Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 44

The episode starts with everyone sitting at the dining table, they see Ragini and get shocked,
AP: Ragini….?
Ragini looks on nervously, Laksh comes down,
Laksh: Maa, where’s Abhi?
AP: Abhi is gone out….and…
Laksh: I know what you all must be thinking….
Swara: Let me tell you Badi Maa, so…
Swara tells everyone and they look on,
AP: Whatever happened in the past shouldn’t affect our future….where’s Ved?
Ragini: Abhi is gone to get him.
Laksh: Oh….I can’t wait to meet Ved…

It then shifts to Ved,
Ved: I don’t want to see him!
Antara: Ved….don’t be stupid….
Ved: I’m not being stupid and I’m not going! They’re going to get settled again!
Arohi: You should be happy….
Ved: I hate that man!
Antara: Ved!
They hear a door bell, Arohi opens the door and gets shocked,
Ved: Without him our life was so easy and now…now he’s back…!
Abhi comes in, Antara and Ved get shocked to see him alive..
Ved: Chachu….? You’re alive?
Abhi: Chote gorilla..? It’s been ages since a saw you and now…you grew up….
Ved: That means all of you lied to me…so that you could send me far away!
Abhi: Ved…I survived…you should be happy!
Ved: Chachu….
Abhi: All your love brought me back…if I have such a loving and caring family…then even Yamraaj would melt down…
Ved: So? Just leave please…
Abhi: Hmmm….I came here for no reason…
Abhi turns around.
Ved: Would you leave your chote gorilla again and leave?
Abhi turns around and smiles, he walks up to him and hugs him.
Ved: Haa Haa, Bas….
Abhi: Grown up huh?
Ved: Haa.

They hear a knock on the door, Antara goes towards the door, she gets shocked and happy,
Antara: Thapu…? Aaah….
She excitedly hugs her, it’s Thapki…..
Thapki: Haa bas Bas…..
Antara: You still haven’t changed…. Seriously, 10 years later you meet me? Where’s…where’s Ishu(Ishaani)…Devu (Devyani)….Anu(Anushka)….Aliya….Madhu….Baani(Gurbani)….Sidu(Siddhi)….Paro(Parvati)….Meg(Megha)…Mehu(Meethi)….Muku(Mukta)….Nimbu(Nandani)…Aru(Aaradhya)….Roli….Shivu (Shivanya) aur Chakor, how are they??
Thapki: Arey Baba…Sab teekh hai(All are fine) but it’s only your Thapu who came…you tell how are you?
Antara: Do you keep in touch?
Thapki: Haa, sometimes…but you..(slaps her on the shoulder) you left us! If they find out then they would all shout at you….
Antara: Sorry…I had to leave all of a sudden…I missed all of you….
Antara breaks the hug.
Thapki: We missed you two…
Antara: Hmmm, Mangalsutra and all?? Married…wow…where Chotu or Choti?
Thapki gets shy….
Thapki: Tu bhi Naa!
Antara: Anyways…how did you get my address and how did you I d out I was here?
Thapki: I have some people still in contact…
Antara looks at Arohi and she nods yes.
Thapki: Where are you looking there? Haa it was her…

Everyone finish eating breakfast…
Shaurya: I have something to say…
AP: What?
Shaurya: I want to get married in a week!
All get shocked but happy at the same time…Ragini gets shocked and looks on upset. Ansh looks on.
Ansh in his head: My past shouldn’t ruin my brothers future…
Just then they hear a voice from behind: Itni bhi Kya jaldi hai…? (Why are you hurrying?)
They look there,
Shaurya: Bihaan?
Bihaan walks to him and hugs him.
Shaurya: When did you come…
Bihaan: You didn’t even tell me…thank for your brother told me but if it was you then…anyways how have you been?
Shaurya: Fine..you?
Bihaan: Bhai…here’s a tip…don’t hurry to marry fast…or your state would be like me…
Shaurya: Are you married?
Bihaan: Haa…
Shaurya: Congarts…where was I?
Bihaan: I don’t even know where I was…
Shaurya: It’s good to see you…how’s….
Bihaan: They’re all fine…they just miss you…soon your phone must be ringing… I gave them your number…get ready…Rudra is…
Shaurya: Forget Rudra…
They both look at each other,
Bihaan and Shaurya: Rajat!
AP: It feels good to have him back.
Sujata: Haa JiJi…it feels good I have people back.
AP: This is the first time he’s talking….like this…I hope it doesn’t get jinxed.
Ragini her head: What about Antara…?
Bihaan: I’m staying till a week…I’ll invite all of them to your wedding…
Shaurya: Then I have to prepare to face Aryan.
Bihaan: Haa…

Scene shifts to Arohi and Abhi.
Abhi: Arohi…
Arohi: Just leave!
Antara and Thapki are talking.
Abhi: Listen to me Arohi…
Arohi: What?!
Abhi: I swear you left before I could meet you…I survived…!
Arohi: I didn’t say you were lying!
Abhi: Then why aren’t you talking to me?
Arohi: What do you want?!
Abhi smiles and starts singing: Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namaazi bann gaye
Ek dooje mein yun dhal ke
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye Main aur Tum (Arohi ignores him, Ved, Ayaan, Aaisha, Thapki and Antara hear.)

Arohi walks and he follows her: Kaisi dil lagaai kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaai bann gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye Main aur Tum

Arohi turns around and looks on,
Abhi: Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon (Arohi putting the clothes in the wardrobe)
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Thapki and Antara stand up, they start walking there, they see Ayaan, Aisha and Ved peeking inside the room and peak in too.
Abhi: Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Abhi stops singing,
Arohi: Done? Now go.
Abhi: Oh come on Arohi….I’m sorry Na…
Arohi: It can’t happen…I’m already married.
Abhi gets shocked,
Abhi: Where is he?
Arohi: He’s not in this world anymore.
Abhi: So…? Wouldn’t he want to see you happy?
Arohi: I hate you!
Abhi: I know you love me!
Arohi: Leave!
Abhi: Marry me!
Antara, Arohi, Ayaan, Ved, Aisha and Thapki look on shocked.

Arohi: Stop it!
Abhi: Poetry!
Arohi: What…?
Abhi: Accept!
Arohi: No!
Abhi: Yes!
Arohi: Ugh!
Abhi: Come!
Arohi: Oh god…!
Abhi: Mandap!
Arohi: Never!
Abhi: Shadi!
Arohi: Mandir!
Antara had enough so she went in,
Antara: What the hell?…stop already.! It’s like I’m taking to a Ayaan.!
Abhi: How old is Ayaan?
Antara: Three! Why?
Abhi: Serious?
Antara: He’s 8…
Abhi: I know he’s my son.
Antara, Arohi and Ayaan get shocked, Ved and Thapki look on.
Abhi: He’s 8 and 8 years ago…I had cancer and now I survived and she’s not coming with me…tell her that was it my fault she left without telling me?
Antara nods no.
Abhi: See…
Arohi: Di…are you on his side or mine…
Antara: On none of yours!
Abhi gets a call and he picks it up,
Abhi: What?! Okay…Yaa, bye.

Abhi: Oh gosh…is there any flower shop nearby?
Antara: Why?
Abhi: We need some flowers to decorate the house for the wedding.
Antara gets shocked and Arohi looks at Antara.
Abhi: There’s time..say yes and we will get married on that day too.
Arohi: No….
Abhi: Why are you lying to yourself…I know you love me.
Arohi: No!
Abhi: Ved…u ready?
Abhi gets the knife that was on the table and slits his finger,
Arohi sees this and gets worried.

Vivaan wakes up and he sees the time,
Vivaan: Oh fish…I need to call them ASAP…..
Vivaan gets out of the bed and goes to the bathroom, he gets changed and heads down.

Swara: I need to wake Vivaan…he won’t get up easily…
She then sees Vivaan walking down the stairs and gets surprised.
Vivaan sees her,
Vivaan in his head: Let me avoid Mamma…then it would be more fun…
He then ignore Swara and walks past her. Swara looks on,
Sanskaar: Swara…where’s my pink file?
Swara: It must be in the drawer in our room.
Sanskaar: Okay…
Sanskaar goes up.

Ragini: Where’s Ved…?
Ragini worries, she then sees Laksh heading out, Aahana and Ruhi come down.
Aahana: Mamma, Aaradhya wants you…
Ragini nods and heads up,
Sanskaar: Swara!
Swara also heads up.

Swara reaches the room,
Swara: What happened?
Sanskaar: I can’t find it….
Swara: It must be there…let me check.
Swara goes and opens the drawer, she doesn’t find it.
Swara: It must be here…how…
Sanskaar: See…it’s not here….
Swara: It was here…I…Haa, it must be in the cupboard.
Swara opens the cupboard and searches, she finally finds it and hands it to Sanskaar, he smiles and let’s out a breath of relief.
Sanskaar: If you didn’t find this file then Bade Papa would’ve killed me…
Sanskaar kisses Swara cheeks and leaves leaving her stunned and shocked, she then smiles.

Ved comes with Abhi, AP smiles seeing him, she does his Aarti and welcomes him in, Ved smiles a little. Ragini then smiles and hugs him, he hugs her back.
Ved: I want to freshen up…
AP: Sure…show him his room.
Ragini nods and Sujata takes him. Swara comes down and smiles seeing Ved.

At night:
All the family members are sitting on the dining table, but Aahana is with Aaradhya,
Ved ignores Laksh and Laksh looks on.
Abhi doesn’t feel like eating and is thinking about Arohi. Shaurya is also thinking. Vivaan finishing eating and heads up, Swara looks on, she was about to go when she got stopped by Sanskaar.

Everyone finish eating and head to their rooms…they see a note and look on surprised…Sanskaar doesn’t get the note but a text message.

Sanskaar: Swara….I need to go…I’ll be back later…
Sanskaar leave and Swara looks on,
Swara: Why is Vivaan ignoring me?
She gets up and heads to Vivaans room, she looks at the time and it’s 11:55pm.
Swara: What is he doing at this time?
She follows him, he notices and smirks. He finally stops and turns around,
Vivaan: Why u following me?
Swara: Where you off to?
Vivaan: What’s it to you? I go wherever I want….!
Swara feels hurt listening to that,
Swara: Excuse me…? What’s it to me? I’m your mother!
Vivaan: Oh please!
Swara and Vivaan argue for 2 minuets.
Vivaan checks the time and it’s 11:57pm.
He leaves and Swara follows him.
Swara: You listen…you can’t leave like this!
Vivaan and Swara reach the terrace, Vivaan pushes Swara in and follows on,
Swara: Vivaan! You….
Vivaan sees its 12 and turns the lights on, everyone shout surprise which surprises Swara, she sees the terrace decorated and a cake which says Happy birthday Mamma (Swara). Swara smiles and everyone wish her happy birthday one by one. Ruhi hugs Swara and says Happy Birthday. Aahana also wishes Swara happy birthday and Aaradhya does too, Ansh is holding her wheel chair.
AP: It was all your Ladle’s planning.
Swara gets confused.
Sanskaar: Haa, it was all Vivaan…he didn’t even tell us he planned this….he only told us after he had done it….in fact after dinner he told us to come at 11:50pm.
Ragini: He even ordered your favourite cake.
Aahana: And your favourite music.
Sujata: And your Maa Baba and Daada Daadi.
Swara turns around and sees Sumi, Shekhar and Daadi. Sumi opens her arms and Swara runs there.
Sumi: 10 years….after 10 years…
Swara cries on her shoulder. She then hugs Daadi and Shekhar.
Daadi: Fogive us Swara….we never…
Daadi gets emotional.
Swara nods no and wipes their tears. They smile.
Swara: Where’s Daadu?
Daadi: He’s gone out of the city for some work.

Shekhar: He came to Baadi… It goes into a flashback when Vivaan had gone to the Baadi, he had knocked and Shekhar opened the door,
Viv: Naanu…?
Shekhar looks on,
Vivaan enters, Sumi and Daadi even see him.
Sumi: Beta….you are…?
Vivaan: Naani…you already forgot me? Chalo it’s okay, anyways who wants to remember me but tomorrow it’s my Mammas birthday and you’re invited.
Sumi and Shekhar think,
Daadi: Swara….
Vivaan nods yes, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked, Daadi ignores him,
Vivaan: Please Badi Naani…don’t do this…come…Naani, make her understand.
Daadi: Enough…leave!
Vivaan: You have to come at 11:50pm.
Daadi: We’re not coming!
Sumi: Maa…anyways beta, we can’t come, it’s better if you just go Haa?
Vivaan: But Naani….it’s my Mammas birthday tomorrow and why should she get punished??
Sumi, Shekhar and Daadi look on.
Vivaan: Why should my Mamma get punished for my mistakes? It’s not her fault that I suddenly came in her womb…I know I was a mistake but…but my Mamma shouldn’t be blamed for my mistake….
Daadi, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked.
Vivaan: Because of me you kicked Mamma out and because of me she had to go away from you all, because of me she got embarrassed….
Vivaan gets emotional,
Sumi, Daadi and Shekhar get emotional,
Vivaan: I don’t want you to be angry with Mamma, Haa be angry with me but not with her because it was my fault and you shouldn’t blame other…..
Sumi couldn’t control and she rand to him and hugged him.
Daadi also gets teary eyed and Shekhar cries.
Sumi: We will come…
Daadi: Haa beta…we will come at 11:50pm.
Vivaan wipes his fears and smiles.
End of Flashback.

Everyone get emotional and teary eyed, Swara looks around and couldn’t find Vivaan, she then rushes out. She reaches Vivaans room and sees him sitting down with his head down.
Swara: Vivaan?
Swara runs to him and hugs him.
Swara: Who said it was your fault…? No baby…it wasn’t your fault….it wasn’t your fault.
Vivaan: I’m sorry Mamma…I could t become a good son…I couldn’t become the son you wanted….I’m probably going to ruin your birthday….
Swara: No baba… You are the worlds besets son….I love you….
Vivaan hugs her back.
Vivaan also cries: I’m sorry Mamma.
Tere dil Ka mere dil se…plays in the BG.

Precap: 6 days later…..

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Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukriti Khandpal

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Parth Samthaan – Anshuman (Ansh)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya.

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