Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 43



The episode starts with Shaurya beating the men up, they run away and Shanaya hugs Shaurya tightly, she hugs him back. Suddenly Anataras car is going past, she sees Shaurya and looks on,
Antara: Driver…stop.
The car stops, Antara pulls her window down and looks at Shaurya,
Antara: Uh…do you need a lift?
Antaras voice reaches Shauryas ears and he looks there,
Shaurya gets flashback of what happened and angrily says no. Shanaya breaks the hug.

Shanaya: I want…to go home…
Antara: Uh..you can come with me…
Shaurya then nods and they sit in the car, Shaurya sits at the front while Shanaya sits at the back with Antara.
Shanaya starts talking with Antara,
After a while Kabhi Ji Badal barse…starts playing…Antara looks at Shaurya.
Phir Mujhe kyu tanha….plays and Shaurya look at Antara from the mirror, Shanaya notices.

Antaras words echo in Shauryas head and he angrily switches the music of.
Shanaya: So..are you new here?
Antara: Yeah..I came here before but left and now I’m back….
Shanaya in mind: So Shaurya and Antara know each other before…do they…? No!
Antara: Your stop came….
Shanaya looks around and sees MM, Shaurya gets out and leaves.
Shanaya in her head: How does she know that’s his stop?…
Shanaya: Uh…have you been here?
Anatara: Haa, I have been here before….
The driver starts driving.

Ragini tries hard to open the door but she can’t.
Laksh: Wow…. I meant oh no…I guess you have to sleep here tonight.
Ragini huffs and goes to the bathroom, Laksh smirks and says “I will make you mine again…”
After a while Ragini comes out and sees Laksh lying down, there are pillows in between. Ragini looks at the room. She remembers her time with Laksh and smiles. She then remembers what Lakshs friend said and then remembers what Laksh said and to trust him.
Ragini in her head: If I trusted you that day then this wouldn’t have happened but do you actually love me…?
Tears fall out of her eyes, she then sits on the other side. Laksh sees her and turns around.
Laksh: What happened?
Ragini: Nothing.
Laksh: Something did happen…tell me..
Ragini (angry): I said nothing happened!
Laksh looks on. Ragini looks the other way.
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini (shouts angrily): Laksh!! Please!
Laksh goes quiet and looks down, Ragini realises and feels guilty, she then looks at him and he looks away and lies down. Laksh switches the lamp off, Ragini feels guilty….she looks at Laksh. Ragini gets up and walks to Lakshs side and sees him with closed eyes, she beds down and close to him, she sees tears and feels even more guilty, she then slowly kisses his forehead, he opens his eyes, she then kisses his nose and then she looks at him, they have a eye-lock, he pulls her closer and she falls on his chest, he kisses her forehead and then nose, he was about to kiss her lips but she gets up and sits up, he gets up too, he moves her hair out of the way, she shivers feeling his touch and closes her eyes.

Sujata is walking past the room, she sees the room locked from the outside,
Sujata: Arey…who locked this door?
Ansh is walking past, he sees Sujata and she was about to open the door when he comes there and stops her,
Sujata: Ch…
Ansh: Sh…
He takes her hand and starts spinning her and takes her to the side.
Sujata: Chore!
Ansh: Chachi…understand…husband and wife are there, why do you want to be kebab mein haddi?
Sujata understands and smiles,
Sujata: Achcha chore…ok.
Sujata leaves and Ansh leaves too.

Laksh makes Ragini lie down, he then kisses her on the lips, tears fall out of Raginis eyes and Laksh stops, Ragini then couldn’t control and hugged him, Laksh smiles, he then starts kissing her on the neck. He breaks the hug and looks at her, he rests his head on her head and their noses are touching.

Ragini wakes up, she sees Laksh near her and smiles. Ragini gets up and goes to get changed. She comes out and heads out but she can’t open the door as the door is still locked.
Ragini: Oh no…there door is still locked.
Suddenly her phone starts ringing, she picks it up and it’s Ved.
Ved: Mamma, where are you?
Ragini: Beta I’m with your Papa..
Ved gets shocked,
Ved: Okay Mamma, I’ll call you later.
Ved disconnects the phone and Ragini confusingly looks on.

Ved is sitting in the bed and is angry,
Ved: That man got Mamma on his side as well, this can’t be happening…no! We have to return to him and…. Am I over exaggerating? But now mamma and Aahana are untitled with him….why should I hate him? But he left us..
Ved is confused and suddenly he sees another Ved In front of him.
Ved2: That man left you!
Ved: But Mamma took me….
Ved2: So your mamma separated you from him?
Ved: No…he decived mamma but now they’re back so….
Ved2: So? So are you going to forget it soon…? That man never loved you….that’s why he separated Aaradhya and now…
Ved gets angry and throws a Vase at Ved2 but Ved2 disappeared and Ved is closing his ears and saying “No…he can’t….he’s bad….I hate him…”
Arohi comes there,
Arohi: Ved…are you okay.
Ved: Haa, I’m okay…
Ved gets up and goes out and Arohi looks on.

Abhi walks past, he sees the room locked and opens it, Ragini looks there, she comes out and smiles,
Ragini: Thanks Abhi….
Abhi: No problem Bhabhi…uh…Arohi….
Ragini realises and smiles, she then tells him the address he smiles and heads out.

Shaurya gets flashbacks and Antaras images in his dream, he then remembers and wakes up shocked.
Shaurya: Why am I seeing her? Why can’t I forget her? I hate her…. It’s been 8 years…and still I can’t…
Shaurya then thinks of something.

Precap: Shaurya declares to marry in a week…Ansh looks on… All get happy but Ragini gets sad……

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Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukriti Khandpal

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Parth Samthaan – Anshuman (Ansh)
Charlie Chauhan – Shanaya.

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Credit to: Halima

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  1. Awesome as usual raglak reunited great… Plz make it long yr.. I missed abhi n ansh’s pranks today

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  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw raglak was so cute in this episode!! I love this ff so much of raglak, thank you halima sister, bestie…
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