Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 7

The episode begins with Ragini moving Laksh to his place, she puts blanket on him, he holds her hand and she looks at him,
Laksh: No…I’m sorry, please!
Ragini gets confused, Ragini touches his head and tries to calm him down.
He feels relaxed and calms down, Ragini makes his hand rest near him and takes her hand off, she shuts the cake box and lies down and goes to sleep.

Morning in MM:
Swara finishes doing the Aarti, she distribute the prasad among everyone, they get impressed, Swara takes their blessing and they bless her.
AP: You sound amazing Swara beta.
Sujata: Haa Swara, God bless you.

Swara smiles. Ragini gets changed and comes out, she sees the family sitting down on the sofa and talking, she sees Sanskaar and thinks who he is.
Ragini walks down and ignores them and walks towards the kitchen. Swara is working in the kitchen.
AP: Ragini beta!
Ragini stops and turns around, AP walks up to her.
AP: Are you okay beta?
Ragini: Why?
AP looks down,
Ragini: You knew about this and still you…..
AP: What else would’ve we done?

The family stands up and walks towards there,
Sujata: Ragini beta, listen we will….
Ragini: I want to leave
They get shocked,
AP: But beta, whatever we did was to reform him because we thought you can help him.
Ragini: How?
AP: He changed, he doesn’t care about us, he turned into a beast, we needed someone to bring him back.
DP: Haa! I had no choice to do this!
Sanskaar and Uttra look on confused,
AP: Sujata show them!
Sujata: No JiJi, I’m fine.
DP: Show her!
Sujata: Bhaisa I….
DP looks at Sujata and Sujata shows Ragini her arms, she sees a mark on Sujatas arm.
Ragini: How did this happen?
Sujata: He hit me.

Sanskaar: Who?
Sujata: Who else?
DP: Laksh!
Sanskaar and Uttra get shocked, Swara comes out with tea on the tray for everyone, she sees them tensed and walks towards them, she gets shocked to see Ragini,
Swara: Ragini?
Ragini looks at Swara and gets shocked,
Ragini: Swara?
The family look on confused.

Laksh wakes up and touches his head, he sees the lemon water on the table and looks around, he sees a gift near his bed, he tries remembering but touches his head and drinks the lemon water. He opens the gift and sees his childhood pick, it’s with him and Sanskaar and AP.
He throws the picture on the bed and looks at the cake box. He gets out of bed and walks towards it and opens it, it say Happy Birthday Laksh, it happens to be his favourite cake, he taste some of it and nods and gets angry, he sees Ramdeen walking past,
Laksh: Ramdeen!
Ramdeen Kaka stops and walks in the room,
Laksh: What is this Ramdeen?!
Ramdeen: Vo Laksh Baba, Bahu Malkin ordered it.
Laksh: For who?!

Ramdeen: For you because it’s your birthday today.
Laksh: You know no one cares then why is the cake here?! Throw it out!
Ramdeen: But….
Laksh: Go!
Ramdeen shivers and takes the cake box and goes out.

Sujata: Do you know each other?
Swara: Haa, she’s my sister.
Everyone get shocked,
AP: What?
Ragini: Haa, Swara is my sister.
Sujata: We didn’t know that!
Swara: What’s happening?
Ragini looks at AP and AP puts her head down,
Sujata: I will tell you!
Sujata starts telling Swara everything and Swara gets shocked, Sanskaar and Uttra look on,
Sujata: I told them not to get him married but Bahisa doesn’t listen to anyone!
Swara: I can’t believe this! For your selfish reason you used my sister?!
AP: If hoping to get your son back is selfish then yes I am selfish!
If giving this house their son back is selfish then yes I am, we are selfish! You tell me, what else would’ve we done?!

Swara looks at them,
AP: My son turned in to a beast, I don’t know when and how! I want my son back!
AP starts crying and Sujata consoles her,
Sujata: Don’t cry JiJi! It’s not your fault!

DP looks on, Ramdeen comes down with the cake, AP leaves with Sujata and DP and RP leave for office, Sanskaar walks to Swara. Ragini goes to the kitchen and sees Ramdeen Kaka,
Ragini: Kaka, why did you bring this?
Ramdeen: Laksh Baba told me to throw it out.
Ragini opens the box and sees a slice missing,
Ragini: Kaka, did he have some?
Ramdeen: I don’t know.
Ragini: Okay Kaka, cut the cake and give it to everyone.
Ramdeen: Why are you doing this Malkin? Say if he said something to you.
Ragini: I will handle it.
Swara comes in the kitchen with Sanskaar.

Ragini: Kaka, you were saying something about him yesterday.
Ramdeen: What?
Ragini: You were saying he wasn’t like this and something happened.
Ramdeen: Vo Malkin….
Ragini: Please Kaka, tell us.
Ramdeen looks around and makes sure it’s safe and Lakshs not around.

Ramdeen locks the door and shuts the window, Swara and Ragjni look on,
Sanskaar: What are you doing Kaka?
Ramdeen: Safety precaution.
They look at Ramdeen,
Ramdeen: Where should I start from? Laksh Baba used to be nice to everyone, he used to be fun and loving and caring but one day he changed so much that we lost our old Laksh Baba.
Swara: What happened?

Ramdeen: It all started when Laksh Baba was 18, he was cool and flirty, one day he fell in love with a girl but that girl was a Christian and Bade Malik did not approve this wedding, her name was….was….Haa, it was Krystle, she also like him but not that much as he used to love her, he came to bade Malik, he slapped him and insulted him in front of everyone, Bade Malik called him useless and he said that no one would like you, you’re a stain on this family, I can’t believe your my son, even Sanskaars better, I wish Sanskaar was my son! Laksh baba got hurt by his words, Krystle came and Bade Malik kicked her out, he called her a gold digger and insulted her, she couldn’t take this and married someone else, Laksh Baba was left heart broken, Bade Malik(DP) all ways insulted him and taunted him, one day he sent Laksh Baba far away from them for 3 years and Laksh Baba came back, they thought he changed but he actually came to take revenge and give them the biggest shock, Laksh Baba blames them for his condition, they made him beg and he went to Jail, they had enough of him so they sent him far away. That’s why he’s behaving like this. Even Sanskaar Baba slapped him.
Sanskaar: I had no choice, he was going crazy, he was about to attack bade Papa so I called the police and got him arrested.
Swara and Ragini look at him,
Ramdeen: Do you know why Bade Malik is quiet?
They look at him,
Swara: Why?

Ramdeen: Because the whole property is on Laksh Babas name, he transferred everything to his name by cheating Bade Malik.
Swara and Sanskaar: What?!
Ramdeen: They did unfair with Laksh Baba, he been through a lot, they even sent him to mental asylum.
Swara and Ragini get shocked,
Ragini: What?!
Sanskaar: It’s true, he attacked Bade Papa so they police thought he was mental so they sent him there for a week but then Bade Papa got him back and sent him away.
Ramdeen: They didn’t care about his feeling then and now. They kept on cursing him and regret having him.

Laksh: Ramdeen!
Swara and Ragini look at the door,
Ramdeen: I will be back.
Ramdeen Kaka then takes breakfast for Laksh, Swara and Ragini come out, they see the family on the dining table having breakfast,
Ragini: I’m going to him.
Swara: But Ragini…..
Ragini: Please Swara, I want to help him, I want to reduce his pain.
Swara: Okay, but if there’s a problem then call me.
Ragini nods yes, she then goes to her room.

She sees Laksh eating breakfast,
Laksh sees her,
Laksh: Tell everyone that there is a party today and I don’t want anyone to make a scene or no one would be worser than me and they know that!
Ragini: Party? Your birthday party right?
Laksh: No! It’s a business party in Maheshwari Mansion! Tell them to start preparing! The party is at 2:00pm.
Ragini: We might as well celebrate your birthday too.
Laksh thinks: Why is she speaking boldly with me, it’s not good for her!
Laksh: No! We will not celebrate my birthday!
Ragini: Okay, your choice, I will tell the family to start preparing.
Ragini leaves and Laksh looks on.

Precap: Ragini decides to help MM get Laksh back.

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Credit to: Halima


    • Halima

      Thanks, Ragini married Laksh because of her Daadi and his Dad, she didn’t know who she was getting married. That’s how she married Lucky, I hope this helped.

  1. Ruhani

    Awesome its getting mre n mre interesting I’m so excited to watch rags changing him.. Poor laksh he has suffered a lot hope he gets back to normal soon

  2. Oh this dp is na laksh is doing al right & the family deserves it.. but feeling pity for laksh too hurting himself him so ragini do something for him to get back to a chocolate boy..

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