again asked.
“Haan”,Ragini smiled assuring her
Gadodia family were about to start the lunch when they heard the sound of a car’s horn.
“I guess they have come”,Ragini said running out.
“Who?”Swara tried to peep through the window but nothing was visible.
“Surprise”,Ragini said entering the room.
Swara was dumbstruck when she saw Laksh, Sanskar and DP with Ragini. The spoon fell off her hands.
“Who all are they?”Shekhar asked Ragini.
“Dad! They are our best friends. We used to share the flat with them in Mumbai. He is Laksh n he is Sanskar and he is their father”,Ragini said.
“Namaste”,DP folded his hands and greeted Shekhar and Sumi.
They greeted him back. Swara looked at Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini shockingly.
“Lets have lunch”,Shekhar suggested.
“Come this way”,Sumi guided the way.
“Uncle try this paneer kofta. My mom makes the best kofta all over the world”,Ragini said proudly.
“Beta please eat some. This chole bature is Ragini’s favorite”,Sumi said to Laksh.
“Aunty this jalebi is delicious”,Sanskar said.
“This is my Swara’s favorite”,Sumi said.
Swara signalled Sanskar through her eyes asking him why he is there. But Sanskar gave her a flying kiss. This was noticed by Shekhar.
Post lunch,everyone was sitting in the hall discussing some few common topics. Shekhar and Sumi had got a hint about Swara and Sanskar’s relationship by observing their moment and Ragini’s behavior. They weren’t orthodox so they decided to give Sanskar a chance.
“I know today’s generation does not like their parents select a partner for them. They are too independent to care about such trivialities. I believe that times are changing and we elders should adapt accordingly. So in short, if Swara hugged her father happily.
“I know that I am too young to say this in front of you sir but I will always try and keep Swara happy to the best of my ability. We love each other and I am glad to have finally met you. I am lucky to have a father-in-law like you”,said Sanskar.
“Swara,I have never opposed Sanskar’s decision. If he is happy with this union, I don’t mind it. Swara is a nice girl with strong morals and a sensible head on her shoulders”,DP said.
DP blessed Swara and she was on cloud nine, blessings from her guy’s father. What more could a girl ask for? Swara and Sanskar held hands and hugged each other. If a guy is not comfortable holding his girl’s hands in front of his parents, the girl should not let him hold her when they are alone. Sanskar was comfortable disclosing his relationship to his dad and thus taking it to the next level. Love is not always convenient but if it’s true love,it will outlast any strain,overcome any obstacle and grow consistently and exponentially for all eternity.

They loved each other passionately. Two lives were soon going to embark on a new journey. Vows to take and prayers to be kept on the engagement day. Tears will be shed when the rings will be exchanged and the bride will bid bye. They will be one step close to the eternal bliss. She will look gorgeous in bride’s dress. They will dance to the tune of love. Two hands will be embraced forever. Two souls will be fused together by commitment. Two hearts will join by the purest form of love.

Sanskar touched her dad’s feet along with her to receive his blessings. Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and smiled. Probably this was coming on their way too.
Everyone have put one step ahead in their life.

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