Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 6


The episode begins with Ragini coming back in the room, Laksh is drinking, Ragini puts the plate next to him,
Ragini: Ea….eating Pakode….. Isn’t good for you now
Laksh ignores her, Ragini is terrified, she breathes and says,
Ragini: You could…..
Laksh: Did I ask your opinion?!
Ragini: But…..
Laksh turns around and Ragini moves back, he puts the glass on the table and moves towards her, she moves back nervously,
Ragini: Listen…..
Laksh puts his finger on his lips and signals her not to speak.

The family enter MM,
Sujata: JiJi, is Ragini back?
AP: I don’t know, I hope she isn’t.
DP looks on,
DP: I feel ashamed today that he’s my son!
AP: Me too Ji, I can’t believe I gave birth to him!
Tears fall out of APs eyes,
RP: It’s not your fault Bhaisa.
Ramdeen rushes out,
Ramdeen: Thank god you’re back Bade Malik.
DP: What happened?

Ramdeen Kaka tells the family everything and the get shocked,
Sujata: This means Ragini found out and seen the other face of Laksh.
AP: I wonder what must be going through her.
Sujata: I told you JiJi not to get them married but Bhaisa didn’t listen.
DP looks at her,
RP: Sujata, think before you speak!
Sujata: What wrong am I saying Ji?
AP: There must be a lot of questions in her head which are searching for the answers from us too.
DP: We will talk tomorrow! Rest now!
They all leave, Sujata thinks to check on Ragini,
RP: Check on her tomorrow! Do you want to get scolded by Laksh?!

Swara, Sanskaar, Uttra and Vivaan reach MM,
Sanskaar: Are you sure Swara?
Swara: Haa Baba, we went out and roamed, now we will meet them.
Sanskaar: But….
Swara: What’s wrong with meeting them? Come!
Sanskaar: I’m not going, you three go!
Swara: Sanskaar……
Sanskaar: No Swara, I agreed at your thing now you have to agree with one of mine.
Swara looks on,
Uttra: Come Bhabhi, lets go, soon Bhai would come in too.
Swara nods, Uttra, her and Vivaan enter MM, Uttra looks around, she shows Vivaan and he smiles,
Uttra: Where are everyone?
Swara: I don’t know.
Uttra: It’s only 9, well I have a plan.

Laksh pins Ragini to the wall, Ragini looks down,
Laksh: What were you saying?!

Ragini doesn’t say anything,
Laksh: Say whatever you were saying!
Ragini: You shouldn’t eat Pakode while drinking alcohol
Laksh comes closer and squeezes her arm, she moves her head back and closes her eyes, Laksh looks at her and let’s go of her arms, he moves back and turns around, Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh away from her, she thinks what happened to Laksh, what was Ramdeen Kaka saying? These questions were non stop run inning through her mind but she has no one to ask.
Suddenly they hear someone singing Happy Birthday and look towards the door, Ragini was about to go when Laksh say stop, she stops and looks at him.
Laksh: You’re not going!
Ragini: But…..
Laksh: I said it once! I don’t think you want me to repeat it again!
Ragini moves back and thinks.

All the family member come down, they see Uttra and smile,
Sujata (shocked): Uttra?!
Uttra stops singing,

Uttra: Mom, we’re back!
Uttra hugs Sujata, she then takes blessings from AP and DP, RP blesses her and she hugs him, they look at Swara and Vivaan confusingly.
Sujata: Who are they?
Uttra: Maa, do you not know?
Sujata looks at RP and RP says he doesn’t know,
Uttra: Maa, she’s my Bhabhi and this is your grandson.
Sujata gets shocked while AP and DP look on,
RP: What are you saying?!
Uttra: I’m telling the truth, Bhai is outside, he didn’t want to come in.
Sujata: My Grandson?
Swara nods yes,

Sujata: When?
Uttra: Maa, you didn’t know?
Sujata nods no,
Uttra: Maa, Bhai got married and he had a son, you all kicked him out.
Sujata looks at DP,
Sujata: They did tell me that he got married and left the house but no one told me he had a son or he got kicked out!
RP: Sujata is telling the truth, what are they saying Bhaisa?
Uttra tells them everything and they get shocked.

Sujata: You too JiJi?
AP looks down,
Sujata: Bhaisa? You didn’t even think about this little child?
DP looks on,
RP: I didn’t expect this from you Bhaisa.
Sujata: Bhaisa, you lied to us! This is not right!
DP: Enough!
Laksh comes down,
Laksh: What’s going on?!
They all look at him,
Laksh: I’m asking you something!
Sujata: Vo…Laksh, your Bhai and Bhabhi came with your nephew from America.
Laksh: Okay, but why is there too much noise?!
Sujata hides her hands behind her back.
Swara and Uttra look at him,
Laksh: You can talk quietly! If they want to stay then they can and if they don’t want to then don’t force them!

Laksh leaves angrily,
Uttra: What happened to him?
Sujata: Shhh, don’t worry, but why did you come back?
Uttra: Why Maa? Can’t I come?
Sujata: Where’s Sanskaar?
Sanskaar comes inside and looks around, Sujata sees him and rushes to him and hugs him,
Sujata: My chora, my son, where have you been? Didn’t you think about your mom at all?!
Sanskaar hugs her back,
Sanskaar: Mom….

AP to DP: We can’t let them stay here.
DP: You are right Annapurna!
AP: But what can we do Ji?
DP: We have to let them stay here, Laksh doesn’t even care if they stay or not but since this baby is here he wouldn’t harm it!
AP: You’re right Ji but……
DP: No Annapurna! I decided!
Sujata drags Sanskaar, DP looks on, Sanskaar looks at DP,
DP thinks and walks towards Sanskaar,

DP: Sanskaar, I’m sorry for what I said earlier, but…..
DP was about to fold his hands when Sanskaar stops him and nods no,
DP: I was angry at that time and now I regret sending you because of…..
Sujata nods no and Swara looks at them,
Sanskaar: It’s okay Bade Papa.
Sanskaar and DP hug and Sanskaar smiles, Swara thinks what are they hiding.

Sujata: It’s good Bhaisa that you accepted Sanskaar.
Sujata then goes to Vivaan and hugs him, she just smiles at Swara.
AP walks up to Vivaan and smiles at him.
DP and Sanskaar break the hug,
Uttra: It’s Vivus birthday today.
Sujata: Really?! How old is he going to turn?
Swara: Two.
Sujata: My grandson is two. What’s his name?
Sanskaar: Vivaan.
Sujata: Vivaan, my chora!

AP: Happy Birthday Vivaan.
DP: It’s late now, we will talk tomorrow.
Uttra: It’s 9:40pm and…..
DP looks at her and Uttra shuts up.
DP: Annapurna, take them to their rooms!

Ramdeen Kaka comes in with a cake, all see him,
DP: Who is cake is this for?
Ramdeen: Bade Malik, Choti Bahu Malkin said to make it for Laksh Baba.
AP then remembers,
AP: It’s Lakshs birthday tomorrow.
Ramdeen: I’ll go put it in the fridge.
Ramdeen Kaka leaves,
Sujata: She remembered but we didn’t.
AP: I hope he doesn’t……
Sujata holds APs hand and presses it, AP realises and stops, Swara and Sanskaar think.
DP: We should go now.
DP leaves then RP leaves, Sujata leaves and takes Uttra with them, AP takes Swara, Sanskaar and Vivaan to their room.
Sanskaar: Thanks Badi Maa.
AP: Please forgive me Sanskaar, I didn’t do anything I defend you, I’m sorry beta!
She folds her hands in front of Swara, Swara puts her hands down,
Swara: No Badi Maa, you are older than us and it would be shameful for us if we let you apologise for something you didn’t even do.
AP gets impressed and hugs her.

AP then leaves and Sanskaar shuts the door.

Laksh is about to go to sleep when Ragini looks at the clock,
Ragini in her head: I planned this before I knew the truth, I need to know the real truth.
Ragini turns her head and Laksh looks at her, they have pillows in between them.
Ragini looks at the time and someone knocks on the door, Laksh looks on, Ragini gets up and opens the door, she sees Ramdeen Kaka with the cake and candles. She thanks Ramdeen Kaka and brings the cake and candles in.

She puts the cake on the table and puts the candles on, she lights them up and Laksh gets up, he widens his eyes to see because he’s drunk.
Ragini stands up and puts her head down, she looks on nervously.
Laksh stands up,
Laksh: What is this?!
Ragini: Ha….happy Birth…day, Laksh.
Laksh looks at her, he then looks at the cake, Laksh moves forward,
Laksh: What are you doing?!
Ragini: It’s…it’s your birthday.
Laksh laughs for 2 seconds,
Laksh: Birthday? What birthday? When they regret having me then why celebrate birthday?
Ragini looks at him,

Laksh: This cake? This cake has no value left, no one celebrated my birthday before! Why today?!
Ragini: But Laksh….
Laksh: No! You know what, leave it, maybe your the only one that cares about me living but the rest don’t!
Ragini: Meaning?
Laksh: Getting too close to me isn’t good for you! Stay away and hate me!
Laksh then falls on the bed while saying this and falls unconscious, Ragini thinks and looks at Laksh.

She hears a knock and looks there, AP comes there, she brings a gift for Laksh. AP smiles,
Ragini: Why did you all do this?!
AP looks at her,
AP: It’s better if we talk in the morning!
AP places the gift on the bed and leaves.

Precap: Ragini and Swara are shocked to see each other.

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Credit to: Halima

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