Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 40


The episode begins with Ragini coming out with the folded wheelchair, she sees Aahana, Aaradhya and Laksh waiting in the car, Laksh rolls the window down,
Laksh: Ragini, put the wheelchair in the boot (bonnet).
Ragini opens the bonnet and puts the wheel chair in and shuts it,
Laksh: Do you want to come?
Aahana: Come, sit Mamma.
Ragini nods and sits down at the back with Aahana and Aaradhya, Laksh starts driving.
Ragini in her head: Don’t assume you won Laksh Maheshwari, Aahana still loves me and soon Aaradhya will and I only let you take my children away from me!
Laksh smirks and looks at Ragini through the mirror and says in his head: Don’t worry Ragini, I won’t separate your children from you but I also want my children to love me….Aahana is like me that’s why she has no complaints or no hatred towards me and she is like you who forgives easily but Ved….Ved is going to be a hard one to handle. I hope not. I will get you back Ragini!

They reach MM, Laksh gets out and picks Aaradhya up and Aahana comes out,
Laksh: Shall we go?
Aahana: Yes!
Aaradhya nods.
Laksh takes both of them in while Ragini is in the car deciding.
AP sees them and smiles,
AP: How are you Aaradhya? What did the Dr say?
Laksh: Maa, the Dr said she’s fine, she needs rest.
Sujata: Haa Chore, take her to the room. Thank god nothing happened to her.
They then notice Aahana.
Sujata: Who is she chore?
Aahana looks at Laksh and points at AP: Daadi?
Laksh nods,
Sujata: Daadi?
Aahana: Hi Daadi…..
Aaradhya points at SUJATA: Choti Daadi.
Aahana smiles looking at her,
Abhi comes out,
Aahana: Chaachu….
Aahana runs and hugs Abhi,
Abhi: Oh….you’re here? Where’s Chota Gorilla?
Aahana: He didn’t come.
Abhi: Okay, freshen up and go to the room and rest for a bit.
AP: Chota Gorilla? They used to call Ved that…..
Sujata: Haa JiJi, that’s what I was thinking.
Laksh: Come….lets go up.
Aahana nods and leaves following Laksh leaving Sujata and AP confused.
AP: I don’t get anything Abhi…
Abhi: You will find out soon.
Abhi then leaves.

After a while…….
AP is talking on the phone,
AP: When are you coming beta? My eyes are dying to see you after 18 years.
A: I’m coming in 2 months.
AP: I can’t wait for that long….
A: If you waited for 18 years then 2 months isn’t long.
AP: Stop messing about Ansh!
A: It’s Anshuman Mom! Anyways look behind.
AP looks behind and gets shocked and smiles, she drops her phone and runs to hug him in excitement.
AP: I can’t believe you’re here….!
AP is super duper excited, Ansh picks her up and twirls her, DP sees this and walks there, Sujata also sees this.
DP: Who is Annapurna hugging so happily?!
Sujata: Hein? Who is JiJi hugging?
AP: I’m so happy that I can’t even express my feelingsssss……..
Ansh: Woah….calm down my beautiful queen.
DP: Beautiful queen?!
AP: I feel like shouting, screaming and Awww.
Ansh: I didn’t know you would miss me this much…if I knew that my queen needed me then I would’ve came ages ago.
DP: What’s happening?!
Ansh makes AP stand and looks behind.
DP looks at him,
DP: Who is this?!
Ansh: No…. You gotta be kidding me.

Then Laksh, Abhi and Shaurya come down.
Abhi: Who is this?
Ansh’s mouth drops,
Ansh: Seriously? You all forgot me already? Wow….now I know what my value is in this house!
Sujata: But who are you?
Laksh: Wait…. No!
Ansh: Yes!
Laksh: No…!
Ansh: Yes!
DP: Stop playing and tell us!
Ansh: We’re not playing. I can’t see toys here or ball.
Laksh: He’s Ansh.
Ansh: Maa, you didn’t tell me they forgot me!
Sujata (excited): Ansh?!
Ansh nods yes,
Sujata (mixed between happy and excited): Chore….you’re back…. I missed you soooooo much, seeing you here in front of me has calmed my heart and (in mind): Bhaisa heart attack!
Abhi: Woah! You were here (levelling hip) and now (levelling it above him)
Ansh: I know, it’s been 8 years since I last saw you… I had to bend my head to see you and now you do…
Abhi: Don’t get to happy!
Ansh: I’m not expressing it! Anyways forget all this, I’m hungry Maa, get me your handmade Parathey.

DP gets shocked and thinks: Did I have another son? When? Ansh?
DP then remembers the younger Ansh and gets shocked,
DP in his head: I got rid of all of them but 1 by 1 they’re all coming back! I hope he changed.
DP: You grew taller but you still haven’t grew Akal (knowledge?)
Ansh: By seeing my certificates you would be in shock.
DP: Shock? It would be normal as I already know you didn’t pass!
Ansh: Where’s my bag..?
DP: What are you wearing on your shoulder?!
Ansh: I was testing if you needed glasses, because by seeing this (taking out the certificates) you would need to buy 10 glasses to accept it!
Ansh gives the certificates to DP, he takes them and gets shocked to see them.
DP: Asambhav! (Impossible)
Ansh: Have you got your glasses?
DP checks them again and again and again and reads through all the information.
Ansh: What’s written on there isn’t going to change by you reading 100 times.
Sujata in her head: You are the only entertainer left in this house…thank you for coming back. Now Bhaisas mouth would shut.
DP: Who’s certificate have you stole?
Ansh: If you read the name carefully then you would know.
DP checks the name,
Ansh: It says Anshuman Maheshwari….so I didn’t steal anyone’s! Come on Papa…use some common sense! Anyways Maa, I came all the way from there to here quickly and early for your paratha…
DP: There will be no Parathey being served!
Ansh: Why?
DP: There will be no food served…..
Before DP completes his sentence Ansh says: Then what do you eat?
DP: Food like normal people! You can eat from outside!
Ansh: Do you eat grass and flowers? Well you can eat grass and flowers, I’m eating Parathey.
Abhi couldn’t keep it in no more and bursts out laughing, shocking Shaurya and DP, while making AP and Sujata happy.

Aaradhyas room:
Aahana and Aaradhya talk,
Aaradhya: Didn’t you go school?
Aahana: No…I’m not from here that’s why.
Aaradhya: But are you going to stay here?
Aahana: It depends if Mamma does too.
Aaradhya: But what about Papa?
Aahana: You’re here with him Na? I too wish that I could stay with him but….
Aaradhya: But?
Aahana: But I love my mamma more and I can’t live without her…my mamma is everything to me…when Papa wasn’t there then Mamma became my Papa, my sister and my best friend…. It wasn’t Papas fault that he got separated from us due to the accident…it was none of their fault…it was the circumstances. So why should I punish Papa for something he didn’t do?
Aaradhya: Accident?
Aahana: Haa accident…don’t you know?
Aaradhya nods no, Aahana then tells her how Raglak and they got separated.
Aaradhya: Meaning that Papa thought….
Aahana: Haa, Papa thought Mamma and me were dead and Mamma thought you and Papa were.
Aaradhya looks on,
Aaradhya in her head: Oh no…I said a lot to her…I…I didn’t know this happened.
Aahana: Are you okay?
Aaradhya: Where is she?
Aahana: Mamma?
Aaradhya nods yes,
Aahana: She’s outside waiting in the car, I should probably go now.
Aaradhya: I want to meet her….
Aahana hugs Aaradhya and Aaradhya hugs her back.
Aahana: Seriously, you’re so cute and innocent….
Aaradhya: Don’t leave me and go again…please.
Aahana: Do you ever think that I would leave my best friend and go?
Aahana breaks the hug and they look at each other.
Aahana: I’ll go and bring her in.
(Song plays….Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas hain mujhko sun
Main jo saath tere hu phir tujhe hain kaisa gam
Dard baat lenge ham sun
In palko mein khushiyo ka sapna sajana hain
Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hain)
Aahana smiles and leaves. Aaradhya smiles and looks on.

Ansh is sitting on the table and eating and talking with Abhi, DP, Shaurya and Laksh are sitting on the sofa, Shaurya is texting while Laksh is reading the newspaper and DP just sitting. Shanaya enters, Aahana comes down and sees her, Aahana then heads out, AP sees Shanaya and smiles,
AP: Come beta.
Shanaya nods and heads in.
Shaurya sees her, she smiles at him but he ignores her and she looks on.
Abhi stands up and walks towards her, Ansh looks that way but AP stands in the way which blocks him seeing her.
AP: I called her here, it’s her birthday today so I thought why don’t I call her here as she was sitting idle at home.
Abhi: Great….
Abhi looks at Shaurya,
Shaurya stands up: I’ve got some work to complete, excuse me….
AP: No one is going anywhere. Everyone would stay here and celebrate Shanayas birthday.
Ansh stands up,
Ansh: It was my birthday a week ago…no one cared about me.
DP in his head: He’s first on the list right that everyone should remember? Now I know why that day was manoos for me.
AP moves out of the way and Ansh sees Shanaya and smiles.
Ansh: Maa…who’s this?
AP: She is you’re would to be Bhabhi…
Abhi: And would to be Mrs Shaurya Maheshwari.
Ansh: Wow….that’s cool.
Shanaya looks at him.

Precap: Shanaya asks about Aaradhyas Mum……Ragini comes inside MM……everyone get shocked.

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Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukriti Khandpal

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Parth Samthaan – Anshuman (Ansh)

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Credit to: Halima

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