Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 4


The episode begins with Ragini hugging Swara while the rest look on,
Ragini: Swara?
Swara: How are you Ragini? You got married and you didn’t even inform me?
Daadi: Why should’ve we informed you?! Who are you?!
Swara gets hurt by Daadi’s words,
Shekhar: You’re right Maa, who is she and why is she here?!
Ragini: She is my sister Baba!
Shekhar: She’s your sister?! With what right?!
Sumi: She’s your sister na? Tell her to leave then!
Swara: Maa…..
Sumi: I only have one daughter and that is Ragini!
Swara gets teary eyed and she wipes her tears,
Swara: I know you all are angry on me but I’m sorry!
Shekhar: Why are you apologising?

Sumi: We should be apologising to you!
Swara and Ragini look on confused,
Sumi: I’m sorry that I gave birth to you!
Swara is shocked and hurt, Ragini looks on,
Sumi: Why didn’t I die before seeing that day?
Swara: No Maa, I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for marrying someone without your permission but for my mistake at least don’t punish my son!
Swara folds her hands,
Swara: Please Maa, he came all the way from America on his birthday just to meet all of you.
Sumi and Shekhar looks at her,
Daadi: We don’t care! Don’t think that by saying this you would manipulate us! Never!
Ragini: But Daa….

Daadi: Get in Lado!
Ragini looks at Swara,
Daadi: I said get in! You have to choose either her or us!
Shekhar: Ragini, come in, there is no space for her in our house!
Ragini: But Baba please….
Sumi: Ragini! Didn’t you hear what your Papa and Daadi said?! Come in!
Tears fall out of Raginis eyes and she walks in, Daadi shuts the door and Swara cries.

Sanskaar: This is too much, I’m going in!
Uttra: Bhai, wait!
Sanskaar was about to go in when Swara comes back and smiles, he looks at Swara and Swara looks down and smiles,
Sanskaar: What did they say?
Swara: Nothing, they were happy that I came back and…..
Sanskaar: Who are you lying to Swara? You know I know!
Swara looks up at him teary eyes and Sanskaar hugs her,
Sanskaar: Shhhh Swara, don’t cry.
Swara breaks the hug, Sanskaar wipes her tears and they leave.

Raginis Pagpehra rasam is over and she comes back to MM, she goes to her room, Laksh is sleeping,
Ragini: It’s 8, he went to sleep early?
Ragini goes downstairs and finds everyone missing, she sees Ramdeen Kaka,
Ragini: Ramdeen Kaka, where did everyone go?
Ramdeen: They went to the….
Laksh wakes up,
Laksh shouts: Ramdeen!
Ramdeen shivers, Ragini looks at him,
Laksh: Ramdeen!
Ramdeen: Malkin, I’ll go get something for Laksh baba.
Ramdeen runs to the kitchen and he looked frightened,
Ragini: Where is everyone and why is Ramdeen Kaka scared, what going on?
Ragini goes up to her room, she sees Laksh moving around and banging on the table,
Laksh turns around,
Laksh: Salee Radeen, if you don’t come up then…..
Laksh sees Ragini and Ragini sees Laksh, they both get shocked,
Ramdeen comes up with Alcohol in the tray with some lemons and a CD, Ramdeen puts the tray down and runs out,
Ramdeen: I hope God protects Malkin!

Ragini: You?
Laksh: What are you doing here?!
Laksh looks at her saree and realises that she is Ragini, the one who he got married to,
Ragini gets shattered, she feels like her world just ended, she thinks,
Ragini: This can’t happen!
Laksh: It happened!
Ragini: No, it can’t! I can’t marry you!
Ragini cries,
Ragini: I ruined my friends life, why?
Laksh starts drinking, he makes a cup for Ragini,
Laksh: Drink this and all you sorrows would go away!
Ragini: Never!
Laksh gives her the glass but she throws it, Laksh looks on, she gets up and tries to leave when Laksh holds her hand and stops her,
Ragini: Leave me!
Laksh: You’re the only one in this house!
Ragini: Why?
Laksh: Even I don’t know!
Ragini: How?
Laksh: Ask them!
Ragini: It’s my fault, why didn’t I stop this marriage?!
Laksh: You’re the one who slapped me right?!
Ragini nudges her hand,
Ragini: You ruined my friends life!
Laksh: So?!
Ragini: I can’t believe you’re Laksh Maheshwari!
Laksh: Yh, Laksh aka Lucky!
Ragini: I heard Chaand has to faces and now I saw one too!
Laksh: Chaand?!
Ragini: You’re a Chaand for everyone and here you’re a…..
Laksh: Shhh!
He puts his fingers on his lips,

Laksh: This secret should remain a secret!
Ragini: How can I do this mistake?!
Laksh: I was forced to! If I knew it was you then I never would’ve!
Ragini: What made you think I would?

Ramdeen Kaka tries to call DP, he then hears Ragini screaming,
Ragini: Aahhhhh!
Ramdeen gets scared, he then drops the phone and runs,

Precap: Truth of Raglaks Marriage!

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Credit to: Halima

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