Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 8


The episode begins with Ragini coming down,
Ragini: Ramdeen Kaka!
Ramdeen comes running,
Ramdeen: Ji?
Ragini: Kaka, there is a party today at 2, so we need to make arrangement.
Ramdeen: Party?
Ragini: Haa Kaka, Laksh said that there is a party today, we have less time.
Ramdeen: Okay, I’ll start arranging.
Ragini: I will be back Kaka.
Ramdeen starts calling everyone to arrange for the party and Ragini leaves.
Swara: What happened Kaka?
Ramdeen: Laksh Baba is throwing a party today in this house, he told us to arrange it because it’s at 2.
Swara: Party?
Ramdeen: Haa, sorry, we can’t waste time, so let’s start arranging.
Ramdeen Kaka starts ordering the servants to work and goes to make food arrangements. Swara thinks.

Ragini comes to her room, she opens the wardrobe,
Ragini: It was Laksh who threw my clothes out, who else would it be!
She turns around and sees Laksh standing there,
Laksh: Yes it was me who threw your clothes out, so?!
Ragini: But why?
Laksh: Because I didn’t want you to wear those typical clothes! Your Laksh Maheshwaris wife!
Ragini: Okay.
Laksh: Is the arrangements happening?
Ragini: Yes, what food do you wish to have in the party?
Ragini has her head down and she starts playing with her fingers,
Laksh: Any would do but not these typical Samosa and chaat!
Ragini: Okay.
Ragini leaves, Laksh thinks why isn’t she arguing.
Ragini meets AP,
Ragini: Maa!

AP stops,
AP: What did you say beta?
Ragini: Maa?
AP gets emotional and hugs Ragini,
Ragini breaks the hug,
Ragini: Maa, I decided that I will help you.
AP: Seriously?
AP gets happy and Ragini nods,
AP: Thank you Ragini, I don’t know how to repay your favour, thank you.
Ragini: You don’t need to say thank you Maa, I have decided that I will help you get Laksh back and then after you get your son back, I’ll leave.
AP: Leave?
Ragini: Haa Maa, I have no place in his life, why should I say? He doesn’t feel the same way I did before the marriage, for him this marriage was a compromise and there would be no point to fulfil it has no meaning.
AP looks at her,

AP folds her hands,
Ragini: Nahi Maa!
Ragini hugs her and tears fall out of her and APs eyes, Ragini then breaks the hug and wipes APs tears and nods no, AP wipes Raginis tears and nods no too, Ragini smiles, Sujata sees this and smiles,
Sujata: Bless this girl, she is taking in pain to make our life good, she’s like a medicine that will heal our Laksh soon.
Sujata hugs Vivaan.

Swara and Sanskaar are talking,
Swara: Sanskaar, how can he do this?
Sanskaar: I don’t know Swara, but if he does something to them then I will not leave him!
Swara: Calm down Sanskaar, he’s not going to harm his family in public.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Swara
Swara looks at him confusingly,
Swara: Why?
Sanskaar: My family got Laksh married to your sister and…..
Swara: No, it’s okay Sanskaar, it’s not your fault.
Sanskaar: But Swara…..
Swara hugs Sanskaar,
Swara: It’s not your fault, it’s the circumstances fault.
Sanskaar hugs her back, just then Sujata enters and they break the hug,
Sujata: Oho, Chore wait till its night, then you can do whatever you want in your bedroom!
Sanskaar: Maa!

Swara looks on and then smiles,
Sujata: What am I saying wrong? There’s this little chora here, be grateful I wasn’t Bhaisa, or else…..
DP: What is happening?
Sujata turns around shocked,
Sujata: Nothing Bhaisa, I was telling them to prepare for the party.
DP: What party?
Sujata: Bhaisa, if I knew then wouldn’t I told everyone? Ask the person who is hosting it.
DP: Who?

Sujata: Laksh! Bhaisa, Laksh would tell you why.
DP looks at her,
Sujata: What Vivaan? You want mil? Okay come, Daadi will give you milk.
Sujata goes out and let’s out a sigh.

Everyone are getting ready in their rooms, it shifts to RP and Sujatas room,
RP is standing in front of the mirror adoring himself, Sujata comes and pushes him,
Sujata: Sorry Ji, I need the mirror more than you today.
Sujata starts fixing her self,

RP: Why do you need to deck up? Who are you going to impress?
Sujata: Who were you planning to impress Ji?!
RP: No one!
Sujata: Then why did you take ages in front of the mirror? You never usually do that!
RP: Haaa but today…..
Sujata: Ji, make excuses later because today I will be central attention like always!
RP: You?!
RP lets out a laugh,
RP:’Sujata, are you gone crazy? Your Bahu is going to take that attention from you!
Sujata: Shubh Shubh bolo Ji, anyways who said your the attention too? You don’t need too much decking up!
RP: Be quick before Laksh comes!
Sujata thinks: If Laksh comes then I will be gone, let Ji go first.
Sujata: Na Na Ji, I was joking, you go first.
RP: How did you change suddenly?
Sujata: What Ji? I was just joking and you took it serious, Ji, take some jokes sometimes. Sujata fake laughs and then smiles,
RP goes in front of the mirror and Sujata stops smiling.

AP and DP get ready, AP is fixing DP’s broken button,
DP: Make it quick Annapurna!
AP: Ji
AP finishes stitching the button, she then puts the needle in the box and puts it away,
AP: Ji, I will go and check on the arrangements.
DP nods and AP leaves. DP then thinks about something.

Sanskaar comes out of the bathroom dressed, he looks up and finds Swara struggling to tie her blouse, he moves forward and touches her back, Swara feels his touch and shivers, Swara closes her eyes and Sanskaar ties her blouse, he then hugs her from behind and Swara opens her eyes, they look at each other from the mirror and smile.
Sanskaar: You look nice today.
Swara: Only nice?
Sanskaar: No, you look beautiful.
She smiles,

Sanskaar: The colour green suits you.
Swara is wearing green and gold saree, Sanskaar turns her and leans in, Swara closes her eyes, he was about to kiss her when Sujata comes in,
Sujata: Chore I…..
Swara and Sanskaar quickly move away and Sujata looks on, Swara looks down and Sanskaar looks at Sujata,
Sujata: I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you but your Papa forced me to come here.
Sanskaar: What?
Sujata: If you don’t mind then can I use your mirror?
Sanskaar: Mom!
Sujata: What?!
Swara: Haa, you can use the mirror.
Sujata: Thank you Chori, your Papa is styling himself in the mirror for 2 hours, he wouldn’t let me!
Sanskaar looks at her,
Sanskaar: Mom….?
Sujata: Your too much Chore!

Sujata goes in front of the mirror, Sanskaar looks at Swara and Swara smiles, she then leaves and Sanskaar looks at Sujata.

Laksh tries to put the tie on but he couldn’t,
Laksh (angry): How do you put this tie on?!!
Ragini comes and sees Laksh struggling to put his tie on, she comes in and smiles, Laksh sees her and turns around,
Ragini: I’ll help you.
Laksh: No needed!
Ragini: Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you.
She then walks near Laksh and takes a deep breath, she turns Laksh and takes the tie of him, he looks at her, she doesn’t look at him in the eye, she takes the tie of him,
Laksh: I said……!
Ragini (nicely): I will do it, just give me a chance.
Ragini puts the tie around his neck and starts doing it, he looks at her, Ragini moves her eyes and lets out a fake smile, she finishes doing his tie and moves back,
Laksh: Are everyone ready?!
Ragini: Haa, I told everyone and they are waiting downstairs, the guests started to come.
Laksh: If there is any unwanted scene then……
Ragini: Don’t worry, I told everyone to keep quiet and not say anything other than hello and welcome.
Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: What is this?!

Ragini: What?
Laksh: You should hate me!
Ragini: Not you, I should hate my destiny!
Laksh looks at her: Stay away from me!
Ragini: Why?
Laksh: I said so!
Laksh was about to do something to her when Swara came and he moved back.
Swara: Are you ready Ragini?

Swara then looks at Laksh angrily and he looks away,
Ragini: Haa Swara, I’m ready, let’s go.
Swara: Okay come.
Ragini nods and leaves. Laksh looks on.

Everyone are downstairs, Ragini looks around and doesn’t find Laksh, Sujata looks for Vivaan,
Sujata: JiJi, have you seen Vivaan?
AP: No, he was with you right?
Sujata walks to Swara, Swara was talking to some people, Sujata drags her out,
Sujata: Chori, have you seen Vivaan?
Swara: He was with you!
Swara gets worried,
Sujata goes to Ragini,
Sujata: Have you seen Vivaan?
Ragini: Vivaan?
Swara tells Sanskaar and he gets worried, RP comes down worried,
He thinks: I’m late, Lakshs going to kill me.
He looks around and doesn’t find Laksh and smiles, Sujata walks up to him,
Sujata: Ji, have you seen Vivaan?
RP: He was with you!
RP remembers,
RP: He’s with Uttra!
Sujata: He’s with Uttra? Good!
Swara comes,
Swara: Where is he?
RP: Chori, don’t worry, he’s with Uttra.
They turn around and see Uttra coming but she doesn’t have Vivaan with her, Sanskaar smiles and talks to the guest even though he’s worried,
Swara: Where’s Vivaan Uttra?
Uttra: Vo…..

Sujata: Speak na!
Uttra: He went in Laksh Bhaiyas room.
They gets shocked,
RP: Uttra!
Sujata: No, this can happen!
Swara: Is he safe there?
Uttra: I’m sorry, I couldn’t dare to go in his room after what Maa told me!
RP looks at Sujata and Sujata looks away.

Precap: Ragini and Laksh are forced to Dance on a song and Ragini is shocked to see Lakshs birthday cake.

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Credit to: Halima

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