Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 9


The episode starts at Laksh’s room, Laksh gets ready and was about to leave when he notices Vivaan,
Laksh: Who is he and why is he here?
Laksh then remembers Sanskaar had a child,
Laksh: Oh, he’s Sanskaars child!
Vivaan: Chachu!
Laksh looks at him,
Laksh: What are you doing here?!
Vivaan: Chachu!
Laksh: Say something or will you just say Chachu?!
Vivaan gets upset,
Laksh: Let’s go!
Laksh picks Vivaan up and takes him out.

Sujata, Swara, Uttra and RP are worried, they see Laksh coming with Vivaan, Laksh gives Vivaan to Sujata,
Laksh: Keep him to yourself! Next time I see him then……!
Sujata: Haa ha, I get you.
Sujata then hugs and kisses Vivaan while the rest let out a sigh.
Laksh walks away and starts talking to some clients.

Ragini starts playing with Vivaan and Laksh glares at her, Ragini stops as soon as she sees him.
Client: Where is your wife Mr Maheshwari?
Laksh: She’s over there.
Laksh points at Ragini and the clients smile, Ragini is talking with some people, DP is talking with some people too, he then notices Laksh,

Ragini looks at Lakh and he signals her to come, she nods and comes,
Laksh: This is Mr Mehta and Mr Singhania.
Ragini smiles: Hello.
They say hello back,
Mr Mehta: You’re very Lucky Mr Maheshwari, you got such a wonderful wife.
Laksh smiles: Thank you.
Ragini was about to leave when Mr Mehta stops her,
Mr Mehta: Please wait.
Ragini stops and looks on,
Sujata looks there,
Sujata: Aab Kya naya tamasha Ho Ga? (Now what drama will happen now?)
Mr Mehta: You two are a cute couple and can you…..
Laksh looks at him,
Mr Singhania: Mr Mehta wants you two to dance.
They get shocked,
Laksh: Sorry Mr Mehta but we can’t dance, we…….
Mr Mehta: Please Mr Maheshwari.
The song plays and Mr Mehta pushes them on the dance floor, they start dancing and Laksh gets angry, they dance on Sanam re…… Laksh looks at Ragini and Ragini nervously dances, the song finishes and everyone claps, Ragini puts her head down and moves back,
Sujata: Poor Ragini, now because of this dance she has to pay a heavy price.
Swara hears her and looks on,

DP: Annapurna, make sure everything is perfect or else…….
AP: We know Ji, there won’t be a mistake.
Ragini stands near the table, she gets nervous and thinks,
Ragini: He won’t do anything wrong, hopefully.
She turns around and sees a cake, she goes there and is shocked to see the birthday cake,
Ragini: Who ordered the birthday cake? If Laksh sees it then………
Ragini takes the cake and was about to go when some people catch her,
Mr S: Where are you going Mrs Maheshwari?
Ragini: I will be back, you all enjoy.
Mr M: What is that in your hand?
Ragini: N….nothing.
Mr Mehta takes the box and opens it,
Mr M: Oh, cake? Is it Mr Maheshwaris birthday?
Ragini: N….no it’s…….
Mr M: He didn’t tell us, we will ask him.
Ragini is shocked, Mr M takes the box out of her hand and Ragini looks on,
Ragini: Sir…….

Mr M and S are walking towards Laksh, DP is walking down the stairs, he is thinking about something, Ragini is worried and signals Swara, Swara looks and says what, the episode freezes on Ragini shocked and Swaras confused face.

Precap: DP gets pushed and……..

(Sorry for the late update, Thank you for commenting and liking? I hope you enjoy)

Credit to: Halima

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