Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) *Last Episode*


The episode starts with 6 days later, MM is decorated.

Antara is in her room, she breaks down and crys. (Kuch to tha tere mere Darmiyaan….plays in the BG)

Shaurya is in his room, he is sitting down and thinking.

Shanaya is in a room, she is in a bridal Attire and tears fall out of her eyes. “Why? Why does this have to happen?” Shanaya breaks down after saying this.

A flashback is shown, it starts of with when Shaurya and Antara meet,
Antara: I need to talk to you…
Shaurya: I don’t! Get lost!
Shaurya sits in his car, Antara too sits in his car.
Shaurya: What the hell?! Get out.
Antara fastens her seat belt and nods no.
Antara: Start the car…I want to talk.
Shaurya angrily starts the car and drives fast.
Shaurya and Antara reach a place, they star talking and arguing.
Antara: If you had to choose between ur brother and me…who would you have chose?
Shaurya thinks.

After a day, Shaurya realises, Shanaya also finds out that Shaurya loves Antara but doesn’t want to admit it.

Arohi and Abhi sort out the misunderstanding and AP brings a Rishta…Arohi doesn’t accept it but because of Ayaan and Aaisha she had to. They would be getting married on the same day as Shaurya.

Bihaan and Thapki make plans to unite Shaurya and Antara.
FB ends.

Marriage day/present day:
Everyone are getting ready, Abhi is super duper excited as his love and children are going to be with him, he smiles and thanks god. AP walks past along with Sujata,
Sujata: Oho JiJi…look, someone’s getting ready fast…I hope he doesn’t sit in the car 2 hours before like last time….
Abhi laughs,
Sujata: Oho…look JiJi, someone’s getting happy.
Abhi gets shy,
AP: Sujata…stop teasing my Abhi…
Abhi: Haa,
AP: Look at him, he’s already blushing and your making him blush more….
Abhi: Maa!
AP and Sujata laugh while Swara and Ragini come in,
Ragini: Maa, Chachi, why are you teasing our Devar?
Abhi: Yeah you tell them Bhabhi…
Swara: Bechare Devar Ji is already happy, why are you getting him happy? If it was up to him then he would’ve ran right now…
Swara, Ragini, AP and Sujata laugh and Abhi looks on,
Abhi: Bahbhi…!
Laksh: Arey…why u teasing my brother?
Laksh, Sanskaar and Ansh come in.
Abhi: Look Bhai…they’re roasting me….
Sanskaar: Ladies….you all need to relax…you all look more happy than Abhi…control…
Abhi: Yes Bhai….get in there, they were roasting me…u proper roast them.
Swara glares at Sanskaar,
Laksh: Mujhe Lagta hai Ki Abhi se Zyada unko jaldi hai…(I think that they’re in a more hurry than Abhi….) arey, is Abhi the groom or you all?
Abhi, Sanskaar, Ansh and Laksh laugh.
Ragini glares at Laksh more while all of them glare at him.
Ansh: Chill…don’t trouble my sweet Chachi and my Maa….
AP and Sujata smiles, Abhi
Ansh: Well… Bhai….mind Maa and Chachi…the happiness the couldn’t feel on their weddings…let them express them on yours…don’t forget Papa was there, forget smiling, he won’t let you look up.
Ansh (acts like DP): Bas! (Puts his hand up) What do you think this is?! Is this my house or your Khabarkhana(junkyard??)?! Behave yourself! I don’t know what manoos ghari that was when you came!
Laksh, Abhi, Sanskaar, Ansh, Swara, Ragini and Sujata start laughing.

AP: Ragini beta…
Ragini stops: Ji Maa?
AP: Beta..aren’t you going?
Ragini: Ji Maa, I’ll leave now.
AP nods and Ragini heads out.

Ved is in his room thinking.
Ved: No…Mom can’t get married to that Man again….this can’t happen.
Ved is tensed, he then remembers how Laksh has been nice with him for the past 6 days.
Tears fall out of Veds eyes,
Ved: Am I doing the right thing by punishing him?
Just then Ansh comes and Ved wipes his tears,
Ansh: Champ…u okay?
Ved: Haa, sha..shall we go?
Ansh: Haa, everyone’s just waiting for you.
Ved: I’ll come in 2 minuets.
Ansh nods and heads out, Ved looks on.

After a while Abhi and Shaurya get ready and come down, Laksh also comes down (Raglak remarriage too)
Abhi: Ready Bhai log?
Laksh nods yes and so does Shaurya, Bihaan comes there,
Bihaan: Are you ready? The cars are ready too.
Abhi: Car?
Bihaan: Naa…horses…
Ansh: Let’s go…the brides must be waiting….
Bihaan: I invited all our old mates…they must be coming.
Shaurya nods.
Sujata: Jaldi…are you going to spend your whole time talking here?
Ansh: Wow…Chachi…Laksh was right…you are in a hurry.
Aaradhya comes down,
Laksh: Where’s Aahana?
Aaradhya: She’s gone with Mamma…so is Ruhi.
Laksh: So you’re from my side?
Aaradhya nods yes.
Laksh: Shall we go?
All nod and head out. Ansh forces a smile.

Arohi is seen getting her make up done, she gets ready in the bridal attire and is looking stunning.

Ragini is also looking stunning

Shanaya is looking ??

After a while, the groom and their side of the family arrive, Sharmishta and Daadi are at the door, Daadi does their Aarti, Mr Merchant and Shekhar smile.
They finish the rituals and the grooms sit down at the Mandap, Shaurya is thinking about Antara.

The pandit asks to call the brides, Daadi nods and sends Sharmishta and Swara. After a while they bring the brides, Ragini, Arohi and Shanaya have their ghunghat down.
They sit in the Mandap next to their would to be husbands.
After a while….they stand for pehres…then Sindoor and Mangalsutra….wedding completed,
Someone arrives and everyone get shocked, including Shaurya.

Shaurya then lifts the ghunghat up and sees Antara….http://m.imgur.com/6SmGcQu?r
All get shocked,
Mr Merchant: What is this?
Shanaya: Papa…it’s not their fault…I didn’t want to get married to him….
All look at her,
Shanaya: If he doesn’t even love me then with what right should I marry him? If he married me today then three lives would’ve got ruined, mine, hers and his… That’s why I went to her….

It goes to a flashback when Thapki is calming Antara, just then they hear a door bell and Thapki opens it, Shanaya comes in the room, Antara sees her, Shanaya says she doesn’t want to marry Shaurya, he’s not mine, he’s only your…maybe next time…
Then Shanaya and Antara switched places and Antara got married to Shaurya.
End of FB.

Shanaya: By marrying him, I wouldn’t have got that love…he never loved me and he was never mine before…he was always…
Shaurya looks at her, he then walks up to her and hugs her, Mr Merchant gets angry.
Shanaya: Stupid…will you make me cry? Antara…handle your husband…(while laughing) he’s flirting with me…!
Shaurya breaks the hug and smiles at her. She smiles at him.
Shanaya: To be honest…I never loved you…I realised feel happy with someone else’s presence…
She looks at Ansh…..
Mr Merchant: Enough! What about you? I can’t let this happen…I…I am cancelling the deal! I can’t let your life be ruined!
Shanaya: Papa…
Mr Merchant: No! They made a fool out of you so easily… They just used you…no!
DP and everyone get shocked.
Shanaya: It’s not like that Dad…chill…
Mr M: Who would marry you? Tell me?! Who will accept a rejected bride? What about you?!
DP looks at Ansh, he looks away.
Suddenly Ishu(Ishaani)…Devu (Devyani)….Anu(Anushka)….Aliya….Madhu….Baani(Gurbani)….Sidu(Siddhi)….Paro(Parvati)….Meg(Megha)…Mehu(Meethi)….Muku(Mukta)….Nimbu(Nandani)…Aru(Aaradhya)….Roli….Shivu (Shivanya) aur Chakor, come, Antara smiles seeing them.
Shanaya: Don’t worry Dad…
DP: Mr Merchant…I would like to apologise to you…
Mr M: No! What is this Mr Maheshwari?! The deal is off! Let’s go Shanaya….
DP: Wait Mr Merchant…if you don’t mind then can I make Shanaya my youngest daughter in law?
Mr Merchant looks at him,
DP: Can Ansh marry your daughter?
All are shocked, Ansh is shocked. Shanaya looks at him, Mr merchant thinks, he looks at Shanaya and nods, all are happy but shocked.

Ansh has a flashback:
In London, Ansh used to have a crush on Shanaya since the very first, he then became her friend and for 8 years, he kept quiet, 1 day he was going to propose to her but she left for Kolkata before he could, he then stopped his feelings.
End of FB.

Mr M: Would you make my daughter your daughter in law today?
DP nods yes.
Then after a while Ansh and Shanaya get married, Shanaya whispers: Ab to Bol do (at least say it now)
Ansh looks at her,
Shanaya (Whispers): I know you like me…In I know you had a crush on me…since day 1….you didn’t say it then and now…?
Ansh smiles,
Shanaya: Mr Anshuman Maheshwari…. Say Na…
Ansh: Okay Mrs Anshuman Maheshwari…I…love…yo…
Before he could complete his sentence, he gets interrupted by Sujata.
Shanaya in her mind: Ugh! Wrong timing….

Ved hugs Laksh and realises that life’s too short to hold a grudge against…

All the rituals are complete, Shaurya and Antara talk, he smiles at her,
Shaurya: I missed you.
Antara hugs him and says “I missed you too and I’m sorry…”

It shifts to Raglak.
Laksh is walks towards Ragini, he helps take her jewellery off and he pulls her ghunghat off and kisses her on the forehead, then cheeks and eventually lips…he lifts her in his arms and tu hi Mera plays in the BG. He takes her to the bed and they consummate the wedding, Shaurya and Antara do too.

Ansh comes inside his room and Abhi enters his, they see their brides sitting on the bed, they both close their doors and turn and walk towards them.

Abhi lifts Arohis ghunghat up and smiles,
Arohi avoids eye contact,
Abhi: Finally you’re mine…after 8 years.
Arohi smiles at him,
Abhi: So Mrs Abhi Maheshwari…happy?
She smiles wider, he then kisses her on the cheek which shocks her, the then takes her jewellery off and makes her lie, he leans in and then diya is shown and they consummate their marriage.

Shanaya smiles and looks at Ansh,
Ansh sits next to her,
Ansh: After all, I have won…
Shanaya: And? I made you win.
Ansh: I still think I’m dreaming…
Shanaya pinches Ansh and he feels the pain and scream..
Shanaya: Shh!
She puts her hand on his mouth and he looks at her, she looks around,
Shanaya: They can hear you and they will take the wrong meaning! Anyways you’re not dreaming.
She takes her hand off,
Ansh smiles,
Shanaya: You’re not allowed to until you say it.
Shanaya looks away.
Ansh: I…
Shanaya smiles,
Ansh: Love….
Shanaya stops moving….
Ansh: Your..make up!
He then laughs and Shanaya slaps him on the shoulder, he stands up and she stands up, she chases him and he laughs, “You…!” Shanaya shouts, she slips and he catches her, they have an eye lock.
Shanaya: Bol Do….
Ansh: I….
He picks her up in his arms.
Ansh: Love…
He moved towards the bed.
Ansh: You….
He makes her lie and kisses her, they consummate their marriage.

Tu hi Mera…plays in the BG.
It shifts to the moon. It ends on a happy note.

The end.

Thank you for supporting me through my FF….love you all…I hope you like the final Episode and I will miss all of you… I’m writing another FF which is called Swaragini (Yevadu)…thank you?❤️?

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukriti Khandpal

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Parth Samthaan – Anshuman (Ansh)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya

Do read:
Destiny Vs Love (Thahaan…Tiran…Tahrath…Pyaar Ki) by Nusz??????????
Heart needs what it needs by ???… ??????
Journey to Love by Akira ??????????
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna by Sidra ??????
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya by Riya ?????
Rishto Ki Dastaan by Eva ???????❤️?

Thank you???❤️?

Credit to: Halima

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