Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Maha Episode 24 Part 2

The episode begins with Laksh looking at Ragini,
Ragini: She also told me about yours and his relationship status, I’m glad that you told me.
Laksh: I didn’t want to loose you so I got scared for a while.
Ragini: If you’re truthful then you can never loose me.
Ragini and Laksh share a hug,
Ragini: I decided that I will bring him home.
Laksh: What?
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her,
Ragini: Ved is your son and he has rights to live with you, with his father and family.
Laksh: But Ragini……
Ragini: Please Laksh….. You made a mistake so why are you punishing the child? Children are children, they are sensitive and why should I also punish Ved for what he didn’t do?
Laksh looks at her, Ragini takes Laksh inside.

Sujata sees Dr Mittal, she asks Swara to ask her why she met Abhi because she thinks he’s hiding something. Swara nods,
AP: Sujata…..

Sujata: JiJi, I feel like there’s something wrong, what’s the harm in asking?
Swara: Excuse me.
Dr Mittal stops,
Swara: Hi, are you the brides mother?
Dr M: Yes do you need anything?
Swara: No, I heard you’re a Dr too, that’s so good, you’re a Dr and your daughters going to become one soon, congrats.
Sujata and AP stand behind Swara.
Dr M: Thanks.
Swara: I’m Abhi’s Bhabhi, this is Abhi’s Chachi and this is his Maa.
Dr Mittal folds her hands and greets them.
Dr M: You want to know about Abhi right?
Sujata: Yes, you guessed it right.
Dr M: Sorry I can’t let that information through as he has forbidden me.
Swara looks at her,
Swara: Okay, he doesn’t want us to know but you can at least tell us what you’re a specialist in…..
Dr Mittal smiles,
Dr M: I’m a specialist in oncology so I’m an oncologist.
Sujata: Onco what?
Swara realises and gets shocked,
Swara: A… A cancer specialist?
AP and Sujata get shocked,
Dr M: Yes I’m a cancer specialist.
Sujata: What work did you have with Abhi?
Dr Mittal doesn’t say anything,

Abhi sees them and gets shocked,
Abhi: If she tells them then….
Abhi rushes there.
Swara: Is… Is he your patient?
Abhi in his head: She has to say no.
They see Abhi,
Dr Mittal: Yes.
Swara, AP and Suajta are shocked. Abhi closes his eyes.
Dr M: He’s behind me anyways so you can ask him for the rest.
AP breaks down shocked and Dr M leaves, Abhi bend down and shakes AP, Swara is shocked and Sujata looks at Abhi.
Sujata: Why didn’t you tell us that you had….
Sujata gets emotional,
Abhi: No, she’s just joking to you all and….
Swara: How long will you hide the truth for? It’s out now.
Abhi: Let it remain till you, please.
Swara looks at him emotionally. Abhi makes AP stand.
Sujata: I’ll call Bhaisa and everyone and tell them to come home.
Abhi: I’ll take Maa to the car park.

Ragini walks up to Ved,
Ragini: Ved…. Won’t you come to your new house?
Ved nods no.
Ragini: Why? Don’t you like it there?
Ved: Antara Didi and Arohi Di won’t be there.
Arohi bends down and hugs him,
Arohi: You’re a good boy right? They listen to their elders, now please go.
Ved: Only on one condition.
Antara: We agree.
Arohi: Di, let him say it first.
Antara: We promise that we will come but twice a week.
Ved thinks,
Ved: Done!
Antara hugs him and Ragini takes him, Ved waves his hand and they wave back.
Arohi: How did you know Di?
Antara: Ved is my best friend, if I won’t know him then who else would.
Antara and Arohi smile.

They reach MM:
RP: Why did we bring this Chora back? What happened to Bhabhi, Swara and you Sujata, has snake bitten your tongue?!
Sanskaar: Swara…..
Laksh: I have a confession to make….
All look at Laksh,
Laksh: Ved…. Ved is my son!
All get shocked,
Sujata: Two two shocks in a day, first from Abhi and now Laksh.
DP: What are you saying Laksh?
Laksh tells them everything and they get shocked, DP gets angry, AP looks at Abhi and gives him a tight slap which shocks everyone, including Ragini, Laksh and Ved.
DP: Annapurna! You should be slapping your other son not this one.
Sujata looks on, tears fall out of Swaras eyes, Abhi holds his cheek and looks up.
Shaurya: Maa….
AP turns to Shaurya,
AP: Did you know?
Shaurya: What do you mean?
AP: Haa ya Na?
Shaurya: Wha…..
Shaurya looks at Abhi, Shaurya then understands,
Shaurya puts his head down,
Shaurya: Haa.
AP slaps him too which shocks everyone.
Sujata: JiJi…..
AP: No Sujata, not today!
Abhi: Maa…
AP: Don’t come near me!
Abhi and all get shocked.
DP: Are you okay Annapurna?!
AP breaks down and starts crying, Sujata and Swara have tears rolling down their eyes, Abhi has tears in his eyes.

RP, Sanskaar, DP, Ragini, Laksh, Uttra and Ved are shocked and confused.
Ragini: Uttra, take Vivaan and Ved to their room.
Uttra nods and take Vivaan and Ved upstairs.
Ragini: What happened?
AP stands up and wipes her tears,
AP: Why did you do this Abhi?
Abhi: For your betterment, I didn’t want to trouble all of you!
AP slaps him again and all are shocked,
Sujata: JiJi, calm down, nothing will happen by crying, the truth is going to stay the same.
Laksh: What are you all saying?
Swara: A…Abhi…A
Swara stops and cries.
Laksh: What?
All look at Abhi who has his head down, Abhi then faints and shocks everyone.

1 hour later:
Abhi slowly opens his eyes, he looks around,
Abhi: Maa…..
He sees the family standing in front of him and looking at him,
Abhi: Why am I in hospital?
Shaurya: Relax Abhi….
Abhi takes the oxygen mask off, Dr Mittal comes in,
Dr M: What is this Abhi?!
Abhi looks at her,
Swara: What happens Dr?
Dr M: If this continues then I have to hospitalise you under observation!
DP: Is there a problem Dr?
Dr M: There’s no significant changes in your results, this isn’t good!
Abhi: Sorry Doc.
Dr M: This is what you always say! I can’t trust you anymore!
AP looks at Abhi,
AP: Don’t worry Dr, we will take care of him, just tell us what we have to do.
Dr M: I’m glad your family knows, now I don’t have to worry.

DP: Can we take him home?
Dr M: Yes, I’ll get the discharge papers ready.
DP nods and Dr Mittal goes,
Laksh: Why didn’t you tell us?
DP: You hid such a big thing? Why?!
Abhi: I’m sorry.
Shaurya: It’s good you found out, he was going to make you all hate him and kick him out so he could die peacefully!
AP looks at Shaurya,
Shaurya: Nothing will happen to you Abhi. The Dr said you’re on the second stage of cancer and there’s a chance of you recovering.
Abhi sits up, Laksh hugs him, Sanskaar caresses his hair with a little tear in his eyes, Laksh composes him self and smiles at Abhi,
Laksh: Nothing will happen to you.
Abhi: You never know, I’m not scared of dying, I will die happily knowing my family is happy.
Laksh slaps him on the shoulder.

Laksh: Be positive!
Shaurya: Why do you want to get a slap again?
AP ignores Shaurya and Abhi.
AP: I’m going to the car!
Sujata: JiJi, I will come too.
Sujata and AP go out,
RP: Bhaisa, I will take Bhabhi, Sujata, Ragini and Swara home, you can bring Abhi.
DP nods and Swara and Ragini smile at Abhi,
RP: Sanskaar, give me the keys.
Sanskaar takes the keys out and gives it to RP, RP takes it and leaves with Ragini and Swara.

DP, Laksh, Sanskaar, Shaurya arrive at MM with Abhi,
Abhi: Finally I’m a Chachu, anyways where’s my Chotu?
Ved comes,
Ved: Chachu, are you okay?
Abhi: Yes, why? What’s wrong with me?
Ved: Nothing.
Ved hugs Abhi and Abhi hugs him back.
Ved brings Abhi to the dinner table.
Ved: Chachu, all your favourite dishes are made.
Abhi: Wow, if I was to get this Laad Pyaar then I should’ve told you all 6 months ago.
AP gets angry,
AP in her head: For 6 months he’s been suffering and he didn’t tell me.
Abhi looks at AP,
Abhi: Maa….
AP (Harshly): It’s time to eat! You should talk!
Abhi gets upset.

They all sit down and start eating.
Abhi eats every single dish,
Sujata, Swara and Ragini smile,
Ved: Wow Chachu, would you be able to eat that much?
Abhi: You haven’t seen me, if I was in a competition with all these men here, I would’ve won! Anyways why did you decide to call me chachu?
Ved: I decided to call you Chachu because you didn’t do anything to me and the people that didn’t do anything wrong to me shouldn’t be punished. Antara Didi used to say that punish the people that are evil and Arohi Di used to say don’t harm anyone and punish them if they didn’t do anything wrong.
All get impressed.

Ved: So you all didn’t do anything wrong to me so why should I be mean to you all? What would I get?
Laksh looks on,
Ved: Haa it’s different if you hate someone!
Ved ignores Laksh, Ragini sees this and thinks,
Ragini in her head: They are not in good terms, I need to do something.
The family finish eating.

AP goes in her room and cries, DP comes there and sees AP crying.
AP: Why didn’t he tell us? I can’t loose him.
DP: Don’t worry Annapurna, nothing will happen to him! I…. I feel guilty now.
AP looks at DP,
DP: I always shouted at him and I never liked him but today his condition makes me feel guilty, I…I will miss him if he goes!
AP cries thinking about loosing him.

Raglak room:
Ragini takes her jewellery off, Laksh comes in,
Ragini: I can’t believe Abhi has cancer.
Laksh: I know, I still think he’s pranking us.
Ragini: He never made us think he’s in pain, he never gave us a glimpse of his condition, we always see him smiling.
Laksh: He is a brave, he has that courage in him. Nothing will happen to him. He will beat cancer.
Ragini: Nothing will happen to him!
Ragini turns towards Laksh, Laksh looks at her and smiles, he walks upto her, Ragini smiles, she suddenly faints and Laksh grabs her on time.

Precap: Abhi’s result arrive……..

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Dr Mittal – Sonali Bendre

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