Swaragini! For You (Chapter 16)


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“Papa! Why do you think that I can be happy after ruining bhai’s happiness”,Laksh said.
“What happened Laksh?” DP asked out of concern.
“Bhai was about to sacrifice his love for me”, Laksh said.
“What?”DP asked.
“Yes and you know why he did that….???? Just because you told him to do so”, Laksh said.
“Laksh! You are getting me wrong. I just want your happiness. Do one thing.. just come back. I don’t want you to stay there anymore. You both come here and join me in my business”, DP said.
“You again want me to destroy my happiness and live a life according to your rules? Never!”, Laksh said.
“Beta! Tu samajh nahi raha hai what I want to say. I can sense a rift which is going to start between you two brothers so please come back”, DP said.
“You know what papa you can never understand me. Today just because of your advice I am feeling inferior in front of Sanskar”, Laksh said rudely.
“Laksh just do what I say”, DP said.
“Now you are ordering me? I don’t care. Do what you want but I will never comeback till my dreams are fulfilled”, Laksh said.
“Laksh”, DP raised his voice.
“Shout more loudly but I won’t care. It’s useless to talk with you”, Laksh said disconnecting the call.

Time flies. 5 months had passed that incident but still everything was not normal. Though Ragini and Laksh had not denied for Swasan’s relationship but even they had not agreed. Their friendship was badly affected by these. Laksh believed that he owes to Sanskar and he hates being debt to anyone. Laksh thought Sanskar had not forgiven him but the fact is that Sanskar was never angry on him. Laksh held his father responsible for all these and end up fighting with him.
“Are you always rude to your father as you were now?” Ragini asked.
“No but he want me to follow him not my dreams”, Laksh said.
Ragini held his hand to convey that she understood how he felt. Laksh sensed a sense of security, the kind he missed all his life.
“He is your papa and he loves you”, Ragini said.
Laksh got up but Ragini caught hold of his hands and pulled him back.

“After your mom passed away, your dada must have felt lonely and that must be the reason he initially denied to let you come Mumbai”, Ragini said.
“But he trusts bhai more than me”, Laksh said.
“Did you ever try consoling him,telling him that you love him? You could had tried being a friend rather than a son. Did you ever tried to be a light in his dark life?”Ragini asked.
“No”,Laksh said faintly.
“But Sanskar have done this and this is why your father have more trust on him”,Ragini said.
Laksh was dumbstruck. No one had ever explained things to him the way she did and he felt a deep connection with her in that moment. The best conversation occur when people talk through their eyes. Both Laksh and Ragini were silent for a few seconds.
Zara zara sar se sarakne laga.. mera aasmaan
Dabe dabe paanv nikalne laga.. tera raasta
Tumko humara hai, humko tumhara.. waasta
O.. leke ek duje ko baahon mein
Banayein.. apna jahaan
Saamne Hai Savera
Thoda tera, thoda mera
“Laksh! Think you are married and you have a son. And suddenly you realize that your son is going away from you. What will you do?”,Ragini asked.
“Obviously I will not let him go anywhere. I will keep him close to my heart”,Laksh answered.
“Exactly. That’s what your father is doing. You have no right to blame your father since you are no different”,Ragini said.
Laksh stood there motionless. In a fraction of seconds, Ragini have made him rethink his whole life. Laksh wanted to hug Ragini for trying to explain the situation but he knew it was too early for them to share a hug.
Laksh smiled anf took out his phone from his pocket. He dialled his father’s number.
“Papa! I am sorry. I should not have behaved like that”,Laksh said.
“Laksh you need not to say sorry. It was my fault. I was forcing my decisions on you instead of letting you fulfill your own dreams. This loneliness kills me. I want my both sons with me’,DP spoke.
“I was always busy in my own world. I should have tried being your friend. I should have tried reading your heart. But I failed as a son”,Laksh said apologetically.
“No you did not fail as a son. You are the best son. I failed as a father. Don’t ever let anyone including me also convince you that your worth is rooted in everything as short term as another person’s opinion on you”,DP gave a piece of advice.
“You are the best papa and I am proud of you”,Laksh said.
“Forgive me if possible. Your papa needs you now as he is alone and lost”,DP said disconnecting the call.
“I love you papa”,Laksh said witg moist eyes after the call was disconnected.
“Thanks for the advice”,Laksh said looking at Ragini.
“No need of thanks, we are friends”,Ragini smiled.
Baadul baaul bajaaye re
O re maajhaye re ek tara
Mathay tupur tupur
Kothay nupur nupur
Bajaaye modhur modhur maajhi re…
Maajhi re.. dhum na, dhum na, dhum na
O Majhi re…
Maajhi re.. dhum na, dhum na, dhum na
“So will you like to have a cup of coffee?” Laskh said.
“Yes only if its drink worthy”,Ragini mocked.
“O hello”,Laksh said.
“Haan bolo”,Ragini said teasing him.
“I make very good coffee. Just wait and watch”,Laksh said.
Laksh went to the kitchen to make coffee and when he returned he saw Ragini caressing a photo frame. It was four of them. Laksh too felt bad. Laksh could feel her eyes dampening with tears.
“Am I allowed to come in?” Laksh said standing on the door.
“Haan come. You don’t need to take permission”,Ragini said.
“So here Mr. Laksh Maheswari present Miss. Ragini Gadodia, the world’s most delicious coffee”,Laksh said handing her a cup of coffee.
“Yeah its nice in fact it’s the best coffee I had ever drank after Sanskar’s coffee”,Ragini said.
Ragini became sad after recollecting her moments with Sanskar.
“Ragini can I ask you something?”Laksh asked.
Ragini nodded her head in a yes.
“Do you still love bhai”,Laksh asked.
“Actually Laksh …. I…. am not sure whether I love him or not. I had made a picture of my dream man in my heart. I saw my dream man walking out of the fog after I had spent some time with Sanskar. I don’t know it was just love or attraction. You know sometimes my hearts says your dream man is not him”,Ragini said.
“Is he Arjun?”Laksh asked.
“Definitely no. You know I hate him and I can never love him. I am matured enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong”,Ragini said.
“I don’t think that you are still matured. You are still judging people on the basis of Arjun. The final process of maturiry is realizing that you can’t be angry at the world because of your experience with few selfish people”,Laksh said.
Siya… kaare siya…
Raina hai na hui hai dhuaan
Dhuaan dhuaan dhuaan o dhuaan
Chhuaa.. tune chhuaa
Khill gaya, mera har ruaan
Ruaan ruaan ruaan o ruaan
Aaja dhoop se daaman bhar lein
Dil basaaye din nayaa
Chadhta huaa.. badhta huaa
Samne hai savera
Thoda tera, thoda mera
When people start acting like the split ebds in your hair,cut them off without warning before they cause more damage.
As they were talking, Laksh felt the urgr ti touch her soul and heart to discover the things that she kept locked within, to be one with her thoughts. He wanted to understand her as a person.
“Your parents are lucky to have you as their daughter”,Laksh said.
Ragini smiled and got up to leave. As Ragini went out of sight, he felt a part of him was leaving.
However love is love and you dont decide whom you fall in love with or when you fall for them.
Somewhere, somehow, in some nook of his heart,he knew that he had fallen gor Ragini.
Haule haule phir se
Dil mein naya armaan huaa
Lagta hai mujhko lagne lagi teri duaa
Tumko humara hai, humko tumhara.. waasta
Ho.. leke ek dooje ko baahon mein
Banayein apna jahaan
Saamne hai savera
Thoda tera, thoda mera
Haan.. saamne hai savera
Life was offering a second chance to them.

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