Swaragini Chapter 1 (The Unknown Twist) – by namratha

hi and hello to everyone who’s reading this!! i know swaragini was over long back but still i want to write the ff of that particular serial eventhough i really didnt like the storyline of the original series of swaragini ……and hey !! the ppl who know me .i hope u have already read my previous ff,”we will be united”(the dreamed ff of swaragini”)”..pls comment and support me …

ok lets start now!!

the scene starts from swara showing off the true colours of ragini before the whole family and everyone hates ragini except swara ,sharmista and sanskar who had a liitle sympathy on her becoz he was also a reason for ragini’s evil missions..now laksh is hates ragini to the core!!.. ragini’s dadi has slapped ragini for two times as her laddoo no no now she is no more her laddoo !!…

ragini is already half dead but with a pitty and difficult state she joined her hands and said

ragini(sobbing really hard); iam sorry !!! iam sorry she went near swara and bowed her hands and she was continuesly apologizing to her

anapurna; enough ragini!! do think that we will all believe ur crocodile tears again and again..are we fools to trust u again!! pls get out of this house!

ragini went out of the house and swara and sanskar tried their best to stop her but laksh stopped swara and sanskar from stopping ragini ..and sharmista was stopped by shekar

swara,sanskar and sharmista wer not able to do anything as the situation was that terrible !!

at the road

ragini was walking like a lifeless person with her eyes still sobbing and it was late in the night around 11;30 pm no one even cared of her going out the house in late night alone

at the maheshwari mansion

everyone went to their respected rooms ..swara was very anxious about ragini’s condition .so she sent sanskar out to search ragini ..swara also wanted to come with him but sanskar told that

sanskar; swara if u also come out with me and at the same time if someone come to our room ….we will be caught swara ..so u be here and tackle the situation if someone comes to our room !!

then he goes to search ragini

at the road

a car suddenly came to the side of ragini and there were four goons inside the car …they were having ragini’s pic in their hand

goon; i think she shud be the girl in the photo..

they open the car door slowly and from the car a hand is shown ..the hand slowly grabs ragini’s waist and her luggage and they closed her mouth using a piece of cloth …she tries to shout but before that they take a drug injection and they inject it in her hand in a harsh way …now she is in a dizzy state ..she was conscious but she was not steady ..she really tried her level best to take out her phone to escape..but they were not letting her to do anything ..and they injected another dose of drug in her neck ..she was in an alcoholic state..

the goons were going in a high speed …and on the other hand sanskar was searching ragini ..every where..but there was no clue about her ..all of a sudden sanskar saw a car with full speed ..and somehow he saw ragini ‘s hand ..lying in the window of the car which was going in a full speed ..he conformed it was ragini who’s inside the car ..becoz the bangles she had in her hands were known to him which she was wearing when she went out of the house…he tried to follow the car but it was too late ..and he didnt see the car’s number plate

sanskar(in confused tone); i think ragini must got into trouble !! ..oh no! i have to inform to the police about this ..before that i call shekar uncle..becoz sharmista aunty told that shekar uncle has no problem with ragini in their house becoz she is their daughter .i will call them !!

galodia’s house

sharmista was searching ragini everywhere in the house but she was not there at all

sharmista was shouting and was calling everyone

dadi; y r u shouting in the late night …what will the ppl in our colony will think??..

shekar;;what happened sharmista??

sharmista ; ragini is missing !!

shekar(in a angry and a bit emotional tone); where she is gonna go?? ..even though she is here in this house ..i will never consider her as my daughter!! understood!! ..she will be on her way ..who knows maybe she would be buying some poison to kill us..becoz her truth has come out know!!

dadi; he is right sharmista..the girl who went to the very end to kill her sister will also be like that to us also!!

sharmista; she is our daughter!! how can u say like that shekar??


shekar; hello ?

sanskar; uncle..its me sanskar..

shekar; tell me beta …any problem ..y r u calling in this late night ?? any emergency?

sanskar; uncle ..did ragini came there..??

shekar; pls beta ..dont talk about her!!

sanskar; uncle..this is serious ..pls throw ur anger away and pls say whether ragini came there or not

shekar; no beta

sanskar(in a shocked state); uncle ..ragini is in trouble now..i think someone has kidnapped ..i tried to chase the car but it went with full speed and before i could catch the car ..the car suddenly disappeared

shekar; r u sure??..maybe it can be a own drama by ragini to create sympathy !!

sharmista; enough shekar..the problem is serious !!…

sharmista takes the phone from shekar

sharmista; sankar beta..u tell me what happened clearly

sans explains everything

sanskar; aunty ..iam gonna give a compliant to police station now..can u come now??

sharmista; yes beta..but do ur family know about this??

sans; no

sharmista.; then we will first inform them and we will go to the police station

sans; but aunty ..they will all refuse to this!!

sharmista; u dont worry about it ..we will tackle it !

sans informs to swara and the whole family about ragini ..and they rush to the police station but laksh stops them with a paper

laksh; swara and bhai ..y r u wasting ur precious time by falling into ragini’s new drama..!!

laksh; swara pls forgive me for what i have done

swara; its ok laksh ..i forgave u long back

laksh ; if u really forgave me ..then sign this divorce paper with sanskar ….this divorce paper was already made ready by u two ..am i correct ..then y r u both delaying ..sign it

everyone was shocked .

laksh ; bend down with his knees and said ” swara will u marry me”

swara; laksh…r u mad ?? ..how can u ask this to me ..after u have dumped me !! huh??

sanskar; laks have u gone out of senses ..we r going to the police station to file a compliant as ragini is missing ..and u r not even bothered a bit about her condition ..and still ragini is ur wife laks..but i feel very sorry for ragini..as how she loved a person who does’nt even care if she died or not ??

swara; laksh ..what u want now..me &sans shud divorce now ..fine!!..give me the papers

before they cud sign the papers suddenly the police came to the mansion

then sans said he only called them now as laksh was not letting him and swara to go the police station and he said he called the police to check whether ragini is been kidnapped by anyone in this house..as everyone is against ragini

durgaprasad; have u gone out of ur senses sanskar?? how will we kidnap ragini ??

sanskar; bade papa..this the enquiry of the police ..not mine…there are possibilities like that too..thats y i called them

then the divorce papers flew away and laksh got it and he kept it in the cupboard ..everyone was tensed ..the police was enquiring each and everyone ..but still there was no clue about ragini ‘s kidnap

the police assured them that they will find ragini as soon as possible

the scene shifts to the car where ragini has been kidnapped

the car reach a old building ..

the goons were holding ragini’s hands and they were draging her upstairs..she was stumbling with her mind as she is been injected by drugs ….she didnt know what to do

the scene ends with ragini’s dizzy state..and the harsh dragging of the goons

hope u guys will support me to continue this ff ..and dont worry guys ..this story is not like the story which happens in cinema..this is going to be different..so stay tuned to the upcoming episode!!

and pls do comment ..especially to all my silent readers!!(pls comment) ur comment is like a boost to my brain to write interesting ff’s

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  1. Nammu

    no dear …i didnt say that i have no feelings for swasan..i too love swasan…and actually iam having a new experience in writing a love track for swasan and raglak..and iam happy about it and pls dont hurt others feelings too..by saying rag’s fans(which even includes me) like that …becoz it really hurts mica..and i am apologizing becoz of my mistake..and also i replied u that i respect ur opinion and iam already into it but ur still saying that iam not a of swasan and y shud u drag rag’s fans here??..i am sorry too say..i am really disappointed only becoz of the current comment u have commented…but its ok becoz its your right to comment your views but that doesnt mean that u have to hurt others feelings..ok lets leave this issue ..i hope we are good now…. and iam extremely sorry if i had hurt ur feelings..becoz iam a little sensitive

    1. Mica

      Glad that you love swasan also, as i read you only like swasan, not love it, maybe i missed it..
      Dear,,,, i dunno since when you join TU, but this STEALING HUSBAND thingy become BIGGEST issue among us…
      I INTENTIONALLY say that WORD as they NEVER ever understand about it.
      If IT’s HURTING you, so, STOP IT !!! STOP TO MAKE RAGINI to be SO characterless kinda like that !
      You (all), Ragini fans said that you love Ragini, but by YOUR (all) EGO, You created Ragini such a girl who greedy in men, Stealing other girls partner to be hers.. (PURE RAGLAKIAN not included)
      Why you can’t happy with RagLak ? Ragini love laksh to the core, but here and there, her fans busy to paired her with every men and even you, ALMOST PAIRING HER with her sister’s husband, right ? 😀
      We are just outsider who so much angry as our couple got stolen.
      We tried polite way to make them understand, but nothing happen…
      Don’t you see, even other fandom called Rag fans as shameless, right ? it’s not nonsense talk as on many FF many author pairing Rag with other men and her fans ACCEPT it.

      Oh ya, sorry, despite the fact that Rag-fans already IN as kakali said, i always love to drag it also 😀 to reply rag fans comment about us…. (if only you notice everything) 😛
      btw, good luck all the best for your story..
      ups, still if you feel hurt that Rag fans or even rag to be called as characterless, just stop to portrait Rag characterless by changing partner,…i’m sure that bad thing will stop also.

      1. Nammu

        mica..i love the couples swasan ,swalak,raglak and ragsan.. i also read different ff’s about them and that doesnt mean i will always change their pairs in a ff and a 1000nd sorries for my first mistake and pls dont think that i will always change pairs of ragini in one ff ..and not all the fans of rags will be changing her pairs as u said ..only some do like that….and i admit that i almost tried to pair her with her sister’s husb ..and iam sry for that ..but pls dont include me that i always change pairs for ragini..no iam not now….in this ff iam not going to change any pairs..and in the future if i write any ff’s i wud write it in a new storyline with the other pairings..as it is a new story…and pls dont misunderstand me again that iam swaping the pairs for a new story in my future ff’s because i want to write different stories with different pairings…that’s my p.o.v..so pls dont say again that ragini’s fans always change the pairs everytime..it is not like that ..it differes from ppl’s opinion..i hope u took this in a positive way

  2. Kakali

    Thnk u sooo much for considering out feelings Namuuuuuuuu.! Wish you the best for your upcoming episodes.!!

    Namuuuuu, Mica hasn’t dragged Ragz fan here, because they are already IN.! You was supposed to write on Rag_____________San ruining our ever memorable track.! So I guess Ragini was already included here..!!
    Whenever writers will try to pair Sanskar up with his sister Ragini,
    SwaSanians will say about Ragini & her fans as they can accept anything..!! No matter what.!
    You are sensitive so as WE, every time writers(Rag_________San,bro-sis lover) snatch Sanskar or any other man(You can also include Ranveer,Manik,Kunj,Omkara etc) hurting SwaSan fans.! Urghhhh! Nobody is having the LICENCE to hurt others! BUT THEY DO.!
    Blehhh, see what I’m blabbering as if it’s going to affect someone..!!

    Once again Thnk u for understanding our emotions dear..!! ;-*

    1. Nammu

      no probe kakali..and thank u for ur wishes

  3. Mica

    Nammuu….. seem you misunderstood what i told you about change pair.
    It’s not about what happen in A story…. but about the all story..
    You know what ? in this Fandom world, every Characters have their own RESPECTIVE PARTNER, WHICH HAVE THEIR OWN FANDOM.
    Kunj belong to Twinkle, Ranveer belong to Ishani, Sanskar belong to Swara, Manik belong to Nandini, Abhi belong to Pragya, Arjun Mehra belong to Radhika, Raman belong to Ishita, Mann belong to Geet, Arnav belong to Kushi, Laksh SHOULD belong to Ragini..etc, etc, etc.

    I NEVER see Any Fans who busy to steal other partner to be their favorite’s partner except Rag fans. (sorry if it’s hurting, but it’s the real truth)
    We all busy to create story ON OUR FAV with their respective couple as we ADORE THEIR LOVE STORY,.
    ISVEER FANS BUSY TO WRITE STORY ABOUT ISVEER, they never think to pairing Ishani with Mann who belong to Geet, or pairing Ranveer with twinkle no matter what..
    Arshi fans busy to write Story about Arshi, withot thinking to pairing to others..
    Twinj Fans never think to pairing one of them to other or at least steal other partner to be Kunj or Twinkle.
    BUt, at least Rag fans…… Sometime pairing Rag with Omkara (kunal) on 1 ff,
    sometime pairing Rag with Ranveer( shakti)’s ishani on other ff,
    pairing Rag with Kunj’s twinkle on Wattpad
    pairing Rag with Manik’s Nandini.
    and LOVE to STEAL HER SISTER HUSBAND, Sanskar…..
    That’s why once Isveer fans knew about it, they call Rag fans shameless as they pairing Rag with other character except her ONLY HUSBAND, Laksh.
    And now, you preparing to write Rag——————————————san as pair…
    (UNIVERSAL TRUTH THAT SANSKAR IS SWARA HUSBAND)). so, i don’t have choice except joining you to them na.. sorry…
    btw, call me offensive, but many fans will do what i done,
    you wanna prove ? try to pairing Rag with Kunj or Manik or Ranveer and post your story to TEI page or Manan page or MATSH page… you will get bash for sure.

    1. Mica

      uugghhhh,,, sorry!! what i was blabbering na… do whatever you want…allthe best for your story

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