Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Question??


I just want to ask a quick question before I start writing episode 10,

The question: Would you like to see 2 new entries in this FF or

If not then it’s still okay and if yes then it’s okay too.

These two new entries:

Abhimanyu (Abhi) – a cool, carefree, flirty and mischievous guy, no matter how bad he is, he’s always loyal, he cares about his family but he is still a kid at heart even tho he’s ageing, he is full to full childish, when it comes to responsibilities then everyone knows who NOT to go to, he is 21 and is related to Maheshwari Family. DP isn’t in good terms with him.

Shaurya – a flirty, carefree but gets thinking a little, cool and mischievous well not mischievous but rude guy, he is a bit different from Abhi, he has more attitude and is a little mature but little childish too and he cares about himself but if his family is in trouble then he can do anything to save it, he’s loyal and he’s not in good term with DP, he is Abhi’s brother and he is related to Maheshwari Family.

Abhi would be played by Shahzad Shaikh from Yeh hai aashiqui season 4 and Rehaan from qubool hai.

Shaurya would be played by Vatsal Seth from Ek Hasina thi, his acts are abit like that from the show.

I would tell you how they are related to Maheshwari family in the episode but would you like to see two new entries??

Thank you?

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Yeah but don’t change pairs

    1. Don’t worry, I’m not going to change the pairs

  2. I thought u uploaded and opened with excitement but got disappointed dear

    1. Sorry Sindhu

  3. Ya its fyn with new entries
    No issues..

    1. Thanks Anu, I hope these entries bring funny moments for you all

  4. Sorry…. but no need for new enteries

    1. It’s Okay Kangana, there must be a reason why you don’t want new entries right? I wanted to add them for a reason but it’s okay, I respect your answer

  5. i think you should intro them , as it will be interesting in story line n 1 request from me even though abhi n shourya are not in terms of good to dp ,atleast make them good in terms of ragini , atleast one of them

    1. Thanks Naimi, they will be nice to everyone, I hope you find it interesting with their entries and I hope you like it.

  6. Wow…. Shahzaad Shaikh…. tooo good dude…. i like him sooo much….
    I wish he will be good n positive lead role in ur ff….
    Bring new entry toooo….
    N a cute pair for Shahzaad Shaikh

    1. Thanks Cutiepie, I hope you continue liking him in this FF, well he would be positive but…. And I will bring a cute pair for him and I hope you like that pair.

      1. Thanks Halima… btw my name is Mahira….
        but ???? But wat????
        That was a suspense in the comment….
        But ur ff is just awesme….

    2. Thanks Mahira, well I can’t reveal it too soon, but he is positive and mischievous and…… sorry for the suspense. I hope you continue liking,

      1. One more ques….. he abhi aka Shahzaad Shaikh a lead role???

  7. I think u should leave the plot as to how it is so that it doenst get confusing sorry if u got offended

    1. New entries come for a reason and I have a reason behind it and it’s okay I’m not offended at all and thank you for commenting and giving your opinion and the I decided the plot so I know what I need to right in it, thank you. When you wrote leave the plot, I took the wrong meaning, but then I understood and I hope you don’t get confused.

  8. pls think of new innovative names…sab mai same same nam hai

    1. I know Peggy, help Na? Thank you for commenting.

      1. example just like ur name halima is innovative .. maybe u can Google names..
        I think that can attract readers to ur fan fiction .. and also will not create a confusion wid other fan fictions as the names won’t b same so we can keep track of it story..!
        best luck and great work..
        keep going ..

    2. Thanks Peggy but have you got any names?? You can suggest it and I will use them.

      1. shanaya .. anjana.. something gripin …

      2. Oh you was on about the female names? I though it was for the male, would Antara and Arohi do?? Thanks for the suggestions

      3. for guys you can use Ankit Rohan Meeth maybe..

  9. If by adding new entry it becomes interesting then u introduce them it will be good…… But I would say last decision should be your.. And update soon please

    1. Thanks Nikki, I respect your decision like you respect mine, I hope these new entries bring happy moments for all of you.

  10. I think u should intro them

    1. Thanks Megha, I will as I have some reasons behind it.

  11. off course ok with them, then if they r not in good term with Dp means they may good with laksh think so if it is then please let them good with ragini also & let’s they help ragini to change the laksh.. being good & close make laksh to feel his responsibility of husband .. he is not accepting her a wife & thinking also..

    1. Thanks Rasha and I hope I don’t dissapoint you but they are in good terms with everyone and maybe they will help……

  12. no yar!!

    current plot is awesome

    1. Thanks Lovely for liking my plot, I also wanted these new entries to bring funny moments but if you say no then it’s okay but I had some reasons……. Thank you for liking and commenting. But most of them would like it, sorry if my new entries would make you hate the plot……??

  13. Ya ok dnt change the pairs and let them be gud with ragini and they should help ragini to change laksh aft that laksh falling for ragini and any of these two guys must also fall for ragini making laksh to realise his true luv for ragini

    1. Thanks Sanchamo, don’t worry the pairs won’t change…… Maybe they will help Ragini gain Laksh…. Thank you for commenting and liking.

    2. Sorry *Sanchami

  14. I know whether new characters come or not you will rock each episodes…whatever it is fine di…keep going

    1. Thank you so much Dafsi, I hope you continue liking my plot, you encouraged me and I hope you get intrested to see the new plot, by calling me Di, you made me emotional, you made me your family, thank you, ?

  15. Oh you should add the new entries!! I helped you come up with them and if you don’t it’s not fair on me or the ther people who want new entries!! Plus trust me people the new entry is going to be hilarious!

    1. Thank you Halina, who told you I’m not adding them?? If you say it’s going to good then it would be but I can’t garuntee you and some people want me to add these new entries and you do too and you know what these entered would do?? you better not tell?? thank you for commenting.

      1. Your welcome bae ?

  16. Don’t change the pairs
    Waiting for new entries

    1. The couples are gonna be the same, there are just more added in

    2. Thanks Shagun, I promise I won’t change the pairs, I hope these new entries don’t dissapoint you.

  17. Its ur wish dear but plot should be perfect nd present it in ur style so its no matter of new entries if plot is perfect

    1. Thanks Pavani, I hope that this plot stays interesting.

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