Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Epsiode 27


The episode begins with Abhi at Antara and Arohis house,
Abhi: Please na Arohi, they must be waiting, where’s Antara?
Arohi: I…I can’t come, Di isn’t coming back till 6.
Abhi: Don’t be boring, where is your room?
Arohi: Please Abhi…..
Abhi: It will be fun, the coach even came, call Antara!
Arohi looks down,
Abhi takes Arohis phone and calls Antara,
Antara: Hello?
Abhi: Hello, I have kidnapped your sister and soon I will take her, if you have the guts to stop me then come in 10 minuets!
Abhi cuts the call.
Arohi: Why did you lie to Di?
Abhi: My sweet and innocent Arohi, she will only come like this.
Arohi thinks,
Abhi: Don’t think too much and pack.
Arohi: How many days are we going for?
Abhi: 3-4 days.
Arohi: Please Abhimanyu, I…I don’t want to.
Abhi looks at her,
Abhi: Abhimanyu?
Arohi avoids his eye contact and looks down,
Arohi: S..sorry, vo……
Abhi: No it’s okay, everyone calls me Abhi and you’re the first person to call me Abhimanyu….. I’m not used to it.
Arohi is feeling insecure,
Abhi: You don’t need to feel insecure, I won’t do anything bad, you can trust me, I’m your friend also.
Abhi looks at the time,
Abhi: Where is she?
Antara jumps in from the window, she is holding a stick, Arohi looks up and gets shocked, Antara rushes to him, Abhi turns around an moves back, Antara was about to hit him but sees his face,
Arohi: Di……
Abhi: Oh Lady assassin, calm down, will you actually kill me?
Antara: Haa, if you touch my sister then I would definitely kill you!
Abhi: Woah!
Antara drops the stick,
Antara: What are you doing here?
Arohi: Di, tell him, we don’t want to go.
Antara: Where?
Abhi: Picnic.
Antara: Picnic? Do we look like little kids?
Abhi: Family picnic.
Antara: I don’t remember having any relationships with you.
Abhi: I’m Veds Chachu.
Antara: Oh, Laksh’s brother?
Abhi: Correct.
Abhi’s phone rings,
Sujata: Where are you chore? We are waiting in the caach for you.
Abhi: I’m coming Chachi but it’s Coach.
Sujata: Yh same thing!
Abhi: Are you all ready?
Sujata: You don’t know how hard it was to persuade Bahisa but finally he is here.
Sujata looks back and sees DP sitting down, DP looks on angrily.
Swara shouts: Haa Abhi, come quick.
Ved: Haa Chachu.
Abhi: Why don’t you all come here and collect us.
Sujata: What? Okay we will come.
Abhi: Great, I’ll text Shaurya the address.
Abhi cuts the call and messages Shaurya the address.

Antara: Listen, we are not coming.
Abhi: Arohi, go pack the stuff, please.
Abhi makes an innocent face and looks at Arohi,
Abhi: Please…..for Ved?…..
Arohi thinks.

After a while:
The family reach Antara and Arohis house in the coach and sees them aya dining ready, the Driver comes out and helps put the luggage in, Antara and Arohi enter along with Abhi, they go all the way at the back and sit down, DP is sitting there also but two seats away, Abhi sits next to Shaurya. Laksh sits next to Sanskaar, Swara and Vivaan sit together, AP and Sujata sit together and Ragini and Ved,
Abhi: Where’s the others?
Sujata: Now who’s left to come?
Abhi: Sharmishta Aunty and Shekhar uncles family.
Swara thinks about them,
Daadi enters the bus,
Daadi: What was the need to plan all of this chore?
Daadi greets everybody and they greet her back, she takes a seat, Daada Ji sits next to Daadi and Sumi and Shekhar sit next to each other, Swara hides and tears drop out of her eyes.
Abhi: Thank you for coming Uncle.
Shekhar: It’s okay Beta. What was the need of all this…?
Abhi: We are officially ready to go.
The coach driver starts driving.

Arohi has a flashback,
Abhi: I’m going to call Ved and tell him to cancel it.
Antara: Why?
Arohi: You can’t cancel it, it’s a big day for him, he was happy.
Abhi: If you’re not coming then what’s the point? He wanted to go with you.
Antara thinks, Abhi takes his phone out, he was about to dial the number but Antara stops him,
Antara: We will come.
Arohi and Antara leave to pack and Abhi smiles.
End of FB.

Arohi looks at Abhi from diagonal and sees him resting his head back,
Arohi in her head: He’s different from others….I see childish behaviour in him…..
Arohi smiles, Antara taps her on the shoulder and asks what, Arohi nods no and looks out of the window.

Laksh looks at Ved and thinks, Ved rests his head on Raginis shoulder and smiles,
Laksh in his head: You’re different Ragini and I like that, no one would’ve accepted Ved the way you did. They would’ve left me and slapped me by now.
Laksh smiles,
Laksh in his head: Ved….?

Sanskaar smiles thinking about something, Shaurya looks back and sees DP looking outside the window, he then sees Antara,
Shaurya in his head: Hmm….

Sujata: I’m so excited JiJi, this is the first time I’m coming out.
AP: I know Sujata….
Sujata checks the time, it’s 5:45pm.
She looks back and sees RP sitting alone listening to music with ear phones on. RP looks at Abhi and gives him thumbs up. Abhi smiles.

Ragini looks at Laksh, she sees him staring at her and smiles,
Ragini thinks: Thank god Abhi thought of this picnic idea, this will give me more opportunity to reunite them.
Ragini looks back,
Ragini: Abhi.
Abhi looks at her,
Abhi: Ji Bhabhi?
Ragini: Is it possible if you could swap places with me?
Abhi: Sure……?
Abhi stands up, Ragini does too, the swap places,
Ved: I want to sit with Daadu, he seems alone.
Ved stands up,
Abhi: Anyways there’s extra space left, I’ll join you.
Ved and Abhi go back, Ved sits next to DP and Abhi sits in between Ved and Antara.
Antara: Arohi, I need air.
Arohi: I’ll open the window.
Antara: No it will be easy if I swap with you.
Antara stands up, Arohi shifts a seat and Antara sits next to the window.
DP in his head: If they didn’t like the place then why did they sit there? Now they are fond of swapping? Once they have an accident and break a bone then they will feel better!

Laksh thinks: Why did Ragini go and sit next to Shaurya?
Laksh sees Ragini and Shaurya talking secretly and looks on.

Precap: All are shocked…..

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Do read Destiny vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) by Nusz and Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa.

Credit to: Halima

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