Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 41


The episode starts with Shanaya looking at Ansh,
Ansh: Anyways, when’s the wedding Maa?
AP: Very soon, they just got engaged.
Ansh: Oh okay…..
AP: She also came back from London….did you two go to the same college or….?
Ansh: We must have….I don’t know…what Uni did you go to?
Shanaya: University of London.
Ansh: Oh…I went there too, I didn’t see you…. Anyways Happy Birthday.
Shanaya: Thanks….Aunty, how’s Aaradhya?
AP: She’s fine.
Shanaya: If you don’t mind me asking but where is her Mum?
All get shocked and look at her,
Shaurya: If you don’t know anything then it’s better to keep your mouth shut.!
Shanaya gets upset,

AP: Shaurya! It’s her right to know…anyways her mother is….
Ansh: 1 minuet, I’m this houses son and I don’t know… You already disowned me?
Suddenly Ragini enters and AP gets shocked, Sujata looks back and also gets shocked, Ragini nervously looks down, seeing Sujata and AP, Laksh also looks there and smiles,
AP: She’s there….?
Shanaya turns around and sees Ragini.
Aahana: Mamma…she’s upstairs, let’s go.
Ragini nods and Aahana takes her upstairs.
AP looks at Laksh and he blinks his eyes and signals not to worry.

Ragini reaches Aaradhyas room, she enters and looks at Aaradhya,
Aaradhya sees her, Ragini walks up to her and sits down near her,
Aaradhya: I’m…I’m sorry Maa…I
Ragini hugs her, (tere Dil Ka mere dil se….plays in the BG)
Ragini also kisses her on the cheeks,
Ragini: I’m sorry I left you alone…I’m not a good mother I….
Aaradhya: No Maa, it’s my….
Ragini nods no, Aaradhya wipes Raginis tears.

After a while……
Shanaya: It’s too late Aunty, I think I should leave…..
AP: Okay but you would not go alone…uh Shaurya would drop you.
Shaurya looks at her.
Ansh: No excuses, go drop bha…
Shaurya: I’ll be waiting in the car.
Shaurya goes, Shanaya leaves while looking at Ansh. Ansh smiles and waves good bye.
Shanaya in her head: How can he be so normal like nothing happened?
Shanaya then goes out.

Laksh reaches Aaradhyas room and sees Ragini, Aaradhya and Aahana talking.
Ragini: It’s late, I think we should leave…do you want to come too?
Aaradhya nods no,
Aaradhya: I can’t come…I can’t leave Papa….he was gone so boring and empty after you left Maa…..
Ragini looks at her,
Aaradhya: Not even a single day he spent without looking at your picture and remembering you.
Laksh comes in,
Laksh: You might as well stay here tonight….
Ragini: What about Ved?
Laksh: We will bring him tomorrow.
Ruhi comes there: Sorry, I can’t sleep with you today…. Mammas upset so I’m going to her.
Aaradhya: And you’re laughing, what happened?
Ruhi: Yeah it was so funny….you should’ve been there when Mamma was scolding Vivaan Bhai.
Aaradhya: Now what did he do?
Ruhi: Bhai wanted a new laptop. Papa said yes but Mamma said no, him and mamma started arguing and he broke her phone and left.
Ragini, Laksh, Aahana and Aaradhya get shocked while Ruhi laughs.
Ruhi: I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Ragini: I’ll go talk to Swara.

Ragini stands up and leaves, Laksh follows on, Aaradhya and Aahana look at each other and smile.
Aahana: Now…
Aaradhya: Mission…
Aahana: Mamma….
Aaradhya: Papa….
Both: to get United, Activate!
They both laugh.

Ragini reaches Swaras room, she sees Swara crying, Laksh also reaches there,
Laksh: Where’s Bhai?
Swara: WITH Vivaan!
Laksh goes towards Vivaans room,
Ruhi: Look Chachi. She’s keep on crying….
Ragini sits besides Swara,
Ragini: What happened?
Swara: He happened.
Ragini: What did he do?
Swara: Why are you asking me? Ask him!
Ragini: Calm down….your anger is always on point. I feel sorry for Jeju, I wonder how he handles you and Vivaan. Let me guess, Vivaan must be throwing stuff…..

In Vivaans room:

Vivaan: This is not fair!
Abhi, Ansh, Sanskaar and Laksh try calming him down.
Abhi: Listen Champ….there’s…
Vivaan: No! Everytime she shouts at me! Why doesn’t she shout at Ruhi?! She’s her favourite right?!
Sanskaar: No…your Mamma loves you and….
Vivaan starts messing the things in his rooms and starts throwing stuff.
Sanskaar: Hay Bhagwan….please help me handle this second Hitler.

Swaras room:
Swara: If he’s doing that then he’s…..
Ragini: Calm down….
Suddenly Swara and Ragini hear someone scream.
They get shocked and rush there.

They reach Vivaans room and see it as a mess and see DP holding his head, Swara then looks around and sees Vivaan hiding behind Ansh.
Ansh giggles, he couldn’t keep it in and laughs out loud, then Abhi and Laksh giggles.
Sanskaar: Stop it guys! You’re not children anymore!

Swara: What happened Bade Papa?
Ansh: Let me tell you all….so…as usual…Papa is walking past, he hears some sounds and thinks he could stop them, he came in and looks around, then he accidentally got hit on the head and fell on the floor. Now all his pride and acting Mahan went in vain.
Ansh continues laughing, Abhi stops and giggles. Laksh just smiles. Sanskaar looks on.

Sanskaar: Enough! Vivaan come here!
Vivaan hides even more in,
Sanskaar: I’m asking nicely..come here!
Vivaan looks down and comes out,
Sanskaar: What did you do?!
Vivaan looks down,
Vivaan: I’m sorry Bade Daadu…..
Ansh: Chill bro it’s…..
DP glares at Ansh,

Sanskaar: You won’t speak in between!
Ansh nods okay and puts his finger in his lips.
Vivaan: I said Na sorry….he hasn’t said okay.
Sanskaar: Vivaan! You’re getting spoilt and out of hands.
DP turns to leave and sees Swara and Ragini, Swara folds her hand and DP nods and leaves.
Swara then angrily walks up to Vivaan.
Swara: How dare you?!
Sanskaar: Swara calm down….
Swara: Not today! Today he went too far.
Vivaan has his head down.
Vivaan: I swear if it was Ruhi then you would’ve said it was a mistake but to me…you don’t miss any chances to insult and shout at me!
Sometimes I feel like I’m not even your real son…only Ruhi is!
All get shocked,

Ansh: Chill….you weren’t the only one, to be honest, I was worser than you…papa had enough of me and sent me to the boarding school, his favourite was Aadarsh Bhaiya….then Laksh….I don’t think I will ever make it to his list….. But never mind I’m still in his house and property…..
Vivaan smiles,
Vivaan: Soon they would have enough of me….
Swara: Vivaan!

Vivaan: Oh god mom….
Swara: Sanskaar!
Sanskaar: You go…I’ll talk to him.
Swara angrily leaves, Ruhi goes to Aaradhyas room to tell her, Ragini goes with Swara.

Swara: Ugh! His Daadi spoilt him, I’m so tired of him!
Ragini: Calm down, let me try taking to him….
Swara: Like he would actually listen.
Swara wipes her tears,
Swara: He argued with me and broke my phone….my son argues with me….
Ragini: Shh! Don’t remember the past….start afresh.

Swara: But Ragini….
Vivaan comes inside the room,

Vivaan: Mom…I’m sorry….
Swara looks at him and gets surprised.
Vivaan: Mom…I got angry so I’m sorry…..
Swara looks around,
Swara: You’re saying sorry to me?
Vivaan: Haa mom, when you make a mistake you should apologise Na?
Swara nods,
Vivaan the smirks and it goes into a flashback when Ansh tells him to say sorry to him mom and the his mom would get happy and say yes to papa and I would buy you some video games…. Vivaan gets happy and agrees. End of Flashback.

Swara: Haa teek hai teek hai…go and behave now!
Vivaan runs to Swara and hugs her, Swara feels emotional and hugs him back,
Vivaan: Sorry Mamma….
Ansh, Laksh, Sanskaar and Abhi peak in…Ragini smiles looking at this.
Vivaan breaks the hug,
Vivaan: Mom, is she..?
Swara: Your Chachi….and Mausi…
Vivaan: Wow, but I will call her Chachi only….Mom have you forgave me?
Swara thinks,
Swara: I forgave you baby, now go and rest….

Vivaan: Thanks Mom….
Vivaan gives her a peck on the cheeks and runs out and lets out a sigh, he then realises and feels bad of what he did and what he said to her.
Vivaan in his head: I hurt Mom…I feel so guilty….I need to do something special but what? I’ll ask Ruhi.

Ragini: See…he said sorry…
Swara: Yeah but how? There must be his own reasons behind it…he doesn’t need me until he needs something and today….? But anyways I hope he stays like this….he feels that I like Ruhi more but I also love him…Yaa I know that I like Ruhi more because she’s sweet and he’s stubborn….
Sanskaar comes in: Like his Mom…Yaa, Ruhi is sweet like Papa while Vivaan is stubborn like Mom and angry like…you.
Swara: No..like you…
Sanskaar: Like you…
Swara: Like you…
Ragini: Like you two! Happy? Vivaan is angry like Sanskaar but when he’s too angry, he’s like Swara.
Swara: Tu bhi Na….

Ragini smiles and heads out.
Sanskaar: Sorry Swara….
Swara: Y? Because you said he’s stubborn like me? Then I forgave you.
Sanskaar: Yaa, he’s stubborn like you and that’s not going to change but what he did today….
Swara: Why are you saying sorry?
Sanskaar: After all, I spoilt him… But he does love you…now if you give more importance to the kids then I would feel left out…that’s how he feels left out.
Swara: Thank god you admitted that it was your fault…I was feeling guilty for no reason….
Sanskaar: Only my fault?
Swara: Haa, Abhi toh tumne kaha that it’s your fault that you have spoilt him…..
Sanskaar: Haa.
Swara: So yeah….who else is responsible? But you’re right Sanskaar….. I never realised how left out he had become…I will improve on that.
Sanskaar smiles.

Precap: Um….not sure….

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Parth Samthaan – Anshuman (Ansh)

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Credit to: Halima

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    1. Thanks Nusz….I’m glad you liked it…love you and I hope you continue liking.

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