Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 5


The episode begins with Ramdeen Kaka hiding in the kitchen, he locks the door and the window,
Ramdeen: I’m not being selfish, I’m just protecting my self! But Choti Bahu Malkin?

The scene shifts to Raglaks room:
Ragini: Leave me!
Laksh looks at her, Laksh has small knife in his hand, he cut Raginis finger, Ragini is bleeding,
Laksh: Shhhh! You’re staying in this house and that’s FINAL!
Ragini: I’m not living with you!
Laksh cuts her finger again and she screams in pain,
Laksh: If you want then I can cut the whole of your finger!
Ragini: This is cheating, it’s not right!
Laksh: Shut Up! You’re not stepping outside this house without me and if you do then watch what I do!

Laksh puts the knife on the table and tears fall out of Raginis eyes, she looks at Laksh,
Laksh: Shall I tell you something?
Ragini gets the first aid box and aids herself,
Laksh: I might as well tell you why they got us married!

Ragini looks at him, it goes in to a flashback when Laksh is behaving all nice to everyone, even DP, all are impressed of him and DP is proud, he is all nice and innocent in front of the world, one day a girl came to MM, she told DP and everyone what Laksh did to her, she is none other than Raginis friend, they didn’t believe her, she then said she will give them evidence and they agree, at night she takes DP and the family to the Pub and they are stunned and shocked to see Laksh dancing and drinking with girls, Laksh sees them and stops, DP and the family then leave the Pub angrily and then Ragini comes and slaps Laksh across the face for using her friend for his selfish motive, Ragini then leaves with her friend while Laksh looks on, Laksh reaches home at late night drunk, DP and the family look on, DP slaps Laksh and Laksh shouts at him, he then started torturing the family at evening and night not morning and alone not in front of people, DP then decided to get Laksh married to someone that will reform him and bring him back to the right path because they tried their best, then Ragini gets recommend and they talk and decide to get them married, DP played a good trick by inviting the whole world to his wedding and Laksh couldn’t do anything, so he and Ragini got married. The FB ends.

Ragini gets shocked,
Laksh: I didn’t ruin your life, my family did!
Ragini: Why me?
Laksh: Because your Daadi recommended you!
Ragini breaks down: I trusted my Daadi’s choice but how did I not see your name, why didn’t I ask her?
Laksh: Now you have to deal with what you got, once you enter here you can’t leave!
Ragini in her head: Why did they not tell me?! I can’t live here and I should have rights to go!
Laksh: Thinking too much isn’t good! The family went to the temple, they just want to escape but they do have to come back here again!
Ragini: Why? Why are you doing this to me and your family?!
Laksh stops,

Laksh: It’s better if you stay in your limit!
Ragini looks at him, she then puts her head down and thinks while tears fall out of her eyes,
Laksh: Ramdeen!
Ragini: He’s older that you, you can’t just…..
He holds her arm and squeezes it tight,
Ragini: It hurts!
Laksh: Chup!
Ragini shivers and stops talking, Laksh gets angry and Ragini gets scared,
Laksh: I call him however I want and you have no rights to stop me!
He pushes her and Ragini falls on the bed, she then looks up at him,
Laksh: Ramdeen!
Ragini: I….I’ll go.

Laksh looks at her and looks away, Ragini stands up and starts walking, she opens the door and walks crying and remembers Lakshs words, chan se….tote…..Koi….sapna….jag….soon a…soona…..plays….

Ragini reaches near the kitchen and Knocks on the door, Ramdeen shivers,
Ramdeen: Nahi Malik, I’m sorry I….
Ragini: No Kaka, it’s me, Ragini
Ramdeen moves forward and opens the door,
Ramdeen: I’m sorry Malkin
Ragini: Why are you saying sorry Kaka?
Ramdeen: For not telling you about Laksh Baba.
Ragini looks on,
Ramdeen: Haa Malkin, Laksh Baba has been behaving rudely with his family and everyone, he changed!
Ragini: What do you mean?
Ramdeen: He used to be nice, fun and loving until…..
Laksh: Ramdeen!!
Ramdeen jumps in shock, he quickly takes things out and gives them to Ragini to take,
Ramdeen: Here you go Malkin!

Ragini: Why are you giving him Pakore, it’s not good eating then while drinking.
Ramdeen: No one has the guts to reject his order now.
Ragini takes them and thinks what Ramdeen was saying. She then starts leaving.

Precap: Family come back to MM, Ragini confronts them in the morning.

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Credit to: Halima

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