Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Maha Episode 24 Part 1


The episode begins with AP staring at Shaurya,
Abhi: Chill Na Papa, he was joking!
DP angrily stands up and storms off, AP stares at Shaurya,
Shaurya: Sorry.
AP: You should say it to him not me.
Shaurya: Please Maa, don’t give me this punishment.
Abhi: I can’t wait to see Papa dance.
Shaurya: Dance?
Abhi and Shaurya laugh, Laksh giggles, Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Okay sorry.
Abhi: Okay, imagine Papa doing hiphop?
Shaurya laughs even more,

Shaurya: Papa can’t even move his hands so forget hip hop, how about Bhangra?
Abhi laughs, Laksh laughs this time, Sanskaar giggles,
Abhi and Shaurya look at Laksh laughing and smile, all smile,
Laksh: Papa can’t even do his traditional Marwari dance so forget Bhangra and Hiphop, he doesn’t even know how to move his hips!
Shaurya and Abhi let out a laugh.
Abhi: It’s good to see you back.

Ved: You three are so rude to Uncle, poor him.
Abhi: Poor? How can he be poor if he saves each of his penny in his locker?
Shaurya: You haven’t seen the real him, trust me even you will be doing this.
Ved: No matter how he is, he’s your father and you have to respect him, in fact you have to respect all of your elders, by laughing and mocking them does not make you any better.
All get impressed with his words, Ragini smiles,
AP: Such big words from small child?
Shaurya: Chote gorilla, who told you these things?

Ved: Chote gorilla?
Shaurya: I will call you Chote gorilla.
Ved: Whenever I used to do any mischievous things then Arohi Di used to tell me this everyday.
Abhi smiles, Sujata gets impressed,
Ved: Only some of her words effect me.
Abhi: What are you going to wear in the wedding?
Ved: I don’t want to go.

Ragini: You can talk over there, we need to clear up the table.
Abhi: Okay Bhabhi.
Abhi stands up, he then gets a call, Ved stands up, Laksh spills the water on Ved,
Laksh: Sorry, I’ll take you to the Bathroom.

Laksh takes Ved,
Laksh: What the hell are you doing here?!
Ved: It’s not my fault okay! I was forced to come here by your wife!
Laksh: You….
Ved: I know how to keep my mouth shut! I’m not going to tell them.
Laksh: You’re arguing with me?!
Ved: You shouldn’t argue with your own ones but I don’t know you!
Laksh gets angry,
Ved: What happened? Angry?
Laksh: Have they taught you how to answer back too?
Ved: No! They taught me manners, they taught me all the good things that you never taught me, they gave me the support that you didn’t give me so what rights are you trying to show?
Laksh: Mind your attitude and tone!

Ved: I’m your son so wouldn’t I go on you?!
Laksh: Ved!

Ved: What? Will you shout and slap me? That’s all you have been doing till now, what else can you do?
Laksh: You’re crossing your limits!
Ved: You crossed yours! You did the mistake and I had to pay the price, why?
Laksh: It’s not your time to know!
Ved: Why do I have your surname when you don’t even want me?
Laksh looks at him,
Ved: I’m happy without you in my life, I’m happy that I’m a orphan, I’m happy that I don’t have a father!

Laksh was about to slap him when AP comes and holds his hand, Ved hides behind her. Laksh looks on,
AP: Why were you about to slap him?
Laksh: Tell him!
AP: No Laksh, this time you’re wrong, I want to know the truth!
Laksh: Maa….
AP: No Laksh, tell me!
Ved: No I’m sorry, I crossed my limits, I…. I’m sorry…….
AP: Beta you go and get ready okay?
Ved nods and AP guides him where to go.
Laksh takes AP to the room and tells her everything, AP gets shocked….
AP: You have to tell Ragini.
Laksh: I know Maa but….

AP: It’s better if you tell her rather than she finding it out.
AP opens the door and leaves Laksh looks on.

All the family are waiting,
Sujata: Where is Ragini, Abhi, Laksh and Shaurya?
Swara comes out wearing a gold and pink saree with diamond earrings with diamond necklace and her Mangalsutra.
Sanskaar gets memorised seeing her, he smiles and signals her that she’s looking good, she then blushes.
Sujata: Swara and Sanskaar are here but those two will never reform, I don’t know where Ragini and Laksh are!
DP: Always Late! They are 10 minuets late.
DP and the men are wearing sherwani, Sanskaar wears maroon, DP wears cream, RP wears light Pink, Shaurya comes down wearing blue sherwani. All of their Sherwanis have silver beads and patterns and a brooch.
Sujata: Where is Abhi?!

Shaurya: He must be coming! Chote gorilla, you look nice.
Ved is wearing silver sherwani,
Ved: Thanks

Raglak room:
Laksh comes in while looking at his phone,
Laksh: Hurry up Ragini…..
He looks up and sees Ragini struggling to tie her blouse, he goes near her and helps her tie her blouse, Ragini turns around, she is wearing a light red and green ghaghra choli, she is wearing gold jewellery, with her hair out, Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: Not bad
He grabs her by her waist and pulls her closer, Ragini smiles but blushes also,
Ragini: Someone will come Laksh….

Laksh: So?
Ragini looks at him and smiles, Laksh was about to kiss Ragini but Ragini moves her head and Laksh stops, he goes near her cheek, he was about to kiss her but stops and let’s go, Ragini looks at him,
Laksh: Before starting a relationship, I want to tell you something.
Ragini: What?

Abhi comes inside,
Abhi: You all take 10 years to come out! No no, take 70 years!
Sujata: Where have you came out from?
Abhi: I was waiting for you in the car! It’s so hot and my poor hair and skin would’ve got ruined.
Sujata: You’ve been waiting in the car for 10 minuets?
Shaurya: Ek Ghanta Pehle hi jaake behet Gaya vaha. (He sat there an hour before)
Sujata: Ke? (What?) I didn’t know you were in that hurry?

DP: Wait patiently, it’s not like it’s your wedding there! Anyways who wants to marry you?
Abhi: I don’t know why Maa married you. If Maa can marry you then someone will marry me!
Shaurya: In your dreams!
Abhi: Really? I can’t wait to see who you’re going to marry, wait dreams don’t come true right? Poor Shaurya…… You’re going to die single!
DP looks at him angrily, Shaurya fake smiles.
AP: Abhi?!
Abhi smiles at AP,

Laksh: I want to tell you something that I hid from everyone.
Ragini nods yes,
Laksh: I…. I have….
Abhi shouts: Bhai! Bhabhi! Come quick!
Ragini: Someone’s in a hurry, you can tell me later, come.
Laksh: But it’s important…..
Ragini: He’s going to shout if we’re late and then he wouldn’t go.
Ragini leaves and Laksh looks on, he then thinks that he will tell her after this function and goes out.

Laksh and Ragini come downstairs,
Abhi is wearing a leaf green sherwani with patterns with white beads and broach, Laksh is wearing Red sherwani with green brooch.
Abhi: You could’ve took more time romancing.
Laksh glares at Abhi, Abhi heads out and the family follow on.

They reach the venue, Abhi gets out and rushes in, Ved also goes in.
Sujata: JiJi, he’s behaving like its his wedding, I didn’t know some people get excited over others wedding.
DP: He’s crazy, that’s why. I don’t know what new drama this boy would do. I hope God saves my reputation today.
They then park the cars and come out, Sujata gives Swara Vivaan and kisses him on the cheeks, Swara smiles and Sanskaar does too, they head in.

Sujata smiles seeing the decoration, they see Abhi throwing flowers at the bride and groom as they are taking pehres, then the groom applies Sindoor and Mangalsutra and Abhi claps,
Sujata: Why is he getting happy?

AP: I don’t know.
DP: Handle your son Annapurna, he’s behaving Pagal.
Shaurya then sees the groom,
Shaurya: Akshay?
He smiles and goes towards him, Akshay hugs Abhi and then sees Shaurya and hugs him too. Shaurya and Abhi talk to Akshay and smile and laugh.

Sujata: It seems like they know each other.
Sujata and the family walk ahead,
Abhi: Sale, you stole our girl! Why did you do this to me Tanya?
DP: No wonder he was in a hurry, he was planning to break the marriage.
Tanya looks at Abhi emotionally and hugs him, DP and the family look on, Tanya starts crying.
Abhi: Hey… Don’t cry, I was joking, you know me… Tanu…..
Tanya breaks the hug and wipes her tears,
Akshay: You made my wife cry.
Shaurya: You hugged Abhi, what about me?
Tanya smile and hugs Shaurya, they then break the hug,
Shaurya: Bless you two.

Akshay looks at Abhi,
Akshay: Bless you Abhi……
Abhi smiles,
Tears fall out of Tanya’s eyes,
Abhi: That’s why you was crying?
Tanya nods yes,
Tanya: I’m goi…going to miss you Abhi……
Abhi wipes her tears,
Abhi: Smile then! Abhi hates the people that cry!
Tanya smiles,
Tanya: You were a funny, cool, flirty and awesome friend that we could ever find, I don’t think we will find another Abhi.
DP: That’s why he isn’t successful!
They turn around and see DP and the family,
Shaurya: Meet our family.
Akshay: True, thank you for coming in our life’s, thank you for making us realise our love for each other.

Abhi: Emotional Drama baand karo aur shuru Ho Jaon? (Stop emotional Drama and shall I start?)
Tanya and Akshay nod yes, then Abhi jumps on the stage, all look there.

DP: What will this boy do now?!
Abhi looks at sees Arohi and smiles, he then starts singing Salam e Ishq….. He also starts dancing……..
He comes of stage and starts dancing…. And mouthing…..
Tere aankhon ke mad bale……
He looks at Arohi and signals her, she looks down, she is wearing light green Anarkali suit, Antara comes there, she is wearing light blue Anarkali suit.
Abhi brings Shaurya and they start dancing together, Laksh comes in and starts dancing and so does Ragini, then Sanskaar, then Swara and then everyone, Antara comes and Shaurya offers her to dance and she nods no, he grabs her hand and makes her dance, Abhi feels uneasy and goes out of the dance circle, he goes out and breathes heavily,
Arohi sees this and gets worried, she takes water for him.

Arohi: Paani…..
Abhi takes the water and starts drinking it,
Abhi: Thanks.
Arohi: Are you okay?
Abhi nods yes, he then smiles at her.
Abhi: When you smile you look good.

Arohi looks at him weirdly,
Abhi: My name is Abhimanyu, you can call me Abhi for short and friends…?
Arohi doesn’t say anything,
Abhi: It’s good to trust Abhi!
Abhi makes her shake his hand, Arohi jerks it back,
Abhi: Don’t worry, Abhi is clean from the outside and inside.
Arohi gets nervous,
Abhi: You’re cute.
Arohi tries to leave but Abhi grabs her hand and takes her to the floor. Arohi doesn’t find him and she is surrounded by some people and they are dancing. Arohi feels uncomfortable and just claps.
The song finishes.

Antara sees Ved and hugs him,
Antara: Where did you go? You know how worried Arohi got.
Ved: Sorry Didi, I promise this won’t happen again.
Arohi comes there,
Arohi: Ved…..

Arohi hugs Ved and he hugs her back.
Arohi: I know you will be going back to that house, they are your family Ved, be nice to them.
Ved: I won’t go!
Arohi: Ved, you shouldn’t be stubborn.
Antara: Arohi is telling the truth, if Laksh tells Ragini then she will accept you hopefully.

Abhi is breathing heavily, he looks up and smiles, Dr Mittal comes there,
Dr M: This boy is too much!
She walks up to him and gives him water, he takes it, she gets a medicine out of her purse and gives it to him.
Dr M: I knew you wouldn’t bring your medicine, be lucky that I had extra and who told you to dance?
Abhi takes the medicine and drinks water,
Abhi: It was your daughters wedding, how could I have not danced?
Dr M: I don’t know why she befriended a crazy person.
Abhi: To make everyone smile.
Abhi feels relaxed,
Dr M: Your family is present here….. Take care and take your medicine on time! If it continues like this then I will have to tell someone else because Shaurya isn’t too reliable!
Abhi: Okay.

Laksh takes Ragini to a side,
Laksh: I need to tell you something!
Ragini: What?
Laksh: It’s something that I hid from all of the world.
Ragini: What is it Laksh? You can tell me.
Laksh: That… That I have a son.
Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini: A son?
Laksh: Yh a 7 year old son, 7 years ago I had a girlfriend, before Krystle and she gave birth to a boy and he was my son, she had died while giving birth to him. I was only 16 and….. I had done a DNA test and it was positive, I…I couldn’t take care of him, I couldn’t take him home because of Papa, then I met Krystle, I couldn’t tell her about my son and now you and Maa know. I’m sorry.
Ragini is shocked,
Ragini: And Ved is your son?
Laksh looks at her,
Ragini: Antara told me…… She told me everything.
Laksh: When?
Ragini: Today, 5 minutes before you did.

Ragini takes Antara and asks her questions, Antara tells her everything and Ragini is shocked.
Antara leaves and Ragini stand there in shock.
End of FB

The episode freezes on Laksh’s shocked and confused face.

Precap: Ragini brings Ved home and plans something.

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

Dr Mittal – Sonali Bendre

Credit to: Halima

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