Swaragini! For You (Chapter 13)


Hey guys! I know all of you must be hell angry on me!! Well ur anger is justified. Sorry everyone! I was busy with my cousin’s wedding. And though I got time but I was lazy to write. Sorry! 🙁 *holding ears* Maaf kardo! 🙂
I think you all must have forgot my ff. So let’s do a quick brush up. The ff starts with Swaragini convincing their father to let them go Mumbai to continue their study there and so do Sanlak. Swara have a boy friend named Virat. Fate strikes four of them together. They share one flat. Soon Laksh develops some feelings for Swara and Ragini develops feelings for Sanskar. But swasan fall for each other and propose each other. Later Sanskar comes to know about Ragini n Laksh’s feelings. He insist Swara to accept Laksh n decide to be with Ragini.
Link to the previous part- http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-chapter-12/

“What the hell is this? Sanskar! Do you have any damn idea what are you doing?” Swara shouted as she dragged Sanskar to a corner.
“What am I doing?” Sanskar pretended to be unaware.
‘Just stop your stupid acting. How can you so easily say that you love Ragini?”Swara again shouted.
“Its good for all of us to live life like this”,Sanskar replied.
“Why are you making everything complicated?” Swara complained.
“Look Swara! Everything is simple. Laksh loves you and you both should be together. Ragini and I should be together”,Sanskar tried to explain her.
“What is simple? Nothing is simple. We both love each other then how can you be with Ragini and I with Laksh?”Swara said in frustration.
“Swara I am not in your fate. Learn to accept your fate”,Sanskar said holding her arms.
“Wait a sec! How can you be so normal after this? Do you really love me? Are you trying to play with my sister?” She asked.
“SWARA! How can you think like this? My love is not fake. I love you damnit”,Sanskar said while holding her tight.
Sanskar’s grip was tight and it was hurting Swara.
“Sanskar it’s hurting me”,Swara winced in pain.
“It should hurt”,he said and jerked her.
He stormed out from there. Soon he was in his car driving on a deserted road. Swara’s words were still echoing in his ears.
“How can she say like that??? Do I don’t love her? Am I playing with Ragini. I love Swara. She is my life. I love her more than myself’,he was talking with himself.
Forgetting our loved ones is never easy. To cleanse all the emotions that were injected in your body through the syringe of love is much more difficult than clearing up blood affected by drugs. Sometimes what holds you together and what tears you apart is the same thing.
“You made me feel complete and showed me how to love unconditionally and I know no one can love me the way you can. Then how did you doubt my love? My love for you won’t never die. But I am bound to do this. I wish you can hear my heart saying-I love you and I don’t want you to go”,Sanskar cried.
He kept blaming God for doing this. He kept pondering about all the incidents that had happened few days ago.
Swara was crying harshly lying on the bed. She hated herself for doubting his pure love. She knew that Sanskar loves her the most but still she spoke those disgusting words. She recalled how they met,how they became friends, how she fell for her,how he proposed her,how they spent their first night together, how he said her to accept Laksh,how he proposed Ragini. You can never control your feelings but feelings can control you and keep you caged. The worst feeling is feeling unwanted by the person you love the most.


“Bhai! Let’s go to Angrezi Pub. It has opened few months back and they have amazing discounts there”,Laksh said.
“But what’s the need of going to a pub?”Ragini asked.
“For fun and also for air change. I am fed up of this air and I need to change it”,said Laksh.
“But it’s in Belapur right? I think it’s little farther away from here’,Sanskar enquired.
“So what? We have our car”,said Laksh proudly.
“Fine let’s go. I need to drink. Only alcohol can help me find a solution”,Swara frowned.
“Solution? What problem are you having?”Ragini asked.
“Nothing. Just chuck it dude”,Swara said sarcastically.
“So everyone is willing to go?” Laksh asked.
“I am going”,Swara raised her hands.
“I am also okay”,Ragini said.
“If everyone is going then I am also going”,Sanskar said.
Sanskar was wearing a royal blue shirt with a black jean. Laksh was wearing a white shirt with a blue jean.Ragini was wearing a red front cut kurti with faded jeans. Swara was wearing a peach crop top along with blue denim. They entered the pub. They loved the architecture and the eminence.
“Cheers”,everyone toasted in union.
Laksh was very close to Swara and Swara could mark that Sanskar was jealous so she decided to tease him.
“My head is spinning. Laksh please take me to the washroom”,Swara said.
“Laksh you be here with Ragini I am taking Swara”,Sanskar said while taking her to the washroom.
Sanskar was very worried for Swara. As soon as they reached the washroom, Swara dragged Sanskar in and locked the door.
“What is this?” Sanskar asked in shock.
“Romance in washroom”,Swara winked.
“Just open the door”,Sanskar said.
“Why so early?”Swara said biting her lips.
“Are you mad? If someone comes then?” Sanskar said.
Just then they heard Laksh knocking on the door.
“Swara are you fine?”Laksh enquired.
“Sanskar kiss me or else I will open the door now”,Swara smirked.
“No you can’t do like this”,Sanskar said worriedly.
“So you are not kissing me?” Swara again asked.
“No”,Sanskar replied.
“Well and good. I am opening the door”,Swara said while approaching the door.
“Wait! No! I will kiss you”, Sanskar said as he did not wanted her to open the door to make Laksh see them together.

“Yes Laksh! I am fine! You go, I am just coming now”, Swara said smilingly.
“Kiss me”, Swara demanded.
Sanskar kissed her softly on her lips. Soon the soft kiss turned into a deep, passionate kiss where Sanskar entered her mouth and his tongue travelled to every corner of her mouth playing with Swara’s tongue. Her hands were on his hairs and she pulled him more on her and his hands were on her waist. Swasan broke the kiss as they were out of breath. They looked into each other’s eyes. Swara opened the door and went out.
“You are hooked and booked Sanskar”, Swara whispered as she went out.
Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C’mon c’mon stop feelin’
Dance dance everybody
Everyone was dancing on the song played by the DJ.
Bhangre di queen main taan
Kudi so haseen main taan
Meri hai gazab gal-baat
Figure hega kaint mera
Thumka excellent mera
Groovy groovy hoja mere saath
Swara intentionally went near Laksh and danced with him. Laksh placed his hands on her waist as they were dancing. Sanskar was burning in jealousy.
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…
Sanskar took away Swara from Laksh and spinned her. Swara was laughing at his actions.
Ae jhanjharan da sound
Te hilda ground
Main cham cham nachdi firan
Ankh meri tight
Jaavan main left right
Ke mundeyan ton bachdi phiran
Munda hoga woh to lucky
Jiske liye tune rakhi
Apne yeh aankhon ki sharaab
Dil mera theek hega
Ishqe ‘ch weak hega
Karde tu isko kharaab
Swara escaped from Sanskar and went near Laksh. She danced with Laksh. Swara was ignoring Sanskar.
Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…
Ragini came to Sanskar and placed his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulders. She made Sanskar dance with her. Sanskar was eyeing Swara.
Daaru bharlo mug’on mein
Partiyon mein pub’on mein
Beat baje jab Meet’on ki
Sab jhoom uthenge club’on mein
Swara saw Ragini and Sanskar dancing together. She felt irritated seeing them together. Now she was jealous.
Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C’mon c’mon stop feelin’
Dance dance everybody
Sanskar noticed Swara jealoys and he thought to take his revenge now.
Kudiye tu fine
Ab de de mujhe line
Main tere naal jachda badaa
Wajda hai band
Tu de de mujhe hand
Floor pe main kabse khada
Swara took Sanskar away from Ragini. She was glaring at him angrily. Sanskar understood that she was angry.
Na zidd very much kari
Mujhko na touch kari
Karle control jazbaat
Phir bhi jo na maane dil
Karta jaaye tujhko kill
Thaam le tu aake mera haath
Sanskar forwaded his hands to her but she jerked it and went near the drink counter.
Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve
Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…

Swara in anger was soon 6 shots down. Her head started to spin. She could not open her eyes. She was swaying while walking. With much difficulty she reached the washroom. She sensed someone following her. She turned but due to the effect of alcohol she could not see anything. That person placed a soft kiss on her lips.
“I knew Sanskar you would come. you cannot stay without me”, Swara said in sub unconscious state.

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