Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Epsidoe 26


The episode starts with Arohi nervously waiting for Swara and Ragini, Ved comes in,
Ved: Di are you okay?
Arohi: Haa.
Ved: Di, don’t worry, they won’t do anything and the men in the house are gone for a meeting, only Abhi Chachu and Bade Papa are here.
Arohi nods,
Arohi: I think I should leave now.
Arohi gets a call and picks it up,
Arohi: Di?
Antara: Are you staying there?
Arohi: No Di.
Antara: Chill, come back before 6 because I won’t be home till 6 and you will be bored alone.
Arohi: Okay Di.
Antara disconnects the phone.
Ved: Antara Didi didn’t come why?
Arohi: She had some work to do, that’s why.
Ved: Di, we are going for a picnic tomorrow.
Arohi: That’s good.
Ved: Why don’t you and Antara Didi come too?
Arohi: No…..
Ved: Please Di…..
Ved makes an innocent face.
Arohi: I need to ask Di first.
Ved: Antara Di won’t say no to me so you two are coming. Yay.

Ragini comes to Swaras room, she sees Sanskaar reading the newspaper,
Ragini: Jeju, where’s Swara?
Sanskaar looks there,
Sanskaar: She’s in the Kitchen.
Ragini: Okay, thank you.
Sanskaar smiles and Ragini goes.

Ragini: Swara?
Swara looks behind,
Swara: Thank God you came Ragini. Look, I made all of this, come and taste and tell me how it is?
Ragini gets surprised,
Ragini: Wow Swara, is there anything special?
Swara: Haa, Ved was telling me that we are going to the picnic tomorrow so I was making arrangements.
Ragini: Picnic? When did he tell you?
Swara: Today, couple of minuets ago.
Ragini: When are we going? Wait, I’m getting confused.
Swara: Didn’t he tell you? He told me that Abhi planned a picnic for everyone.
Ragini remembers.
Ragini: Abhi just said that like that, he didn’t mean it.
Swara: What?! Why?
Ragini: To make Ved go upstairs because of his report that came.
Swara: Ved already did preparations and he’s ready.
Ragini: Oh no, I need to tell Abhi.
Swara: My cooking went in vain also. I won’t spare Abhi.
Ragini: Ved won’t spare Abhi.
Swara turns the gas off and covers the food, she then leaves with Ragini.

Abhi comes to his room,
Abhi: Sorry, I had to get some stuff from the room.
Abhi goes to the cupboard and opens it, Swara and Ragini come there,
Swara: Abhi?
Abhi looks at her,
Abhi: Haa Bhabhi?
Ragini: Are we going to the picnic tomorrow?
Abhi gets confused,
Swara: I cooked food.
Ragini: And Ved done the preparations.
Abhi thinks: Oh Fish, picnic?
Abhi looks at Ved,
Abhi: Haa Bhabhi, we are going to the picnic, let me double check with Bhai, If they’re not busy then we would leave tonight and if they are then…..
Ragini: Okay, let me inform everyone else.
Abhi: Okay.
Ragini and Swara leave,
Swara: Thank God we are going, my cooking didn’t go vain.
Ragini smiles.

Arohi: I think I should leave now….
Abhi: You’re in a hurry to leave, stay for a bit.
Arohi doesn’t answer him,
Abhi remembers,
Abhi: I remember now, we are friends, do you remember in the wedding?….
Arohi remembers,
Ved: Friends? But Arohi Di never befriends a boy.
Abhi: But she’s my friend now, if she can be yours why can’t she be mine?
Ved: I’m her favourite that’s why. Arohi Di, did you befriend him?
Arohi nods no,
Abhi: Why are you lying?
Arohi doesn’t look at him, she stands up and walks out, she looks at the time,
Arohi: It’s 2:00pm, I think I should go.

Ved: Chachu, what did you do?
Abhi: Is she always like this? Innocent, timid, shy and doesn’t socialise?
Ved nods yes,
Ved: Especially with boys!
Ved runs out.
Abhi smiles,
Abhi: So Miss Arohi, one day you wouldn’t be scared of anyone, why don’t I do this good deed before going?
Abhi smiles and nods,
Abhi: I’ll make sure you get confident and you argue back but I can’t let you come close to me…..

Arohi was about to go when Ragini stops her,
Ragini: Wait, let Abhi drop you.
Arohi: No, I’ll manage on my own.
Abhi comes,
Abhi: Bhabhi, why don’t Antara and Arohi join us in the picnic tomorrow?
Ragini: That would be great, in fact I’ll call Antara and tell her.
Abhi: I’ll drop her and I’ll bring them with me, let me all Bhai first.
Abhi goes to call Laksh,
Abhi: Hello Bhai, how was the meeting?
Laksh: It just finished, we are coming back soon.
Abhi: Are you free tomorrow?
Laksh: Yh why?
Abhi: No important work?
Laksh: Yh, for 3 days we are free, in fact for a week.
Abhi: Great, we are going to a family picnic then. I’ll plan and you all pack.
Laksh: But……
Abhi disconnects the call. Laksh smiles and nods his head.

Ahi comes back: We are going to the picnic everyone! We will leave tonight, I’ll book the coach and the destination is private.
Ragini: Okay, we will start packing, I’ll inform Swara, Maa and Chachi.
Abhi: I’ll take Arohi home and bring her back with Antara.
Arohi: No… We….
Ragini: You’re coming and that’s final, I don’t want to listen to a no! I know Antara, she would say yes if Ved persuades her.
Abhi: Come Na yaar, stop being boring.
Arohi looks at him,
Abhi: Don’t worry Bhabhi, I will bring them two.
Abhi looks at Arohi,
Abhi: Shall we go?
Arohi goes out,
Ved: Aunty, can you call Antara Didi if she doesn’t agree.
Ragini bends down and caresses Veds hair,
Ragini: You can call me Maa if you want.
Ved looks at her,
Ragini: Don’t worry, the day you will feel comfortable then you can call me Maa till then I will wait.
Ragini in her head: The day you will call Laksh your father then you will be able to call me Maa.
Ragini smiles.

After a while:
Laksh, Shaurya, DP and RP come home,
Laksh: You were great Shaurya, I mean….
Shaurya: You don’t know how much I was sweating, it was so hot in that room.
DP doesn’t say anything,
RP: You done a great job Chore, we got the contract, there should be a celebration.
Sujata comes,
Sujata: Ji, we are going for a picnic.
RP looks at the time,
Sujata: Is this a time to go for a picnic? It’s 4:23pm.
DP: Who said we are going?
Laksh: Papa, Abhi made a plan.
DP: There’s work to be done….
Shaurya: This is so cool, finally a day out.
Swara and Ragini come out with bags,
Swara: Mom, we packed everything that we need.
Sujata: Great, where is JiJi?
Shaurya: I will pack the things that I would require.
Shaurya runs up.
Ragini: I packed the things you would need.
Laksh: I’ll go up and double check.
AP comes out with 3 bags, she forces a smile out,
Swara: Where is Abhi?
Sanskaar comes,
Sanskaar: The coach arrived but where is Abhi?
Sujata: Hasn’t he already sat there before?
Ragini: He’s gone to get Antara and Arohi.
Ved: Haa, they will come with us also.
Ved smiles.

Precap: Picnic…..

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Credit to: Halima

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